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June 2010. Rikki's Café.

"To Emma," said Cleo as she raised her glass of juice. Bella, Rikki, Lewis, and Ash raised their glasses as well, toasting Emma who had just returned from her family's worldwide trip. Lewis had returned a month earlier as he was on summer break from his school in the U.S. They all stood around the empty café, enjoying a moment of peace.

The door beads rattled as Jack walked into the café, wearing a t-shirt, jeans, and boots. He wore the extra clothing out of paranoia, not wanting to transform just because he had been wearing sandals.

"What's so important that I had to hall ass from Mako?" he asked, slightly annoyed as he held a satellite phone in the air over his short brown hair. He had grown to trust the girls over the past few months, but he refused to move off Mako. All the guys except for Zane knew his secret as well, and he had a good friendship going with Lewis and Will. Ash on the other hand was still earning his trust.

"Emma's back," said Cleo brightly, motioning to the long straight blonde haired girl that sat next to her.

"Emma? Ash's Emma?" he asked as he approached the bar.

"The one and only," came the reply. Jack rested his forearms on the bar, taking the weight off of one of his legs as he leaned forward slightly.

"Emma Gilbert," said Emma as she stuck out her hand, being official. Jack shook it slightly before he poured his own mixture of a drink.

"Jack Denman," he replied. Emma looked over her shoulder at her friends before looking back at him.

"Denman? As in Linda Denman?" she asked. Jack stopped drinking, but kept the glass pressed to his lips as he shot a glance at Emma. He slowly lowered the glass to the bar before looking at Cleo.

"You didn't tell her?" he asked, glancing between Emma and Cleo. She responded with an innocent shrug. Jack sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Does she at least know my situation?" he asked.

"Oh she knows," said Rikki. Jack shot a slight glare at her.

"And you neglected to mention who my mother is," he said, giving himself a face palm. Rikki grinned, enjoying the fact that she was making his life difficult. Sighing, he turned and explained himself to Emma, ignoring her facial expression when he told her that Denman was his mother. After a moment of stunned silence, Emma fully accepted him.

Looking up at the stage, Jack suddenly froze with what he saw. A pale outline of a young man sat on one of the amps along the edge of the stage, silently playing a six-string guitar. His face was hidden as he was looking down at the guitar as he played.

"Who is that?" Jack asked, half pointing to the figure.

"The sun must be getting to you, Jack, there's no one there," said Lewis. Jack forced himself to sit as he watched the ghostly figure. For a moment he wasn't sure if he was loosing his mind or not. Then another figure formed out of the shadows around the stage. This one appeared to be female as it walked up onto the stage, watching the other figure.

Jack's eyes went wide as the figure turned to face him. It was Bella, without a doubt. He looked back at the real Bella for a second, before looking back at the figure up on stage. Quickly, he shook his head to get rid of the vision, but the two figures remained.

"I'm going nuts," he muttered. Everyone else shot glances at each other.

"What are you seeing now?" asked Bella.

"You. Your talking to some guitar player," he replied. Rikki made a circular motion with her finger near her temple, but stopped when Cleo swatted her. Up on stage, the ghostly figure of Bella turned and looked like she was singing to an invisible crowd. Slowly, both figures faded out of existence. Jack blinked and rubbed his eyes before looking back at the others, confusion evident on his face.

"What's happening to me?" he asked before he stood and rushed out of the café. Emma looked at the other girls and motioned for them to follow her into the manager office.

"Not trying to point fingers here, but maybe an electrical shock wasn't all Rikki gave Jack," she said after the door closed. Rikki cocked her eyebrow at her friend, but remained quiet.

"That's impossible," said Cleo.

"Not necessarily, lots of strange stuff tends to happen around a full moon," said Bella. Rikki sighed and threw her arms in the air.

"I have no idea what happened that night, all I remember is catching a glimpse of the moon and that's it," she said. Emma raised her hand, a motion for silence.

"It doesn't really matter now. Jack is out there somewhere half crazed and scared out of his wits, and we're standing here arguing over whom to point the blame at," she said. The other girls nodded reluctantly nodded in agreement with what she was saying.

"I'll go find him. Just try to get an idea of what's going on before dawn breaks," said Bella as she turned and walked out of the office. She ignored the guys as she hurried out into the night air and dove off the dock. She raced through the water, leaving a trial of bubbles in her wake.

Finally, she surfaced near Mako. A pale, crescent moon hung in the sky over the island, illuminating everything in its glow. Slowly, she began to swim around the island, studying the coastline for any sign of life. Then at last she spotted him.

Jack sat on a large bolder, ignoring the small waves the buffeted against his bare chest. His lower half remained submerged beneath the water and hidden in the darkness. She slowly approached him, making sure to feel in front of her so as to not run into his tail.

"I'm going insane Bella," he said, sadness in his voice. Bella pulled herself up onto the rock next to him.

"No your not, your just stressed out is all," she said. He looked at her.

"I'm seeing ghosts of people who are standing right next to me, how is that a product of being stressed?" he asked. She placed her hand on his shoulder.

"Its all part of having a tail Jack, you just got to get use to the unpredictable," she reassured. He turned partly and rapped her in a hug, savoring the feeling of having someone to hug. After a moment, they pulled apart and looked up at the moon.

Looking up at him, Bella could have swore she saw him smile in the pale light.