Twil : Calm down...


Vincent: * Shakes head* Just start the story...

It's been about 10 hours since anything happend, I could have sworn I heard a helicopter and fighting and my only thought was " Oh god what did Twil do..." She never intended on it but she got herself in trouble WAY TOO OFTEN, It's kinda sad really she's a "Little Angel" but nothing ever goes right for her. I got really, really, really bored and started kicking the walls of the crystal just so I could know I could still function. I started trying to cut myself with my nails, just so I knew I wasn't having a horrible nightmare about solitary confinement. Note to self: Always stay with someone if stuck in a small space, so sanity is maintained.

" Twils gonna kill me..." I mummbled. I was cutting myself, GREAT! I'm going emo, Twil won't like that.

I'm sure your thinking " Gee Vincent couldn't you just shoot the crystal?" Yeah I tried that, it's bullet proof, It bounced off and grazed me a few times, Yes it hurt but I stopped caring like 6 hours ago.

" It could be worse..." I knew that voice damn demon. Well I more or less despise him for what he did to Twil so I refused to give it a descent response.

" I hate you " I monotoned. " Thats not very nice, and I was just gonna tell you how to get out of here. Pfft I guess you don't need my help." He replied. Ugh he actully knew too, I know he does, he lives in my head. Yes people I had an all powerful and knowing demon in my head who's very bratty and sarcastic, yyyaaaayyyyy...
I sighed. " Fine... What do you want."

" TO GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE OH MY GOD I CAN'T STAND IT! This is the least interesting thing I've ever done!
So I'll make a deal with you, When you need to get out, to help your girlfriend, I'll give you some of my power so we can bust out and kill that little insect who put us in here! IM DYING OF BORDOM!" The demon, I think his name is Chaos... Yelled sort of... in my head...what?

" What's the catch to this Chaos..." I questioned, I couldn't trust this guy he tried to kill my best friend because I was worried if I let him loose he'd hurt her, I'd hold him back. So he figured if he killed Twil I'd move on in like 3 minutes and let him rampage. Actully I constantly have to go over with him, if Twil dies I'll kill myself thus killing him.

Yeah I'd kill myself if Twil died, she's all I have to live for, the reason I get up in the morning, my only friend, I was a monster, I just want to protect her. She doesn't seem to realize how much she's done for me and other people, She offered to kill herself to end my pain, she took a bullet for the girl who made her life hell, stopped a nut case from shooting a six year old, distracted bullies from other kids.

And the Angel wasn't even going to live to 15 according to Sephiroth. 16 hours left till she turned 15. I had to get out and get her away from here. " Theres no catch Vincent I just want to get out of here." Im gonna get us out of here, help you kill that little rat and then Im gonna be so happy i won't bother you for three years minimum." He swore.

" Fine deal..." I said " When are we busting out?"

" When your anger gets the best of you, you'll be stronger then." Great I'll just wait for the moment when I feel my sanity snap in half...oh wait that happened about FIVE AND A HALF DAYS AGO! Me and Chaos talked for six hours, for once I was glad he was around I wasn't dying of bordom just stuck talking casually to the demon living inside my head who tried to kill the only good thing that happened to me, nothing wrong with that statement nope.

" Oh by the way, look to your left just glance, if you turn your head Sephiroth will see them too." Chaos told me. I used my periferal vision to see several pairs of eyes looking over at Sephiroth and me. Blue, brown, etc. But one pair was red like mine, and another which I quickly identified as Twils was a mix of a sickly greenish color like Sephiroth, and her cute little brown ones. I was to occupied to notice of course my thoughts were " Who are the people shes with? How did she get here? Is she hurt? Does Sephiroth notice them?" My worries came true Twil started to move forward slightly she was holding the pocket knife I had given her. " Someone stop her!" I cringed, The guy with my eyes grabbed her and held her back.
Twil looked uncharacteristcly mad but she accepted her defeat. Note to self 2 : Thank that guy later...

" Stop trying to hide you pathetic little worms, I know your there." Sephiroth growled. " Shit!" I whispered " He knows? How long did he know?"

He whirled around and looked Twil dead in the eyes " This is your last chance to surrender the Black Materia on your free will."

" Free will? What the hell does he mean by that?" Chaos asked. " I don't wanna know Chaos... Whatever he means I hope we can stop it." I replied. Sheesh sometimes when I'm talking to Chaos it's like he's more like the annoying yet cool big brother I never had, not a demon.

" Never!" Twil shouted. Her eyes turning a bit back to her usual brown.

" Fine you made a bad choice, now this will have to hurt." Sephiroth monotoned " The black Materia has Jenova cells in it. The black materia is in you, can you guess what that means? Your spikey haired friend can tell you." He glared at the blond one. Huh. he looks like Twils cousin Cloud...

"TWIL GET BACK!" He yelled, he quickly and protectivly pushed Twil behind him.

"Cloud...? What does he mean...? Twil asked, she looked like a scared little kid, she had no idea whats going on and neither did I.

END CHAPTER! YAY its shory but its a progression in the story