Seeking Vengeance: Copy Kat Kills It Up

Summary: If you thought she left Rocky and CeCe alone, then you're dead wrong. And this time, she's determined to make everyone suffer and become her victims.

Pairings: Runther, Tynka, and DeCe

Rating: T+

A/N: I know, I know. You guys are extremely mad at me for deleting most of my SIU stories. Well, I have reasons! For one, I kept uploading too many stories at a time, making me extra busy. I figured that I need to work on a selected few at a time before making new ones, y'know?

And also, for those of you who know-my awesome friends on SIU Wiki-I decided to make it up to you by creating a story that I hope will be BIG. I've never gotten past twenty chapters with a story-so I'm gonna try to make it extra longer!

As usual, this story has an even amount of Runther, Tynka, and DeCe, so technically this is not just a Runther story :):). The gang's gonna be a little older, around sixteen-seventeenish because most of the scenes I imagined in my head including them driving and stuff xD.

I also want this story to actually have action almost nonstop, so if things take a turn that you wouldn't expect to see in the first chapter of a story, don't be surprised.

Disclaimer: YES. I DO OWN SHAKE IT UP. *hence the sarcasm*

The stars were scattered along the night sky. The waxing crescent moon provided a bright light over the city of Chicago. It was still technically summer, early September. Nocturnal citizens go by with their usual night plans-partying, working, taking a nightly walk or jog in the park, etc. Elementary, middle, and high school students were sound asleep in their homes-excluding some of the high school students that were up to their usual mischief-most of them not ready to wake up tomorrw, nor get ready for school.

A seventeen year old girl, who had dyed her hair a dark brown, was walking down the sidewalk; her combat boots made deep clicking sounds as she walked. Her makeup was dark, as was her attire. She was going to meet up with a group of people-people that she had chosen selectively to help her with her little...plan.

She smiled to herself. The plan was brilliant. All her life she had been known as the smartest kid in school-the most fun to be around-up until stupid Rocky and CeCe got in her way. They thought they got away with it the last time. She scoffed; CeCe Jones. What a fool. Did the ginger really think she could fool her? She knew she wasn't really accepted to Shake It Up New York.

Well played, Jones, well played. Now it was time to get even.

Messing with the outgoing and fun one was just a snippet-Plan A.

But now it's time for Plan B. It was time to get the smart one-the virgin vegan.

The girl turned a corner. The street was empty. She approached a circular, rusty storm drain. Bending down, her black polished fingernails pried it open; she put the lid aside. She looked down, seeing nothing but black that led down to the sewer. Or, to what was once a sewer. She smirked, bending down before she jumped. She felt the rush of wind as she fell down and down but she knew where she was going. She landed smooth on her feet, straightening up.

Just then a young woman, about her age, came to view as she walked down the tunnel towards her. She was wearing a hooded cloak with purple designs on them and holding a lit torch. Underneath the cloak, she was wearing a leather fitted suite; the neck piece was metal, as well as the shoulder pads and arm braces, and utility belt with various weapons. The heels on her feet were high and spiked.

"Mistress," she greeted, bowing respectively.

"Savannah," Katerina replied with a sigh.

"Everyone's waiting for you," Savannah informed, now standing on Katerina's side. She held the torch between them, providing light as they walked down the tunnel. There was light splashes of water underneath their feet, but the water was only a centimeter high, an inch high being the deepest in some places.

"Hmm. Pleasure," Katerina mused.

They approached three arches, each leading to three different places. They went in the right arch, which led to 'The Death Bed', or "the den" in some cases. Along the walls were lit torches, providing light.

They entered The Death Bed, and Savannah hung the torch back where she had found it. The Death Bed was a wide, circular room around the width. This room was brighter than any other place down there. On each side stood twenty teenagers, ten on one side, ten on the other, and split by the sexes; they too wore cloaks and suites, feminine/masculine depending on the person. Once they saw their mistress, they got down on their knees and bowed as Katerina made her way to the front of the room. In the front of the room had a couple of steps that led up to her black, Gothic throne.

Savannah resumed her spot in the front row, getting down on her knees too. She and Matt Tucker's eyes met briefly before they looked forward; the two were considered Katerina's 'favorites', or sidekicks.

Katerina sat down in her throne after a hooded figure put her cloak on her.

"Welcome, my Kanines," she greeted. "Tonight has finally come for us to proceed."

The Kanines looked up at their mistress, some faces boring evil smiles now.

"I have heard that we have our first victim?" She asked softly.

"Indeed we do, Mistress Katerina," Matt replied.

A faint scream echoed in the halls from the arch in the far left corner.

"Bring her in," Katerina commanded.

"Yes, Mistress," said Matt, and he and Savannah stood and departed the room, hoods over their heads.

Dead silence.

"Lemme GO! I have my rights!" screeched a girl before she appeared in The Death Bed, Savannah and Matt gripping her arms tightly as she tried to fight. Katerina managed a light chuckle, amused by her victim; she knew the girl was useless.

