A Few Months Later...

After we got back I had been sent straight to Hospital, my step-mom got back about 2 months afterwards and didn't know anything about it, which was how I wanted it to stay, we stayed in touch with Gabato and Kailani of course, Kailani got to go to college and from what we heard Gabato now had a lot of money from Nemo's submarine.

It was Sean's birthday today and I was headed over there, despite my step-mom's protests "Look mom I love you and I'll be back later" I said kissing her cheek, she looked surprised and I chuckled as I grabbed Sean's gift "Bye"

I said as I left the house, I closed the door and walked next door to Sean's house, I knocked and he answered "Lanie" he exclaimed pulling me into a large hug, I smiled and hugged him back "Hey birthday boy" I said, he pulled away and took my hand leading me into the living room "Hi Lanie" Sean's mom greeted, I waved and hugged both her and Hank

"C'mere a sec" Sean said taking my hand again, I waved to them and he took me into the dining room where his cake was "How's your birthday been so far?" I asked, he shrugged "It's been good, wish Grandpa was here I guess" he said, I nodded and noticed he was watching me "What?" I asked smiling a little, he shook his head

"Your just, so gorgeous" he said, I rolled my eyes "Charms still there I see" I said, he shrugged and put his arms around my waist "You only have it if it works, does my charm work on you Miss Parker?" he asked, I tilted my head in thought and put my arms around his neck "That's open for discussion" I replied, he chuckled and I pecked his lips

"C'mon let's go open your presents" I said taking his hand, he nodded and we sat on the couch "Open this one first" his mom said handing him a small envolope "Post marked Kemarune" he said confused, we all watched him open it and he pulled out a postcard "Oh it's from Grandpa, he wants to gimme his present the next time he see's me"

Sean said a little dissapointed, I nodded and the sound of footsteps were heard, we all looked up to see Alexander in some biker outfit, I chuckled "Well don't just sit there, applaud" he exclaimed, Sean jumped up and hugged him "I can't believe your here" he said after pulling away "I wouldn't miss your birthday for the world,

I wanted to give you this" Alexander said handing him a package "A book?" Sean asked guessing by the shape "Oh it's not just a book, it's a trip I want us to go on. All of us as a family"

Alexander said, Sean unwrapped the book and glanced at us before holding it up "From the earth to the moon" he said, I rolled my eyes "What do you say?" Alexander asked "Who's up for an' adventure?" Sean asked placing the book onto the table, his mom started to protest "Oh c'mon honey what could go wrong it's only the moon" Hank said, I chuckled.

Later On...

It was getting dark and Alexander had already left, he told us he was staying in a nearby hotel and would be back tomorrow, Sean had opened all his presents and we had all eaten some delicious cake, but it was time for me to go "I need to go, thank you for having me over" I said looking at Sean's parents, they both nodded

"We'd love to have you again" his mom said, I nodded and Sean followed me to the door, we stood outside and it was a little chilly "Did you have a good birthday?" I asked, he nodded "Best birthday ever, still tryna plan that moon trip though" he said, I nodded "Yeah you would" I replied, he seemed in thought and I tilted my head

"Everything okay?" I asked curiously, he nodded while facing me "I just have one last birthday request" he said taking my hands, I gave him a skeptic look "What?" I asked "Stay here tonight" he said, my eyebrows raised "Sean your awesome but I doubt my step-mom will let me" I said, he nodded "Okay, I'll ask her"

he said, he walked past me and I followed "Sean no" I said nervously, he didn't stop though, even when I jumped on his back "Okay okay" he said laughing, I rolled my eyes and got down "You ask her" he said, I sighed and shrugged "Worth a shot" I said, he nodded and was about to follow me to the door "You wait there"

I said motioning to the bush, he rolled his eyes and I entered my house "Uh mom?" I asked, I waited for a few moment until she popped up "Hey Lanie, good day?" she asked, I nodded "Yeah, uh mom I know you'll probably say no but is it okay for me to stay over Sean's tonight?" I asked hopefully "Sure kiddo" she replied shrugging,

I sighed "I thought you'd...wait did you just say yes?" I asked surprised, she nodded "I trust you Lanie, your growing and I need to give you some leesh. Just be carefull with what you do" she said, I squeeled and side hugged her "Thank you so much I love you" I said quickly, I ran to the front door and saw Sean on the step

"She said no right?" he asked dissapointed, I shook my head and he lit up "She said yes?" he asked, I nodded and he cheered to himself "I need to go get my stuff" I said about to go back into the house, he grabbed my hand "Woah, what do you need to get?" he asked confused, I rolled my eyes "Pyjamas, underwear"

I said, he shrugged "Just wear one of my shirts" he said, I smiled "Well I don't think it'd be good for me to sleep on the couch in one of your shirts Sean" I said playfully, he gave me a cocky look "You ain't sleeping on the couch" he said smirking, I tilted my head "I think I know what's on your mind Anderson" I said, he shrugged inoccently

"Worth a shot right?" he asked, I bit my lip "I think it's the best idea yet" I replied, his eyes widened "You sure Lanes?" he asked, I nodded "Yeah, it's your birthday and I wanna do it" I said, he nodded and I walked back into the house "Bye mom, love you" I said "Bye sweety" she said, I closed the front door and we went back into Sean's house

"Mom?" he asked, she popped up and didn't seem surprised to see me here "Yes?" she asked knowingly, he glanced at me nervously "Can Lanie stay here tonight?" he asked hopefully, she smiled and nodded "But keep the volume down you two" she said before going back into the kitchen, we both laughed and he took my hand

"Let me show you my room Lanes" he said, I rolled my eyes "That has to be the cheesiest line ever" I said, he faced me as we were on the stairs "Did it work?" he asked, I nodded "A little" I admitted, we got into his bedroom and I can honestly say that we didn't come out all night, and it was deffinatly the best night of my life.

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