A/N: I want to warn everyone beginning to read this story that this is a Mature story for a reason. There is crude/adult language, adult themes and several actions within the story that fall under the category of being nothing less than sexual assault and abuse. If you feel you will be uncomfortable with said subjects then this is not the story for you.

For those of you still willing to read, know that a long time ago this was just an idea that sprouted into my head after reading a manga with almost similar themes called Love Neko. If you're familiar with that, then you'll get the story I'm sure.
Anyway, I thought it would be a cute and funny story. I probably won't update it as much as the other stories- or update it as quickly, but I hope in the time I do upload the chapters on here you enjoy..

To be accurate with the genres of the story, I'd say it's Romance, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Humor.

Love me U.K.E




The city of Konoha was such a busy and boisterous place- A town of different people and personalities that made it quite the popular place to be. Though it was pretty popular, it was just a simple city, but also a place that was often called "The town of dreams" in the country. It was prosperous, everyone had their own goals and dreams to look forward to, and whatever was wanted was usually gotten, that or worked hard for.. This applied to everyone in town.. well not everyone.. there were exceptions..


The school bell sang loud and proud- it's irritating chimes ringing up and down the halls of Konoha Academy. This allowed the students of the school to run rampant, hurrying to their lockers in order to get ready for afterschool projects, or actually rejoice that school was over.

Sasuke Uchiha was neither excited or in a hurry.. He was bored if you wanted to be frank. After Ace'ing another test, he was left to head to his locker and drop off his books and other gear he used for school- there was no need to take it home, seeing as usually the boy would finish all of his homework before school ended- which depressed the boy actually..

If there was no homework to do at home, then what was there for a kid his age? Cook dinner for his roommate/brother and wait for him to come home? Watch Tv? Hit up the social network online? Play video games?

Actually..there was a new game out today..

Sasuke stopped his thoughts as he leaned his forehead onto his locker for a moment before opening it and digging into his bookbag next. The act of transferring tools and books was starting to begin..

First.. the Biology book..

Second.. the Calculator


"Hey Sasuke.."

The Uchiha glanced to his right noticing his lazy classmate, Shikamaru Nara, make his way over to the boy's locker looking asleep as he always did when he called anyones name. Though it took the boy a minute to actually reach Sasuke, when he did, he didn't bother to get into detail as to why he called him.. instead he rubbed or scratched the back of his head, disorganizing the loose strands of his hair until he was satisfied. When done, the boy actually opened his eyes, grunting as if fulfilling that action was tiring alone.

"Hey, did you take notes in Miss Anko's class? I kinda fell asleep."

"When don't you fall asleep?" The Uchiha questioned rhetorically as he went back to packing away his things.

Shika groaned before grabbing a thin black band around his left wrist before tying his hair back- sighing, yawning and grunting all the while..

"C'mon Uchiha.."

"-Yeah I took some notes.. why? You wanna copy them?"

"-Yaaaawwnn-... Yeah ..Don't make me beg.." He muttered dryly.

Sasuke dulled his eyes. Though he knew Shikamaru was never up for it, he would've actually liked the guy to overreact sometimes.. that or at least show some emotion.. Something that wouldn't make the Uchiha wanna nap himself.

"Fine.. Take them." Sasuke mumbled handing over a black notebook. "I expect to have them back tomorrow morning though."

"Why? Whatever we're gonna do in class tomorrow you're gonna pass.. You don't even need this damn thing as far as I'm concerned."

"The same goes for you.. You may have everyone else think you're sleeping in class, but I know you feign sleep and listen to the lectures.. What? Are you trying to be cool or something?"

"I'll have you know I actually have a disorder that makes my body very weak and groggy, Uchiha.. Rather than nag me, It's about time you showed a little compassion for my disorder."

"What's it called? 'Lazy as fuck'?"

Shikamaru actually allowed one breathless laugh to escape his lips before smirking. "It's actually called 'Go to Hell'.. but thanks for asking.. I'm really feeling the love."

Sasuke laughed to himself before going back to stacking away his things, however a sense made him pull his hand away and simply watch the door to his locker close with another hand sealing it shut. He blinked before looking to his left seeing Kiba.. probably one of the loudest guys in school, and unfortunately.. someone he associated with.

"Sup Uchiha! How's your day?" The brunette sang leaning on the boys locker.

"...What do you want Kiba.."

"Come on buddy, is that anyway to talk to your friend? I just wanna see how you're doin?"

The way he spoke, or rather sang, was so sarcastic.. He held a tone in his voice that practically said: I know something and you don't, or I'm going to suffocate you in your sleep... Well maybe that was was a little over the top, but still, he was being borderline creepy..