"The more you struggle, the less I'll think about sparing your life," Katerina said as Savannah and Matt brought her up to the front in front of her.

"What the hell is going on?" the girl demanded. "Why am I even here? I didn't do anything!"

Katerina arched an eyebrow.

"Candy it?" She mused.

"How do you know my name? Who are you?" Candy winced as Matt and Savannah's grip on her tightened. "Ow!"

Katerina stood and Savannah and Matt released Candy, who remained frozen as the pale, dark haired girl circled her like a hawk. Katerina, while behind Candy, ran her finger along her neckbone.

"You're asking the wrong questions..." Katerina said in Candy's ear, making her shudder.

"Y-You're not answering any of them," Candy stammered, feeling everyone's eyes on her. Katerina now stood in front of her, her eyes still focused intently, her head cocked to the side a bit.

"You hate Rocky Blue," Katerina stated.

Candy looked shocked now. "Y-Y-Yeah, so?"

"Little bird told me you know her weaknesses..." Katerina continued her circleing, and Candy's eyes tried to keep up. "Tell me...what are they?"

"U-Um...I always beat her in everything," Candy continued to stammer, her voice shaky. "She h-hates that...a-and um, she expects everyone to like her, and everyone hurts her feelings when they make fun of her height and the way she can never compare to other girls and...s-she hates dirty things...a-a-a-and she hates being under pressure..."

Katerina, at a point where she was behind Candy, smiled evilly before she returned to stand in front of Candy.

"Is there anybody she...cares extremely about?" Katerina questioned next, leaning in and she whispered in Candy's ear, "Any boy in particular?"

"W-Well, everyone t-thinks she has a thing for blondes, cuz she slow danced with Matt Tucker at the dance a few years ago."

Katerina leaned to the side, looking at Matt now.

"Matthew?" She demanded softly.

"I think it's either Deuce Martinez or Gunther Hessenheffer," Matt said. "Deuce is going out with Dina, I think, but Gunther's had his share of crushes-and they all looked somewhat similar to Rocky."

"Bingo," Katerina said with a smile before returning her cold gaze on Candy. "You've been resourceful, Cho."

Candy sighed in relief.

"But, unfortunately..." Katerina flitted behind Candy, reaching in her robes and pulled out a black stake with designs that looked like veins on them. She stabbed Candy, the dagger going through her entirely; the 'veins' on the stake lit up a bright purple, as well as Candy's veins also. Candy was gasping for air in disbelief, using the last of her strength to grip the tip of the stake. She knew she couldn't do anything but..."You no longer have use to me."

Savannah was trying to fight a smirk, while Matt was watching with slight difficulty. Candy's body fell to the ground as Katerina yanked the stake back out, her veins still glowing; but they will dim back to normal within an amount of time. Her breathing was short and quick as she looked up at the ceiling.

And then Candy was still, Katerina's boot pressing down into her side.

"What a waist..." Katerina said with a tut. She turned to her followers, a smile slowly spreading across her face. "Game on."

Rocky Blue's eyes snapped open just as her alarm went off.

With a sigh, she sat up straighter from her sleeping position-which has been on her side-running her fingers through her hair. The dark haired beauty got out of bed and made her way to her bathroom. She freshed up, taking a quick shower, then brushed her teeth and washed her face, and dried her hair; after it was dried properly, she straightened it, adding slight ringlet curls to her dark brown locks.

She hummed a little as she walked back into her room. She went to her closet, opening it, and she rocked back and forth on her heels as she silently debated on what to wear.

Maybe I should keep it simple today, she thought, and she frowned a little. No one notices me anyway, so what's the point?

Making a decision, she put on a white off the shoulder tee with black and pink graphic designs on it and black shorts. After that, she picked out her favorite pink boots and put them on. She applied her makeup, simple but enough to match her outfit, then put on her black denim jacket; it was her favorite, which was cropped at the elbows, flaring out at the hips, making it look like she wasn't wearing any shorts.

She looked at herself in the mirror one more time. Around her neck was a silver necklace with a matching heart as the pendant; her father had given it to her before he went on another long business trip. He had been gone for a week so far.

Once she was completely ready, she went downstairs and made herself a quick bowl of cereal. Her mother had already gone to work, and her brother wasn't living with them anymore because he was in college.

Is it wrong of me to feel so alone, even though I have great friends? She thought as she chewed. CeCe and Tinka were her best girlfriends, and Deuce and Gunther her best guyfriends. Gunther and Tinka weren't as...sparkly as they used to be. Now they went from the weird foreign twins to the hot exchange students who everyone apparently wanted to date. Rocky was the only one that knew that Tinka had it hard for Ty; Rocky didn't blame her. She couldn't help herself when it came to Gunther.

Rocky felt bad for not telling CeCe. The guilt was terrible on her. She just couldn't bring herself up to it. Unlike her ginger bestie, Rocky wasn't that obvious when it came to boys she really liked. Possibly loved. Gunther was clueless; he doesn't know about her deep feelings for him.

