Love me U.K.E

(Better or Worse?)


Already riding into the dust district and pulling up to the curb just across the street from the area of which Neji knew his schoolmate happened to work, the Hyuuga simply glared at the establishment, thinking back to his friends words on how Deidara happened to go to the shop every so often. Such a memory left a feeling of heat in his core and dark thoughts to be plotted, though after only a second the Hyuuga calmed.

He couldn't do anything to Deidara considering he didn't really know him, plus any thought he managed to conjure up concerning the man resulted in the Hyuuga's own misfortune, so that was something Neji had to think carefully about.. but.. perhaps he could plant something on this Deidara and get someone in his family to send the guy to jail? -pft, no way. No one in his family were cops, plus just like him in a sense, Deidara held no ties to anyone in his family. That ploy would've just been too much..

Groaning the brunette pinched the bridge of his nose as he thought on what ways he could exactly get back at this Deidara guy, but the more he thought, the more he came with no conclusion at all- and in time, this brought Utakata who was watching to grunt and groan.

"Hey- are we going to go inside or what?" he questioned abruptly, earning Neji's glance. "Is that the place we have to go to, or do you have to take a piss break or something?"

"Shut up. I'm thinking.."

"Thinking? About what?"

"It's nothing you have to concern yourself with.." Neji dismissed glancing elsewhere.

Utakata lowered his eyes and looked to the building he assumed both he and the Hyuuga had to step in, in order to capture or spot this Deidara guy. Getting these pieces to the puzzle together in his head the Saiken whistled and leaned back in his seat, casually folding his arms and glancing at the burdened boy beside him.

"..You nervous?"

"-Right.." He let out sarcastically.

"Well then what's the hold up?.. Are you.. afraid of the consequences that might come out of this if you go on?"

Neji blinked once before shifting his irritated stare a bit, feeling confused. "What consequences?"


"What I plan on doing here will be for good.."

"Oh man.." The Saiken sighed, facepalming as he turned away. "You're such an idiot.. but I don't blame you.. Most of you human's often turn out this way.."

"Just what the hell are you talking about? What I am doing is good-"

"Yeah, if you want to be blunt, brash and basic about it." the rival brunette spoke, lowering his eyes in an irritated manner. "But tell me genius.. this whole time you were plotting on how to catch and get back at this Deidara guy did you ever once think of Gaara's feelings when it came toward the matter?"

" ! "

"..Even though this Deidara guy was obviously Gaara's past owner, you have to consider his feelings of the guy in this entire situation. Yes, Deidara treated Gaara like shit, but who's to say that Gaara wants revenge for that? The kid barely talks about the guy, if anything he focuses on you more than I would think he even tries to focus on Deidara-" The Saiken uttered before rolling his eyes and glancing elsewhere. "Over the course of time when Gaara was in Deidara's care he has become damaged, but overall, I don't believe he's hurt over what that guy has done.."

Neji glared, but sighed the next second as he was starting to get why Utakata was sharing these words with him in the first place.

"..You think this is a bad idea..?"

"..Not entirely.." the Saiken admitted with a shrug as he glanced out of his own window. "I of all people understand the most why'd you want to do so much to meet this Deidara guy, but at the same time I understand Gaara well enough to know that he would firmly object to this."

". . ."

"No matter what, u.k.e's aren't able to move on from their first owners. They could have someone else in their lives to completely better their futures, but that never means that they're going to forget their past.. when time and space is given, there's always an opportunity to look back on memories when you're a doll burdened by faith and loyal-based coding." he uttered despairingly, glancing at the Hyuuga from the corner of his eyes the next second. "..I wouldn't doubt that Gaara isn't thinking about Deidara right now- but understand that such an action isnt' a bad thing.. Even though he hasn't forgotten about Deidara, I do believe that when he looks back on how bad he was treated and how good he's got it now, he has no regrets on being with you.. Neji.."

" ! "

"It's as I said before.. Gaara's damaged, but he's not hurt. I guess it would be safe to say that you had some part in that, though I wouldn't give you all the credit.. Naruto deserves his kudo's as well." Utakata uttered, feeling sick to his stomach that he was giving so much praise. "-Regardless.. with all of that said, do you still want to go through with this?"

"How could you even ask me that when the answer is obviously clear!" The Hyuuga questioned, frustrated that he was feeling his conscious shift. "-tch.. I wanted to do this to protect Gaara, but it seems that doing this without including him or talking to him about it is nothing short of a bad idea.."


"...Great.." the Hyuuga sighed, facepalming.

"We can always try this job again, after talking to Gaara about it."

"Yeah right." Neji uttered with a glare, actually making the Saiken flinch.

"Wait a minute, I thought we were on the same page that this was a bad idea-"

"It is. But considering we've already spoke about the requirements of staying in my house, you still need a job."

"WHAT! So even after all of this, you're still going to make me work!"

"That was the agreement wasn't it?"

"Rrgh! You're such a bastard! The one time- ONE TIME I'm nice, you totally blow it off and treat me like I'm still just an asshole!"

"Just because you're kind to someone once, doesn't mean all of your past actions can be erased, Utakata.." Neji explained with an exasperated expression. "I thank you for your advice and all, but you still need to find a job and it turns out my friend Kurotsuchi is still possibly hiring. Get inside, be on your best behavior, get the job and let's get going.."

The Saiken twitched again, feeling rage spiral in his core, but rather than say anything or even attempt to literally bite the Hyuuga's head off, he removed his seatbelt in the most childish way ever before exiting the car and heading across the road to the store.
Neji watched for a few seconds, but was sure to look away and pull out his cellphone to text and make plans..
Though it was a bit disheartening to be strayed away from what he originally wanted to do with this unknown and unseen Deidara guy, he was somewhat alright with the fact of not seeing him as soon as he wanted- he could only thank Utakata for that..

Still there was the apparent issue that he had to discuss this matter with Gaara, and he wasn't sure how well that was going to go seeing as the smallest things relating to Deidara would trigger the boy to have episodes of sorts..

Neji groaned a bit before shutting his eyes to think.
..There was always the choice of going on with this plan and not telling Gaara.. or just completely dropping the plan in total..

Opening his eyes an inch, then eventually glaring outside of his window- the Hyuuga grunted to the few choices he had in dealing with this situation before eventually sighing and coming up with the most decent choice.



Being driven across town toward home by no other than the number 1 pet of his grandfather, Fu, Sai could do nothing but eye the man and take a decent look at the color of hair the man seemed to sport- the reasons why being secret.
Regardless, Sai kept examining the ginger's hair and admiring the bright color of it.. It was short, snipped well, and had quite a shine to it.. This obviously meant that Fu managed to take care of his hair, which was a strange fact for Sai to conclude..
He would've never seen Fu as the type of guy who favored grooming himself and taking care of his looks, but now that the boy was getting a good look at him, he could slowly see it.

Though Fu was always quiet, strict and completely impersonal, he kept himself up well. He always dressed in nice clothing, granted all of the clothes Sai had ever seen him in were dark sweaters or suits.. Other than that, he always looked nice- there never seemed to be a hair out of place when it came to him- it was as if he took the upkeep of his appearance just as seriously as his job, which was interesting to say the least.

Smiling at that fact, Sai couldn't help but chuckle to himself before glancing out of his window and letting out a mellow breath.

"My.. it's quite quiet without Torune around.."

Fu only glanced in the rearview mirror for a split second before glancing back at the road- allowing Sai to notice another interesting feature about the man and prompt the Shimura boy to chuckle again as he went to stare out of his window once more.

"Fu.. would you find it silly of me to point out that I never noticed the color of your eyes till now?"

The car slowed down to stop at a red light, prompting Fu to glance at the boy in the rearview mirror once more and let out a tired breath.

"...I don't find that strange at all, Mr Shimura."

"-I also just noticed the color of your hair as well.. It's so bright."

". . ."

"I'm jealous.. Which of your parents passed that onto you?"

"Such details are unimportant Mr Shimura.."

"Right.. Well still, I figured you'd like to hear that rather than an order or demand for once." the boy spoke with a smile. "Such things must be a burden.. It's nice to hear praise once in awhile, wouldn't you agree?"

"..Of course Mr Shimura. Thank you." The man answered, driving once the light turned green.

"Oh which reminds me, thank you for taking the time out of your day to take me home. I know I requested for you and Torune to refrain in showing up at the school, but after heading home on my own a few times I can see that you guys are needed." Sai uttered, smiling weakly. "I wanted to push myself away from you all, but I suppose I still need you guys."

". . ."

"...Fu.. I know idle conversation is something you're hardly graced with, but considering that's what I want for the moment, I'd appreciate it if you indulged yourself within it."

"Of course Mr Shimura." He responded. "-Your pushing away has caused some trouble with Sir Danzo and because of that Torune and I don't have this privilege to drive you around anymore-"

"Oh?" the boy chimed in. "Don't tell me things between my grandfather and Orochimaru have fizzled."

"..quite the opposite sir."

"..Is it Kakashi?"

"It's a multitude of things, but I wont deny that Kakashi and you are apart of it.."

"Me? Now what in the world could I have done?"

"..Do you want me to answer that honestly, sir?"

"Of course. Hold nothing back from me Fu."

"...You are to be next in line in taking over Root. Sir Danzo is strong but no matter what the case is, he's getting old as time passes, and while you should be at his side assisting him or at least give him your full means of cooperation, instead you're running around doing your own affairs and at such an inappropriate time too." the man said in a grunt, narrowing his brows slightly. "-While I understand that what you're doing is something men your age would be interested in, you must get a firm hold of your priorities, Mr Shimura. What Sir Danzo has started must be finished, and I'm sure he'd appreciate it if you gave him a hand in his matter."

