Sophie was quite confused, because when Jeremy showed off his aura, there was no scent. "Ah, you're wondering about my aura's lack of scent." Jeremy spoke as if he read Sophie's mind. "Well usually the Black Aura has a scent of roasted marshmallows, however, something I've learned over the years is how to hide the smell. And no I will not tell you how to do that, or give a reason why I won't. Another thing I would like you to understand is, that the Black Aura can encourage- force rather, its hosts to constantly use their powers until they've run out. I on the other hand, am not fooled by its trickery, which is why my mind has remained in control of my body all this time." Jeremy paused and took a breath before continuing. "I hope you are satisfied with that information because that's all I'm going to tell you. For your own safety. Now enough of these lessons, you want me to remove you from the time loop, is that correct?"

Sophie nodded. She remained quiet, waiting for Jeremy to continue. "Oh right." Jeremy said as if he'd just remembered something he had forgotten. "As you probably guessed, there are consequences to removing yourselves from a time loop, especially one as important and life changing as yours." Josh listened intently as this was something he did not know. Jeremy continued, "These consequences may not affect the two of you directly, but they will affect the worlds around you. The extent of the consequences is something beyond even my knowledge, as it depends on who is breaking free of the loop. What I can say, is that your lives will continue forward from the moment you two break free. Now I can only guess what will happen should the loop be broken, so I must stress, are you both 110% sure you want to go through with this?" Jeremy looked at the twins waiting for the answer.

Sophie and Josh looked at each other for a bit, instinctively knowing what the other would say. Sophie nodded, Josh sighed, but after a couple seconds of silence, they both said "Yes."