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She is my everything and anything.

We've been together as long as I can remember, in one way or another.

She's the light I need and crave, the thing that keeps me alive and wanting to be alive.

Her eyes are the portals not into her own soul, but the key for unlocking mine.

I see her in my mind a million times over.

"Len!" She turns to me in the light, her mouth and lips curved into a sweet grin as she laughs, calls my name.

"Len!" She laughs as she looks beside me while we lay on my bed, her eyes meeting mine as the laughter fades, replaced by an intense feeling between us both.

"Len!" She calls to me, holding her hands out for me to join her, to be together, like one.

"Len." She says as she comes up behind me as I stare into the mirror. We stand shoulder to shoulder, and I look at both of us in the mirror.

We are meant for each other. We are not even two pieces that fit; we are two halves of the same thing. I love her, she is all that is perfect and good, and she holds my soul and heart in her hands. Our bond is like no other, unbreakable, everlasting. I stare into her eyes, and I know she is the one for me.

However, as we stand in front of the glass, and I stare at us both, I see only one thing, the thing everyone else sees, what separates us:


"Rin, wake up. C'mon Rinny." She groans and turns over, facing away from me as she buries herself in my blanket.

I sigh. Rin may be my twin, but she is impossible for even me to wake up. She rolls back over and reaches out, arms stretching. I frown, because I know what she wants, I always do. Meiko says that when we were little and Rin would cry, I would look up serenely at Meiko and request whatever Rin wanted, as if I had read her mind. She would always stop crying.

I give in and reach out as well, pulling her closer for a snuggle, my cheeks heating up as I feel her close proximity.

I love Rin with all my heart, and I have some suspicions she feels similarly, but I have to pretend we don't. We would never be accepted, we're twins for god's sake, and everyone already acts like we are a little weird anyways. At the very least, to protect Rin, I have to make sure I keep it buried, and that she does as well.

But sometimes, like last night when she slid into my bed, barely announcing her unexpected arrival, I can't help myself. Like now, when we are so close, and her face is buried in my chest and I'm smelling the scent of her shampoo and am in awe.

Her head moves and she tilts her head up, eyes opening sleepily. "Morning?" she asks groggily. I nod, my mind too busy memorizing her face and expression to form a sentence.

"Uhhhhhh!" She groans, snuggling her head back down, as if she's trying to block out the morning. I think she might have stayed there if a knock hadn't occurred at my door.

"Hey Len! Have you gotten up yet? And wake Rin up too, will ya!" Meiko says from the hall through the door.

"Ok!" I call, relived they haven't noticed Rin's absence from her own bedroom. I feel a warm exhale of exasperation on my arm before Rin tiredly picks her body from the bed and sits up. I sit up too, and the sight of her beautiful face with her gold hair all mussed makes me lean over to brush my lips against her soft cheek.

She jumps like a spark flew on her cheek rather than my lips, turning to look at me with eyes open slightly wider than usual, searching. I smile at her.

"Good morning." I say, hoping for a good cover up. She smiles back.

"Morning." She replies, more pleasant this time. She opens her mouth as if to speak, but the sound of someone singing in the shower next door to my room makes her pause. She closes her mouth with a snap and slides off the bed, headed for the door and her own room, so she can get ready.

It does not go unnoticed by me that she isn't wearing any pants, just a long t-shirt and her undergarments, something I didn't observe in the dark of last night. She turns before reaching the door and smiles.

"Thanks for letting me sleep with you Lenny!" she says happily. I simply nod and she stealthily slips out the door.

I lay back in my bed, my eyes coming to rest on the warm spot beside me that she had previously occupied. The bed looks strangely bigger. Emptier.

Shut up. Shut up! The voice in my head that tells me what I should have said or done won't shut up. I hate that thing, always appearing after I needed it. I ignore my own thoughts as I pick myself up and head to get dressed. After all, the faster I am ready, the faster I'll get to see her. It's not wrong to want to be on time, I mean. Right?

This all started when we started to turn from children into teenagers, entering into our adolescence suddenly turned Rin and I's closeness into something that was no longer adorable, but unsettling to others. Rin and I only managed to grow closer, the feelings we had only blooming, even if we were both ignorant to that fact, and also the fact that other's minded and noticed how close we were.

We held hands almost constantly, and interacted with each other like we were connected: she moved, I moved in response, and vice versa.

Sometimes when Rin was just lounging around, on the couch or our bed, playing her gameboy or something, I would often come and lay by her, cuddled up just to be by her. just to lay my arms around her casually, to hold her and feel her warmth and smell the clean smell of her skin. I wouldn't do anything but lay there, and she never minded, just continued playing her game or watching TV as we cuddled.