Sasuke wasn't sure if the boy was about to throw out a joke, fill him in on some school gossip or simply just keep the creepy act up, either way, he ignored him- 'brofully' shoving him away so he could regain access to his locker. This made the brunette hiss-

"Hey! Dude! Not cool!"

"Unless you have something interesting to say Kiba, I suggest you cut the small talk.. I'm kinda not in the mood for games today.."

"Psh.. What's up with'im?" The boy asked looking to Shikamaru.

The boy shrugged, giving Kiba neither a glance or his full attention as he looked over Uchiha's notebook. This made the brunette scoff as he leaned on another locker and folded his arms. "-You gonna say something? Or you want me to just drop it?"

"I'd prefer you dropped it."

Kiba shrugged, not really caring either way. Instead he figured he'd just make clear the whole reason for his being in the other's presence.

"Ey.. You mind if you spot me a 20 today? I'll pay you back.."

"Oh so that's why you were acting so odd. You were attempting to kiss my ass." Uchiha spoke putting away a few pens and other notebooks.

Kiba scoffed. "C'mon! You gonna let me borrow some money or not?"


The brunette grinned before taping his entire back against the lockers now. "I've got a date.. With a Miss Hinata Hyuuga later tonight and I plan on making the night special."

Shika actually graced the boy with a glance now. "What the hell are you gonna get with 20 dollars nowadays? Bubble gum and a movie?"

"I have money of my own asshole, I just need 20 more bucks! ...So you gonna let me borrow it or not Uchiha?"

Sasuke shut his locker before gracing his shoulder upon it. With that he gave Kiba and very curious gaze. "Since when were you dating Hinata? I thought you were talking to that Temari girl.."

"That ball-busting upperclassman? Hell no!"

"So.. when did Hinata ever come into the picture?"

"What're you talking about? I told you guys last year that I liked her.."

"You also said that she was a bug-eyed freak with major stalking issues." Shikamaru spoke shutting his notebook.

"W-What! Th-That was when I was like- in kindergarten! That doesn't count!" The Inuzuka boy flinched.

"Hey, isn't her cousin that Neji Hyuuga guy?" Sasuke asked looking to Shikamaru for confirmation.

"Oh that pompous motherfucker-" The lazy boy groaned.

"-Good luck with that." Sasuke muttered to Kiba dully.

"Dammit Sasuke! Are you gonna give me money or not!"


The 3 boys turned down the hall only to glance at the most celebrated girls on campus, Sakura Haruno, Ino Yamanaka, and Karin Uzumaki. Smart, beautiful and very popular, these girls were widely known by everyone of every grade at the academy, whether it be for their looks, their smarts or outgoing personalities..

The girls giggled as they approached, huddling together when they found themselves a few meters from the Uchiha, leaving their leader- the pink haired miss, to form a sentence.

"Hi Sasuke- Sorry to bother you, but we were just wondering if you could actually help us with something.."

"Hn?" Was all the boy said as Shikamaru and Kiba rose alternate brows at the women.

Sakura giggled for a second before coyly covering her face with a limp palm. "Well.. Its Principal Sarutobi's birthday in a few days and we were wondering if you would help our group throw him a surprise party with the staff.. You're friends are free to join if they want."

Shikamaru and Kiba gave Sasuke a glance- watching the boy shut his eyes then give him their answer.

"Sorry.. But I've got other things to do."

The girls frowned, however still left Sakura to speak. "O-Oh, Sorry to hear that. Well.. if your schedule clears up, please consider joining us."

He nodded and with that the girls were off, possibly to head home. As the girls gained their distance away, Shikamaru groaned before slapping the back of the Uchiha's head making him flinch.

"Ow- The hell!"

"What is wrong with you Sasuke?"


It was Kiba's turn to smack the boy's head now. "Those three were basically throwing themselves at you- asking you for some private time with all 3 of them, and you pretty much bitch smacked the hell out of any possible 4-ways in the future."

Sasuke narrowed his eyes. "What are you talking about?"

"After all this time you really haven't noticed that those 3 like you, Uchiha?"


"UGGGH!" Was all Kiba and Shikamaru could say as they smacked the skin of their foreheads with such force. The kid of the Nara family could only shake his head while Kiba folded his arms and looked to the ceiling as he ranted and raved- "Dammit, you know, this is completely unfair! It's not everyday that a man is born in this day and age with some damn good looks and uses his way to get what he wants around here, but you Uchiha, you're something else!" Kiba complained before pointing to the boy childishly. "You got ladies here practically throwing their panties at you, and you act as if it's nothing! Are you blind?"

"Tch! What do I care if a couple girls here like me? It's not a big-"

"IT IS A BIG DEAL!" Kiba snapped. "You don't have just a couple of girls falling head over heels for you Sasuke, you got any girl with a training bra bending backwards for you!"

"Its true." Shikamaru let out. "Do you wonder why you never fail in any of your classes? It's because you're good looking and when you become all big and famous the teachers want you to remember them so you can give them money."

