"You like her, do you?"

Bumi turned to look at his uncle, face flushing hotly.

"What, Uncle Sokka, I-I... It's not like that!"

"You don't need Aunt Toph around to see that you're lying," smirked Sokka. "Settle, kid, I'm not Kya. I can keep a secret."

Bumi settled, hands sweating. He trusted his uncle, though when it came to his feelings, it was more blocked than chi. When he thought about her... it was always a mixture of pleasure and blissful discomfort.

"What's holding you back, kid? You're always so confident and sure of yourself at practice, though now you're stiff as an iceberg."

There was nothing wrong with her at all. She was perfect. She was everything, and he didn't even have the guts to say that to her.

Bumi breathed.

"We pretty much knew each other for our entire lives, and I'm sure she just sees me as a family friend. Ursa's a princess... I'm just a guy from the South Pole."

"And the son of the Avatar." Sokka was still smiling.

Bumi froze. He overlooked so much of himself, he just about dismissed who he entirely was.

"Things may look uncertain now, and you have no idea what choices to make," began Sokka. "But a risk that you didn't take will haunt you for the rest of your life."

A smile drew on the youth's face. At times, his uncle found the right words to say and came through for him.

"Though, when I first met your Aunt Suki," continued Sokka. "I tried very hard for her to get to talk to me. I even signed up to practice sparring with her."

"... in the traditional Kyoshi warrior uniform?" An eyebrow raised from Bumi's forehead.

And this was how his uncle got with Aunt Suki.

"Hey, I was desperate to talk to the ladies, back in the day," Sokka waved his hands in defense. "When you're living in a village that only has old ladies and young children for women, you get agitated once you're out in civilization."

Bumi blinked, trying to get the images of his uncle in a warrior dress out of his mind. The healers were going to have to cleanse his eyes. They were going to need a lot of water tonight.

"Chicks dig men in uniform," Sokka claimed as he reached into the cupboard and opened a can of cactus juice.

Uniform, huh...

A hand was at his chin. A smile was across his face, once the idea came to him. He snapped his fingers.

Maybe Uncle Zuko knew a thing or two about uniforms.