This is a list of the gemstones and there meanings. I might mention a few during my story Girone.

Rose Quartz- love, peace, comfort

Sodalite- stress reduction, meditation, memory

Sunstone- healing, increasing energy, male energies

Jade- prosperity, luck, harmony

Quartz Crystal- clearing away negativity, protection, enhance intuition

Amethyst- increase physic awareness, better sleep, peaceful dreams

Moonstone- love, divination, emotions, communication, female energies

Malachite- protection (especially during travel), wealth, avert confusion

Moss Agate- healing, cleansing, purify the spirit

Lapis Lazuli- wisdom, clarity, mental balance

Onyx- justice, end worries, concentration

Bloodstone- remove obstacles, protection, courage

Obsidian- bring change, protection, divination

Rhodocrosite- personal energy, release frustrations

Aventurine- luck, success, leadership

Citrine- divination, creativity, clarity

Tiger Eye- truth, honesty, luck, fortune, increase psychic ability

Hematite- astral travel, balance, focus of energy

Red Jasper- protection, defense, return of negativity to sender

Chrysocolla- happiness, joy, balance, healing

Aquamarine- inspire positive thoughts, luck, face challenges

Labradorite- grounds spiritual energies, enhances intuition and imagination

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