A CorruptedHeart Production

Renesmee Cullen/ Alec of the Volturi.

Name: Destiny.

Fandom: Twilight.

Ship: Alec/Renesmee.

Rated: M.

Summary: Renesmee Cullen has lived for fifteen years without any 'accidents.' Though, as she reaches a mature age, the Volturi send in their dangerous weapon to keep an eye on and make a report on the half-breeds progress, but was stealing the heart of Renesmee part of the mission in the first place and is it possible for a Volturi member to return that love? R&R.

I do not own Twilight. If I did, Jacob wouldn't have sucked so much.


In every love story, the guy always gets the girl. They run off into the sunset and then they live happily ever after. They wander through life and marvel at the beautiful times. they grow old, live life side by side, watch their creations grow and then they die. Well, one dies first —obviously— and the other is just so... torn and lost without that person; that they slowly die too. That's the way life goes. Unless... You're like us. Immortal. Your life never ends and you can spend the rest of eternity with that one person you love so dearly. Well, that is if you're anyone but me. My name is Renesmee Carlie Cullen —I know, a mouthful. I think my mom was on crack or something— I am a freak of nature. Half vampire and half human and this is my story.


Chapter one: Unwanted Visitor.

"Renesmee, you're going to be late for school."

My mom called at the top of her voice. Obviously she couldn't remember the teenager ritual. We were never 'late' we just arrived in a fashionable manner. Puls, didn't she remember being a teenager? Or was her brain so wired into mom mode now it was too hard to even relate to me anymore? Evidently so. My ritual was probably the same as every other teenage girl. Ignore the first wake up call from your mother, get up at the second or third —depending on how late you had stayed up the night before— had a shower, got dressed, ate and then left. On the way to school, you complain about every guy you know. How they were jerks for not even noticing your hair being different or having a new outfit, just to impress them. Guys, they were typical, weren't they? Treat us like dirt and not know how important we are until we're gone. My mom obviously didn't have this trouble with dad. Considering he says 'I fell in love with her the moment I set eyes on her.' If only we all had it that darn easy.

Dad was out; helping Granpa' Carlisle with hospital runs and crap. Mom was pestering me (or in her language; trying to have 'girl talk') while I rushed to eat the cereal within the bowl. Gotta' love those crunchy nut. I was meeting friends at school. Hopefully they would have something interesting to talk about other than 'beware of the sun.' See, I didn't have the problem my mom, dad or the rest of my family had. They sparkled. I know, funny right? Me... I sort of glowed. Not like the glow a woman gets when she's preggers or just applied new fake tan. I wasn't that lucky. Don't get me wrong, I didn't look like some weird freak that just stepped out of some nuclear experiment or something. It was just a faint glow of the skin. Noticeable if you're actually watching me like some freaky stalker. But still, in the sun; I'd make sure I had my hoodie, to hide all traces of arm glowing as possible. My face, I'd hide with the hood up; avoid all windows and keep my head down. In all fairness, I liked the rain so much better. No effort in having to put on hundreds of clothes just so you can spend the rest of the day sweating your ass off.

Eventually, I was able to set off into the world. Leaving my mom and all my home problems behind me. School was like my heaven. Yes, I was a teenager; who hated school. But at times like these, hanging with friends was probably the best thing about it. After all, I had to cherish each and every moment I had with my friends. I'd be moving in a few years and none of them would hear from me again. My life story.

My checkered hoodie clinged to my body, with my long — yes, I classed myself as tall, even though I really wasn't— black skinny jeans hiding my should be glowing legs. With my bag on my shoulder; I hurried at immortal speed towards the edge of the forest. The cottage wasn't that far a run from the main road I'd have to follow in need to get to school. As the road continued to wind and bend with me walking; the sound of laughter soon infiltrated my ears. Walking up the steps; leading to the large building of doom, I found my peace.

"Can you believe it's prom in less than... a month away and we still don't have dates."

Ah, yes. Prom. Every girls dream, right? The day you can dance the night away, wear a pretty dress, be the envy of every other girl and dance with your high school sweetheart. Well, that is if you had a sweetheart. For my group of friends, we didn't. My problem wasn't the same as theirs. Theirs were probably nerves from talking too boys, didn't know what to say or do or even think for that matter. Yes, I did get nervous; but they were just guys. My problem was my family. How could I bring a guy home to a family of vampires, willing to rip his head off if he was to hurt me —mainly my dad, Uncle Em and Uncle Jaz— and explain why they were all looking at his throat longingly? Ahaha, that conversation would be pretty darn hilarious. Never the less, I joined in with my friends.

