Nicks POV

I can't believe 6 months has passed since she dumped me and I still can't get her out of my head. Stupid. I felt stupid for wanting someone that I knew didn't love me. What were you going to do change her mind with your obnoxious attitude and bad habits? A voice in my mind said. I just ignored it and got back to working on the car that was in the garage. I had an hour before I had to get in the shower and go to that joke of a circle meeting and be forced to see her with him. I dreaded circle days. Lately it has become one big drama fest and no one was talking to anyone , most of them were talking to me though I hardly listened. I just tried to keep Doug and Chris in check. The only person I ever listened to was my cousin Deb. I hated to listen to Deb sometimes because she said a lot of things I didn't want to hear. She warned me when I told her I had feelings for Cassie but not until after she urged Cassie to ask me to the dance again after I shot her down the first time. I still resented her for that. I know she meant well however I really didn't need the bullshit that came after. After I found out about my parents, giving their own lives to rid the people of Crowhaven Road of Black John, I lightened up a little. I didn't feel so guilty anymore and with Cassie well she made me feel less angry too. She was the only person I could show my true self to and she was gone. I knew what I was getting into but I didn't believe that he would be her soul mate. I thought he would be a silly crush and then shed realize she loved me. Ouch! Shit. I was lost in thought I banged my head on the hood of the car "nice job numnuts" I heard a giggling voice say. "hey deb" I said rubbing my head with a greasy hand. "you better hurry we don't have much time before the meeting" "I know I was just finishing up but maybe I'll skip it" I said "Nicholas Armstrong when will you stop letting that silly girl dictate your moods and move on with your life?" I hated listening to my cousin. "yeah yeah yeah" I said coldly. "seriously Cassie is with Adam and you would be much more comfortable around the circle and maybe some of the tension there would ease if you would just find someone else and move on" I just shrugged and walked into the house. I got into the shower and wiped the grease and grime away. I let the hot water rain down on my shoulders and backs easing the tension in my muscles. I closed my eyes and thought of Cassie. Her big blue eyes, her supple skin, her soft lips. I immediately went to that night on the beach when Black John tried to attack her when she was alone. Adam had heard her calling but I was faster. She heard my voice and ran right into my arms. The poor thing was so scared and just clung to me. I wanted to just hold her forever but then she looked up at me and kissed me and I was lost in her. In the feel of her mouth on mine, in the scent of her rose perfume mixed in with sea salt and in that tingly feeling in my hand where our fingers we intertwined. I opened my eyes. I need to stop thinking about that. It seemed like a life time ago. I got out of the shower dried off threw on a pair of black jeans and a gray t-shirt. Stuck my phone and my smokes in my pocket and walked down to the beach to meet the others. When I get down to the beach the others weren't too far ahead of me. I just lit a cigarette and walked casually behind them. I climb over the rocks onto the sand and see Diana and Cassie talking over by the rocks by the shoreline. Adam, Chris, Doug and Deborah were in our usual spot getting the bonfire started. I stopped and stared at Cassie and Diana. Cassie looked upset about something. I watched her hug Diana and run back up the bluff to her house. That was weird considering the meeting was about to start and she was one of our coven leaders. As I walked towards the others I watched as Adam walked towards Diana, take her hand and kiss her on the cheek. I couldn't believe it. What about Cassie? Did he break her heart like she broke mine? I was ready to kill him for hurting her. I stomped towards them and yelled "Conant what the hell are you doing?" Diana walked towards me quickly. "Nick calm down" was she serious? "Diana what the hell is going on how could you do this to Cassie? " "Nick, Cassie broke up with Adam." I was bewildered "that's crap Diana! Your Horned God over there just wants to play musical girlfriends" Diana laughed "its not funny Diana. None of this is" I snapped. "Nick just calm down and think about it what I am telling you. Cassie broke up with Adam" I wasn't sure what she was trying to say but I didn't have time to ask her the meeting was starting and there was no sign of Cassie. I took my usual seat on the rocks far enough away that I didn't have to interact and close enough where I could hear if anything important was being discussed. Lately it was just bickering so I tended to tune out a lot of the meetings. Tonight I couldn't even concentrate on the meeting if I wanted to. My mind was up the street at Number Twelve where Cassie was. did Cassie really break up with Conant? And if that was true, then why? My head was spinning with questions. Even though I hadn't spoken more than a hello or a goodbye to Cassie in months I needed to talk to her. Whatever happened I knew she was hurting and I had told that I would always be there when she needed someone. Well this was one of those times and I wasn't going to let my stupid ego get in the way of being there for the only girl I ever truly cared about. As soon as the meeting was over I left. I walked up the beach toward Number Twelve. I was trying to think of what I was going to say to her. Would I talk or would I just listen? Would I profess my love to her if I knew she was truly over him? Waves of emotion came over me as I smelled the scent of roses. I stopped in my tracks and there was. She was a tiny little thing with light brown hair and big crystal blue eyes that had a sadness to them. She was wearing a red hoodie over a white tank top and jeans that brought out the shape of her legs. She looked beautiful and she was standing right in front of me. My Cassie.

