Sophie was back with her Aunt Anges in San Francisco, enjoying some herbal tea. She sat alone at the small kitchen table. Her aunt was out doing who knows what. Sophie thought of her brother, (continuing to call him that regardless of the fact they weren't actually related) she had seen him become the "Hook Handed Man" back on Danu Talis. Not because she was there, but because she felt it. She then saw in her mind's eye, what had happened. Josh had taken the four swords of power and they fashioned themselves into a hook after completely burning his hand. Now he calls himself Marethyu, or Death. Sophie had not changed, she remained fifteen forever. However Tsagaglalal had taught Sophie how to age herself should she need to.

Sophie had come to the realization a while ago, that history repeats itself, quite literally. From what she understood, she, along with her brother would be stuck in the same time loop forever. But she did not want to continue doing the same thing over and over for the rest of her life. She needed her brother's help. Remembering what he had written in his most recent letter, she headed for a mirror. Sophie found one in the washroom. She stated at her reflection, and sighed, she would never be able to forget what happened on Danu Talis. She called out Marethyu three times. Instantaneously, the mirror began to fog up, until she could see nothing. Then the fog began to fade and she could see her brother's face. He had aged himself; he looked considerably older, twenty five years maybe. Sophie, however, could still recognize her brother's face. Sophie felt a little awkward talking to Marethyu, and he knew it.

Marethyu knew Sophie would rather talk to Josh, so he changed his appearance accordingly. Sophie was about to say something. "Don't speak." Josh said softly before Sophie could utter a word. "I already know what you are going to ask. You want to know if I can end the time loop. I cannot." Sophie frowned; she was hoping that with all his knowledge, her brother would know something. "But I do know of someone who might be able to." Sophie smiled. "Meet me at the park in two hours."

Sophie was staring at her brother's face. "Am I meeting Marethyu, or am I meeting you?" She asked quietly.

"Me" Josh responded confidently. Josh smiled, and the image of his face began to disappear from the mirror, until Sophie was staring at her reflection once again.