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Chapter one

It was a Tuesday afternoon in the beginning of May. Sena lay on his bed and thought about the training he had just endured. Since he had joined the Football team, the tiny running back had been through a lot. In fact, more had happened in the past few months than during his entire life. He finally had friends (other than Mamori), bullies finally let him be and he could put his running skills to good use. Even if he was still terrified of Deimon's own demon, he had coped (ok, not completely) with his stuttering issue and it was now easier for him to be in the blond's presence.

They had already played a couple of matches and the team was starting to get a hang of the game. Also after losing against the Ojou White Knights, they had trained a lot. After that came the game against the Zokugaku Chameleons and the one against the Tayo Sphinxes. Soon, they had a match against the Nasa Aliens (an American team) and the Deimon Devil Bats were all nervous at the idea of playing against them in two weeks time. Hiruma was merciless. Even more so than he usually was. He yelled, swore and shot at everyone. Plus, Sena had a hard time hiding the fact he was the 'Eyeshield21' from everyone and especially from his childhood friend, Mamori. She had been ok with him being the Football team's secretary, but if she knew he was playing, she would have gone ballistic. So, during practice he had to keep his helmet on, which was quite annoying.

Determined to do his homework, the boy got off his bed and started studying. math. He was so bad at math it was actually frightening. After he finally finished his assignments, he ate and went to bed. When he got up the next morning, got ready and went training. As he was about to reach the clubhouse, he ran into Shin. The White Knight slowed down as he saw Sena. The smaller boy waved at him to salute his rival. The other teen slowed down to meet Eyeshield. The latter had started to walk back towards the clubhouse when he heard a gun fire. As he was used to, he ducked easily and found himself gazing right in the two green slits of his Captain's eyes. He froze.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing fucking Chibi?" He aimed his Magnum at the boy's forehead.

"Hi-Hiruma-san!" He panicked.

"Well, if it isn't Ojou's fucking linebacker. What the fuck do you want from my fucking secretary?" His gun suddenly disappeared.

Shin really didn't care and sighed to show it. "What are you talking about?"

"I get here to train and I just happen to fall upon the two of you? It sounds a bit suspicious, doesn't it?" The quarterback sounded paranoid and almost... jealous?

"You expect us to what? Plan against you?" Shin was starting to get annoyed by this whole thing.

"Uhm, Hiruma-san. I-I just w-waved to say hello. That's all." The tiny teenager stuttered.

"I'll just be on my way then." The Ojou player left.

Sena turned to his teammate. "I-is something wr-wrong Hiruma-san?"

The older teen thought about what just happened. 'Why the fuck did I react like this? What could Ojou's fucking ace have done to him? Nothing. So why the hell did I feel the urge of chasing away the fucking Shin anyway? What the fuck is wrong with me?" Hiruma turned around and walked to the clubhouse.

Sena followed him without a word. After the particularly harsh training, a very long day at school and another life-threatening football-practice, he finally got home. As he took off his clothes and stepped in the shower, he looked back on the events of the morning and a lot of questions popped in his head.

'What was that all about? I wasn't late. Shin wasn't hurting my legs. So I really don't understand why Hiruma-san would intervene in such a way. Why would he do that? Did I do something wrong?' The young man was really lost.

A week went by, and another. Faster than they thought, the match against the Nasa Aliens came and went by. Even if they lost, it was by a point and although they were disappointed, the Devil Bats were still proud to have been so close.

Only a couple of days later, they all hopped on a plane to the United-States. When they landed in Houston, the Deimon Devil Bats just fooled around for a couple of weeks. Then, instead of going back to Japan, they decided to stay for the Death March. They all had one goal. Run from Houston to Las Vegas in forty days. It was even harder and worse than it actually sounded (if that's even possible). And when they finally reached the City of sins, they all just collapsed on their beds. Even the 'Commander from Hell'.

After staying another week in America, the team got back home. Even though they were all exhausted, the training continued and classes resumed.

One Saturday afternoon, it started to rain buckets. The field looked like a big mud-pool. Sena didn't even realize what the weather was like as he was lying on his bed, his mind buzzing. The boy was thinking so hard, he didn't see his phone ringing. He took his bag and started running through the rain. When he arrived at the clubhouse, Sena was surprised to find it empty. But as he looked around to see if someone was there, he heard footsteps. The small teen decided to wait for whoever was there to get in the room. As he sat down, he saw a laptop on the table in front of him and he felt the room temperature fall suddenly as he realized who was in the building with him. The boy considered running. But when he had made up his mind and was about to do so, he felt a pair of emerald eyes gazing at him from the door.

