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"Daddy, daddy!" A small three year old girl ran up to Soul. Soul was now a 27 year old man.

"Sweetie, watch where you go." Soul picked up the small child.

"Daddy…" The small girl asked. Soul looked into the bright green eyes the child inherited from her mother.

"Yeah, Mika?"

"Where's mama and brother and sister..." Soul glanced at her daughters dirty blond hair. "They didn't come back from their trip they took last year…" Mika looked at Soul. "When are they gonna come home? I miss them…"

"I do too sweetie."

"Does grandpa know?"

"No." Mika tilted her head to the side like her mother used to.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ten years later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Daddy, I'm starting Shibushin today!" Mika ran through the apartment.

"Hold it!" Soul grabbed his thirteen year old daughters shoulder. "What will you look for in a weapon?"

"Stable, nice, preferably a girl, can live with you and me!" Mika hugged her father.

"Good girl, now get in the car." Soul patted Mika's head.

"Oh, dad! We forgot to tell mom, Fate and Karma goodbye!" Mika ran to the living room. "Bye guys we'll be back~"

"Bye Maka, I love you." Soul said looking at the picture. He placed a hand on Mika's shoulder. "We should get going."

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Soul: Or we shall take your soul...

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