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It was the beginning of a beautiful day. The weather was perfect and Sena could see the snow pilling up outside. As the brunet had just opened his eyes, a glowing smile drew itself on his face. The runner got up and sat for a while in front of the window, gazing at the falling white flakes. Sena had been there for quite a while when a knock at the door pulled him out of his thoughts.

"Sena, Dear. It's me. Can I come in?" The glee was obvious in the woman's tone.

"Come in!" A dark-haired person opened the door, behind her, two young women. A red-head and a blue-haired girl. "Mum! What time is it?" The only guy in the room asked.

"It's time for you to get dressed, instead of sitting there and looking out the window." Mihae was very energetic.

"So, how do you feel Sena?" Suzuna asked, a grin plastered on her face.

"I don't know... I don't really realize what's happening right now. It was kind of sudden... you know..." Even though he sounded confused, he was glowing.

After a few encouraging words from his friends, and a lecture from his mother, Sena got dressed and joined Monta and Kurita in the dining hall for breakfast. The three friends ate and talked all morning. At noon, Komusubi, Yukimitsu, the Huh-Huh brothers and Taki went snowman-making with them. The whole gang was laughing and running around.

In the evening, everyone gathered in the ballroom. People were talking, laughing and dancing. They all seemed to enjoy themselves and Sena was happy, just looking at them.

At the other end of the room, was a small stage. The sound of someone tapping on a microphone rang throughout the enormous hall. All turned to the stage on which a particularly happy-looking Mihae was standing. Sena knew what was following, and walked to the front of the show his mother was giving, greeting people as he went.

"Hi everyone. I am, for those who don't know me, Kobayakawa Mihae ... Sena's mother." A couple of 'we know' followed and she continued. "So, I have decided to give a small speech in order to ... Actually, I just wanted to make a speech and so I seized the occasion. Ok, let's get to the point, I think a couple of people would like to speak."

As Mihae made way, Monta jumped on the stage. "This story goes back a while, and if I know most of you have already heard about it, not everyone knows the entire story. It all started when we entered high-school. I got, like many others, enrolled in the Football team and soon got to know my best friend, Kobayakawa Sena. As the year went by, the Devil Bats improved and during the trip to the United-States, we suffered deeply while running for two thousand miles. But surprisingly, we all survived and that is when the story gets interesting.

"Soon after the holidays ended, Sena went to school one morning looking positively happy. It was strange-MAX! So we were curious, but nothing more. A couple of days later, our running-back stayed after training. On the note which explained his delay was written..." The monkey-like guy pressed a button of the remote and on the panel behind him was the note. "...'Deimon High School. Kobayakawa Sena, arrived at 9:47 on the 2nd of September. Cause : Hiruma Youichi.' As you can imagine, Jumonji and I were shocked. But something wasn't right with Sena. He would blush for no reason and so on. I decided to confront him, because it was obvious to me he was sneaking out to see a girl. Little I knew.

"My friend told me he was about to go out with someone and would tell me who it was in a short while. He swore to me I would be the first to know... and I was. About a week later, Sena came to me and told me he was seeing the most unlikely candidate... the one we all knew at the time as the 'Commander from Hell'." Monta stepped aside and handed the microphone to Suzuna.

"As you see, Monta can actually speak normally." Laughter echoed through the room and she started talking. "So, before the game that opposed the Deimon Devil Bats to the Poseidons, the team went out to grab a bite in order to celebrate our victory. That is when I found out.

"It was a nice evening and Sena had gone outside to clear his head. He had bumped into Kakei and Mizumachi and Hiruma had soon joined. As the two Kyoshin players left, I saw our two friends kissing. I have to say I was quite shocked at first. I sure wasn't expecting that, but soon I realized they were cute enough together and I decided to seek the truth... and by that, I mean asking all the awkward questions and stuff." She gave the microphone to Kurita.

"Hi, I'll continue. So, one afternoon as we were going home after training, we were about to split up when I saw them holding hands. It was quite unexpected. After that, I got dragged in all of Suzuna's meddling. She was almost harassing Sena, especially after what had happened during the 'Crème-puffs' Tournament'." At the memory, all those who were there blushed terribly.

It was Musashi's time to speak. "After that, Yukimitsu and I found out and we all enjoyed teasing our running-back. Then, the news got to Riku, and after that, we all know what happened." He pressed on another button and a video started playing on the panel. The Devil Bats had just won the 'Christmas Bowl' and they were all yelling, laughing and celebrating.

In the video, Riko suddenly made a squealing sound and yelled into the microphone "OH MY GOD! Look, look!" The camera zoomed in and Sena blushed as he saw himself kissing the blond on the screen.

Mamori was next. "That is when everyone learned about them. After that was the World cup and the new year came. Deimon had a lot of new promising players, but the Devil Bats also had to do without the third years. Anyways... in his first year in University, Sena found himself in a different team than Hiruma. It was a catastrophe and so, for his second year he enrolled in the same team as the other.

"Then, you all know what happened. They both played in the 'X games' and went pro. Now, we are all here today for the rehearsal dinner before those two's wedding tomorrow. I have to say, if you had told me eight years ago they would be getting married in Canada under the snow in the middle of winter... I would've laughed in your face. But here we are. And so, to Sena and Youichi. May they be happy together in the future as much as they are now." She lifted her glass and everyone followed her lead.

A tear of joy escaped Sena's eye and rolled down his cheek. It was finally sinking in. He was going to marry the blond demon.

The dinner went well and people seemed to be enjoying themselves. Mihae and Rin (Kaimashi, Youichi's mother) were always plotting together, Riku and Kamiya were all lovey-dovey... as always. Monta, as his wife was pregnant, was answering Mamori's every desire. Kakei and Mizumachi had been living together for almost as long as Hiruma and Sena the same goes for Kotarou and Akaba. Panther was engaged to Watt's cousin, Nell. Karin (from the Teikoku Alexanders) and Musashi had been together for two years. Suzuna was steadily seeing ... Gaoh? Aagon (HE CAME?!) had finally found a girl who could shut him up and Sakuraba was married to Torakichi's aunt, Hina.

As the runner was making his way to the altar, he remembered how he had gotten here. It was only a couple of months ago, but it seemed so far.

On a hot morning of July, Sena had gone running with his boyfriend (like every day). As they had passed by the small chapel near their house, the brunet had slowed down a bit, staring at the newly-weds getting out of the building. They were glowing with undeniable happiness and Sena couldn't help but feel a bit jealous. By then, he had unconsciously stopped. The quarterback analyzed the 'Shrimp''s behavior and came to a simple conclusion.

He thought about it for a second and then nodded to himself before pecking his boyfriend's cheek. Then, he approached his lips to the smaller man's ear and whispered lovingly. "Think you could do the fucking same?"

Sena had stepped back in order to lock gazes with his lover. "Are you serious?"

Hiruma smiled his evil smile and murmured. "Want to have a fucking husband?"

The brunet's eyes had gone wide and his mouth had opened and closed like a fish gasping for air. "...When?" Was all Sena had answered and as the demon's lips captured his, he felt the blond's grin against his mouth.

There was chapter twenty-seven. The last chapter. Thanks to all of you who have supported me. I love you all.


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