Preface: 2019, and the world, has gone to hell. In 2012, military scientists attempted to create a drug that would enhance their soldiers' physical attributes. The drug worked well with the soldiers DNA, too well. The drug caused them to revert to their most primal instincts, causing them to attack and kill other personal. What was worse was that the drug acted as a tool to reanimate killed subjects, also turning them into savage beasts.

What was disturbing was, after further examination of their bodies, the subjects turned out to have died shortly after the drug had been administered. The subjects were terminated and the drug was shelved, a decision that would soon bring chaos and destruction. In 2013, the drug was stolen and released upon the general public, "infecting" millions within the first hour. In a few months, humanity fell.

Only a few pockets of civilization remain, among them is the most successful, Haven. Haven, a "city" with a population of 25,000, is the largest pocket of humanity. It's leader, Annalise Davids, created an elite organization of "exterminators", an organization created for the sole purpose of "exterminating" infected to help widen the boundaries of Haven.

April 2nd, 2019

Ruins of Lincoln, Nebraska

The dark and damp halls reeked with the stench of mutilated bodies, and the moans of pain and agony were all that one prisoner could hear. The prisoner, was none other than Kevin Conrad, and the patch on his shoulder meant one thing, HE, was a member of the Exterminators Alpha team. Though he still wondered how he'd got talked into this mess. Then he remembered.

"Are you sure about this Dexter?" Asked the alpha team marksman. "This seems...I don't know, risky, and well, I don't wanna do this." Kevin looked to his superior, who shrugged.

"I don't know what to tell you Kevin," He replied, "It isn't really my decision. It's Cash's. And he wants you to be our little Mole."

"Why can't you do it? You are the stealth, recon, and hand to hand combat specialist, you would have a way easier time with this than me, so couldn't you do it?" Kevin asked his hooded superior, who shook his head, even though he couldn't really see them, Due to Dexter's mask, Kevin knew there was some sadness in Dex's eyes.

After a sigh, Dexter spoke."Look," He began, "If it were up to me, yeah I would, in a heartbeat. You know I live for that shit, but Cash's orders are Cash's orders. You know as well as I do, once he makes his mind up, he sticks with it. It's his best and his worst quality. But, Cash has a job for me to do, and what it is, I have no clue.

"But hey," He said with some joy in his tone, "You are one of my best students, and I know you'll do well."

Kevin's superior put a supportive hand on Kevin's shoulder, and took his leave, leaving Kevin to look through his mission file. With a sigh, Kevin put the files away and left to prepare himself. After all, the chopper was leaving within the hour. As Kevin walked into the armory, he noticed fellow team member, Missy entering Dexter's dojo for a training session. As she entered, Kevin couldn't help but stare at her, she was gorgeous, but he caught himself before anyone, god forbid Missy, noticed. It was no secret he had a thing for her, and he'd been meaning to ask her out, and he had a few ideas, but planning would have to wait, he had a job to prepare for.

"My babies!" He exclaimed in thought to himself. The "Babies" he was referring to we're twin Smith and Wesson M500 magnums. Custom engraving into the barrels, chambers, and stocks, along with laser sights, these were the real deal when it came to firearms. Sure that was a lot of firepower for two hands, but Kevin was no slouch. He spent hours in the gym, at the targeting range, and in the training facility to hone his skills. And he was good, almost perfect in fact. His accuracy and knowledge of guns made him the perfect marksman. Kevin quickly put us flak jacket on over his black long-sleeve shirt and his holster harness. Sliding the magnums into their respective holsters, Kevin made his way towards his locker. When he arrived, he noticed alpha teams second in command and explosives expert, Chance Crowley. Crowley, as he liked to be called, was an-ex navy seal, who was cold and ruthless when it came to the infected. His tactics were vicious, his skills, amazing, and his intelligence, off the charts. Crowley, was not a man to fuck with.

"Kevin!" Called the SIC, "I hear you got a special assignment from Cash."

"Yeah," Replied the marksman, "stealth operation." Immediately, the SIC, shook his head, he knew that wasn't Kevin's specialty, but he wasn't one to question Cash's judgment, Crowley respected him to much.