"What the fuck are you doing here fucking Pipsqueak?" He started. Hiruma had only a towel around his waist and the boy didn't expect him to walk around only wearing that.

"I-I ca-came for t-t-training." Sena stuttered.

The older guy looked at him oddly. "Don't fucking tell me you didn't get my fucking message."

The boy just wanted to disappear. "N-no, I didn't get it. I'm sorry!" He bowed.

"Che, I left everyone a fucking message to say we wouldn't be fucking training today because of this fucking rain." The demon explained.

"Oh? Sorry, I-I didn't get it. M-My phone, I-I didn't hear …" The running back bowed again to show how sorry he was.

"I heard you the first time fucking Chibi."

Sena didn't understand something. "Hi-Hiruma-san, why are you here if we don't have training?"

"Because, I came and got trapped in here by the fucking rain. I canceled training, but I had to put my fucking clothes to dry and I didn't bring a change. Do you have a problem with that?" He answered.

"No! I-I'm sorry Hiruma-san!" But something still was wrong. 'It's weird. Hiruma-san never changes when we do. I've never seen him like this… I'm used to seeing everybody half naked, but not Hiruma-san.'

"Actually, I think you should dry yourself too fucking Chibi. If you catch something I'll end you myself." His eyes were full of determination and Sena knew he was capable of going through with it.

While they were talking, Hiruma got closer to the running back and was now sitting on a chair next to Sena, his laptop in front of him. The dangerous proximity (they were not that close, but you know Sena T.T) made the boy's heart pound faster and faster. When the Captain realized the younger teen had frozen, he grinned devilishly at him and the victim of his gaze had to swallow loudly, shattering the silence which had fallen upon them.

"What's wrong? You got a problem Pipsqueak?" He looked like a hunter closing in on a pray.

"I… no. I'm sorry!" The smaller teenager looked away from the green eyes, but as his gaze was traveling through the room, it stopped on the older boy's abs. Following with his honey-brown orbs the lines of the perfect body of the demon … no, of the man in front of him. He completely forgot about the head with the sadistic grin and the two terrible green diamonds staring at him. 'So perfect.' He thought. 'I wonder what it'd be like if I could touch… WHA-WHAT THE HELL AM I THINKING? He's a G-GUY… n-no, he's HIRUMA-SAN!'

As the smaller boy turned bright red, Hiruma seemed satisfied with himself. "Kekekekeke." He cackled. "Just because you don't have fucking abs doesn't actually allow you to stare at mine." He was looking more and more like a sadistic devil, but his thoughts weren't following. 'Damn Chibi, he looks so fucking tasty. He's like a hybrid of a kitten and a puppy that were both beaten up. I want to fucking eat him up! I'm loving my damn Poker face more and more every second.'

"So-sorry! Sorry! Sorry!" he started bowing again.

"Weren't you supposed to go fucking Chibi?" Asked the blond.

Sena didn't know he had to go, but then again, the demon's chest was more interesting than the rain. "I-I was?"

"Training's cancelled so I really don't know why you would stay here." He explained.

'Oh my god! He made a proper sentence without swearing. Not once.' He locked gazes with the quarterback. "Do you want me to leave?"

"Nah, you'll get fucking soaked if you get out." 'Did he just speak to me without stuttering even once?' The demon was shocked, but could once again thank his Poker face for concealing it.

"I-I don't really mind the rain. It's nice to run with drops crushing on my face." Sena confessed as if it was his deepest secret.

'He's just too fuckable. If he doesn't get out right now, the Poker face might not be enough.' He thought, feeling the towel lift slightly. "What are you waiting for then fucking shrimp?"

"Sh-shrimp? Why a shrimp?" Sena was startled.

"I figure, you're fucking small and you like water so: You're a fucking Shrimp. Got a problem with that Shrimp?" Hiruma's eyes were like two green well sharpened razorblades.

Sena got up and made his way to the door. As he turned back to say goodbye, the quarterback had disappeared and the poor towel lay on the ground. At the thought of the naked demon wondering around in the clubhouse, the running back felt his cheeks brighten up and burning butterflies in his stomach. He turned to the door again and ran faster than ever to try to stop his mind from going where it was headed (towards the gold-haired and emerald-eyed devil).

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