Sai blinked once, his smile gone and face now replaced with an apparent apathetic look of expression. "..I know my grandfather will die because of his old age, and I understand that when that time comes I will be given Root and forced to carry out his will.. but.."

". . ."

"-that bothers me Fu." Sai admitted. "I know I'm supposed to do what my Grandfather expects of me, but I want to do things for myself. I want to do what he's done and possibly build something I cherish- just as he had done with Root."

"Root was built by Sir Danzo's grandfather and eventually passed down to him as time passed. While I do acknowledge your apprehensiveness when it comes to this- you must realize that Sir Danzo had gone through the same thing and he understands the most what you're going through."

"I dont' believe that.. My grandfather and I.. though I realize now that we have gone through the same situations, I dont' believe our state of mind is the same. My grandfather must have wanted Root.. Deep down.. I feel I want nothing to do with it."

"You shouldn't say that Mr Shimura."

"But it's the truth.." The boy admitted with a smile. "I want to do the things that interest me and I feel Root isn't that.. Haven't you ever felt that way when you were my age Fu?"

". . ."

"Was something ever given to you that you just didn't want? Don't you ever wonder what it would've been like had you not taken up the one thing that was forced upon you?"

". . ."


"..My family- the ones that have always stood by the Shimura's have always dedicated their lives to them. It is my obligation to uphold what was passed onto me."

"You've never felt any different?"

"Since the beginning I was prepped to uphold what was to be given to me."


"The answer is no, Mr Shimura."

"..Fu.. do you believe that had you not been forced to help my grandfather and the Shimura family in general you'd be better off? Happier?"


"I would think that my grandfather and his father and his father's father and so on- if they had not been demanding your family around, your family would be doing what they want- pursuing their own interests.. You for example, do you have someone you're interested in?"


"Is that because you personally don't feel you've found the right person, or because my family has never given you the time to pursue that interest?"

"..Neither. I work for Root because that is my duty. Finding someone compatible with me isn't something I've bothered myself with because that isn't my focus. My job is to serve you Mr Shimura. Nothing further."


"Yes sir?"

"If it's not too much trouble.. please let this pact between our families end with you."

" ! "

"Don't have any children. I would hate to see them become nothing more than slaves for my family.."


". . ."

With nothing else needing to be said, Fu pretty much pulled over into an empty space just across from Sai's complex, leaving the boy to step out of his car and bring the man to shut off the car and hurry out as well, however, as Sai turned to face the man he held a hand out to him in a means to stop him.

"There's no need for you to walk me up, Fu. I'm not a child."

"I understand sir, but this is protocol, I am to at least escort you to the door."

"Heh, as if anything deadly could happen to me within the seconds it takes to walk across the street.." The Shimura boy laughed before shaking his head. "But I suppose if something like that did happen then this family pact would really end.. wouldn't it?"

" ! , its my duty to give my life for you."

Sai blinked but was sure to put on his fox face and snicker, leaving Fu to narrow his eyes a bit.
In this time the mans cellphone rang, bringing him to quickly pull the device from the pocket of his suit and bring it to his ear to answer. As this happened, Sai snickered some more while slowly bringing himself to approach the conversating Fu..

"-Right.. I'm still with the heir, but I'll be there as soon as possible-"

Sai's smile got wider as he watched the man then focus his vision on the only thing that interested him at the moment..

"I told you how much I like your hair, right Fu?"

"! , -N-No that was just the heir speaking." The man said in a flinch, glancing away from Sai and still trying to talk. "Whatever the case I'll be there shortly, no later than 30 minutes. Please inform Sir Danz-AH!"

Slamming his free hand at the back of his head, Fu hissed before turning to glare at Sai who waved his hands a bit and snickered.

"Sorry.. I thought I saw a gray hair. My mistake."

The man scowled however directed all of his attention to his phone the next second, grunting and groaning in response to what was said to him over the device before shaking his head.

"No- I'm alright- Just an accident." he cleared up before breathing hard. "Right. I'll be there shortly."

After his statement, Fu ended his call before looking to Sai who smiled and shrugged to him.

"This is where we part ways?"

"..I'm afraid so, sir."

"..Fu.. how long has it been since you've worked for Root? -Since you watched over me?"

"Around 15 years, sir."

"..Don't you think you deserve a break, or at least time to yourself?"

Rather than answer, Fu stared at the Shimura boy with a stern stone face, leaving Sai to shake his head a few times and wave off his prior statements.

"My apologies.. I keep forgetting that you live only for this job. My talking will never divert you of what you see or feel about this.."

"I apologize for being unable to relate to you, Mr Shimura."

"Hm? What do you mean? It turns out we do seem to have something in common."

" ? "

"What we share Fu, is resilience. You won't change your mind when it comes to my relentless suggestions on no longer working for my family, and I simply refuse to go back into doing what my grandfather wants me to.. heh.. how interesting." the boy admitted before turning slightly. "Take care. Please look after my grandfather."

"...Of course." the man uttered lowering his head a bit.

With that, Sai actioned a wave and crossed the street, making it into the complex of his home in no less than 30 seconds. The moment he stepped through the glass doors, the boy brought himself to glance over his right shoulder and spot Fu turning to open the door to his car and make it inside.
Though it was nothing but a simple sight, Sai couldn't help but curl his lips in a smirk and watch the scene of Fu making his leave play out until the man was gone and out of sight. With that, the boy turned and headed to the elevator, typing his new code and eventually riding the metal box to his floor, making it to his room and unlocking it before stepping in and smiling at the guest he expected.

"-You're here on time." he greeted before shutting the door behind him.

Resting comfortably on the couch as he read a boring book he happened to find around the house, Kakashi lifted his sights from the reading material then painted on a phoney smile as he tossed the book on the table and folded his arms.

"I'm only here on time because you gave me such good news." he responded, smiling wider.

"Are you saying that had it been anything other than good news, you wouldn't be here?" Sai questioned with a chuckle as he readied to march toward the kitchen. "-Tea?"

"No to the drink, and yes to your question, if you want me to be blunt." he responded waving a lazy hand to him. "Who do you know gets excited over trivial news?"

"Point taken." The Shimura spoke sitting on the opposing couch. "Regardless, I'm sure if I screwed up a few moves earlier I wouldn't be here with good news and then your trip here would be wasted-"

"Not to be rude, but I just cut short a rather important last minute date I set up because you gave me the impression that you had something good to tell me." Kakashi cut off as he knit his brows a bit. "Do you have something good or bad to share or not Sai?"

"Haha, relax, it's good news." the boy assured as he removed his book bag and dug through it.

After about a minute the boy withdrew folded lined paper and slid it onto the decorative table in between them, only to in the end watch Kakashi raise a brow and reach for it.

"What is it?" he finally asked, carefully opening the sheet of paper- flinching only slightly when he saw a thin fiber of hair fall from it into his lap.

Squinting, Hatake took a look at his lap before glancing at the smiling Sai before looking back to his legs and lifting the hair that previously fell.
After holding it for a moment, the man examined and noticed the fiber had been ripped from the root, bringing Kakashi to curl his brows then lower his eyes a bit.

"You called me here for a hair?"

"It's not just hair." Sai uttered, chuckling. "That's part of the dna you're going to use to make a new doll."

" ! , really now?"

"Of course." the boy said with a nod. "When you were here last time we shared many conversations and one of them just so happened to be the issue of your ploy against my grandfather. You're going to make a new doll to vex him right?- To make him regret pulling out of your company?"

"Right.. but mostly because he betrayed me."

"Of course. I figured the dna of that hair might fit well into the matter of making the new doll, so I went through the trouble of grabbing that for you. It's a good base if I say so myself.. The owner of said hair seems to have a good hold over Naruto not to mention he's a fairly attractive guy so you might be able to mold something decent out of it."

Kakashi flinched. "..This isn't from that loud boy is it? The one who always hangs around Sasuke and has the protruding canines?"

"Of course not."

"Oh thank God." Hatake sighed thankful as he pat his chest with his free hand.

"The man its from is someone who you haven't met before. He's Naruto's teacher."

"Oh?" Kakashi uttered before sporting an unimpressed look. "..Y'know, back when Kabuto worked with me, it took him time to extract perfect cells from the dna in order to create a perfect doll. Why do you think the hair of a teacher is going to make a decent doll in the first place, kid?"

"Hm.. well.. granted that the owner of that hair's only job is to teach Naruto, he seems to be very concerned over the boy and takes a bit of a fatherly role when it comes to him. I figured these would be good qualities to pass down into your next doll."

"Good qualities indeed.. however, I'm not sure you're aware, but my staff isn't exactly good with traiting good personalities into the advanced units..." Kakashi sighed thinking of all his Jinchuuriki units.

The Saiken unit had too much of an aggressive personality and traits to handle-

The Shukaku unit was too detached to even determine if it had a personality-

The Gyuki unit in blatant terms was extremely annoying and overbearing-

The Matatabi unit was too distant and unresponsive to even consider perfect-

and The Kyuubi.. though his personality was perfect.. he was a bit of a sarcastic sailor that one..

Kakashi lowered his eyes, sighing in slight dissatisfaction, however shook his head and decided to look at a bit of the positives. Though the personalities of most of his units weren't what he expected, he figured they only turned out that way because of Kabuto's doing.. perhaps with Shizune running the reigns of the lab things might turn out better than before?
Kakashi could only be hopeful.

"Haha, whether or not they're good at it, its the end result that really matters Hatake." Sai laughed before reaching into the left sleeve of his blazer and pulling out Fu's strand of hair. "-I'd like you to work with this hair also, that is, if that isn't too much trouble."