"Well..." Said Crowley, trying to think of something meaningful to say, but instead, he just patted the marksman on his shoulder and left. Feelings weren't his style. Kevin sighed as his superior left. With a shake of his head, Kevin clipped on his gun belt, with two holsters, then his thigh holster, and finally, his rifle harness. He then trekked to the armory, and while he wasn't paying attention, ran into Missy, knocking her onto the ground.

"Hey Assho-", She paused, "Oh! Kev! I didn't see you there! Obviously ya didn't see me so...?". She held out her hand as a gesture for Kevin to help her up. With a quick glance at his magnums, she smirked.

"Cash gave you an assignment?" she cooed. The marksman gulped.

"Y-Yeah. Stealth ops. Not my thing, but I guess he has his reasons." He replied.

"Oh well," She sighed. "Cash always has a reason, careful okay? Stealth ain't your style, so, just be careful, okay?"

"Yeah, missy. I'll be careful."

If only he had.

"Fuck!" Thought Kevin. "I knew I wasn't cut out for all this stealth bullshit! Now these religious sociopaths are gonna fucking crucify me or some shit! Fuck!". His thoughts were interrupted when his cell door opened, illuminating the cell.

"Get him." Said a gruff voice, "It's time to teach out guest, a lesson."

Two figures emerged from the light, roughly grabbing Kevin by his hair, then shoving him out of the cell. Shaking the cobwebs out of his head, Kevin looked to see himself at the feet of the head security guard of the compound. "Gods Palace", as they called it. Yeah, sure was a palace. The halls were filled with screams of agony and the smell of rotting flesh. These nut jobs found pleasure in torturing "heathens", or people who would not submit to the unyielding "laws" given to these monsters by, supposedly, God himself. These people were far from God's children. Kevin highly doubted that God existed, but if he did, he didn't want people to be treated like livestock at the slaughterhouse. An opinion Kevin had mistakenly voiced when he was captured by the security force. For that, Kevin got an uppercut to the chin, and a boot to the face. The guards voice broke through Kevin's "wall".

"So," He began, "Have you seen the error of your heathen ways, Boy?"

"Nah," Began Kevin, "I'm good. Oh and by the way, enough with the whole 'boy' thing. I'm twenty-two. I think I have outgrown the term,' boy.'" The guard growled in disapproval. He then swiftly backhanded him across the face.

"Then you will die in town square like the dog you are!" He roared.

"Hey, hey, hey," Said Kevin calmly, "Not so loud man, I can still hear out of this one." Kevin then raised his hands and brushed aside his long brown hair, and pointed to his left ear. The guard backhanded him again, and roughly brought him to his feet. While he was being dragged out, a small elderly man ran to the guard.

"Williamson!" He squeaked, "I need to measure him! For his coffin." The guard towered above the man, and moved aside.

"Very well." he said begrudgingly. The coffin-maker quickly strode to Kevin with measuring tape.

"If you please gentleman," Said the coffin-maker, "He needs to stand straight up."

"No problem." Said one of the guards, "STAND UP!" Kevin did as told.

"Hmm," Began the coffin-maker, "about Five feet, nine inches. Athletic build, Id say, between one hundred and sixty to one hundred and eighty pounds."

"one-seventy-seven." Corrected Kevin. The coffin-maker glared at the marksman.

"Thank you." He said coldly. As he began to walk away, he heard Kevin speak.

"No problem, shorty." This caused the two lower guards to laugh, until the Head guard glared at them, and punched Kevin into the gut. Kevin let out a grunt of pain, and dropped to his knees.

"Now," Growled the guard, "IF there are no more distractions, let us continue on." With that, the guards dragged Kevin to town square. The roaring crowds and the megaphone told Kevin they were close.

"Now, Loyal subjects of God," Spoke the man at the podium, "WE bring you another heathen, an agent of Satan himself!" The crowed booed and voiced their opinions as to what Kevin's should be. The man, who was in fact the head priest of this horrible place, raised a hand to silence the angry masses.

"But now," He began, "We will eradicate this monstrosity once and for all! Bring in Gabriel!"

"Gabriel," Thought Kevin, 'Who the fuck is 'Gabriel'?"

He would soon find out, to his horror, that 'Gabriel', was not a who, but a what.