"Hey guys," I whispered.

"Hey, Nessie;" Ivy — the one complaining about prom— said.

"What'cha talkin about?" I asked, leaning against the car she was.

"Prom is in less than a month away and I still don't have a date. Neither does Shannon or Suzannah or.. or you for crying out loud!"

The girls looked down, sighing deeply. I shrugged it off and gave the best pity smile I could give.

"Have we got like... a male repellent or something?"

"No. Don't worry. If push comes to shove, I'll ask Jacob and his friends to take us."

All eyes turned to me. Great. Younger, I loved attention. So god damn much I was stupid enough to dance across the living room naked to get it. Now? Not so much.

"What?" I questioned.


I rolled my eyes. Of course they thought he was hot. He was a werewolf. Meaning those pecks came with the package. To them, they'd drool at the sight of him in a tux, me? Not so much. Jacob was my friend. I loved him an' all but I just didn't see a romantic side to it... yet?

"Oh, oh, oh! I call Paul!" Shannon squealed.

"No, I call him." Suzannah sniped; folding her arms.

"I'd call Jacob but I suppose Nessie will be his," Ivy in a way hissed? I suppose it was. What was wrong with going to the prom with a best friend anyway? There was nothing wrong with it, right? I mean... I used to dance with Jacob at home all the time. What harm was it in school... in front of my friends... dressed up? I shuddered at the thought for some reason.

"Girls," I said flatly, putting my hands out as if to calm them with my motion. "there's plenty of the 'hotties' to go around. Besides, they are the last resort. If we can't get real dates, I'll ask them. Okay?"

"Okay," the girls replied; nodding their heads. Just then, the bell hollered. "We better get to class," I said quickly. Once again, they agreed. We'd all meet again at Lunch. Then we'd be able to talk boys fully.

Thankfully, I had double English first. Meaning I didn't have to changes classes all the way up to Lunch. Today, we were learning some dialogue from 'Romeo and Juliet.' Mr. Herd had something for Miss. Wood so he combined English work with Drama. We were to learn Romeo and Juliet in English; then perform it in Drama with a partner as part of an audition for the play Romeo and Juliet. Yeah, we didn't really get a choice in it. You were to pick out your partners at the end of the week; learn it over the following week and then perform it on the monday. Lets just say, I wasn't hyped about picking a partner. I was the only one in my class who didn't have a friend sitting beside me. I was alone, in the back, watching others pass notes, giggle and stare at boys. Okay, okay. I did my fair share of staring at a boy. But I wasn't the only one. Every girl stared at him at some point within the school year.

Nathan Newton.

Who knew my mom's old friends would end up having such a darn hot son, right? Jessica and Mike had married shortly after mom and dad. Apparently, Jessica ended up getting preggers the night of mom and dad's wedding and to stop people thinking they were a disgrace, they got married. Sweet, right? Yeah, right. Forced into marriage because of a kid. A kid who turned out to be one hot moth-

"Miss Cullen."

My head shook instantly, coming back into reality. "Huh?"

Mr. Herd was glaring right at me. As was the rest of the class. Great. I instantly felt my cheeks begin to burn.

"Well? What if Juliet saying to Romeo when she states 'Deny thy father and refuse thy name;'"

I blinked. Oh crap. How long had I zoned out for? People must have been staring at me like I was some kind of nutjob, chewing on my pencil and ignoring the teacher! If the world could swallow me whole at any time, I wished it would right about... now.

"Oh, uh... Well, uhm. Deny thy father, means ignore him basically and to ignore her name? Meaning... just because she's a Capulet doesn't mean their love should be forbidden..."

Mr. Herd looked right at me for what seemed like forever. His eyes being magnified by those ancient glasses. Eventually, he nodded and closed the open book in his left hand with a loud 'bang'.

"Good... now who ca-"

Once again, I zoned out as he continued to talk. Everyone turned back around in their seats while I relaxed and tried to calm my blushing features. No doubt I'd be the laughing stalk of this classroom for a while. Soon, however; the bell went. Announcing my freedom. I slowly began to pick up my books. That was until a pair of feet appeared next to me; causing my eyes to look up and almost fall out their eye sockets.

Nathan. Freaking. Newton.

