Okay, so one of you suggested I reply to the anonymous reviews, and I figured, fine, so I wrote aother chapter. However, this is the last one! This story is closed! Okay?

But before I do that, I finnally decided which characters I'm gonna use:

These are the characters that'll go on the big quest that part of the story centers around: Percy, Annabeth, Piper, Carter, Sadie, Zia, Jason, Frank, and Hazel.

I know, they're all canon characters, BUT! Here's the characters that will run away and embark on their own quest (sorry if I spoiled anything):
Simone Robertson, daughter of Athena
Asia Allen, daughter of Hyperion
Sara Cadmyn (Did I spell that right?), daughter of Aeoleus (I know I didn't spell that right...)
Sebastian Stein, follower of Bast
Zayden Horace, follower of the god whose name sounds exactly like Zayden's last name
Angelina Jones, follower of Isis
Diana Theodoranks, daughter of Vulcan, and her half-brother Justin
Haden McHerny, son of Mercury

However, if your character wasn't on this list, don't give up! They might show up in the next story! If not, they'll stay at CHB, Brooklyn House, or wherever, depending on what pantheon they're from, and do some random stuff mainly to provide comic relief. That's good, right? Yeah, it is. If you don't think so, then... you should still read it, cuz it'll be good!

Okay, now for the anonymous reviews (there's only one of them...):

Victor: Yeah, I was just gonna make him a Chaos magician and a fire elementalist, but I can make him a combat magician too. Listen, those powers... are way too powerful. A character like that would be what most people consider a Marty Stu. Not to upset you or anything, but think about it, a character that powerful would be just about undefeatable in every battle and take over the world in a matter of seconds. So, yeah, if it's okay with you, I'll just stick to the powers I listed up there^^^

Well, that's it, so remember, don't review this story anymore! Review my other one!