"Hi Nick" she smiled. "Hey Cassie I was just coming to find you" I admitted. She laughed "well I guess we found each other because I was looking for you too" she blushed. The way she said found each other made me smile because I couldn't help but think she just may be right. "what's up?" I asked casually. She shrugged "I just need talk and you are the only person I feel comfortable talking to even though we haven't talked in months" I looked down "yeah sorry about that. It's been a rough few months" I muttered. She turned away from me "Cassie im sorry I didn't mean anything by that" I walked in front of her to stop her from leaving. "im here now. We can talk if you want" she looked up and I could tell she was sad. She nodded and sat down in the sand and hugged her knees. I sat down next to her. My nerves were shot. There were so much I needed to so, so many questions so much I needed answered but the painful look on Cassie's face made me realize that she needed me to listen more than I needed my questions answers. "I broke up with Adam" she stated. There was no emotion in her words just fact. "yeah I heard. That's why I was coming to find you to make sure you were ok" I said softly. Tears started flowing down Cassie's face and my heart broke. I hated seeing her so sad and broken. She wiped the tears from her face and said "really im fine" "so what happened?" I had to ask. She explained to me that not long after the Circle defeated black John she spotted Adam and Diana walking on the beach together. She said she didn't think anything of it at first because they were together for a long time and they were friends but then as time passed their meetings became more frequent and Cassie felt hurt and jealous. "he didn't cheat on you did he cause if he did ill kill him" I said angrily. "Relax Nick no one cheated." I could tell she was searching for the right way to say something. She bit her lower lip and sigh. "When I first met Adam I felt such a strong connection. You know the silver cord thing" she started uuggh did I really need to listen to her talk about how she was connected to Conant. A voice inside me just said be patient. I just nodded and let her continue. "well it's not there anymore." She said "I don't understand" I admitted. "the cord is still there but it connects me to the Circle not just Adam. The section that connects Adam to Diana is strong and bright but the section that connected me and Adam is dull. It no longer has a halo which made me realize that I never loved him" I gasped. Was she kidding me? I went through all this with her for a guy she didn't even love? I was getting angry but I was trying not to express that anger to her. I had her here and I still had so much unanswered I didn't want to scare her away like I had in the past with my temper. I noticed more tears welling up in her eyes "I'm so sorry that I put you through all of this Nick you must think I'm a terrible person" My instinct was to take her in my arms but I took her hand instead. Her fingers intertwined with mine and it felt magnificent. That surge of energy I felt whenever I touched her was much stronger than I remembered. She looked up at me with those big red rimmed eyes "Cassie its ok. First of all you told me what I was getting into and second of all I don't think your terrible in fact I still think your pretty terrific" she looked up at me and smiled. "I miss you Nick" she whispered. I couldn't believe this was coming from her. "I miss us" I whispered. I looked down at our hands and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The silver cord was wrapped around our hands giving off a glow almost as bright as the sun. Cassie looked down to see what I was looking at and she looked at me and smiled. "Cassie do you see that" "yes" she whispered and leaned her head on my shoulder. She smelled so good like roses and the scent was intoxicating. She lifted her head to look at me "Cassie did you ever love me?" Idiot I can't believe I just said that for sure she was going to bolt. She just smiled and "Nick I don't think I ever stopped" she whispered and I looked deep into those blue eyes and I saw something there I had never seen before, longing. I had that feeling too. I wanted her, I needed her back. She was a part of me. I leaned in and kissed her softly. She kissed back and her mouth was warm and inviting. The energy surges that passed through us was a sensation I had never felt before. She broke our kiss and leaned into me and I wrapped my arms around her. "can I have you back now?" she asked. I laughed "technically, I never left".