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"So tell me why are you guys going back again?" Tony pried after their food had been served. He'd ordered a bacon ranch burger with extra cheese while Steve had gotten another Panini, Tony, this one is Spinach, Mozzarella and Roasted Red Pepper. They're completely different flavors! Fine, whatever Steve, live a little next time.

"I have to pay homage to my blood father," Loki grimaced as he bit into his Chicken Alfredo pasta. "Politically speaking, our marriage would unite two warring realms, a feat in itself, but it would only be effective if both parties acknowledge it. I have lived in exile for thousands of years; there is no guarantee that Jotenheim will be accepting such an heir."

Thor shoveled another mouthful of pancake, oh yes breakfast for dinner, into his mouth before adding, "And to complicate matters, I kind of…how do you say it? Kicked their asses? the last time I was there."

Loki sighed and silently handed his brother a napkin to clean the bits of food that had gotten on his beard as he talked. "Yes, not a very smart move on your part, crown prince."

Thor threw a playful glare at the slighter god, "As I recall, cow, you were the one who goaded me into it, couldn't keep your horns out of my life for even a century."

"Why, your feathery highness," Loki drawled as he sat back and took a sip of water. "How you fall for my tricks every time never fails to astound me. Your naiveté is mere child's play for my millennia of experience. Please attempt to learn from your mistakes. Needless to say, at the time, I was as thirsty for father's attentions as you were for personal glory. I was as invested in that expedition as you were. I had to prove to father the fool you were."

Thor smiled thinly in acquiescence, leaning forward to press a chaste kiss to Loki's temple, "And that you did."

"Can you two get a room, please?" Tony said, making exaggerated gagging sounds. "All this sappiness is turning me off my food."

Loki smirked, "That's not what you were saying two nights ago."

Tony snorted, "Hey, sex time is not food time."

"Then you are missing out, mortal," Loki quipped.

Tony blanched while Steve flushed bright red, putting down his sandwich. "Excuse me," he murmured, saying something else about going to the restroom.

"Well, it looks like you could use some of this 'sappiness' since America's Golden Boy seems to be so fond of us," Loki turned to the inventor, eyebrow raised skeptically. "Trouble in paradise?"

Stark groaned, "No, you just scared him off. He's…open to whatever this is," he said, gesturing between himself and the empty seat previously occupied by the Captain. "But he's still kind of skittish on the subject."

Thor grinned broadly, "That's fantastic! So when will you begin courting him?"



"Do you think Loki will be okay when he goes to see his father?" Steve worried as he nursed his Coke, swirling it absentmindedly in his cup.

They were sitting together on the couch in the Avenger's main lounge, the wall of windows in front of them providing a spectacular view of New York at nighttime. Steve was sitting at one end of the sofa, feet propped up on the coffee table. Tony leaned against him with his eyes closed, head resting against the blonde's shoulder, occasionally sipping at his Scotch while Steve carded his fingers through the other's dark hair leisurely, tugging gently to massage the scalp.

"Mmm," Stark mumbled incoherently. "What?"

Smiling fondly, Steve stopped stroking and dropped his hand around the other's shoulders. "Don't play dumb, Iron Man, it doesn't suit you. I know Thor can handle whatever is thrown their way physically, but will Loki be able to keep his emotions in check? This is his biological father, after all."

"I wouldn't know, Daddy issues and all" Tony sighed, gesturing to himself. "But Google says that Laufey doesn't really seem like the forgiving type, for a myth, anyways…nor does Odin now that you mention it."

"They are kings," Steve reasoned, recalling the power hungry passion that Hitler possessed during World War II that inspired millions and the single-minded focus he maintained to uphold what he truly thought precious. Shivering, he continued, "Their rule is absolute and their concern is of the well-being of their realm. It's not only their personal interests they have to keep in mind. They have to think about their people's happiness as well."

"From what I understand, though," the other shrugged. "Jotenheim is a modern day Detroit."

"I don't follow," Steve frowned.

"Bankrupt," Tony explained. "A ghost of the greatness it used to be. Jotenheim is like that, according to the legends. A dead, lifeless, frozen planet with a struggling population of Frost Giants that are a shadow of the conquering army they once were."