It was during one of those times when Meiko came to have that conversation with us.

We were lying on the bed, Rin was playing her game and I had my body pressed up by hers, my eyes closed blissfully, my forehead touching the soft skin of her neck.

When Meiko walked in, my eyes flew open and my arms tightened ever so slightly around my twin automatically, like protecting her was deep in my genetic code and involuntary reflexes. This did not go unnoticed by Meiko, who stared at us and leaned up against the wall before she spoke, just gazing at us for a moment.

Rin, of course, did not raise her eyes from her game until Meiko actually started talking.

"I need to talk to you two." She said seriously, which made my stomach flip with slight nerves. I released Rin and sat up, and Rin, with a slight frown, followed suit.

"Yea?" I asked, casually brushing my shoulder against Rin's. She did the same back playfully.

"I've noticed how close you two are lately." She said, brushing a hand through her short cut. I frowned, not sure what she meant. Rin and I were always close.

"You two are siblings, I know. Close ones. But…I think it's time you two got your own rooms, maybe gave each other some space." She sighed.

Rin threw her game down. "What? No!" I placed my hand on hers gently.

"Meiko, we don't want that. We are fine as we are." I tried to say calmly. Meiko shook her head.

"Sorry kiddo, but everyone thinks it's for the best." She bit her lip. "You two really aren't kids anymore."

I could see the argument was inarguable, but I felt myself falling apart. Why were they trying to separate us? What was so wrong?

"Why is this happening?" I said angrily, clenching my fists on my lap. "We didn't do anything wrong!" I glanced at rin, and despite her dark expression, I could see tears in her eyes. I leaned forward to rest my forehead against hers in an effort to comfort her, and to hide her tears from Meiko. There was nothing Rin hated more than letting someone see her cry, even me.

"Because of that." Meiko said softly. I pulled back, meeting her eyes. "You two are so close and intimate; it's a little concerning for two siblings." She stressed. "It would be best of you guys gave each other a little breathing room." My teeth clenched. Why did she make it sound like it was us who wanted this? We didn't want or need this!

"But why? Why is it concerning? We love each other!" Rin spilled out, leaning forward desperately. Meiko met her gaze.

"That's why." She said simply almost sadly, before turning and walking out of the room, shutting the door behind her.

Rin and I both stared at the door in complete silence, it echoed. She then turned to me with crystal tears bleaching her blue eyes.

"Len…" She said, her expression confused and upset, mirroring my own turmoil. I stared at her before looking away from her intense look, but grabbed her hand.

"I don't know." I mumbled. She set her head on my shoulder.

"I love you…" she said softly, and with that I let go, grabbing her to hold her closely.

"It will be fine." I soothed. She looked up, placed a hand on my cheek.

"If you say it will be… you would never lie to me, right?" I nodded, lost for words. She stared at me.

"Len, I just don't understand…" She murmured, lost as I was. I felt like something was breaking inside, but nothing was really happening. What was wrong with me? She removed her hand and slid her feet off the bed. I watched the back of her head as she sat there, motionless. I opened my mouth to speak, but no words were conjured. Instead I just watched her as she stood up and walked out of the room, wiping tears from her cheeks. I wanted to go after her, and she practically called to me to. But I didn't, and the screen already began to be dropped between us.

Over the years, despite separate bedrooms and "Giving each other breathing room," that screen of separation grew thinner as she snuck into my bedroom, grabbed my hand during movies, and stuck by me in everything, and as I found any reason to touch her, to be around her, to hear her. We couldn't help it, it's what came naturally to us. And although we never have talked about it, it's come to where we both know the difference between private and public.

Now don't start thinking perverted things, Rin… Rin was naturally flirtatious, and I loved her, but couldn't bring myself to bring up the damn subject. I know that there's something between us, but the question is: does she know it too?

Sometimes I catch her looking at me in a sort of way, and I can feel the words on my lips. But I can't get them out. They won't. I don't want to lose her forever, create an even thicker screen than before.

I just want to be with her. Hold her, love her, protect her. I see every other guy in the street and think about how they could be with her but I can't, cursed by the blood we share. I see them look at her, and I want to die, want to claim her as mine so no one else can have even a slightest chance with her and her attentions. I feel horrible and guilty at these thoughts, for she's my sister, and not mine to have. But the thought of her with someone else makes me feverish and ill. The thought of it hurts; will the reality of it hurt even more?

"Len?" suddenly the goddess herself is in my face, right into my eyes. "Alive in there?" She asks, stepping back as she sees my eyes focus.

"Let's go." She slips her hand into mine, tugging me along. She glances over her shoulder.

