Just a normal day at HIVE. Thanks to Yuio, an original reader, for the title. Enjoy!

I'm not Mark Walden. I may, however, be Overlord in disguise. What?

H.I.V.E. in a Nutshell

Nero opened his office door and had taken a single step over the threshold when what appeared to be a miniature helicopter with a bucket under it zipped by in the hallway, followed by Otto Malpense and a soaking wet, absolutely furious Ms. Leon. Nero hurriedly stepped back until the feline teacher and her notoriously sharp claws had passed. No sooner had he walked out of his office when a part of the ceiling fell in, along with a figure in full kendo armor, clutching a wooden sword. Another, taller figure jumped down after him. Wing Fanchu and Raven pursued each other down the hall in the direction Otto and Ms. Leon had come from.

Nero was about to get out his Blackbox and tell someone to come fix the ceiling when a hydrangea bush scuttled down the hall on tarantula-like legs, climbed over the pile of debris, and disappeared down the corridor. Nigel Darkdoom and Franz Argentblum raced in. Darkdoom opened his mouth, but before he could ask Nero pointed in the direction the plant had gone, and the two ran off in pursuit.

Taking a steadying breath, Nero retrieved his Blackbox from his pocket. When he opened it, he was met with the image of H.I.V. in a Mohawk and shades. Without even saying anything, Nero snapped the device shut, shoved it into his pocket, and went back into his office, closing the door as Shelby Trinity and Laura Brand ran by outside, accompanied by what sounded like the entire senior boys' water polo team armed with sleepers. Nero closed his eyes and leaned back against the door. What he oftentimes wouldn't do for a nice, boring desk job...

H.I.V. ? I...I don't even want to know.

Do Unto Others