"You can be quite poetic when you try, Tony," Steve smiled.

The inventor finally opened his eyes and craned his neck to look at the blonde. "Yeah? You can be quite sexy when you don't."

Flushing with color at the compliment, Steve glanced down at the other's lips. "I…I really want to kiss you right now. Can I kiss you, Tony?"

"Fuck yes," Stark whispered, hardly daring to move a muscle lest he break whatever good fortune the gods had sent his way.

Steve, ignoring the nauseas clenching of his stomach, slowly leaned down to meet Tony's lips. Soft and tasting faintly of alcohol, he gently swiped his tongue across the seam, hesitantly seeking access.

Totally unconcerned with screwing anything up, Tony smoothly opened his mouth to join Steve, letting the other take the lead. Right, take it slow.

Steve was an excellent kisser, despite his inexperience, knowing just when to push and give, hands in Tony's hair and cupping his cheek. Sweet Jesus, it was just a simple kiss, but the slick slide of their tongues and the heated exploration of Steve's suddenly newly acquired eight hands, jesus they were everywhere, turned the shorter man on more than it should have.

Breathing heavy and pants tight, the two eventually broke apart to a muffled "Dammit!"

Hawkeye, having fallen from his perch in the loft above, groaned as he fell to the floor, rolling to minimize the impact. "Why are women always right?"

Natasha followed into the lounge through the doorway, "Because men are just plain dumb. You owe me five dinners and a favor now."

"Seriously guys," Clint glared from his spot lying on his back on the floor. "Couldn't you have waited like three hours to kiss? It's not even 10 o'clock yet!"

Tony laughed, "You were betting on this shit?"

Steve buried his face in Tony's hair, failing to hide his embarrassment. "Guys, we're coworkers. That is so unprofessional."

"You're unprofessional," Barton pouted.

"Well," Natasha smirked as she sauntered over, "At least you two boys got your acts together. After months of dancing around each other I thought we'd have to stage an intervention. The sexual tension was getting obscene."

"Yes, well," Tony handed her his Scotch. "You're kind of ruining the mood right now, so if you would kindly stage your intervention elsewhere, we're going to keep making out. Capisce? Capisce. Now shoo."

Waving the other two away, Tony shifted so Steve was lying on the couch, head pillowed on the armrest with himself on top of the taller man. "You are so fucking hot."

Hands resting on Stark's hips, Steve groaned in embarrassment. "You're not too bad yourself, Iron Man."

"Yeah, you should see your ass wrapped up tight in all that spandex," Tony grinned as the other glared at him weakly. "It turns me on so much when you bend over and it stretches over your muscles…Captain." Grinding down to press their growing erections together, Tony moaned at the friction. "Fuck, you're amazing."

"T-tony," Steve warned, breathless.

Dropping his head to the other's shoulder in defeat, Stark groaned, "And this is when I turn into a gentleman and say we're moving too fast? "

"Yeah," Steve smiled as the other moved to sit up. "Don't you think so?"

Reaching down to grip the other's hand as he willed his erection away, think Fury as a fat old man wearing a thong banging a hooker…in my lab. Pecking the other on the lips again, Tony rolled his eyes playfully, "Killjoy."


"Brother," Loki said casually as they reached their shared suite. "I want to ride you."

Intrigued by the younger's sudden forwardness but eager to please him nonetheless, Thor reached for the slighter god and tugged him close. "As you wish, darling."

Smirking, Loki vanished their clothing before reaching up and pulling the taller god into a sloppy kiss. Even after millennia together, despite their brief separation, Thor's scent was still irresistible to Loki, his taste even more so. Running his fingers down smooth pectorals and a chiseled stomach, Loki gently wrapped his hands around Thor's rapidly thickening manhood.

Pushing his tongue into the blonde's mouth, Loki dominated the kiss, Thor content to just enjoy the attention. "Get on the bed," the Liesmith ordered, pulling away with a string of saliva still connecting them. "I want you to watch me prepare myself…and don't you dare stroke your cock."