"Hey," he said; adjusting his own bag on his shoulder. He was wearing the typical jock wear. Tee-shirt with the football jacket, jeans and sneakers. Nathan was too hot to even compare to the usual jock. Hell, he made angels look like freaking dirt. Every move he did was like in slow motion, with some sexual song playing. He had the warmest green eyes I had ever set eyes on. They were like... oak leaves in the middle of summer. Just gone into bloom. His hair was cropped short, due to the football season. But he left it spiky but fluffy at the same time? Those blonde locks...

Snap out of it, Renesmee!

"H...Hi," I managed to stutter.

"Renesmee, right?"

Okay, I had to try not to drool at the way he said my name. It just rolled off his tongue. How was it possible for this dude to be human, yet so goddamn hot? I nodded my head, standing up straight and pulling a part of my hair behind my ear.

"Yeah... That's me. Mouthful, right? My mom was high... She didn't know there was such a thing as normal names. I have nicknames too, y'know. You can call me Nessie... like the loch ness monster... rawr?"

He stared blankly at me. Like I was some kind of freak. I didn't blame him. I was. God, how was it remotely possible for me to have word vomit so badly? And to him especially? The 'holy lord' must really hated me. "Sorry..."

Nathan shook his head, his lips curved. "It's cool. Anyway, you seem to get this whole... Shakespeare speaking thing. I was wondering if you'd be able to... explain it to me, y'know? Just so I don't make a fool out of myself," he laughed. "I gotta' pass. Otherwise my dad'll stop me playing,"

Oh, yeah. I forgot. Mike Newton was the coach. Seemed he was good for something after all, mom.

I nodded quickly, eyes wide with desire.

"Great. So uh... See you later?" He half smiled which almost made my heart to stop completely. Again, I nodded; letting out a 'uh-huh' noise like the loser I was.

He took a few steps back while facing me then turned. That is when the darn music started in my head. Slow motion walking, him smiling at me over his shoulders with the only sexual, old classic rock song I could think of at that moment in time. It was one I had found in Uncle Emmett's belongings as a kid when I was 'exploring' his stuff. Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar On Me, or something like that. I was probably the only three year old running around singing that. Lets just say, my dad didn't talk to Uncle Em for a while.

Nathan, much to my dismay, disappeared out the door and into the flock of students all rushing to be free from any classes. I followed quickly, wanting to tell the girls the news. Ivy might get her wish to go with Jacob. If all goes well, I'd have Nathan! Jacob would be hers and I'd let the other two fight over Paul. If Paul would agree to it in the first place. Pha! Who was I kidding. It was Paul Lahote for god sake. He never said no to a party. Even if it's a bunch of high schoolers. Of course, he'd have to let Rachel to give him permission to take another girl out on basically a date...

The girls were there, sitting at the table. Well, our table. The table was over by the windows. Four tables all pulled together, filled with the most popular people within Forks High. Obviously, Nathan was there — considering he was the captain of the football team— crowded with other players — and I don't just mean football player term— and obviously the cheerleaders. The beautiful girls that girls like me wished they were. Well, not I me, but girls who were like myself. I knew for a fact most girls not at the table wanted to be there. The popular's had three spots within the school normies — their talk for people who weren't popular— weren't allowed to roam. You had the table, where they ate lunch. The square, where they stood before and after school making plans or whatever it was they talked about and then there was the bleacher. On the football field, there were many bleachers, but only one that no one dared to go. Of course, during games we had to take up seats, but we tried to avoid that one. During games, when we had no choice but to begin to pack up that bleacher, we'd start from the back forward. During games, the populars got the first two rows. Well, the ones who weren't football players who would be playing or the cheerleaders who would be cheering. The laid backs, as we called them.

The jocks, laid backs and cheerleaders all sat together. Knew each other. Talked to one another. And probably bitched about one another too. Oh, the joys of high school.

"So, I made first contact with Chris Beam today," Ivy was saying while sipping a can of coke through a straw. Chris Beam was a laid back. Probably one of the 'nice' ones. Who didn't mind talking to normies. He was a regular looking popular. Tall, fairly muscular, dark brown eyes, tanned skin and cropped black hair. I did wonder if he was from the Rez at first, but turned out he had moved from L.A due to his dad getting a huge promotion on Seattle. That's another thing. If you had money, you were a clear shot for being a popular. That's all they cared about. Looks, money and obviously the reputation. "He said I had a nice bag,"

I took a seat and looked down at her white bag, covered in doodles we tended to do while in one of Mr. Davies lectures on global warming. We had to occupy ourselves with something.