Rocky sighed again. Her mother busied herself with work, so she barely saw her. Rocky had curfew, so she used as much time as she could to hang out with CeCe.

Turn that frown upside down, Raquel Blue, she told herself. You'll go to school and feel all better...maybe busy yourself with future homework...curl yourself up with a Harry Potter book in Study Hall...

And see Gunther...

Rocky smiled at the thought of him.

Wonder what he's wearing today...

Earphones in ears from her phone, Rocky walked down the school hallway, making her way over to her locker. After doing her combination, she opened it and inhaled. Today's gonna be a good day, she hoped. Listening to music always made her feel better. Shake It Up rehearsal was tomorrow after school.

She bobbed her head a little, her body doing the same little motion as she got out her Honors English and Algebra book, and binder for her first few classes. She closed her locker, then looked to the side and jumped as she saw a familiar blonde leaning up against the lockers next to hers.

Gunther looked over at her. "Morning," he said with a smile.

A smile automatically grew across Rocky's face as she switched her belongings to one arm, while pulling an earphone out of her ear. Her eyes gave him a brief once-over. He was wearing a blue graphic polo, faded jeans, and matching sneakers. The way his shirt hugged him nearly made her swoon.

"Morning," she replied. "How long have you been standing there?"

"Long enough," said Gunther.

"You've got to stop doing that, you're gonna give a girl a heart attack," Rocky said, and Gunther laughed. Her cheeks felt pink, and she looked down at her binder.

"What're you listening to?" Gunther asked. Before Rocky could answer, Gunther put the free earphone in his ear, leaning closer to Rocky as he did so. Their arms were touching, and he seemed oblivious. After recognizing the instrumental, he started smirking. "Rihanna, huh?" He looked at her.

"Pon De Replay is one of my faves by her," Rocky confessed, and Gunther gave her earphone back.

"Me too," Gunther said. "I love the video. She always had the way with the hips." And as he spoke, he put his hands on his hips and shook them back and forth, making Rocky giggle.

The first bell rang.

"I gotta get to class," Gunther said, retreating away.

"Catch ya later!" Rocky called after him, and he waved at her briefly before disappearing around the corner. She sighed blissfully, leaning back against her locker with a slightly dazed expression on her face.

Just then Tinka walked up to her.

"Hey, hun," she greeted her, and Rocky looked over at her. Tinka looked pretty today, wearing a cropped hot pink leather jacket, a white tank top, black skinny jeans with black sequins, and hot pink converse. Her hair was down and in crinkle curls.

"Hi..." Rocky said.

Tinka smiled knowingly. "Let me guess-Gunther happened."

Rocky nodded reluctantly.

"C'mon, please let me set you two up!" Tinka begged. "You won't regret it!"

"Now you sound like CeCe," said Rocky with a smile.

Tinka looked around. "Where is CeCe?"

Rocky frowned at the absence of their best friend. "I don't know."

They walked off together...

...And found CeCe peeping around the corner. Rocky opened her mouth to ask when she and Tinka saw what CeCe was doing; the now red velvet head was spying on Deuce and Dina, who were having a deep conversation.

Rocky and Tinka peeped too, hastening to listen in.

"...and I don't know about you, but I'm just not...feelin' it anymore...y'know what I mean?" Dina was saying, looking hesitant as she looked into Deuce's eyes, playing with her fingers.

"Are you...breaking up with me?" Deuce asked. He didn't look hurt necessarily...he almost looked...relieved.

"It's not you, Deucey!" Dina tried to reassure. "It's just that...I sort of...lost romantic interest in ya, that's all!"

A pause.

"You've been thinking about that too?" Deuce sighed with relief. "Man, I thought you were gonna kill me or sue me if I told you! How long have you...?"

"Eh, for the past two weeks I guess," Dina said. "Weird, right?"

"Yeah." Deuce nodded.

"How long have you...?"

"Oh I don't know. I'm a dude-I normally don't recognize things until the last minute."

"Understandable," Dina agreed. "So...can we still be friends?"

"'Course! We've been together for too long and...I don't really feel like I got dumped so..." said Deuce, thinking of the right words to say. "I mean, sure, it might hurt for a little bit, but I'll get over it."

"Yeah, me too," said Dina. She held out her hand. "Amigos?"

Deuce shook her hand once. "Amigos."

"Yes!" CeCe exclaimed a little too loud. Deuce and Dina looked up just as Rocky yanked CeCe from around the corner and they and Tinka took off down the hallway.

"Smooth, Jones," said Tinka, a little out of breath, once they came to a stop.

"Very smooth," said Rocky, panting. "Can you not be so obvious?"

CeCe shrugged with a smile, her cheeks pink.

"C'mon," Rocky panted heavily. "Let's...get to...class...whew!" Her eyebrows scrunched down. "Good Lord, I need...water...and...oxygen..."