Hello everyone! Oh wait, this is a serious story…lol everything's more funny when you're trying to be serious! Anyway, I hope you like it! It's a oneshot, after the war, and Jason's gone back to Camp Jupiter. However, if I get enough reviews, I might make it a twoshot!

Piper McLean was sitting on her cabin's roof at night. It was after the war with Gaea had ended, and surprisingly, they had won. Everything was perfect. Percy and Annabeth were together again, Leo had finally found a girlfriend, and Drew stopped being grumpy about her leadership replacement.

The one problem, however, was Jason. After the war, he had gone back to Camp Jupiter. Piper couldn't blame him. He was praetor of the place, and had tons of friends. It was where he belonged.

Piper watched the star-lit sky and tried to focus her thoughts on something else. However, all she could think of was the night where she and Jason shared their first kiss: on top of a roof, watching the stars.

She thought of how cunning his smile was, the way he blew his perfect golden hair out of his face, and how dazzling his electric blue eyes looked in the moonlight.

Piper scolded herself. "You'll never see him again." She thought. "Thinking of him will just make you miss him more."

Most girls would cry at that moment. Piper wasn't like most girls. She didn't cry over boys, no matter how gorgeous and sweet they were. Her thoughts traveled back to him yet again.

She sighed and gazed at the sky once more.

She noticed a small pattern of stars. She looked closely at it. It was a girl. She smiled when she realized who it was.

It was her.

It was obvious that Jason had created it. Not many people can create constellations.

Suddenly, the stars spread apart and formed the words "I still love you."

Her smile grew wider. "I love you too, Sparky." She whispered, as if the wind would carry her words to him. With his kind of power, it might.

"He may be three thousand miles away," thought Piper. "But at least I know he cares."