"I think... within a month I'll have him as a date, hopefully."

"That is if ditsy doesn't get there first." Shannon scoffed.

Yup, you guessed it. Because the populars only talked, hung out with and knew one another... They tended to only date one another also. I wondered if Nathan was dating one of them...

"Uh, please. She'll be too caught up in her hair to notice me stealing him from him."

"Speak of the devil," I muttered; taking out a bottle of water and a sandwich. Walking through the glass doors were probably the only true popular girls of Forks High. Mercedes Cooke, she was the who heard everything. Who could ruin you with one text message to the entire school. Tall, fake tanned, brown hair. Amber Berth, she was the boobs. You needed information from a boy, you sent in Amber. She had like... Mystical seduction skills. It was unbelievable. I swear she'd already caught a STI or something. Again, tall, fake tanned— only a lighter shade too Mercedes, I personally think Mercade's is naturally tanned anyway— and long blonde hair. Then there was the head of them all. The one who every girl wanted to be, every guy wanted to date. Brittany Hill.

She was the taller out of them all. Long, wavy blonde hair, large blue eyes, dazzling smile, slim figure. The body any girl would kill to have. To be honest, I think she's a future swimsuit model. She'll have a modeling career at some point.

Naturally, my group all had nicknames for them. Ditsy, the one Shannon referred to was Amber. Know it all, was Mercades and Your royal highness, Queen bee or Your worst nightmare was Brittany. Yeah... Lame names, I know. But hey, we're secretly really, really cool.

Yes, I suppose you've figured it out by now. My school is the typical movie high school. You had you're groups of people. The ones you talk too and don't talk too. The places you could go and the places you couldn't. Although I was pretty — thanks to the whole vampire part — and had money due to my grandparents and my dad having saved up over their never ending decades, I didn't let it out I was rich and pretty. I preferred to be the low type. I was that pretty girl who stayed in the back. Who was a dork. Yes, I Renesmee Carlie Cullen am a dork. But I am a pretty awesome dork.

"I like the Queen's shoes today," Shannon said, twirling her hair. I scoffed.

"She's probably got seventeen pairs of them. Her dad splashes the cash every time she doesn't fail's a assignment." Suzannah smirked. I couldn't help but agree.

Amber, Mercedes and Brittany walked right to the table; took a seat and blended in. However, something new did happen. It wasn't Amber talking to Chris. Or Mercedes texting while chatting to some other players, it was Brittany. Her attention wasn't on her usual guy. Well, not usual guy. To be honest, Brittany's attention was always of every guy, since every guy wanted her. Her attention today; was on Nathan. My heart sank. Maybe I will end up having to go with Jacob. I sighed deeply.

"What's wrong, Nes?"

"I talked too Nathan today,"

The table of girls gasped. All leaning forward and gaping at me. "What? What happned! Spill. Tell us everything!"

"What? He came up and said hi..."

"That's not it. Tell us!"

"It is it. Honestly. He said Hi... asked if my name was Renesmee,"

"OH. MY. GOD," Ivy squealed.

"Nathan knows your name!" Shannon added.

"I'm so jelly!" Suzannah interjected.

"What else!" Ivy then calmed.

I took a breath. I knew telling them would probably cause a huge stir and me ending up getting a headache, but what the hell. You only lived once. Or, in my case; you only loved forever.

"Well... he asked me to help him with his shakespeare stuff,"

And cue the screaming; huge huddle and giggled. Questions were thrown about like a tornado. I was on the verge of exploding. I was sure we were getting stared at and probably watched; but at least the attention was on the ones screaming and not me.

"Did he say see you later, or c'ya later?" Ivy asked, gawking at me.

"Does it matter?"

"Yes. See you later means he intends to see you later. Whereas c'ya later is like... 'c'ya later' intending not too, y'know?"

I was confused. Far beyond confused. "He said 'See you later' I'm sure.."

Again, the squealing started; but this time the bell went. I had never been so happy for the end of lunch to scream. I was up and rushing —with the girls behind my, still yapping like little doggies— to the door. I had drama, thankfully. Another class without any of them. A fun filled two hours without anyone talking to me. Where I could zone out and get ahead with reading this damn script. Though, it was hard not to look up and see Nathan; leaning against the wall of mirrors, watching with those big eyes of his hitting his pen against his leg while he was in deep concentration. Unlike any of the other populars, I got the vibe Nathan actually cared about his grades. Who wanted to do good. Although, I personally thought he'd be getting a sports scholarship to College. The footballers may be jerks, but by god they were good at what they did.

