This is all of the runes that I will mention during my story, Girone. Hope it's helpful.

Fehu- wealth, promotion, business, goals, control

Uruz- strength, passion, sexuality, energy, healing

Thurisaz- knowledge, focus, attack or defense

Ansuz- God rune, leader, balance or mind and body, success, maintain order

Raido- journey, change, progress, destiny

Kenaz- wisdom, insight, solution, inspiration, creativity, positive actions

Gebo- generosity, marriage, live, balance, gift, offering

Wunjo- glory, success, achievement, reward, joy, midpoint between opposites

Hagalaz- suddenness, disaster, testing, chaos

Nauthiz- need, poverty, responsibility, frustration, know thyself

Isa- inactivity, patience, reflection, withdrawal, hidden meaning, ice

Jera- cycles, harvest, productivity, completion in proper time

Eihwaz- Yew tree, change, confronting fears, initiation, death, tree of life

Perthro- cup, rebirth, fertility, prophecy, divination, memory

Algiz- elk, protection, assistance, warning, support, mentor

Sowulo- sun, success, positive energy, increase, health, light over dark

Teiwaz- financial risk, duty, discipline, self-sacrifice, conflict, regulation

Berkana- birch, growth, conception, clearance, purification, plenty

Ehwaz- horse, movement, transport, communication, recklessness

Mannaz- human, questioner, community, family, language, social concerns

Laguz- water, emotions, fear, unconscious mind, revelation, life force

Inguz- fire, work, bounty, grounding, household protection

Othila- inheritance, land, legacy, gain from a lose, maintaining ties

Dagaz- day happiness, fulfilling lifestyle, things unnoticed, satisfaction

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