Baby 3

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Raizo kill many people, but never a child never a baby for any reason at all. If he was ever asked to do so he left the baby some place where you don't ask question just take the blessing given to you.

At the moment he wonders if it was a good idea to let her hold the baby. Soon seeing taking the baby away was the worse idea he just sat there. Watching her with this death look on her face as if she wasn't even there.

This wasn't his Mika. She was full of life and told you whatever was on her mind. She was the reason he worked so hard to stop others from taking children to become ninja's. Now he understood why she never stopped working on his case. She had her child taking and he was never coming back. That was a hard thing to live with.

Raizo was going to ask if she wanted to put the baby to sleep now when she started to talk again.

"I never saw John again. That was his daddy's name. I tried to find him so that he knew what happened but I guess he left town. Not being able to see me after what happened."

She took another breathe before starting again. "This is why I asked Maslow not to give me this case. I don't know if I can give her back now. I'm also afraid that I might hurt her or something. I'm…I'm such a horrible person."

She rocked the baby while she cried years' worth of fear. This baby needed her and she needs the baby. Raizo had many inner battles daily and knew how hard it was to not give in.

Moving in front of her, the ninja took the baby and waited for her to fallow. Once she did he took the baby in her room and laid her down. Razio captured Mika in his arms and basted in her sent.

"This baby is going to be fine. She is lucky to have you watching over her. I know that this is hard for you, but if you can face ninja's. You can face this fear." Kissing her he continued, "I will not leave you. I promise I will be here to help you and if you like we can beat up Maslow later."

Mika smiled at herself knowing the two fought over her at every meeting. Taking one last breath in his arms she pulled away. Slowly moving to the bed to sleep with the babe; for she learned that is was best to sleep when they sleep.

Laying down she felt arms come around her again. Not needing to move to know who it was. Snuggling into his embrace she glanced at the child one last time before drifting off.

"Sleep well my heart"

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