Mika sat in the front of the limo drumming her figures to the beat of the song on her iPod. She switched out the cloths her dad picked out for her for a black t-shirt that said 'Grigori' on it in silver text and a white under shirt, her skirt was exactly like her mother's but she added leggings and had black tennis shoes with Shinagami heads on them, her pigtails were low and held by ribbons with the Shinagami mask on them. Symmetry was out of the tux his father made him wear and was wearing an outfit similar to Mika's. His said 'Shinagami' instead though and he wore black pants.

"It's been too long, hasn't it?" He asked trying to stir up the conversation with his childhood friend.

"What's our mission about? Lord S said it had something to do with my mom? Does it involve my siblings as well?" Mika asked looking out the window. Symmetry looked at paper he was given.

"Yes… Hasn't your father ever told you what happened to them?" He asked.

"Sem…" She started using his nickname to start. "Dad always said it was a secret I'd learn once I became a meister…"
"You're one now, besides don't you have the right to know?" Sem asked.

"I guess... Would you mind telling me? I mean, it would be too hard for me if your dad told me and my dad isn't ever going to…" Sem nodded placing a hand on her shoulder.

"A witch kidnapped them." Sem said not wanting to bead around the bush. "But we're going to save them! We are going to defeat this witch." Mika looked at him and started hitting his head.

"Are you insane?! We haven't token one kishen down! How do you expect us to take a witch down!" She yelled.

"I don't know, my dad thought we'd be some power house team!" Sem defended. "I think he might be right though, A weapon form Shinagami with a Grigori souled meister who's the daughter of a death scythe? Sounds like a power team to me." Sem said proudly.

"But a witch? Don't you think we should train first?" Mika asked.

"Probably, but this is the only chance we will get to find your mom. And the witch will be expecting your father! So we're going to surprise her by having you and I attack!" He gave her a thumbs up. Mika sighed and looked back out the window.

"I'm coming." She whispered.