I tightened my hold on Sean's waist and looked back, the cops were quickly gaining on us "Not good" he exclaimed, I turned my head to face forward and saw us heading towards the train tracks, the safety bars lowered to warn us that a train was coming "You better make that" I said nervously, we just about managed to go under the bars before they came down, but just when I thought we lost the cops another car popped up out of nowhere causing Sean to swerve the motorcycle in a different direction,

the car behind us followed and another car headed towards us from the front, I panicked and Sean turned the bike just in time, he chuckled and didn't see us going straight for someone's fence, we smashed through it and started driving through someone's back yard "Okay here we go Lanie" he said, we drove up the slide and flew high into the air,

as we got over the fence I noticed us about to fall straight into a pool, I let go of Sean and the bike before cannon balling into the pool, I swam to the surface and immediately pulled off the helmet, I swam to the edge and held on, Sean appeared next to me and took off his own helmet, I took deep breaths and moved my wet hair away from my face as a bright light was shined into my eyes,

I squinted and saw two cops giving us disapproving looks "Evening officers, anyone up for a late night swim?" Sean asked, I rolled my eyes "The next time you ask me to help you with something, remind me to say hell no" I told him, he sighed and we climbed out of the pool.

After getting out of the pool Sean and I were told to sit in an' ambulance, they gave us warm blankets to help dry off and I noticed about 3 cop cars surrounding us, I knew they had called our parents and I was nervous as hell "Sorry I dragged you into this" Sean said, I shrugged and smiled a little "I wanted to come, wasn't your fault"

I replied, he nodded and took my hands in his "I almost forgot" I exclaimed, I pulled the paper out of my bra and handed it to him "Sorry if it's all weird but I didn't plan on landing in someone's pool" I said, he chuckled and put it in his pocket "Thanks Lanie" he said, I nodded and we hugged "Anderson, your step-fathers here for yah" one of the cops called, Sean pulled away and took off his blanket "I'm here for you too Lanie, your step-mom asked me to pick you up"

Hank said, I nodded and followed Sean to the car "You know if it weren't for me you two would be in juvie for the next 6 months" Hank said "Rather do the time" Sean replied turning for a moment, he carried on walking and I turned around "Thank you" I said apolagetically, Hank nodded and turned back to the cop

"You know he's not that bad" I said as Sean and I got into the back of the car, he gave me a look "No he's worse" he replied, I rolled my eyes "He got us outta juvie Sean, that's pretty cool to me" I said pulling my damp hair over my right shoulder "I still don't like him" he muttered, I sighed and put my legs up on his lap,

he didn't say anything he just moved closer and held my thighs "I'm glad your my girlfriend" he said resting his head agains't the seat, I shrugged and played with the zipper of his jacket "I'm the only girl who would help you brake into a sattelite facility, consider yourself lucky" I said smiling slightly, he chuckled

"I do, all the time" he replied, he held my hand and kissed my palm "You can be really charming when you want something did you know that?" I asked amused, he shrugged "I try" he said, I giggled and Hank got into the car "Let's get you two home" he said, I sighed and we took off.

We parked in Sean's drive way which made no difference to me as I only lived next door, as the car stopped I noticed my step-mom in the doorway of our house "Oh good god" I groaned, I opened the door and jumped out of the car "Lanie Maria Parker!" she shouted, I winced and Sean stood next to me "Good luck" he said, I nodded "I'm gonna need it" I said with wide eyes, he chuckled and put his hands on my waist "I'll call you later okay?"

he asked, I nodded and we had a small kiss before parting ways, I managed to get through the front door before I was verbally abused "How could you break into a sattelite facility?" she asked, I rolled my eyes and took off my favourite black boots "It was actually pretty easy, and I didn't break into it, Sean did" I replied casually, she screamed in annoyence and I made my way upstairs "Why can't you just behave? Your such a good girl Lanie" she said in a calmer tone,

I sighed and crouched down at the top step so she could see me "I am a good girl, he needed my help" I replied shrugging, I didn't wait for her reply as I went straight into my bedroom, the first thing I did was take off all my wet clothes and put my pyjamas on, which consisted of my underwear, a baggy t-shirt Sean gave me, and a pair of trainer socks, I opened up my laptop and straight away had a video call from Jessie, one of my best friends "Hey girl"

she greeted, I smiled "Hi" I replied brushing my still damp hair "What have you been up to today?" she asked, I shrugged "I nearly got sent to juvie" I replied, her eyes widened "Oh god Lanie what did you do?" she asked though she was laughing "I helped Sean brake into a sattelite facility" I replied, she rolled her eyes "the things you do for that guy" she said, I nodded "I know right?" I asked "So why aren't you in jail?"

she asked confused "Hank managed to convince the cops not to get us thrown in jail, he's not a bad guy" I said, she nodded "You grounded?" she asked, I shrugged "I don't know Jess, mom didn't say anything but probably" I replied putting my hair into a loose side-bun "Lanie, hate to tell yah but he's got you wrapped around his finger" she said holding up her pinky, I rolled my eyes "He does not" I protested, she gave me a look

"Okay your right, I don't know what it is Jess, he just has this effect on me" I replied in thought, she nodded "Well I gotta go but I'll see you in school?" she asked hopefully, I nodded and logged off my computer before turning off the light and getting into bed.