Thor obediently settled back onto the pillows, legs spread comfortably with his erection resting against his stomach, rock hard and leaking pearly drops of precum already at the commanding tone in Loki's voice. They had, in their youth, experimented with switching roles and Loki had discovered that giving was not half as much fun as receiving, but that didn't mean he had to take it passively.

Thor watched as Loki conjured a bottle of oil into his hand and crawled onto the bed, kneeling before the Thundergod and tugging at his own hard cock a few times before turning around to present his backside. Arching his back smoothly, Loki leaned forward on his chest, ass up, reaching behind to spread his cheeks, winking his hole at Thor. The feeling of the other's lustful gaze sweeping over his body, focusing on his most forbidden areas, sent shivers down Loki's spine.

Coating his fingers in oil, Loki reached behind to gently massage his opening in full view of his brother. Despite having had it sore and loose just nights before, Loki's Frost Giant blood ensured that he healed faster and more thoroughly than even an Aesir. He was as tight as he was their first time and it always thrilled him to feel the head of Thor's cock breaching him open, but in this case, it was equally as exciting to pleasure himself as his brother watched.

Probing fingers pressed in with practiced effort. Loki breathed deeply as he relaxed the tight ring of muscle, feeling along the inside until he reached his prostate. Gently massaging the organ, he arched his back further, making sure Thor could see his cock. The God of Mischief knew from experience that nothing turned Thor on more than seeing his little brother's dick, hanging heavy between his spread legs, leaking copious amounts of precum onto the sheets…except maybe Loki's asshole, red and gaping filled with Thor's cum after a good fuck.

The Silvertongue gasped at the thought, he loved the feeling of Thor shooting a load deep inside of him. Nothing could compare to the feeling of hot cum splashing against the sensitive walls of his ass and when Thor would finger him afterwards, fuck! Just imagining it turned him on like nothing else.

Tossing the oil away, Loki turned around and spread the remaining slick unto Thor's monster of a cock, he could hardly wrap his hand around it, it was so thick around. Glancing at Thor through his eyelashes, he smirked at the elder's glazed eyes and flushed features. It was rare to see the Thundergod this excited.

Loki squatted over Thor's manhood, using his hand to line up the huge member before sinking down on it slowly. The initial push of the swollen head against tight muscle almost made Loki think that it was too big, that his body wouldn't be able handle being stuffed so full, but then it was inside and the stretch took his breath away. He could feel the tip, buried deep within him as he squeezed his muscles, stimulating his prostate just by tightening his passageway. When Loki felt his body had accommodated to his brother's enormous girth, he slowly started to lift himself, leaving the head inside him, before falling back down, letting gravity take care of most of the work.

Every time after Thor pounded him too roughly or completely wrecked his ass, Loki would heal more than usual to the point that he had to be careful the next time they fucked. Feeling every inch of Thor's dick as he slowly sank down on it, the younger gripped defined hips tightly as he slowly took it all in. "By the Norns, brother, you're so big."

Thor couldn't take his eyes away from the magnificent sight of his cock disappearing into Loki's lithe body, asshole stretched tight around his thick shaft. "You're such a slut, brother. Look how hard your cock is. You're so turned on just from having my dick inside of you."

"Yeah," Loki moaned, reaching up to squeeze one of his nipples. "Your cock is huge, brother. Fuck! I'm so full, it almost feels like the time you fisted me."

Thor's hips gave an involuntary jerk as his cock twitched inside the smaller god. That particular adventure had been amazing, hands down one of their best sexual experiences ever. Reaching up, the Thundergod tugged at his brother's sex, slicking it with the precum dribbling steadily out of the tip. "Are you asking for a pounding, brother?"

"Per…haps," the Liesmith panted slyly, back arching as he licked his lips, eyes smoldering, exposing the alabaster skin of his torso. "Would you ride me, Thor? Turn me on my stomach and push that huge cock into my hole over and over?"

Grunting at the arousal that flared in his groins at the thought of doing just that, Thor resisted. "No, my darling," the taller emphasized the endearment with a sharp thrust of his hips. "I would lay you on your back and take you ever so slowly. I know how you love it when I draw it out slow, even if you scream that you hate it loud enough for all the people in this city to hear."

Shivering at his brother's husky tones, Loki smirked, looking forward to a long night.


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