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FAGEtastic Four

Title: To Thine Own Self Be True

Written For: Lia Jane

Written By: MinaWritesSlash

Betaed By: Readingmama

Rating: M

Pairing: Edward/Jasper

Prompt used: Stolen kisses and a secret rendezvous.

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Summary: Edward is trapped in a loveless marriage. His wife doesn't care for their daughter and his job is a dead end. An old forbidden crush will come along and make him realize there is more to life that what is expected of him, and all he needs to do is be true to his own self.

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Edward sat unmoving on his bed, watching as things got thrown carelessly into a suitcase and hearing what a low life he was. He knew he deserved every insult that was thrown at him, but he was doing the right thing.

After all these years, Edward could finally say that he was happy.

He had been selfish for once and gone after what he wanted. It might've cost him, but money was never really important to him. The people that really cared stood by his side, and with their support, he knew he could face everything and anything.

Edward was startled from his reverie when he heard his little love crying. He ran to her room and saw that her stuff was also getting pack.

"What the fuck do you think you are doing?"

"She's my daughter too!"

"Since when?"

"Since she can get me ten grand a month!"

"I already gave you ten million! Leave her alone, you will never take her from me!"

Edward grabbed the psycho by the arm and dragged them down the stairs kicking and screaming. He opened the door and tossed the greedy slut out.

"You put a hand on her and I'll make you pay."

"My name is in those adoption papers, Edward!"

"No, they are not. I made sure of that!"


"You, Rosalie Hale, have no claim on my daughter, and you will never will. Now take the fucking money, your crap, and get the fuck out of my life!"

He slammed the door close and turn to find his housekeeper standing wide eyed behind him.

"Mrs. Collins, please make sure Alistair takes Rosalie's stuff to her place, and also changes all the codes, that woman is not welcome here anymore." He started to make his way up the stairs when his housekeeper stopped him.

"And what about Mr. Whitlock?"

Edward froze in his step, then slowly turned to face Mr. Collins.

"You can tell him to go fuck himself."

Mrs. Collins flinched at his cold tone, but Edward didn't care.

His daughter was waiting for him, and she was all that mattered, now and always.

Edward believed that all he needed was his daughter and no one else.

Especially not a certain Jasper Whitlock.

No, that fucker can go to hell for all I care.

So, yeah... I suck. I know I'm sooo late in posting this, but I had brain surgery, so I guess that gives me a free pass, right? RIGHT?

Lia, my darling, I hope you like this story, the next chapter will come tomorrow. Leave me your thoughts!