"Really- It's not because I work hard and study?" Sasuke questioned dulling his stare.

Shikamaru shook his head. "Only normal people work hard and study Sasuke.. I bet if you skipped school for a whole year, your grades would still be straight-arches."

Sasuke laughed, this conversation was actually getting to be a bit too much.. He never knew this was how his friends really felt till now..

"All I'm saying, Uchiha, is you need to take full advantage of your features. It can get you far! You ever heard of that Hatake guy? He's a billionaire because he's friggen beautiful and smart!" Kiba admitted.

"Hatake..?" Sasuke repeated, finding that name somewhat familiar.

"You seriously don't know that super genius billionaire, Kakashi Hatake?" Shikamaru questioned actually shocked. "He's the guy who's the reason for making those personal sexbot things.."

Sasuke widened his eyes. "What?"

"You really don't know anything do you? You have heard of them Utsukushi erobodies or somethin?" The Nara boy questioned folding his arms. "It's those personal people things that look like people.. but are like.. robotic or somethin.. My dad has a friend who has like 4 of them."

Uchiha just rose a disinterested brow leaving Kiba and Shikamaru to sigh again.

"Forget it.." Nara let out.

"You're a lost cause man." Kiba finished.

Sasuke scoffed-readying words, however his bookbag buzzed, making him dig into his pack to reach for a silver flip-phone with a red and white symbol just on the base. Rather than check the caller-I.D- he immediately answered.




'Hey- I'm going to be working late today.. so don't expect me home anytime soon- get yourself something to eat too, alright?'

Sasuke's face became rather stoic as he nodded, letting out an 'Mhm' to assure his brother he understood. "You coming back and midnight again?"

'I think maybe even later than that.. Congratulations, you have the house all to yourself.' The brother spoke attempting to laugh.

Sasuke couldn't join, as the sound of typing keyboards and ringing phones in the background kind of distracted him, but he still focused..

'Oh I almost forgot- Obito said that he sent something for you today..'

"Obito? ..What is it?"

'I'm not sure.. He didn't really get into detail. Anyway I've got to go.. No parties alright?'

"Alright.. Later then."

A click was all he got back, before he shut his cell and tucked it away. Kiba opened his mouth ready to question, but a 20 dollar bill reached him making Inuzuka grin and become distracted. With that Uchiha held a hand up in the means of a wave and walked off, uttering the same thing he shared with his brother before they ended their talk.

It was later- like way passed the campus later- that Sasuke quickly headed home, passing all the local establishments of housing only to walk deeper into the city, mainly the core of downtown, to make it to bed.

Honestly... that's all he wanted to do. His day had been so overwhelming that he just felt that a mental recharge was in store. Though he knew his day hadn't been hard.. he just felt.. well.. drained..

It was another day that he had gone to school, sat in class, did what he was supposed to, and got another phone call from his brother, Itachi, telling him that he wouldn't be home again. If Sasuke could put it bluntly and speak from the heart, he'd say that he'd honestly had been put into some sort of dream or illusion that had him spiraling down the same path each and everyday. Nothing was different.. everything was the same..

He would've thought that after moving out of his parents house and getting away from his stressful father, that he'd actually live an exciting life with Itachi. I mean come on! Two brothers living on their own in a pretty popular city away from their mom and dad?- This should've been the time of Sasuke's life! But alas.. School was always boring, Itachi was always out, and Sasuke was left alone..

The boy lowered his eyes as he dragged his feet the rest of his travels until he made it to Izanagi Suites, only there did he dig into his burgundy blazer and pull out a gold card that he flashed at the doormen in front. When they nodded, he made his way in and proceeded onto an elevator which took him up to the 14th floor.

When a ring chimed and the doors opened, he walked down a long hall of paintings and flowers of birds of paradise, however stopped seeing a large box before the only door on the floor. It looked to be cardboard from afar but judging from up close it was clearly metal. The large box was tan, and maybe the size of a personal coffee table if it were to be compared.. It made Sasuke wonder just who carried it all the way up.. it looked heavy.

He scrunched his face for a moment before grabbing that same gold card from before and shoving into an electric slot near the door to his house. When he opened it, he kept the door still- using his left foot to keep it open as he bent down to drag in the heavy box. It took some time and strength, but eventually the boy got the present in, awarding himself with a rub across his forehead afterward. Well maybe it wasnt' awarding, but the box was kinda heavy and the boy just happened to work up a sweat.

He sat, removing his bookbag over his shoulder and tossing it on the couch, then loosening his uniform tie around his collared shirt before raising a brow and looking at the box with a confused glance. There was no tape around any of the lines or corners, which confused the boy seeing as the steel trap was shut tight..