Unexpected, Nathan looked up and caught me looking at him. Naturally, I looked down and flushed ten shades of red. I figured I got this from my mom. Much like my eyes and every other human part of me. Looking up through my eyelashes and my hair that had dripped down like some kind of shame curtain, I saw he was still looking. Smiling at me. He looked away again, still smiling. Okay, so this was a start right? At least he was smiling at me. I still had a shot. Maybe he didn't like Brittany. Even though I was everything she wasn't. I wasn't popular. I wasn't loud or... good with guys. I wasn't fully... human. But, I had a shot. Hopefully. That's all there was, wasn't there? Hope. It's what I lived off at the end of the day. Hoping and praying that each and every day would be better than the one before. That one day, I'd be noticed by someone like Nathan. Today, seemed to be the day. It could only get better...

Nathan and I continued to glance at one another until the bell went. It seemed like he was about to get up and walk to me, but his friends pulled him away before he got the chance. My luck was too good, right? I mentally scoffed and gathered my things. I would have walked home, after saying g'bye to the girls, but Jacob was there. Waiting in his Rabbit, that large childish smile on his face. Being with Jacob was natural, considering we were best friends. He knew me better than I knew myself.

"So, what's with the surprise appearance?" I asked as he drove me down the road.

"C'mon Nessie. I am allowed to surprise my best friend, right?" He grinned. I rolled my eyes. Wasn't the answer I was waiting on. He knew this, considering his smile kind of fell after a few seconds.

"There was just a bit of a scare at home. Alice had a vision that freaked a few of them out. Don't worry, we're sorting it out."

"What was it?" I asked, frowning. Anything 'scary' to my family was obviously something to worry about. They were freaking vampire's for god sake. Nothing scared them.

"Visitors. Unwanted visitors. It's getting sorted. Don't worry."

"Who?" I asked, a brow arching. The only visitors we got were the Denalis, the other part of my family who lived in Alaska. I saw them every few months. Well, every six/seven months. They appeared now and then and us the same. I did enjoy the trips to Alaska. The snow was mainly the best of it though.

"You're dad told me not to go into details, Nes. Don't worry. I'm just to take to you right home and then wait until ten. You're family said it should be done by ten."

"So... You're like my babysitter?" I frowned even more. Not only was I not allowed to know what scared my family, but I was also getting babysat at sixteen? Did I look like a kid? Obviously. Considering Jacob laughed and nodded. It wasn't funny to me. In fact, I was far from pissed off. I folded my arms and refused to talk for the rest of the night. Really, I did. Soon as I got home I went right into my room, locked the door — not that it did any use, if Jacob really wanted in, he would bust down the door— and sulked. I would have went on the internet to talk to friends, but I was too far in this... sulking mode to even consider talking to anyone. I'd vent to Ivy, Shannon and Suzannah tomorrow about it. That's what friends were for right? Complaining about crappy things in life. Sadly, sitting listening to Jacob watching the T.V got the better of me. I couldn't keep quiet and do nothing, which I was trying to do. That was the only downer on me, I think.

So, I ended up getting my diary. Ever since I was able to write I had vented everything in this little book. A little red thick — almost like the bible thick. Hell, if I was to live forever, I did need a lot of pages, right?— book with a 'R' engraved in golden cursive. There was a golden lock to. Once again, if my mom or dad wanted to invade my privacy, I doubted this lock stood a chance, much like the door. I sat there, thinking of my words. Slowly, I inhaled.

'Okay, so he looked at me. Nathan Newton looked at me. Smiled at me and talked to me. AND he said he'd see me later. Apparently, that's a big deal. Ivy said that 'c'ya' later and 'see you later' are totally different meanings. Meaning, he actually intends to see me later. Ah, I'm blabbing. Trying to pass the time. Mom and dad have Jacob on babysitting patrol due to some 'unwanted visitors' that they are too tight to tell me about. Whatever that means. It's not like I'm interested anyway. It's just out of curiosity. But, nothing involves me these days. I'm the human one of the family. I'm basically the new Bella. I'm considering calling mom that from now on. And dad. Not to their faces, otherwise they'd probably have a fit. But to my friends and stuff. Basically, behind their back. Edward and Bella. Mom and Dad. It fits, y'know. Mom said she used to call Grandpa' Charlie, Charlie behind his back. I suppose I could follow in her footsteps if I'm basically the new her. Oh, wait...