"Will you sit with me for Corrupted Flower today?" She pleads. I smile at her request.

When we first started singing, Rin and I were terrified of singing in the recording studio, but we couldn't tell anyone why. We just were terrified of singing into a microphone, with people watching, so much pressure. We'd slowly trace the edges of the room as the music played in our ears through the headphones, looking anywhere but the mike as we procrastinated. Eventually, they realized that the only way we would sing was if the other twin was in there as well, holding the performing one's hand. Even at the age of 7, we both could be very quiet when recording, so it became a running rule that Rin and I could sit in with each other while recording, even though we were both no longer frightened of recording anymore.

"Sure. You gonna sit in with me?" She nods, giving me a quick grin as we walked into the building, dropping our clasped hands.

In the studio, Rin sings clearly into the mike while her hand sways slightly with mine as I stand silently next to her, with only the director watching the soundboard.

When she was finished, she turns to me.

"Good, ok, or retry?" She demands.

"Perfect." I assure. She swats my arm lightly.

"That wasn't an option!"

We switch places and wait for the cue, and when the music starts up, I am so concentrated that I don't notice Rin's grip getting tighter and tighter throughout the whole song. It is not until she drops my hand and walks out the door when I finish do I realize how my hand hurts. Rin may be small, but she grips tight.

I check with the director quickly and run after her as she ducks into a dressing room, the one we use for music videos. It's abandoned today since we aren't filming anything.

Inside, she sits at a stool as she stares into the mirror blankly.

"Rin?" I say hesitantly, but when she doesn't answer, I sit down on the small love seat and watch her as she picks up a brush and runs it through her hair.

"What's wrong?" I ask her. she keeps staring at me from the mirror as she brushes her hair, and her face turns different, and it looks so… sad. She grimaces at my question.

"Nothing." She says clearly, but I know better. She slips off the stool and walks across the cold tile of the dressing room to the wardrobe, but as she passes me, I catch her hand.

"C'mon Rin." I probe her. She sighs and plops down next to me, her head immediately coming to rest on my shoulder. I bring a hand up to run it over her hair comfortingly.

"Tell me." I insist. She exhales again.

"Kimi wa oujo boku wa meshitsukai…" She sings softly, the song I had just been singing moments earlier, Servant of Evil.

"Destiny divided pitiful twins," I finish in English. Her face turns downcast at the words.

"You don't like Servant of Evil?" I ask softly. She nods silently, and when I look at her, she is blinking back tears.

"Rin!" I pull her closer into my arms, alarmed. What is wrong with my precious twin? I clutch her to me, that painful knot in my chest tightening its hold as I feel damp spots on my shirt.

"I don't want you to die." She gasps quietly into my shirt. She throws her arms around my neck, tightening them to a death grip. "I don't want us to ever be apart. Ever."

My heart aches as I rock my sister back and forth. "Don't cry Rin. It's just a song, just a silly story. No one's leaving. Or dying." She nods but doesn't release her hold. I bury my head into her hair.

"But you would do it, wouldn't you?" She whispers unhappily. When I don't answer, knowing she won't like the truth, she chokes back a sob. "I know…I would for you too. That's the worst thing!" She begins to sob, harder this time, her whole body shaking.

"It…It could actually happen!" She cries, and I have to admit to myself that it is true. I would do anything for Rin. Anything.

But her comment disturbs me. She is not supposed to do that, I do not ever want her to die, not for me or for any other stupid reason. The thought makes my mind blank out, it is so terrible, and I find myself in tears too. I quickly hide them, wiping them away, but the thought stays with me. No wonder Rin is so distressed.

I shhh her, trying to calm her ragged cries as I cuddle her in closer, rubbing her cheek against mine in an effort to soothe her, nuzzling her head lovingly. They dissolve into hiccups as she nestles into my neck and shoulder as I gently lean back and forth, trying to comfort us both.

I don't say anything, because I can't think of anything to say. Besides, I know she doesn't want me to say anything, there's nothing I could say that could make it better or change anything.

So instead I hold her for a while, and eventually pull back to look at her, check if she's still as upset as before. Our eyes meet, and before I know it, our lips have found each other and are moving against each other like two waves.

Want. I want her. I need her. Somehow, the dark thoughts are gone, it's just me and Rin. Together. For once, everything falls away and I just don't care anymore, about nothing but her. This is something that finally feels right, perfect. Like I didn't even know it was missing, but here it is.

I have no idea who started moving closer, but I know at some point I leaned in, wanting to capture her lips, make Rin mine. But it doesn't matter because here we both are, together at last, just the way we want to be, no restraints.