Snow fell from the heavens, coating the streets of Republic City in a sheet of white. The rooftops were slick with ice, and as Tahno scaled the old factory's fire escape, he nearly slipped. How easy it would be, right then, for him to fall, and for it all to be over. No, Tahno thought. He would have his way just once more. He was going to go out the way he wanted to. It sure as hell wasn't heroic, he knew, some may even call it cowardly- but he didn't care. He wasn't a hero, and he never claimed to be one.

When he made it to the top, he took a good look at what was soon to be his former home. He could see the bright lights from the arena, still, for some reason he couldn't fathom, left to beam into the night sky. He closed his eyes, letting the wind gently sway him back and forth. He decided then that he was ready to go. There was no one left to care about him. He hardly had contact with Ming or Shaozu anymore, his parents had been absent for years, and Korra... well, he wouldn't be surprised if Korra had forgotten about him already. He was just another martyr to the cause against the Equalists. Soon, they'd all forget his name. Korra was a good person, there was no doubt about that, but he sure as hell wasn't going to give her that much credit.

Coincidentally, right after that thought had passed Tahno's mind, he noticed Korra, along with her mutt and the rest of the crew, ambling into his direct line of vision. He'd thought a lot about Korra since his bending had been stolen from him. On some nights, he hated her simply because she could still bend, and he could not. He would have nightmares where he did horrible things to her, and he always woke up with a sick sense of pride, like he had somehow accomplished something. On others, he dreamed of more interaction with her- it ranged from her just acknowledging him for once, to him being able to reach out and touch her soft skin in ways he guessed her pathetic firebender Mako could never imagine. He laughed bitterly. Who are you to be calling anyone pathetic, nonbender?

You know, it was funny- every time the voice in his head mocked him, it sounded just like Korra.

He stared at the group for a moment. They stopped to let her polar bear dog rest. If only you would look up once, Uhvatar. Her hand rubbed the creature's side comfortingly. Maybe I could be helped. Do I want to be helped? Korra adjusted Naga's saddle and motioned for the group to hop back on. He watched as Korra and the beast disappeared around a corner and sighed. He took one more step towards the edge of the rooftop and smiled at the sky. He was not sad. He did not cry.

Don't be selfish, Tahno.

She can't save everyone.