"You want me to make two dolls?"

"And double your workload? No no. If it's possible I would like you to fuse the dna of this hair with the one you already have."

"Fuse them?" Kakashi repeated before reaching and grabbing the hair from Sai.

"-Its dna from one of my grandfather's bodyguards. Though he's not as pretty as the other guy, he has traits that I think would fit to your favor-"

"Another thing you're unaware of when it comes to my company, is we've worked with fusing two hairs before.."

"Oh, and how'd that turn out?"

"We got the Gyuki." he answered dryly. "And although that unit has an interesting personality on him, he isn't exactly blessed with favorable looks."

"I've read on the research of the Gyuki project before. It was said that he was going to be the unit you were going to present to Root a long time ago, but the report on the unit stopped.. I was sure you trashed it."

"I.. might as well have."

"Regardless, in the research report, I read that you mixed to fuse 1 means of human dna with 2 different animal dna, added with the synthetic dna you use to make the unit, this had me thinking that was possibly why the Gyuki was a failure.."

"Hm.. perhaps."

"I think working with two matters of human dna and possibly pulling back on the animal dna will work in your favor. Which reminds me. What is the animal dna for anyway?"


"I often wondered why your company added that interesting factor in when making your dolls. I mean, I'm sure geniuses like yourselves have thought of something far beyond my reasonings and assumptions, but then again my thoughts really don't get me far-" the boy uttered with a laugh, bringing Kakashi to groan.

"And just how far do your assumptions take you Sai?" he half-heartedly asked, already figuring the kids answer.

"Heh.. well.. I thought that you might've been interested in having sex with animals to be honest."

". . . I figured.." the man responded, groaning and rolling his eyes.

"Care to tell me your actual reason?"

"Hmm.. I think it had something to do with Kabuto's reasonings.." Hatake uttered as he cupped his chin and looked to the roof. "Before starting our first Jinchuuriki project, I came to Kabuto with the concern of the models learning how to defend themselves. Of course the only reason why I was concerned over this matter is because there had been news of erobody thefts within the city, so I wondered what we could do to stop that."

"I see.. so it was all so the Jinchuuriki's could protect themselves."

"Yes. You see, long before I was used to creating erobodies, somewhere in the process I came up with the idea of making u.k.e's lightweight- all to avoid uncomfortable situations between the buyer and product and actions that would result in crushed pelvises and future lawsuits- In doing so this made u.k.e's rather easy to lift and steal.." he explained, folding his arms and shutting his eyes. "It's a pity really."

"...If theft were really the base issue, why didn't you make the u.k.e's heavier, that or provide a defense system within them to prevent that?"

"Hmph.. Well.."

" ? "

"-Look, as much as it breaks my heart to hear that someones u.k.e was stolen, I'm all ears and ready to replace them when said person comes to me with the right amount of money."

"Haha- Negative or positive, you see that you could make a profit out of it. I understand now.."

"Heh. Regardless, considering the Jinchuuriki units will cost an even prettier penny, I brought Kabuto to really think on my concerns, and his answer to all of it was instilling animal dna within the product."

"I still don't understand. Just how did that really relieve the problem of theft?"

"Kabuto explained to me in thorough detail that all animals have their own ways of defending and taking care of themselves, when it comes to us human's we're all not really equipped with that necessity. Granted we're smarter, we really don't have the basic instincts animals have to protect themselves. You understand?"

"A little.."

"Let me put it this way then. If I were to take you and throw you out in to the wilderness stark-naked with a wild bear or a single wolf, do you think you're going to survive?"

"Heh.. I see."

"Humans are able to protect themselves, dont' get me wrong, but animals are more in touch with their instincts than we are. This is was allows them to protect themselves and keep living. Now, with everything I just said, combine the logic of a human with the instincts of an animal and what do you get?"

"Haha, I get it now Kakashi."

"I'm glad you do."

"Very well then, don't take my advice, but really work hard on this one. I have a good feeling about it, Hatake."

"... Heh, well now, don't get your feelings hurt. Your input means a lot to me, so I'll work hard, I've got nothing to lose really, so I suppose that's all I can do at this point." the man promised, setting both hairs in the paper he previously held. "..But tell me Sai.. are you comfortable with this..?"


"With what I'm doing?" The man added. "What I'm doing could put an end to your grandfather. Would your conscience sit well with that?"

"My grandfather betrayed you, as he has many other businessmen. Perhaps it would be good that he got a good taste of karma.."

"Hmph.. you were a bit of a brat as a kid but I can see you're alright now.."

Sai chuckled. "I'm glad you think so."

"Right. Well I'll work with what you've given me. Your cooperation has been an absolute pleasure Mr Shimura, I look forward to giving you the end result to this fiasco." Kakashi spoke folding the paper and easing it into his pocket.

"I look forward to seeing it, and please, just call me Sai. I've had enough of the formalities from Root in general."

"Hah, right." Kakashi laughed as he rose from the couch and headed toward the door. "-I'll see you around Sai. Please take care of yourself, and don't screw around with Naruto. I believe you actually scare him at times.."

"No promises."

"Heh.. well whaddya know.. you're still a brat.."



As the day moved on and the hours passed, Itachi pulled up in front of the Suna Suites to drop off Deidara, purposely keeping his gaze averted the entire while as he just couldn't find it within himself to do anything further.
At the reststop.. actions the Uchiha didn't want pursue with Deidara had moved on to the point that the weasel couldn't bring himself to think properly..

He touched Deidara in various ways, he allowed himself to be passionate with him and expose feelings he wasn't even sure he held for the blonde- He did all this on work time when he was supposed to be focusing on taking down Akatsuki. He let his will slip and allowed temptation to take over..

Facepalming and hunching a bit over the steering wheel, Itachi brought himself to slowly shake his head. Though he regretted his actions, he couldn't help but be thankful that they didn't escalate to a point of no return..
Sure.. both he and Deidara's deeds resulted in what teenagers would consider to be 2nd base and such conduct led to partial removal of clothes and more touches and actions of affection.. but still, it's not like they had done anything more than that- hell, the only reason why their actions stopped in the first place was because the moment their doings were getting more intensified, the reststop began to get populated with truck drivers who actually needed to be there and they had to stop and leave..

But still.. did the Uchiha just lose all his morals when it came to being around Deidara all of a sudden? No one- absolutely no one has ever been able to make the man sway his judgement or goals- No one! So why now! Why only Deidara?
Gawd.. because of him.. Itachi fell so low.. he was seduced into doing things he would've figured he'd stay abstinent from and had almost done the unthinkable!- IN Sasori's car!

Again Itachi shook his head, feeling absolute shame, but as he lifted his head he heard the man beside him speak.

"..You're upset."

Instantly the weasel lifted his head and glanced the blondes way, seeing the mans baby blue's darken in disdain or regret as he stared for the most fleeting of seconds but ultimately bring himself to cut the eye contact and look elsewhere.

"..You're disgusted by what you did with me, hm?"

". . ."

"..I don't understand.. I thought- . . ."

Biting his tongue and keeping his words to himself, Deidara just shook his head for a moment before abruptly leaving the car. This brought Itachi to flinch and call out to the man as he went to follow him and eventually pull him away from the suites and back to Sasori's car, earning him a coarse stare in return.

"Deidara.. what we did.. I'm not upset about it-"


" ! ...but.. you must agree with me that what we did wasn't right. We went against what was ordered of us, all so we could indulge ourselves in whatever feelings we don't understand we have for each other-"

"There isn't anything we both don't understand. I told you I loved you, and you said that you feel the same way as me.. and what you did to me.. why isn't that enough for you to understand yourself, hm?"

"Such things are not to be our focus.. We were to focus on the mission at hand, which was to get to the bottom of the mess Sasori and Kakuzu have caused. We-"

"I still don't get you.." he cut off in a scoff as he folded his arms and turned away. "You seem to be so worried about Akatsuki and Leaders rules when its apparent part of the members are trying to kill you and no one really follows what Leader says anyway... Konan stays under sub-leaders ass and rests all day, Kakuzu and Sasori get to plot on killing you, Hidan gets to sleep with sluts all day when he's not working and everyone else gets to do what they want too, but you and me... what makes us so different? Why can't we do what we want either, hm?"

"It's just the principal of things.." Itachi came up with, sighing slightly.

Deidara blinked once before lowering his eyes. "..No it's not."


"You just don't feel the same for me as I do for you.. and that's fine. Just don't come around to check up on me or bother to talk to me from now on Uchiha. If you're so stuck on the rules Akatsuki has burdened us all with, then you'd do well to respect them.. hmph." the man huffed, cutting his spiteful glance from the Uchiha.

Itachi flinched to the request, but did so some more once he watched the blonde turn and march off.

"Deidara," he called, grabbing the mans right sleeve, trying to pull him back. "-don't be like this. What I said back there and what I did.. I don't regret any of it, but there are things we must do first before we could pursue.. this."

". . ."


"I can't do that.." he said, close to grunting. "I can't continue to be around you and not find myself distracted in the slightest.. If you really want to get this job done then you only have to call on me when you really need me.. I can't be around you for the trivial things Itachi."

"..And just what exactly do you consider trivial?"

Breaking his expression and no longer glaring, the blonde sported a surprised expression for an ample amount of seconds before shaking his head and frowning.
There was no answer- at least, not a definite one for the moment. All there was that Deidara could sum up was simply sadness and slight pain. Though he had assumed that what had happened between both he and Itachi was real and truly mutual, the Uchiha was showing doubts and that bothered the blonde. Everything from what he said to what he did was something he felt the weasel never did to anyone- He knew what he felt for Itachi and he thought the guy had gone and felt the same.. but..


