Out The Match

Chapter 1: Those Blue Eyes

Johnny POV

It was the night before Reed and Sue's wedding. Johnny had just taken a shower because he was getting ready for the bachelor party.
Ben asked through the door; "Hey Matchstick! You almost finished doing your hair?" Johnny rolled his eyes. "Yeah,yeah, laugh all you want. But we both know which one of us is better looking." Ben laughed through the door, "Yeah, it's me." He walked down the hall chuckling.

30 minutes later: Reed's bachelor party….

Johnny was dancing with Trixi and Selena. He had them wrapped around his pinky fingers. They didn't seem to care that he was dating them both at the same time. They would laugh and giggle stupidly every time he touched them.

The club was usually full, but tonight expecially, it was over filled, to the point where about 500 people were lined up outside. The space between people was about 2 centimeters. But, between that 2 centimeters, the clearest, crystal blue eyes peeked out and their owner was sitting at the bar. He left the two dancing, confused girls who were complaining to meet the mystery girl. He cassualy strolled over to the girl in the chair. "Is this seat tyaken?" He asked. She shook her head. He looked at her face. She had long, platnium blonde curly hair that framed her face. She had sun baked skin and bright pink lips that looked like she had just bitten into a cherry that stained her lips permanently. Johnny realized that he was drooling and his jaw was dropped open. He closed it, and she giggled and smiled with a row of perfect white was like the sun came out in the middle of a hurricane. "You're Johnny Storm." She said in a thick Austrailian accent. "The one and only." She giggled again, and it sounded like wind chimes clanging together. "Kai Sanders." She put her hand out and he took it and they shook hands. "Let me buy you a drink." She refused, lifting her martini. "Right."

Johnny struggled to make conversation. Her piercing blue eyes were making him sweat profusivily. Again she giggled. "Why are you sweating? The AC is on full blast in here." Johnny eyed a window to hit on her. "Its…your eyes, there like, crazy blue." She giggled, "Thank you."

Reed was dancing on stage with Candi and Joanie. He was using his super powers as dance moves, spinning his arms around and stretching his torso to unbelievable heights. Ben walked up to Johnny and Kai. "Benny, this is my new friend Kai Sanders." Ben shook Kai's hand. "You smell like the seafront." "BEN!" Johnny exclaimed. "Sorry, she does. It smells good." Kai grabbed a piece of hair and quickly sniffed it. "Thank you, I think." Said a confused Kai. Then Susan showed up with General Hager and two of his officers. One was a tall man with brown hair and brown eyes. The other was a woman with green eyes and blonde hair pulled up into a bun. They both looked angry.

Johnny exchanged numbers with Kai, and asked her to stay right there, and that he would be back shortly. He followed a guilty looking Reed, a REALLY angry looking Susan, and a confused Ben into the soup kitchen in the back. Sue walked intothe room and glared at Reed who seemed to have flinched at her stare. Sometimes, Sue could be really scary. Johnny knew from experience.

He couldn't keep his mind off of Kai's eyes. They were mesmerizing, inviting, entrapping, and absolutely, positively beautiful. Then, he dreamed of her lips, soft, and pink. He wanted to sweep her into his arms and lean in close…..Johnny shook his head free from his reverie to find the female guard eyeing him. she winked at him, and for the first time in Johnny's adult life, he blushed. She smiled back at him in satisfaction. Johnny ripped his eyes away from hers and back to the engaging conversation the 'adults' were having. They were talking about the anomalies that had been happening around the world. The male officer had a laptop in his hand with a bird's eye-veiw of an unusual crater.