Chapter 7

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Kevin slowly tagged behind the rest of his team, eyeing a certain dirty-blonde haired woman holding hands with a certain bald-headed Baxter, trying his best to hide his true emotions. He really wished he could talk to her, tell her how he felt. But he couldn't. He knew she didn't feel the same way, and he didn't want to waste his breath talking about unrequited feelings. Suddenly, he felt a light nudge in his side. Glancing over to the side, he saw his mentor, and best friend, Dexter. Sensing the concern in his friend's eyes, he smiled, attempting to ease his friends conscience.

"Hey Dex." He quipped in the happiest tone he could muster, "What's up?"

"I'd say the sky," Replied Dex, "But I feel as if you are troubled. What's wrong?" Kevin opened his mouth to say the truth, but instead he lied.


"Don't lie to me Kev," Warned Dex playfully. Kevin's hands immediately went to the air.

"I'm honestly not!" Dex looked to the marksman and shook his head.

"Come on now," Said Dex, placing his hand on his friends shoulder, stopping him, "I've known you since the zed heads first arrived on the scene. I think I can tell when you're upset. Now spill the beans, gun nut." Kevin let out a sigh, Dex could be persistent, and he wouldn't let him be until he got an answer.

"It's Missy."

"What about her?"

"I, uh, well I um-" He sputtered out before Dex let out a small snicker.

"I'm just messing with ya! I know you got the hots for her! Hell, everybody does. Well, accept for Baxter and Missy, of course. Look bud, you have to tell here how ya feel. The more you don't, the worse you will feel."

"That's all fine and dandy, Dex." Said Kevin sternly, "But, she's with Bax, why would she leave him, the same guy she's been with for six years, and then come running to me? They're perfectly happy together, and I don't wanna get in the way of that." Dex let out a small chuckle.

"You will never know, my friend." He said placing a hand on Kevin's shoulder. "And trust me, things aren't always what they seem. There may be some trouble in paradise. Trust me, ninjas can see these things." With that Dex went to catch up with the rest of the team, leaving Kevin to ponder his words.

"There may be some trouble in paradise?" He thought to himself, "If Dex is right, then maybe there is hope!" Smiling due to newfound joy, Kevin quickly jogged to catch up with his team.

Cash strode quietly at the front of the pack, with Annalise, Rene, and the rest of his team following quietly in tow, with the exception of Marco carrying Lia on his back as if she were a small child, although compared to him, she pretty much was, her small five-four frame was dwarfed by his intimidating stature. Cash also spotted Missy and Baxter snuggling up to one another like two high school sweethearts, as well as Kevin and Dexter having a friendly chat at the tail end of the group. Feeling a nudge in his side, he glanced over to see Rene with a childish smirk on her face.

"Look at those two," she said pointing to Dex and Kevin, "How much to you wanna wager they're gay lovers?" She let out a high-pitched laughter, causing Cash to wince. He, along with the rest of his team, found her to be extremely pompous and annoying. She was cocky, uptight, and seemed to have it out for Dex. Her shrill laughter caused each member of Alpha team to wince.

"I don't make stupid accusations," Cash growled, "And I'd appreciate it if you didn't either. They are good exterminators, as well ass good men. So please, keep your opinions and accusations to yourself." With a final glare, Cash stomped off, catching up with Annalise.

"When we are done here, I need to speak with you," He said while glancing back towards Rene, "Alone."

"I'll think about it." Was the short reply, "If you are nice." And with a small giggle, She stopped and waited for Rene to catch up with her. Cash shook his head, he sometimes wondered how she managed to run the city, but then he couldn't really see why she couldn't. She was smart, independent, competent of handing the most difficult of tasks, as well as being able to handle being a single mom of two kids, she was a very talented leader. But certain moments of immaturity led him to think otherwise some days. His thoughts were interrupted when Annalise's voice sang out.

"We're here!" The small mob of people soon stopped to see if this was the case, or yet another one of Annalise's pranks. Sure enough, it was true, and soon they were crowding the entrance, anxious to see what their genius friends had come up with this time.

Arriving at the bottom of the stairwell, the team was greeted by Haven City's top engineer/inventor/scientist, Dr. Powers.

"Good evening to you all!" He greeted in a cheery tone, with a slight accent, shaking each person's hand, "It is nice to see you all, come, we have much to show!" With that, he turned his back to the crowd and hurriedly walked his way to the dimly-lit laboratory.

The first thing the team noticed were what appeared to be grenades, but with slightly different shapes, and textures.

"What are these?" Asked Kevin as he casually tossed one into the air.

"Don't touch that!" Yelled the Doctor, grabbing frantically for the small object in Kevin's hands. "These are highly unstable explosives, prototypes. They are made with a poly-carbon shell that is not designed for carelessness, one wrong toss and we wont exist anymore, a developmental flaw yes, but we are working currently to fix it."