Reading over the past wasn't helping anyone. So rather than think of that, the man simply shook his head and gave the Uchiha a broken glare before avoiding the mans stare altogether.

"..hmph.. I just.. don't want to be around you right now.. Is that too much to ask for?"

"We're in Akatsuki, and on top of that we're adults, Deidara.. I know you're upset. But what I've said prior is true. I've.. This just isn't something that I'm.. used to.."

Twitching to that sentence and sending the Uchiha a heated glare, Deidara was quick to scoff and call the man an idiot before twitching once more to the unsettling face the man sported- though, rather than gaze at such a rare expression the blonde looked elsewhere once more, pushing out a double-scoff for the hell of it.

"Dammit Itachi.."


"Just don't call me for the bullshit! If we're stuck together for a mission then that's fine, but I don't want to see you at my doorstep nor do I want you in my face when the group has to get together, and I sure as hell don't you to call or message me with your shit! You better keep your distance when we have to work and don't try to pull any of the shit you did earlier today, got it!"

Is that even possible?
Itachi wanted to say that, but instead he acknowledged that request. Though he would've favored to work with Deidara, he knew that thanks to their escalated actions, he had to depend more on Hidan now.
Coming to terms with that, the Uchiha released his hold on the blonde man, leaving him to stand for a moment but advance into his home and leave the Uchiha to internally try and understand the sudden sullen feeling that overcame him..
Despite the blondes issues and confusion topped with overall drama that only seemed to flourish between the both of them, Itachi really did care for Deidara. The only thing was, the weasel was a bit paranoid of what would become of them had he pursued an actual relationship with the guy while also trying to take down the very group they were stuck in.. Since the beginning of Akatsuki's interference with his own personal life, Itachi made it an obligation to make sure he would split the group and free everyone from the bands hold.. but since things with Deidara had become intense, he wasn't so sure he would be able to do that..
Itachi knew with Deidara around, he'd be distracted and the very thing he worked hard to destroy would end up killing him, which was unfortunate.
He wanted to care for Deidara, and he wanted to roll with whatever punches came with being with and around him, but he wanted to stop Akatsuki more..

The thing that the weasel was starting to realize however, was that if he didn't stop playing around with the man and Akatsuki soon, then his very relationship with Deidara would cease to exist, and he didn't want that.

Lowering his eyes and knowing what he had to do, the Uchiha headed back into the car before driving off and heading home..



The day had drawn on, and in that time Utakata and Neji had arrived back at their apartment complex, both of them content with what they had done for the day. Turns out, Kurotsuchi happened to like Utakata's attitude and decided to slide in some good words to the manager about the Saiken- with that combined with Utakata's good behavior it was assured that the boy would be able to start night shifts Monday.
This was good.. the only thing to tackle was getting this information and the reasons behind it to Gaara.

Neji sighed as he shut of his car and felt a little nervous. He didn't want this conversation to trigger anything in Gaara, but at the same time he wanted to discuss this matter with him so that they could both understand the benefits of this.. plus.. he didn't want to go behind the boys back over something that wasn't really his issue in the first place.

"Nervous?" Utakata questioned, earning a quick scoff from the Hyuuga.

"Far from it. I'm just thinking.."

"..I've begun to notice that you only think when you're nervous.."

Again Neji scoffed before unfastening his seatbelt and getting out of the car. This brought Utakata to smirk, copy then follow the boy toward home.

"-You think this conversation is going to have a turn for the worse?" he asked, walking beside the Hyuuga.

"..If it does, then I'll handle it."

"Oh, how so?"

". . ."

"Ha, you don't even know-" the Saiken laughed. "So what.. are you just going to wing it?"

Neji groaned, which translated to the Saiken as being a: Yes. and left the auburn haired unit to shake his head for a moment and ready some words of wisdom to the ignorant human beside him..

"Listen.. Neji.." he started, smirking the boys way the next moment. "You want a little word of advice on how to handle older units?" he questioned, watching the boy look to him and raise a brow. "You seduce them.."

Turning pink, groaning and glancing elsewhere was all Neji did in response to that answer, leaving Utakata to laugh.

"Haha, do topics like this embarrass you?" he asked, earning a grunt in return. "Y'know, sex, stimulation, actions of desire and pleasure.. all of that stuff is normal... there isn't anything you should feel embarrassed about."

"I'm not embarrassed. I didn't say anything."

"Yet, your lack of speaking tells me so much."


"Regardless, things will work out, Gaara's an understanding boy. But at the off-chance that it doesn't you can always resort to making him feel good."

"..Your plan sounds like nothing short of confronting an obvious problem with something distracting." the Hyuuga uttered, approaching the door to his home.

Utakata laughed, leaning beside the door frame. "Maybe it is.. Maybe it isn't.. But the issue here is you talking to Gaara about my job, why I got it, your plan concerning it and how you're going to handle it the end.. is it not?"

Expelling a hard breath, Neji dismissed Utakata from his sight and instead went to unlock the door and step into his home with the snickering Saiken close to follow. The moment the two made it inside, the sound of the refrigerator shutting sounded in the home before Gaara stepped out of the kitchen- the boy wearing nothing more than a dated burgundy sports shirt and black plaid pajama bottoms.

Utakata could only snicker and shake his head at how ill-fitted the items were on the boy but he was sure to glance at the Hyuuga who couldn't divert his eyes from the sight. In such clothes, Gaara looked incredibly adorable, there was no denying that.

"Neji.. Utakata.." the Shukaku began, speaking softly as he looked upon the two.

The Saiken smirked, but nudged the Hyuuga with his left elbow before heading off.

"I'mma take a shower." he uttered in passing, leaving the redhead to approach and watch the boy disappear in the bathroom.

Blinking twice Gaara looked from the door of the washroom to Neji, leaving the Hyuuga to do the same and immediately take notice at the boys wet hair. Instantly raising his left palm and running it through the soaked tendrils, Neji couldn't help but curl his brows and watch the Shukaku timidly glance away.

"..I.. cleaned myself.. like Utakata told me to do." the boy uttered, watching Neji flinch. "Did you get something for me..?"

"N..Not exactly." the Hyuuga uttered, rolling his eyes to the roof and feeling his blood rise to his face. "There was a change of plans."



"..Where did you and Utakata go?"

"He got a job.. You remember how I told you I expected that from him so long as he lived here."

The redhead nodded before smiling, "Yes. I do remember that.."

"W..What're you looking like that for?" The Hyuuga asked, making Gaara shut his eyes and continue smiling.

"..I'm.. happy."

" ! "

"I was worried.. about you and Utakata.. but I'm glad you both returned.."

"Does being cordial with Utakata really make you happy Gaara?"

The boy blinked, but was sure to nod eagerly, stopping only when he felt he was proving to be too enthusiastic over the question. So a few seconds after stopping, the Shukaku looked to Neji then the floor, still sporting his small smile.

"..You told me before that you didn't like Utakata, and yet.. despite his being around, you've been nice to him.. you both have been nice to each other. That.. makes me happy." he explained, his smiling broadening by just a centimeter as he stared off to the side of the room and held his left arm in an awkward manner. "...I.. I'd like to think.. that I am truly happy because.. I.. I requested all of this.. and you're working very hard to abide by my words.. b-but that may not be the case! R-Regardless.. Thank you Neji."

Flinching to that answer, Neji felt a little.. well.. he couldn't put his finger on it exactly..
He was happy to know that Gaara was happy over a matter involving he and Utakata not tearing each others heads off but.. he felt awkward about it considering he wasn't really friends with Utakata as he was instead using him to get back at Gaara's former owner.
He had to be honest..

"-thank you.. Thank you Neji.." Gaara spoke, showing his appreciation.

The Hyuuga pulled back to the words of gratitude then hurried to pass the redhead and dart into the kitchen to distract himself and try to think of a way to break the news to Gaara... but this didn't seem like the right time.


Glancing over his shoulder and looking at the redhead who peered into the area, the Hyuuga felt his heart sink.
He couldn't tell Gaara.. not now at least..

"-Are you alright Neji? You.. look troubled." the Shukaku spoke, taking slow steps into the kitchen.

"I am to be honest." the brunette let out before reaching for a random kitchen towel and in turn bring the redhead to hurry over.

"W-What's troubling you?"

"You." he admitted making the boy widen his eyes and frown.

"M.. Me?" he uttered, flinching when he felt the Hyuuga place the kitchen towel over his head. "N-Neji?"

"It seems that you can't seem to shower right by yourself.. Don't you know that you can't walk around with wet hair especially when the weather is getting colder? You could get sick.."

"S-Sorry.." Gaara mumbled, rubbing the towel over his head.

"It's fine. Have you eaten?" he asked, making it over to the fridge and opening it.

Gaara shook his head, watching the boy take out various vegetables and a few condiments, eventually leaving the boy to shift out the Hyuuga's way once he shut the fridge and brushed passed him to dig through the cabinets.
Staring and beginning to rub his left arm nervously, the Shukaku felt a bit awkward standing around doing.. well.. nothing..
It had been a total of 4 hours since both he and Neji left school, then both Utakata and Neji left home.. with that fact apparent and in the air, Gaara expected the Hyuuga to have needs that he could execute or something close.. but.. that didn't seem to be the case..

Watching the boy cut the vege's he set out then run some water at the sink, Gaara felt unneeded and out of place which brought a certain uneasiness to stir within the boy, however, the moment he watched Neji give him a glance he perked up- waiting to be spoken to, or ordered.



