Hey guys, as most of you have heard I'm starting a new story starring your characters!:D So, just fill out this form and stuff, and you'll be garuanteed a character in my new story, wich I'll start writing as soon as I've done enough research. Now, you might be wondering: Research, for a story? Why yes, of course! I'm gonna be working with a lot of myths in this story and i want to make sure I'll get them all correct. Also, I'll try to fit everyone's characters here, but I can't promise an important role in the story. Okay, enjoy filling out this form! Also, forgot to add, this will be a trilogy, so your character will be here for three stories!:D
SPOILER ALERT: Do not read past this point unless you want major spoilers for this story! Continue at your own risk! I also need characters for a new group of heroes that'll show up towards the end of the first story. I also need someone for my character Ryan's twin sister, who may or may not but probably will make and appearance in the trilogy.




Hero or Traitor?

General Description (like hair, eye color, height, clothes, etc.):

General Personality Description:

Brief History:


Maybe some Family/Friends:


Whether you want to be Greek, Roman, or Egyptian:

If Greek your godly parent:

If Roman, your godly parent and/or the godly ancestor:

If Egyptian, which god's path do you wish to take? Also who is your pharaoh ancestor?


I also need a name for the trilogy, cuz I'm stumped for one. Give me your ideas! Please?