Licking the last drop out of the bottle, Winnie watches in awe as her beautiful daughter Olly squints her face at the taste. 'Mamma, it tastes so funny.' Winnie smiles and strokes her long auburn hair out of the 8 year old's face.

'I know it does, but now we're together and soon, we'll be with a few more people too.' Winnie looked out at the setting sun from the grassy hillside where they had made camp. 'We better get some sleep, the travel tomorrow will make you quite tired dear.'

Olly snuggled up to her mother willingly. She was all but already asleep. 'Goodnight, Mamma.'

'Goodnight dear.' Winnie shut her eyes against the fading light, already thinking about her future.

Winnie dreams of the glorious moment 18 years ago when she spied the beautiful boy in the forest. He lazily leans against a tree, stretching every now and then. But soon he moves the small pile of pebbles next to him and begins to drink from the spurting water that follows. As he drinks, he notices her and calls her over with a mournful expression. She stammers quickly that she didn't mean to watch him because she didn't know anyone would be there. As she talks to the boy, she is bewildered when at first he says he's 104 years old but soon corrects himself to be 17. The boy stole her heart almost instantly, before he had even realized she was there.

Olly slowly tries to wake her mother in a gentle way. She felt kind of sick to her stomach, but didn't want her mother to freak out about it. 'Mamma. Mamma I need you.'

'What's wrong, Olly? What's wrong?' Winnie cupped her daughter's face in her hand.

'I don't feel good, Mamma.'

'Olly, its the water. It makes you feel a little funny for the first night. Go back to sleep and you'll feel better by the morning.' Winnie held Olly close and stroked her hair until she finally fell back to sleep on her chest. She leaned back against the log she had found earlier that day to sleep next to.

Winnie couldn't sleep a wink, knowing the water Jesse had given her so many years ago still worked. May she learn to love the passing of days and love filled nights. May she always take care of those around her before herself. May she love him. Winnie's thoughts flew wild with hopes and fears for her daughter's future.