Sasuke groaned as he reached his hands back onto the floor behind him. "Of course.. Obito gave me a giant puzzle.. Does he really think I'm going to waste my time with this?" he questioned aloud.

Silence was his only answer, and this made Sasuke depressed.

What else was he gonna do today?

He sighed tracing his hands all over the contraption. "...Okay Obito.. this is some kind of game is it? Well.. I'm game.. I just have to find the opening right?"

His hands brushed around every corner of the cold metal, hoping to find nearly invisible tape, or a button- but to no avail. It was like Obito honestly sent him a hunk of iron.

A vein pulsed on Sasuke's forehead before he began to look around once again, but after wasting 10 minutes of his time, he grew irritated. Grumbling all sorts of slurs as he began to feel around the box some more, but given 30 more seconds, he became pissed.

"C'mon dammit!" he hissed as he struck the box in the center.

After keeping his hand there, he pulled his arm away from the box and shook his now damaged fist. That was some real hard metal! Sasuke grunted to himself, ignoring the pain, however his body jolted as black writing began to design itself on the center of the box, making Sasuke instantly slide away with wide eyes.

'The hell kind of puzzle did Obito give him!-?

In old style yet almost cursive text, the letters U. K. E, traced over the box before glowing red, and altering into a weird symbol of circles and squiggles.

After that, the symbol faded, then a line just in the center of the box appeared, and in seconds lifted, releasing red mist. Uchiha's heart pounded hard for a moment- He was growing more confused by the acts of Obito's puzzle, and it was only getting worse as he watched a figure rise from the box.

He slid again!- a good few inches away from whatever the hell it was! Was this some kind of joke! Obito sent some sort of zombie for him as a surprise!-?

"What kind of sick-"

Sasuke could barely form a sentence as he noticed.. tails.. and.. ears.. in the mist.. This made him flinch but actually get a good look at the whole being as the fog had finally cleared.

"What the-"

A human.. no an animal? A mix? Whatever it was, it sat, silent and yet shaking slightly with a face that was rather emotionless. Eyelids owned by this being, half-hid blue irises that gave off the impression that the figure was sleepy, however, actively twitching ears and wavering blonde tails made Sasuke think otherwise.

In any case.. so far.. from what was seen.. it was a male or female.. The Uchiha wasn't sure, its looks were somewhat feminine however the hair it had was cut and hacked into a boyish style for sure.. Either way the large ears on its head gave the boy a good mind to assume it was some sort of monster dog.. cat thing..

There was a pure white robe it wore, bearing the same red makings, swirls, lines, and squiggles that was on the iron box the figure came in... and.. it had 9 tails apparently..

The Uchiha only blinked, watching 3 golden tails flow and trace over the figures frame, while 6 more simply waved in the back or did likewise. It was almost as if they were wrapping around the figure- in any case it made Sasuke think of ribbons. He was snapped out of his thought however as the the figure lifted it's head slightly, gazing at him with eyes that seemed like it lacked a soul.


"...!-!-! Name?" Sasuke repeated.

"Name please."

The voice was raspy and almost deep- Okay, so this figure was a dude. Either way Sasuke played along.. simply because he was curious.. He didn't know what was going on here at all..

"S...Sasuke Uchiha..?"

The figure still stared, but in a flash sat up straight, allowing the blue eyes that seemed so stagnate, to now shine with life. The figure smirked, leaving Sasuke to take a look at what the hell was before him. That thing.. something wasn't right about it!

"H-Hey! What're-"

The blonde dashed from the floor, flashing from his spot over to Sasuke in a seconds blink- Smiling before cradling the face he saw, crashing his lips on his.

In actuality, this all happened in a pounce, taking Sasuke by surprise and leaving him to struggle under the other male- though the more he struggled the more he found it hard to breathe. This dude was almost sucking the air out of him, violating his mouth and-wait! Was that a tongue!-?

Sasuke screamed under the kiss, making the blonde pull away and leave him to continue his screaming and slide away until he found enough time to rise.

Falling all over himself and eventually on his ass, the Uchiha trembled. "Wh-What the hell are you!-?" Sasuke asked, his voice almost shrill.

Fuzzy ears twitched, and fluffy tails wagged before the blue eyed boy smirked. "I'm your U.K.E." he answered.

After the bewildering answer, the figure put his hands on his hips almost heroically before smirking. Sasuke shook as he rubbed his mouth with his left sleeve.. still staring as he thought of those letters that he recalled on the box this guy was in.. though the boy could hardly find himself to think any longer as the figure called his name.

"Oi Sasuke.. Tell me what to do."

"!-!-! Wha-"

"You heard me." The figure spoke almost arrogantly. "What do you want me to do to you?..."

Sasuke actually cringed, making the blonde lick his lips in response.

'Obito!'Just what the hell did you give me?-!'