"What're you doing standing around? You can have a seat and I'll call you when I'm done."

The redhead frowned as he took a step toward the boy, " you need any help?"

"Not particularly."

"P.. perhaps you need help with something else?"

Neji stared into space for a moment, honestly finding no need for Gaara to go out of his way to help him.. if anything the Hyuuga was more focused on what to say to the boy about Deidara, but he still hadn't found the right way to approach the matter, so he was stuck in idle conversation with the boy instead.

Sighing, the Hyuuga went back to chopping as he shook his head a bit. "...I don't need any help at the moment."

The Shukaku frowned, however rather than leave and dismiss himself from the kitchen, he instead made his way to Neji's left and rested his forehead on the boys arm, bringing the brunette to give him his full attention.


"Neji.. I.. missed you today.."

Freezing to the boys touch and turning pink, the Hyuuga lowered his eyes a bit as he took notice to how the redhead purposely locked his sights elsewhere, slowly turning crimson the entire while.
Though this action was out of left field to the brunette, he appreciated such wordings and actions from the shy boy- Still he was quite shy himself when it came to sayings like that..

Rubbing the back of his head with his freehand and avoiding eye contact on purpose, Neji was sure to let out a slow breath in order to slow his heartbeat as he readied his words, then spoke to Gaara in return- his sentence only speeding up his heartbeat once again in the process.

"I.. missed you too Gaara. I'm sorry for leaving you in the first place.."

The shukaku shook his head a few times as he awkwardly held himself. "N-No.. You had important things to do.. I.. I understood that. That's why I was patient.. and waited for you to come back to me.." the boy pushed himself to say, turning redder with each word. "I'm just.. glad you're back.."

"..About that Gaara.."


". . ."


"..You.. know that I care for you deeply, don't you?"

Gaara pulled back his lids for a minute but brought himself to nod as he looked to the floor. "..I do.. and you know that I feel the same way.. right Neji?"

Nodding, the Hyuuga couldn't bring it upon himself to continue participating in the conversation, which he found unfortunate on his part, however, not a total waste considering it seemed Gaara had a lot to say at the moment.

"-You've cared for me in more ways than I could comprehend.. or what I'm used to.. and I.. love that about you Neji. I just wish.. there was a way for me to return that to you.." he muttered, looking to the brunette and placing awkward fingers before his lips. "I-It's just.. I don't know how to do that in the way you would.."

Feeling his nerves and guilt get the better of him, the Hyuuga directed his attention back at the vegetables that he soon began to chop again, causing Gaara to become uneasy.

"N-Neji.. is something troubling you?"

". . ."

"You.. don't seem to want to look at me.."

" ! "

"..I see.."

"It's not like that! It's actually something else- I mean, it does concern you but not in the way you're thinking. It's not bad.. exactly.. it's just.." Pausing to shake his head and stop the overall rambling, the Hyuuga dropped whatever he had and brought himself to sigh and pinch the bridge of his nose. "..Its.. nevermind. It's nothing.."

Gaara blinked 3 solid times before glancing elsewhere and feeling heat in his core. "I.. do understand something is troubling you.. and w-well.. th-there's.. I-I have.."

Groaning and scratching the respective temple of his head with the finger of his left hand, Gaara made it obvious that he had a lot on his mind and he was becoming overwhelmed by it- what with his constant means of tripping over his own words, his reddening skin, his shifty/nervy eye movements and now trembling stature, he made it clear to Neji that he was going to ask for something that exceeded far beyond the usual requests of chocolate milk or ice cream, but considering the boy hadn't said a word yet the Hyuuga wasn't entirely sure..

"I-I... w-well.. being th-that I.. I-I just.. i-it's been a long d-day a-and..Hmm-"

Groaning, the Shukaku held himself a little tighter as he looked to the floor and attempted to settle his nerves to speak, but the action of trying to ease his now nervous body somehow made him more nervous which made him groan some more-


"Gaara?" Neji started stroking the boys head and removing the turban'd-towel he sported in the process. "Are you upset with me?"

"No! I-I just.."

"What is it?"

"..W-Well.." the boy mumbled after flinching. "'s.. it's just that-"

"You can tell me.."

Adhering to that statement, the redhead looked to the Hyuuga eagerly, causing the brunette to pull back a bit but listen nevertheless..

"..Is there.. anything I can do for you?"

The Hyuuga grew confused to the question but was sure to shrug a bit. "I already told you.. I don't need any help right n-"

"That's not what I meant." the Shukaku uttered, earning another flinch from the brunette. "Neji.. it has been almost 7 days.."

Retracting the hand that pet the boy, Neji pulled back turning red, leaving Gaara to tilt his head more to his right and frown.

"...I think... I understand what you were trying to say now-"

"Wait- well! It's-"

"I've failed at my duties of keeping you pleased.. I'm so sorry.."

"W-Wait a minute- I-"

"You are my owner Neji.. it is my job to please you or at least instinctively know when you need to be pleased. This.. is obviously the time.."

Keeping his mouth clamped and doing nothing to explain the actual reason he was bothered, Neji kept himself silent as he watched Gaara timidly shift his vision around the kitchen a few times before actioning his delicate hands to slowly bring the base of his shirt to to expose his stomach- keeping the fabric suspended by holding it with his teeth and leave that image frozen before he awkwardly attempted to pull down the pajama bottoms he wore, however, having had enough of the image as he felt going even further would be too much temptation, Neji gripped the redheads palms and distracted himself from the vision before him by staring at the sinks faucet as if it were the most interesting thing in the world, bringing Gaara to squint his eyes a bit and almost sound out a whine of sorts after he spit the end of his shirt from his mouth..

"I.. I don't understand.. why don't you want to touch me Neji?"

"Er.. it's.. it's very complicated Gaara, and I assure you, as inviting as your actions are, I can't help but think that doing such actions would make things worse.."

"..make.. things worse? ...I still don't understand."

"And it's best you don't."

" ? ...Neji?"

"-I need time to think." he let out as he released the boy and marched out of the kitchen, leaving Gaara to flinch and follow.

"W-wait a minute!"

It was after turning a simple corner to trail then watch his owner turn to face him, did Gaara bring himself flinch and make sure not to march any closer to the Hyuuga's room. With that action done, Neji was sure to give the boy a bit of a stern glance before stepping into his room and looking elsewhere as he was just about to shut the door.

"Give me some time to myself for just a moment Gaara, I'll talk with you shortly."



Simply shuddering to the sound, Gaara shut his eyes tightly before frowning upon the Hyuuga's door and lifting his right hand to knock.. though, after seconds of keeping his balled hand in the air did the redhead suddenly dismiss the thought and instead turn away to sigh heavily.

Meanwhile, completely unaware of what was happening outside of the bathroom, Utakata ran his slowly pruning hands through the drenched and tresses of his auburn hair, washing away perfume scented shampoo that he applied long before he had gone to wash it out and groaning at the fact that the sweet and slightly powerful scent still lingered.
Feeling his mind pulse with a bit of irritation the unit began to roughly run his hands through his head, hoping that with such strength he would successfully get rid of the powerful scent.. but to no avail.


Why was it that so many things that dealt in shower actions had to be scented? There were so many perfumes and other irritating smells that came in soaps, body washes and simple shampoos and conditioners that it was honestly starting to give the Saiken a headache- what was the actual point in making such products when half the people in the world didn't use such things? ..Well that wasn't true.. perhaps the people in his past he happened to encounter were the only people that didn't care about their personal smell..

Souring his face and almost spitting out tastes stirred by old memories, Utakata quickly turned the nozzle that powered off the showerhead and held his stomach.
Such a small thought of thinking of personal scents and the countless odors he had to inhale for as long as he had made his mind light, stomach weak and feelings to go blue- What he had once done to get by and something he was once okay with did nothing more than bring about dissatisfaction and shame to stir in his soul. The people he burdened himself to touch, the scents he unfortunately had to take in, the sight of said disgusting people.. it only made Utakata hate what he had done and hate himself more than he usually had..
A unit wasn't supposed to be like that.. a unit wasn't supposed to do such things with various people, only it's owner..

Grunting, the Saiken exited his shower and made sure to grab a towel off the side rack before swabbing the water off of him then wrapping said cloth around his waist. Afterward, the unit approached the mirror and rubbed away the blurred moisture from atop the surface only to get a wavy and slightly unfocused look at himself, but being tolerant with it nevertheless.
Regardless of how the mirror looked, stained by fog or not, Utakata was never really happy with what looked at him when he looked upon the reflective surface. He always felt sick to his stomach and tormented with no means of relief..
He was burdened with this feeling every time he caught a simple reflection or even heard his own voice..
He even felt it when he'd wake from his slumbers.. He just hated himself- he hated what he was and he wished so desperately that he could change that.. but he knew that he couldn't. There was no possible way.

Narrowing his eyes at the reflection and taking in that look, the Saiken dismissed the image entirely as he shut his eyes and took in a large breath before exhaling loudly and turning away from the mirror. It was after that the boy of auburn hair stared at the ceiling and began to think of many random things that would distract him or even uplift him from his prior thoughts, however, before he could even do that, a bothersome chill ran up and down his spine a few times before his stomach felt completely cold.

Hunching a bit as the feeling had quickly escalated, the Saiken felt complete surprise before bringing angered eyes at the door- seconds after doing so, 3 soft knocks were heard just outside, followed by a low and timid call of his name.

The irritated unit could only groan before straightening himself up then move to finally answer the door and respond to the call- this bringing him to see a nervy Gaara who was recovering to a prior flinching state..

