Olly hopped along the gravel road beside her mother. She had woken with a wonderful feeling that today would be a great day, and so far, it had. Winnie had cooked breakfast over an open fire, they had went to the market and found a few things to munch on along their journey, and Winnie had also told her that she would meet someone amazing today. She was very happy for it to only be 11:00 am.

Winnie smiled at her daughter. She couldn't help but wonder how Olly would react to the Tucks. 'Mamma, can you tell me about the Tuck that gave you the water?'

Winnie sighed deeply before she recounted that of Jesse Tuck. 'Well, when I first met Jesse Tuck, he was 17 and I was 10.'

'So he's 7 years older than you, Mamma?'

'Well, I didn't say that now did I?' Winnie smiled a little to herself, remembering the bewildered expression that crossed her face.

'But you said he was 17 and you were 10! That's 7 years.' Olly was jogging now to keep a few paces in front of her mother.

'Yes, that was when I got confused by his real age.' Olly was used to her mother telling her wild and crazy stories like Blackbeard and Mary Poppins. 'You see, Olly, Jesse had been drinking magic water for years. So when I met him for the first time, he was actually 104 years old.'

Olly's eyes grew wide and her mouth fell open. 'You mean it, Mamma? Was he really 104 years old?'

'Yes he was. And now, he's 122 years old. And yet he still has the body of a 17 year old boy.'

'Like you, Mamma? You're 17 too aren't you?'

'Yes dear. Just like me. And now you'll be 8 years old as long as Jesse and I will be 17. We'll all be the same, forever. Like the books you read all the time in those libraries.'

'Good.' Olly's smile only got bigger and bigger. 'Mamma, can you carry me? I'm tired already.' Winnie obliged and put Olly on her back.

'Just go to sleep dear, we'll be there when you wake up.' Olly wrapped her arms around Winnie's neck and soon fell into a tranquil sleep.