"That doesn't answer my question." Said Kevin in annoyance, "What are they?"

"Getting to that," Snapped a clearly agitated Powers. Holding the explosive tightly in his hand, strode to the rest of the explosives, calmly setting the bomb down. "The infected, though seemingly mindless, are rather complicated. Which is why we have dedicated small sessions of time to study them." Stepping to a large curtain, and gesturing to a few aides, he turned back to the team.

"What we have discovered," He continued, "Is that these creatures act solely upon primal instincts, and one of these instincts, is to follow a specific pheromone, which we have promptly named, NG1." The curtains were soon drawn open, revealing a dozen or so snarling zombies, clawing at the glass, hoping to break through to the all-you-can eat buffet.

"They look hungry." Noted a wary Marcus, stepping in front of Lia, who in turn rolled her eyes.

"We have not fed them in weeks," Answered the doctor, "So they may be slightly hungry. Anyway, the pheromone seems to distract them, from whatever goal they are pursuing. We found that early test subjects cannot withstand a massive amount of said pheromone, it acts a poison and overloading whatever functions they may have. Too little, and they will lose interest. But, with the right amount, coupled with some high-grade explosives, it can be beneficial to the Exterminators."

A small door slid open, as a NG1 bomb was thrown into the exhibit, causing all zombies to instantly turn and head towards the small explosive. Within a few moments, there was a large bang, and most of the team shielded their eyes. When all settled, the team was shocked to find the zombies scattered all over the room, in various pieces, with flesh hanging off the walls and ceilings, as well as limbs strewn across the floor.

"Hell Yeah!" Hollered Kevin from behind the back clapping his hands.

"Merde." Murmured Dex, "Carnage tels." Annalise quickly turned her head to avoid the grim sight, as well as keep her breakfast down, while Missy and Lia just grimaced, this was a common sight to a field Exterminator. The doctor chuckled at the teams reactions.

"Come," He said quietly, "There is much to see."

The team prepared to leave, they had seen many new gizmos and toys that day, ranging form pheromone bombs, to grappling gloves. None of the team left without seeing something seemingly made tailored to them, all except Dex.

As Dex prepared to leave with his team, He was stopped when Powers grabbed his arm.

"If you will be patient, Mister Bradley, we have something for you." Dex tilted his head slightly, then nodded, allowing the doctor to lead deep inside the lab. The doctor stopped Dex as he reached for a door handle, and opened the door.

Stepping inside, Dex saw nothing, except for a few cloths draped over various objects, confused, he turned over to the doctor.

"Why am I here Doc?" Powers did not respond, he only strode forward to a large table. Smiling, he then yanked off the cloth, revealing what appeared to be, various pieces of body armor.

"What am I looking at here, Doctor?"

"This Dexter," He smiled, "Is the pinnacle of body armor."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, Monsieur Bradley, that we have re-developed cutting edge protection for our greatest protectors. This, is Gator Skin, named for the scale like components on the outside." Handing over "Gator Skin" gauntlets, he gave an nod, permitting Dexter to put them on his forearms.

"They're light," Noted Dexter.

"Much lighter than what you had, and much more protective as well." Dexter closed his hands into fists, then unclenched them, then rolled his wrists, and bent his arms.

"They seem pretty damn flexible, It feels as if that's my actual skin." Commented Dex. "How did you make these?"

"I didn't." Answered the Doctor. "We found them. They are made of an experimental multi-weave prototype fiber, with a special alloy coating painted overtop. In other words, it can and will deflect anything, from small blades, to bullets. We just made a few adjustments, and what you see here, is the final stage. We have, shin guards, greaves, chest pieces, shoulder pieces, as well as special inserts to allow you to fall from greater heights, and be able to absorb the impact." Dex just smiled in amazement.

"Thanks Doc." He beamed, "These are amazing, I owe you big time."

"Ne pense rien de lui, son compatriote." He said smiling.

"Je vous remercie, mon ami". The older man patted the ninja on his shoulder, and left Dexter to his thoughts.

Jada brushed aside a strand of hair from her face as she adjusted her seating position. Carefully setting her book aside, she eased herself back to her side. Reaching for her book, she let out a sigh. This one of the few times she could be in peace.

Her sudden peace was interrupted when there was a knock at the door. Growling in frustration, she slid off her bed and stormed to the door.

"Who is it?" She hissed.

"Its Oroku." Came a deep voice from the other side. She immediately let out a sigh of relief and opened the door to greet her visitor, a large, yet muscular, man, with a shaved head, a scarred eye, and a warm smile.

"Good evening," Oroku said in a quiet voice, "little sister."

"The same to you, big brother." The two then embraced in a tender hug, with Oroku giving her a tight squeeze, hearing a squeak, he chuckled. Stepping back, Jada playfully punched her brother in the shoulder. Looking down at her, he smiled.

"Getting Stronger everyday."