Utakata narrowed his eyes and groaned at the action and face, but spoke nevertheless..

"..What do you want kid?"

"I.. I'm sorry to bother you-"

"No you're not, or else you wouldn't even be here." the Saiken snapped, watching the redhead flinch then look to the floor whilst he twiddled his fingers.


"..Whatever.. What do you want?"

Giving the leftmost area a quick glance before looking to the older unit, the Shukaku bit his bottom lip for a split second as twiddled his thumbs even faster and allowed his mind to form his next few words, however before he could, the younger unit flinched watching the figure just before him fold his arms and crane over him in an almost parental manner.

"C'mon, spit it out, don't have me waiting all day."

"I-I'm sorry.. it's just.. Neji.."


"Is.. there something wrong.. with Neji?"

" ? "

"-or.. am I just imagining things..?"

". . ."

"Neji.. seems very distant.. The way he speaks to me is rather cautious.. and he won't even look me in the eye.." the Shukaku explained before glancing over his shoulder a bit. "I'm afraid something's wrong.. that or I've done something to upset him.."

"Uh-huh.. so why are you coming to me? You think I know something?"

"U-Uh, well-"

"What would give you that idea, kid? You think that just because I disappeared with your owner for a few hours I'd just up and know everything about him and why he's acting like a skeptical rat? Please-" Utakata dismissed rolling his visible eye. "Look, if you've got a problem then go address it to Neji- why would you even come bother me with this crap?"


"Ugh.. and you're feeling sad about it too.. listen kid, why don't you do everyone a favor and keep your feelings to yourself. No one likes getting a cold chill especially after they've stepped out of the shower alright-"

"Eh- I...I!"


"..I just.. I.."

"C'mooon.. Spit it out.."

"I.. I thought.. I could come to you.. and you'd talk to me.. the way you did with Naruto.."

" ! "

"You.. seemed eager to help him.. when the situation with Sasuke was.. difficult.. I thought.. I'd get the same treatment but.. I- I'm sorry to have assumed that." the redhead uttered with a frown, bringing his right hand to delicately caress the side of his face. "..I.. I just.. I don't know what to do.. Something's wrong with Neji but.. he won't let me talk to him. I.. I need assistance in trying to help Neji.."

"A-Are you going to cry or something?" the Saiken said in a flinch, immediately shaking his head after. "D-Don't do that! There's nothing wrong with your owner okay, he's fine!"

"How do you know that..?"

"..Er.. well.. he seemed fine when we went to get my job.. granted he was his super silent and serious self the entire time."

"..Neji isn't like that.."


"Only around you.."

"...I'm.. not sure whether I should be offended or completely okay with that.." Utakata responded blinking just after his long pause. "Regardless, whatever's going on with your owner is nothing you have to concern yourself about.. If it was something serious then I'm sure the guy would up and tell you, y'know?"

Lowering his eyelids only slightly, Gaara diverted his entire vision and attention to the floor few moments, afterward the Shukaku shook his head of everything and actioned his right hand to cover his face entirely, bringing Utakata to jerk.


"I am a poor unit. Something is wrong with Neji and I don't even know about it.. I am not even able to bring comfort to him.. Something's wrong, and I can do nothing to relieve the error.. what use am I? ..What use am I?"

"..Ugh, kid-"

"If something is wrong.. it is my job to fix it.. but Neji will not tell me.. he is bothered by my presence.. that.. that's why he rejected me..?"

Stopping his words entirely and instead coming to the assumption that his own words were true, Gaara actually grimaced before bringing both of his palms to silence whatever words or sounds were to come, however, the moment he brought himself to look to Utakata he inched his hands only centimeters away from his lips as he suddenly cried.

"-U-Utakata...w-w-why.. why am I so flawed?"

Pulling his lids back in response, the Saiken kept his silence completely to himself as he didn't know what to say to that entirely nor counter such a reaction. Because of this, Gaara was left to cry and utter such nonsense of himself being a burden- Words that he didn't want to hear coming from the unit because he knew they weren't true and knew it pissed him off too much..

"-My god.." he groaned as he clutched the collar of the redheads ill-fitted shirt, "Do you have any idea what you're saying, you stupid brat? So what if your owner is acting all secretive, it doesn't mean that he suddenly hates you out of no where, so stop talking! And will you stop crying about all your bullshit assumptions and putting yourself down for no good reason at all? You're really starting to piss me off!"

Gaara flinched, complying in keeping his words to himself, however was no where near the point where he didn't feel like crying. This of course only brought Utakata to shake him a bit before eventually shoving him away and watch as he stumbled back a bit.
He found it irritating how a unit second after his design was so emotional and highly dramatic when it came to something as simple as a lack of knowing what was wrong with his owner..
So what if he asked questions that weren't answered- did that mean that any and everyone had to resort to breaking down and crying when they were confronted with such a problem? -Why did crying always seem like the more tempting solution? It was such a stupid action that bothered the Saiken to know end.. he hated hearing people cry but not as much as he hated seeing the action..
It was just too much..

" god.." Utakata almost whined as he clutched the side of his head with his left palm and watched Gaara wipe his face and make all sorts of irritating sounds.

When it all came down to it, the kid was just overreacting, and he was going to keep doing so until he was comforted.. but being the Neji was busy being stupid and trying to find a way to speak to Gaara about the matter concerning Deidara, he was inadvertently stressing the redhead and leaving everything to fall upon Utakata, which wasn't fair at all..
When it came to living in the Hyuuga's home, the Saiken didn't sign up to be a part-time babysitter. He just wasn't good with babies..

"Ugh.." the brunette forced out as he rolled his eyes, then looked to Gaara. "Kid.. Are you still crying?"

"...s.. sorry.." the Shukaku mumbled rubbing his eyes. "I'm just.. I.. I don't know.."

"Ugghh... can you tell me why you're even crying in the first place?"


"Why are you crying?"

"I.. I'm... I dunno.. I-"

"If you don't know why you're crying, then why are you doing that?"


"People cry when they're sad.. so are you sad or something?"

"I'm.. I... I feel helpless." the Shukaku finally answered, rubbing his right eye. "..Neji needs comfort.. but he does not seek it from me... and without him needing me.. just what am I good for?"

". . ."

"-I'm.. completely useless Utakata.."

". . .Gaara."

" ! ? "

Keeping his words to himself, Utakata only gestured the boy to come close with the index finger of his right hand, leaving Gaara to stare as if the sight had completely confused him, however eventually and almost reluctantly the boy approached. With one step in his advance, he watched Utakata squint at him as if he were displeased with the distance gained, this of course gave the Shukaku motivation to take two steps closer to the boy then another until he was finally a comfortable and yet personal distance close.

Still staying silent, Utakata continued to stare at the redhead who would avoid his glance every 10 seconds or so, however as if he was growing impatient with standing around and looking elsewhere, Gaara gave the brunette a semi-bothered glance before opening his mouth to speak.



"..What.. is it that you wanted?"

Having the time to stare at the kid for 30 more seconds the Saiken made sure to keep mental pictures of the boys confused expression, a look that was completely different from his crybaby face that he was sporting moments prior..
Recalling that vividly and immediately burning in distaste from that, the Saiken brought his right hand to grip the younger unit, his fingers pressing down at either side of the boys jaw- this causing the redhead to jump and look to him clearly.

Given no words were shared during and a little after the action, Utakata was left to examine the expression of total surprise on Gaara's face, as well as the subtle glints of confusion and suppressed fear hiding behind his teal eyes..
Such a look caused the Saiken to bring himself closer to the sight, which in turn alerted the boy.

"U-Utakata, what're you doing?" Gaara questioned, sounding panicked.

The Saiken knit his brows and squinted in response after groaning a bit- Not really knowing what to say, and yet wanting to say so very much.

"...I.. hate your face.. Do you know that?"

" ! ! ! "

"..You make the stupidest expressions.. I hate each and every one of them.."

" ! - I..I-"

"... you're.. disgusting.. You cry over every confrontation that comes your way without ever thinking of doing something useful to resolve it.. You jump to every horrible assumption that would lead you to thinking that you're a horrible being and thus you begin a cycle that would either demand or trigger you to fall into a depression or process in which you'd end up hating yourself and despising your very being, and at the end of it all, you expect someone to comfort you and baby you until you feel better about yourself and your situation.."

" ! ! ! "

"Hmph.. how funny.. I used to know a person who was just like you down to every little detail.. heh.. I even knew a guy who used to be like you too, but unlike you, he doesn't cry, whine or bitch when things turn sideways for him.. No, he turned out completely different from you in that sense. Instead, he deals with the problems he knows he can't fix and moves on, even though it torments every fiber within his being, he just moves on.. But you, hah, you purposely keep yourself at a stand still and hope that when you do that, you'll get the attention and comfort you crave- and how lucky are you to have received that treatment each and every time you do that? Ha, regardless, is that why you've really come to me Gaara? You want me to make you feel good?"

Blown away by the barrage of words, the Shukaku kept his lips clasped and words to himself, however as he watched his older counterpart close the gap between them to the point that they were sharing the same breathing space. This brought Gaara to widen his eyes and lose his action of thought completely when the Saiken cloaked his lips over his and stayed there for what felt like ages.
Frazzled, overwhelmed, confused and scared, Gaara's eyes stretched to their limits until an urge within the boy brought him to push the Saiken away and leave him to take two cautious steps away as he secured his lips with both hands and looked to the brunette who smirked and snickered as he rose his hands in surrender..

"Don't look so surprised.. that's what you wanted right?"