Jacob just yelled on me. Saying it's Ten. He has to head back to the Rez or something. I personally think he's gonna' check up on mom, dad and the rest of them. Make sure these visitors have left. I hope so. But then again, I hope they don't. I have the house to myself! Wait.. What am I doing writing in you now? Now that I'm alone... I can do anything. Run around naked. Eat as much chocolate. Rock out to some tunes. Yeah. I'll write in you sometime soon. Until then, bye.

Renesmee. x'

I quickly tossed the book back onto the shelf and began to explore my home. A house was always the same, but when you're in it alone for the first time; it's a whole new place. It's like... yours. It made me want my own place a whole lot more. A place to call my own. Hell, I was only sixteen though. Well, a few days away from sixteen. I stilled classed myself as a sixteen year old anyway. Mentally, I was like... Forty five? Give or take a few? I lurked about in the living room, turning on 'Liz Phair — Why can't I?' that was one of my favorite songs and tossing my checkered hoodie onto the sofa leaving me in my white tank top and black jeans. I was at home. I could glow as much as I wanted or not. No one would see me. I eventually found the kitchen where I raided the fridge. I was starving. Although I knew what exactly I was starving for, I liked to have a healthy diet. I only drank blood on a Friday, depending on my mood. Yes, I've cheated a few times. But hasn't everyone cheated on their diet at some point?

Humming with the lyrics while scanning the shelves within the fridge, I decided to pull out a carton of orange juice. Nothing better than OJ and a bit of popcorn. I had no intentions on watching a movie, I just wanted to munch the night away.

"Whhhhhy can't I breathe whenever I think about yoou

Whhhhhhy can't I speak whenever I talk about yooou

It's inevitable, it's a fact that we're gonna get down to it"

I sang along while crossing the kitchen towards the cupboard holding the popcorn. Pulling it out and putting it within microwave. I set it for two minutes. There, I turned and went to walk into the living room.

"So tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Why can't I breathe whenever I think about you."

"Perhaps maybe it's a thing I have against women?"

I froze and looked up instantly. There, my eyes met one of the most dangerous scarlet reds I'd ever seen before. Sure, I knew of vampires who ate humans and I knew their eyes were red; but this red was so intense, it reminded me more of a demon than a vampire. But... It, no, he was too beautiful to be a demon, if they even existed. His brown hair flicked over his brow, his smooth looking, really pale milky like skin, those full luscious lips. The only thing about him that didn't shout angel was those eyes, and even those were perfect. Perfectly scary, but perfect. He stood tall and proud. His hands behind his back like a soldier would. His eyes glued to my own. I could feel my heart racing a thousand times a second. Compared to any of the guys at school... No, it would be a sin to compare this... god to any guy at school.

Wait, he's a god now? You don't even know who he is Renesmee! Wait.. What the hell is he doing in your house?

I opened my mouth; about to speak but the stranger put a hand up very quickly indicating me to be quiet. Slowly, he turned his head towards the C.D player and walked towards it. With a sensual move, he gently pressed the 'off' button, creating silence. That is when he turned around to face me again; bowing his head. "You may speak now,"

"Oh, I may, may I?" I replied sarcastically. "Who the hell are you?"

His brow lifted from what I could tell. "Well, I have to say I am slightly offended. The great Renesmee Carlie Cullen doesn't remember me. Excuse me while I go shed a few tears."

Okay, I had to give it to him. He was good at this whole sarcastic game. He was obviously a old vampire. The way he talked gave that away. "Who are you?" I said through clenched teeth.

He began to move once again, putting his hands behind his back once again. "Alec," he said. Alec... Didn't ring any bells. He looked at me continuing to pace back and forth, it was making me feel sick for some strange reason. "... Of the Volturi."

I froze in that moment. The Volturi. The vampires who came to destroy me as a child. He, the angel, who had come to destroy me as a child. I could feel the world beginning to spin, while he continued to walk back and forth.

"What... what do you want?"

"What I want and why I am here are two different things, my dear."

I blinked. If I didn't know any better, that was either a flirt... or a threat. I didn't quite know. All I knew that was I was terrified. This is where everyone was. They were fighting off the Volturi; but this one had gotten past and had come to kill me.

"W...why are you here?"

"Ah, there we go. I'm here... to watch over you."

Wait... What?


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