Cato x Katniss (a love story)

Chapter 1: Pilot:

"Cato! Come on, come on! It's time to watch the reaping re-caps!" said Clove with an eager voice. Cato walked over "do we have to? I want to go sleep, I can't pumble others when I don't get my shut eye." Clove rolled her eyes, "Well If your going to pumble anyone you may want to scope out the competition first, now sit your ass down and watch!" Cato did a slight moan and then sat down and watched the reaping re-caps. He did agree, if anything he was to be as confident as Clove before entering the arena. He looked at who would soon be his "fellow career mates" from 1. A tall muscular boy named Marvel was drawn. Then a girl named Glimmer was drawn from 1. Glimmer was pretty, but not Cato's type. Then he watched his and Clove's re-cap how Clove was drawn, and how Cato volunteered. The rest were boring as Cato fell asleep after the re-cap from 3. It wasn't until Clove socked him in the arm to wake up for the re-cap's of 11 and 12. A rather scary and extremely muscular boy from 11 named Thresh was drawn. "This Thresh guy will be a good addition to our pack" Cato said to Clove as she replied with a nod. Then a small girl named Rue was drawn. "Ha, first one who's gonna die no doubt" Clove remarked. Then came the re-cap most interesting to Cato, district 12. A beautiful girl named Katniss had volunteered for who out a doubt was her sister, Prim. Cato was struck from the minute he saw her gleaming brown hair, her stormy gray eyes, and her pale skin. "Tch, show off" Clove remarked with hatred. Cato did not care because he knew for the first time what he needed, and that was Katniss Everdeen.