"! !-"

"Really Gaara, you shouldn't be so shocked. You seeked comfort from me and that's what I gave you, surely you couldn't have expected anything different from someone like me.." the Saiken lectured, watching the redheads eyes water just as they did before. "Heh.. why do you cry so much? Do you think your tears will solve everything and help you make your problems go away or get that much easier? ..You should know by now Gaara that sometimes tears can be a trigger to even more problems.."

" ! "

Snickering again and winking, Utakata waved off the boy before disappearing into the bathroom and shutting it behind him, leaving Gaara to stare upon the door for the longest minute of his life until he hurried down the hall and into the living room, where he crashed onto the couch and curled into himself as tightly as he could. After that, the boy used his shirt to fruitlessly rub away whatever weird feeling was left upon his lips, hiding away his face in his hands and behind his knees when it finally clicked that it wasn't working.
He wanted to cry and he wanted to wonder why Utakata had done that, but his thoughts were processing and his eyes were all out of salt and fluid, so instead, Gaara continued to rub his shirt over his lips habitually until he found comfort.



Staring into a tiny box with nothing but a hold for an emerald pendant necklace, Sasuke and Naruto couldn't help but curl their brows as they couldn't exactly put their finger on the reason such an item was in the box or why the item was given to them in the first place, however, being that the both of them had been sitting at the counter in the kitchen and staring into the box for a total of 30 minutes, Obito who had been cooking a few feet next to them couldn't help but get them to direct their attention away from the thing.

"Hey are you guys done staring yet? You've been looking at that necklace for forever!"

"Not yet.." Sasuke uttered lifting the box.

"Augh, just stop.. it's nothing but a stupid necklace.."

"Yeah.." The raven uttered in agreeance before looking to his cousin. "..So.. why'd you do it?"


"Why'd you bring Minato to see Naruto?"

"What? That was your plan before right?"

"Yeah, but considering certain things happened, that was postponed."

"Right, which is why I took it upon myself to get the guy to see the kid. He's his father- it was only right.. Besides I was planning on doing that long before I actually did it."

"What do you mean?"

"Well.. when your friend kinda came with the assumption that Minato was Naruto's donor and we all kinda put the puzzle pieces together, I paid Minato a little visit."

"Wait a minute! You knew where Minato lived the whole time?" Sasuke questioned, whilst Naruto widened his eyes.

Obito chuckled nervously in response. "Well not really.. I mean, I had to do a little research to find out where the guy was, and by that, I just asked for him in at the front desk in the office at the University. Once I found out he was gone with a cold, I went to see him-" he answered. "But to get to the point, I spoke to him because I wanted to see if there was a recent point in time where Kakashi had visited or anything of the sort. I figured if I found that out, then whatever date the guy would give would lead me to either assume that he was or wasn't Naruto's donor. And as turns out, there was a point in time, maybe in the middle of the summer, Kakashi did go to see him at his house, but after that visit he just disappeared."

"Well.. it's a likely story.." Sasuke admitted, getting Obito to nod.

"Right, but it's still not enough. Minato had no clue of Naruto's existence when I spoke to him, and I know damn well Kakashi won't admit anything to me so it was all I got. But whether or not I have all the facts, I just have a gut feeling that Naruto is his, so I scheduled a meeting and we went to see you guys at the rally." he spoke before sighing and rubbing the back of his head. "The thing is.. I would've never expected Kakashi to have the same thing in mind when it came to Naruto, much less want to introduce him to his dad the same day I did.."

"Hmph.. Great minds think alike.." Sasuke uttered as sarcastically as possible before looking to the fox beside him. "So how'd you feel about meeting'im?"

"Oi.. I won't lie, I was a little rude to him.. but Obito says it's okay cause I guess he's going to be super nice to me until I'm nice to him.."

"..Oddly enough, that sounds like something you've already done."

"Hm? Wha? With who?"

Sasuke rolled his eyes and shook his head. "If you don't even know then you're a lost cause dobe.."


"Regardless, I guess that is pretty weird how you and Kakashi had the same thought to introduce Naruto to Minato and vice versa. Still, I don't understand what was going through his head when he did that.." the raven uttered, looking to the necklace box. "Another thing I don't understand is why this stupid looking thing would be in the box Kakashi gave me.."

"It's just a necklace Sasuke.."

"Yeah, but nothing I'd expect Kakashi to get or even hand to me. Is this supposed to be a gift or something?"

It's just a necklace." Obito repeated.

"I know.. but still.. why'd he give this to me?"

"Did he actually say that it was a gift to you or are you just assuming that to make this whole situation creepy?" the older Uchiha questioned, making Sasuke flinch.

Naruto couldn't help but go fox-faced as those words reached his ears.. he did see that Sasuke was being a little overdramatic when it came to getting something as small as a necklace from Kakashi..

"Oi.. if you don't like it.. why don't you throw it away..?"

"Exactly." Obito chimed in.

"Because there's a reason Kakashi gave it to me.. Regardless if you two believe it or not, there's a message hidden in this necklace."

". . . I don't see anything-"

"Shut up Naruto."

"Will the two of you just stop it." Obito groaned as he marched across the area and snatched the box. "If you look closely, you'll see that this nothing more than an ordinary necklace that Kakashi bought for shits and giggles, probably because he expected you'd overreact like this." the older man spoke as he took the necklace and other contents in the box out before holding it out to Sasuke. "Y'see, there isnt' anything else in here! There isn't a bomb, a secret decoder ring that goes with your necklace, its just a freakin' piece of costume jewelry that Kakashi got at an old indian hut by some creepy ju-ju lady who said that this necklace would bring bad luck to whoever'd wear it and Kakashi bought that bullshit to give it to you. It's not a big deal.."

"If that's the case then I don't want it."

"You think Kakashi did all that just to curse Sasuke, Obito?" Naruto wondered, earning a nod from the older man.

"I wouldn't put it passed'im. Kakashi has too much time on his hands and he'd believe that kind of stuff I'm sure."

"Well.. that sucks.." The blonde let out, grabbing the necklace. "This thing is kinda pretty.."

"It looks cheap." Sasuke chimed in.

"Oi, which is why Kakashi got it for you huh? He thinks you'd like cheap things, haha!"


Obito snickered to that, stopping only when the handle to the front door jiggled and in walked Itachi not looking too... well.. he just looked more stoic than he usually was, which wasn't a good thing.
Already worried, Obito faced his younger kin before painting on a face of concern.

"Hey, welcome home Itachi.. Do you need anything?"

"I'm fine." the man uttered removing his jacket and easing it onto the coat rack.

"..Hey nii," Sasuke started as he curled his brows at his brother. "Kakashi gave me a necklace out of nowhere and I don't know what to do with it."

"Give it to someone then.." the older brother bluntly suggested as he brushed by the group.

"Wait, I don't know who'd want-"

"Then give it to Naruto."

With that, the weasel disappeared into his room and allowed the others to listen to the subtle slam of his door and realize the conversation was over.
Obito was the first to look to the younger peers in perplexity before getting the same look in return- Everyone was wondering what was up with Itachi, as he usually didn't come home in such a miserable mood- but being that Obito figured his mood had something to do with Akatsuki, Sasuke thought it had something to do with a bad day at work and Naruto really had no particular assumptions on the guys situation at all, all three figures in the kitchen did nothing but come to a silent agreeance that the old crow needed time to himself. With that, Sasuke nudged Naruto then gestured he'd keep the necklace, making the blonde smile from ear to ear.

"Oi really!-? I can have this?"

"Why not, I don't want it."

"Thank you Sasuke!" the fox hailed before throwing himself on the boy, though he was sure to flinch seconds later. "o-oi.. wait a minute.. didn't you say this thing was cursed Obito?"

"Huh? Eh.. it could be. I mean, the necklace was originally for Sasuke right? No doubt it's either cursed or has a bomb in it to blow Sasuke to pieces." the man answered as he walked over to the fridge.


"But then again it could just be some ordinary necklace." Sasuke spoke, calming the frightened blonde. "We won't really know till Kakashi feels like telling us about it. Regardless, if it rigged like that then he'll be in for a shock when he see's it on you."

"Heh, y'think?"

"I know. Besides, it's a common fact that curses don't really exist. You have nothing to worry about."

The blonde squinted his eyes that moment as he put the accessory on as he frowned. "Oi.. so you really don't believe curses exist?"


"Well I mean.. you're really going to be in the choir room all day with Neji tomorrow, right? Do you think getting cursed and possibly killed is really worth proving a point?"

"Whoa whoa whoa whoa!" Obito let out, as he abruptly opened the freezer. "What's this about curses and killings?"

Rather than explain from the get go, Naruto gave Sasuke a glance for approval in answering Obito's question, getting nothing but a sigh in return and leaving the blonde to stay silent and instead wait for Sasuke to speak, however being that the oldest Uchiha in the room was already alerted by what he had heard, any possible means for Sasuke to speak was suffocated by ranting, raving and annoying actions..

"What the hell is going on! Why is your boyfriend suddenly silent Sasuke? Just what kind of mess are you trying to get yourself into? Do you realize that you don't have time to have pissing contests with your friends at this stage of your life and at this point in the year- you have to study and graduate the Academy, don't be an idiot!"

"Will you relax Obito. If anything, what I'm going to do is going to keep me in school and bring me to class early on Friday. You have nothing to worry about."

"You saying that only makes me worry. Don't lie to me Sasuke, cause if you're hiding something I'm going to find out!" the older man let out, waving a random spatula in the boys face.

"You're right Obito.. I should stop fooling around and focus on my studies.. there's an exit exam just around the corner and I should really focus trying to pass that so I can make it to the university."

"Er.. Y-Yeah.. that's exactly what you should be doing."