"And you are getting uglier." Replied Jada with a slight giggle.

"Yes, but," He said in a low voice, "My young sister is turning into quite the little beauty." Jada blushed and turned from her brother, but frowned knowing what he would say next.

"You look just like mother." Instantly Jada turned back to her brother, and seeing the frown upon her face, Oroku instantly regretted saying it. "Jada, I'm sorry-" She raised a hand to cut him off.

"It's fine." She replied with a weak smile, "Thank you. Though I wish she was here." Turning away from him, she instantly her brothers strong arms wrapped around her, and she quickly brought her hands over his.

"I do too." He replied. "We all do." Jada instantly turned to her brother, with a suspicious look.

"That is not true." She said quietly. "Taino does not." Oroku let out a sigh. He knew where this conversation was heading.

"Yes," He answered, "He does. Though our brother doesn't show it, Taino misses mother very much. He just has his own way of…'Grieving'." Jada stared at him in disbelief. Oroku sighed again.

"Do not pass judgment on him, He is lost. A warrior in need of guidance. As his twin, and his older brother, we both have a duty to provide that guidance."

"He doesn't seem to want it." She growled. Taino was an arrogant, egotistical, shrewd little man, he was almost a spitting image of Kyro, and that was one thing Jada did not want in her family.

"Jada," Spoke her brother, causing her to turn back to face him, "We cannot allow our brother to continue down his current path, it is up to us to show him the true face of honor and bravery. We can-" he instantly stopped seeing the large bruise on his sisters face. He instantly gazed into her eyes.

"Where did you get that?"

"It was noth-"

"Jada," He said sternly, "Where did you get that?" Jada felt tears well up in her eyes, she could not lie to her brother.

"Kyro…" She said fighting tears. Instantly, her brothers face went from a look of worry, to fury.

"How dare he," He said through clenched teeth. "I will tear him apart!"

"No, no, no, Oroku!" Pleaded Jada, "Please don't!"

"Why" He growled, "Do you like being tortured like this?!" He took a threatening step toward her, but didn't raise his hand.

"No, it's just…"

"Just what?" He growled, taking another step.

"Forgive me brother," She began, "But you cannot beat him." Oroku's anger was replaced by shock.

"You doubt my skill?" He questioned.

"NO, no, no!" Answered Jada, "Not at all. it's just that he has been training for much longer than us, and he has The Master behind him. Oroku, you could be banished for attempting such a feat, and killed if you fail!"

"I don't care. I will not sit idly by while my little sister is tortured like this!" He growled. "Especially by that bastard Kyro." Jada looked him in the eyes, her silver orbs meeting his brown, tears streaming down her face.

"What would I do without you here?" She sobbed. Oroku's gaze softened, and he placed his hands on her shoulders, attempting to calm her down, and was about to soothe her when a harsh voice interrupted his thoughts.

"What's going on here?" The siblings looked back to see a man behind them, clad in a grey and red hooded sweatshirt, and a light grey mask, gazing back at them.

"I said," He snapped, "What is going on here?" Turning to his sister, Oroku sighed and shook his head.

"Nothing, Taino." Taino stepped closer, scoffing in disbelief.

"I doubt it. Our dear sister is in tears, and you are trying to soothe her. Something happened. Tell me. Now." Oroku could feel anger bubbling inside him, where did this little Nezumi get this attitude? Taking a deep breath, and remembering to be patient with is little brother, Oroku looked back at his sibling.

"She misses mother." A lie. But it seemed that Taino had bought it, for now.

"Ah yes." Sighed Taino, "Mother." The faux sadness was evident, but Oroku was in no mood for that argument again. Gazing down at Jada, Taino noticed the bruise on her neck.

"Oh yes." He said coldly. "Kyro told me of your little, 'interaction', earlier. He assured me it was nothing but a mere accident."

"An accident!" Screeched Jada, rising from the floor to glare at her twin, who seemed unmoved by her sudden outburst, "He threw me against a wall, and choked me! How could you believe him? He is a liar, a monster, and a dishonorable little rat!" Taino's eyes flashed with anger as he stepped toward his sister.

"You will watch your tone, sister. Especially when speaking of the great lord Kyro. He is a saint, a martyr to our cause, and you condemn him? Shame on you. I should report your treason to The Master, and it is because you are my sister, that I wont. Fair warning Lovely Jada, It will do you good to show some respect where it is demanded." With that, the younger twin stormed out of the room while Jada burst into tears once more as Oroku wrapped his arms around his little sister.

"Someday," He whispered into her ear, "We will leave this place."

"When?" Was the tear filled reply.


"How soon?" Oroku looked down at his sister, who had her head buried into his chest, as tears drenched his shirt.

"I do not know." He replied, quietly, "I do not know."

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"Such Carnage"

"Thank you very much, my friend."

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"Think nothing of it, fellow countryman."

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