"Yeah.. So is it alright for me to spend the night over Shikamaru's to study tomorrow? His grades haven't slipped all year and I think it'd be a good idea for me to study with'im.."

"Huh? Er, well hey, If you wanna study to get outta the Academy and into the University than do it. Heck, I couldn't think of a better way for you to be spending your time; having Shikamaru as your tutor to prep for your tests sounds like a great idea."

"Great. I'm glad you see it that way."

"Eh-heh.. well I'm glad you've got some sense in ya... But hey! If you're trying to pull a fast one then you've got another thing coming, buddy! Naruto!"


"You're going with him, and if he does something stupid then you be sure to tell me! You got that!"

"Uh- y.. yeah?"

"Good!" The older Uchiha let out before giving the silent Sasuke a smug look. "Hmph! Study hard tomorrow and be sure to call periodically, okay?"


With that, the raven parted away from the counter then headed to his room, leaving Naruto to wave off Obito and follow after Sasuke, a concerned look visible on the boys face the entire time until he reached the domain of his owners room. After following him in, the fox kicked the door shut behind him seconds before he let out an audible groan and looked to the floor.

"Oi.. Sasuke.. You're not really going to Shikamaru's to study.. huh?"

"Of course not. I'm going to be at the Academy with Neji, you know that."

"Oii.. do you really have to go through with Kiba's bet? You think that it's a good idea at all?"

"No, I think it's stupid. But the only way to prove that a ghost doesn't exist to all of those idiots back at the Academy is just to spend the night at the school apparently, which doesn't seem like too much of a burden.. granted.. I'm going to be spending half my afternoon and my entire night with the Hyuuga, recording nothing but a silent room.. that's not going to be fun, but it's something I'm willing to deal with." the Uchiha answered falling on his bed and folding his arms behind his head.

"And that's worth it to you?"

"Its nothing super serious.. Why do you sound so worried?"

". . ."

"Naruto.. I told you already, curses don't exist and neither do ghosts. I'm not going to die and nothing's going to happen to me at the Academ-"

"But if something does go on and something does happen to you, then what am I supposed to do!-?" the blonde questioned in a frantic tone of voice as he leaped onto the bed and hovered over the Uchiha. "Oi, if something happens and I'm not there to protect you then just what the hell am I supposed to do, Sasuke? How am I gonna know when you're being attacked by the ghost kid!"

"I won't be attacked by anything. Calm down Naruto."

"Will you stop telling me to do that! I'm obviously not going to do that until you either do 1 outta the two things I say- That being to either drop out of your bet and go home tomorrow or have me stay with you and Neji when school's over."

"If you stay with me and Neji or I decide to go home, then I might as well let Kiba nag and call me a coward on every occasion I run into the guy-"


"So that's not happening."


"Enough Naruto. I'm going, you're not. That's it."

"B..But.. o-oi.. if you see the ghost.. and I'm not there.. what do I do? Who do I run to? Who do I call?"


"Huh? What? Who?"

The Uchiha shook his head and snickered, though Naruto cut that action short with a quick suckerpunch to the chest, leaving the teen to hold his torso and almost cough his lungs out.

"Oi! What the hell is your problem y'jerk! I'm over here worrying about you and all you're doing is brushing off my concerns and joking around! Can't you see that this whole thing is driving me crazy!" he voiced as he gripped the boys shirt. "BAKA-TEME! THE-... the.. the least you could do is comfort me y'know.."

Ignoring the pulsing pain on his chest and instead looking to the fretting fox, Sasuke gave his blonde's words some thought before he let out a quick sigh and pat the boys head. This didn't quite grant Naruto the quickest relief, but it was enough to get the boy to refrain from knitting his brows together, something that the Uchiha was somewhat thankful for when it came down to it. Still there was much more that could be said and done..

Shutting his eyes and thinking on that, the Uchiha let out another quick sigh before exposing his eyes once more and making direct eye contact with his still worried blonde who craned his head a bit when he felt the stare had exceeded it usual records.


"Ghostbusters is a movie Naruto.."


"A movie.. have you even seen one of those? -did Kakashi ever take you to a movie theatre?"

Squinting a little as he pulled back to sit, the blonde made sure to think about said questions before shaking his head, bringing Sasuke to sit up as well as he rose a brow to the boy.

"So.. if you see that I've survived my ghost attack with Neji.. you want me to take you to see a movie or something? Just you and me."


"You and I never really hung out by ourselves for an entire day.. Usually Kiba, Shikamaru, Obito and Itachi are around to interfere y'know? So.. do you want to just do that?"

"O-Oi.. L.. Like.. Like a-"

"A date."

The fox pulled back a few inches and allowed his face to flush crimson the entire while he stared at the Uchiha, though when he felt his face get a little too heated the boy was sure to look away and sport a nervy smile- nodding a few times to the request at the end of it all.

"Eh.. y-yeah.. I think that'd be something new for us.. We've never really spent time with each other alone before so that'd be fun I guess.. Plus I've never really seen a movie before.. so that'd be something I'll look forward to so long as I'm at your side." he let out chuckling softly. "Oi, but how're we going to go on our date if you're gonna be busy with Neji?"

"Who says we have to go on the same day Neji and I are going to be proving the others ghost story wrong? We'll just go Friday."

The blonde smiled, ready to nod and voice his agreeance with the suggestion, however, being that something rather important to him was already scheduled that day, he couldn't help but flinch and frown.

"Oi.. no.. We have to do it another time. Iruka-sensei is taking me to eat ramen at some sort of party or something. He said he already got me a ticket."

"Wait, you mean the ramen festival? Are you serious?" the Uchiha let out, looking so surprised.

"Mhm. After playing that prank on him awhile ago when I was writing papers for him, he said that I have to go.."

"Hm.. I'm surprised.. I never saw Iruka as the kind of guy who was interested in things like that.."

"You knew about it?"

"More or less." the Uchiha answered with a slight shrug. "They always hold a ramen festival or two before the season changes.."

"Oh.. well.. still, sorry."

"Its fine. We'll just go another time." the Uchiha sighed as he waved the apology away.

"Er.. we can just go and hang out at the ramen festival together, then go to the movie.."

"So Iruka can be our 3rd wheel? No thanks. Besides, I hate the smell of soup, and I think I might have something to do on Friday anyway.."

"Wait.. so you don't want to go with me and Iruka-sensei?"

"Afraid not."

"But.. is that.. okay? Y'know.. considering-"

"I'm aware that we both thought there was a possibility that people might still be after you, but after speaking with Sai the other day, I don't think anyone's bothering to look for you anymore. They all think you're with Kakashi now so.. I think it's a good idea. Besides, you'll be with an adult.. I'm sure you're gonna be okay. You think you'll be alright on your own for a change?"

" ! - I.. I think I'll be fine.. What about you? What're your plans?"

"I just have to talk to a few people about a person.."

"A person?" the fox repeated blinking a few times. "Is it someone I know?"

"That's a good question.." The Uchiha answered before squinting a bit. "Have you ever heard of a person called Deidara?"

The fox flinched in confusion before shaking his head to the Uchiha who sighed and looked elsewhere, though a nudge from the blonde got the teen to return his stare.

"Who's Deidara, Sasuke?"

"...Neji thinks it's Gaara's old owner."

"Wha!-? Just what the hell are you trying to do learning about that guy?"

-Find out his connection to my brother..

-Find out why my brother lied to me about knowing the guy and his connection to Gaara..

-Find out just who the hell that guy is anyway..

Anyone of these answers would've sufficed, but Sasuke found them all inappropriate to share with Naruto.
To him.. it was a little too soon to end up jumping the gun and assuming that this Deidara guy, Neji was talking about, was the same guy that just so happened to be in his house a long time ago..
Sure, the Hyuuga's description that he got from a friend was kind of dead-on the description of the guy who was running through his home, but still, there could've been guys with the same description running around the city- who knew.. Konoha was a big place.
But still.. that guy.. he called Gaara's name when he had been searching through the Uchiha's home, so.. that just had to be him.

Narrowing his eyes a bit before sighing and shaking his head, the Uchiha shut his eyes then shrugged in response to Naruto's prior question.
This of course left the fox to frown a bit and groan.

"Sasuke.. don't go looking for that guy or anything okay? Looking for him or even learning about him sounds like nothing short of a bad idea."


"I'm serious Sasuke." the boy let out firmly. "If you end up tryna know that guy then he's gonna know who you are too and then he's gonna find out about me and then learn about Gaara down the road.. And if what you and Neji think is true, then that's seriously the last thing I'd want to happen. Gaara doesn't want to see that guy again.."

"..I know."

"So, you're not going to ask around for that guy Friday?"

"Nope. You've pretty much talked me out of it. I think I'll just wait for you to come back from the festival instead or something.." The Uchiha answered turning on his side and shutting off the lights. "-I'm going to bed."

"Er! O-Okay.. g'night Sasuke.."


"Oi!" the blonde hissed, digging his nails into the Uchiha's back. "I said: G'night!"

"AH!- Dammit!"

"Say something back!" he growled, scratching the boys arms next.

"The hell is wrong with you, dobe! Stop it!"

"Say something first, teme!"

"Dam- Ah-Ok! Goodnight Naruto!"

" ! ! ! ...G'night Sasuke!" the blonde responded, smiling from ear to ear before holding onto the raven. "Sleep well!"

Nerved by the personality change, the Uchiha simply groaned and rolled his eyes to the words, but after hearing an irritated "Oi" the teen flinched and quickly returned the "Sleep well" comment, shutting his eyes and actually getting some sleep in minutes after.