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The Mission

Out the Match


The pain was everywhere. She barely felt her legs and her back was aching. She opened her eyes slowly to observe her surroundings. She was in a cave, lying on a bed of leaves and moss. A few yards away, a slowly dying fire sat. But where was Noran? Had he left her her to die?

Then 20 minutes later, he came soaring into the cave, holding supplies in his hands. As he came into the cave, Kai could see that he as holding a cup of water and a plate of bread and cheese. He got off and walked over quietly to her and asked softly, "Are you hungry?" Kai nodded in shock. She had never seen him this nice before. He gently propped her up against the cave wall and he fed her the food. To her surprise, the food was hot. The water in the cup was Ivey cold. He was only taking care of her do that when she was better, he could use her as his slave again. Oh well, at least she was alive.

4 Days Later...

Kai could walk and move around, but her injuries hindered her from phasing and using her powers.

She missed Johnny terribly. The four days she was injured, she only thought of him. She was sure he missed her too. That night that she went to talk to him, she meant every word she said with all the sincerity and love her body would let her.

About Thirty Minutes Later...

Noran came in and caressed her face. "How do you feel?" Her eyes popped out of her head at his concern. "I'm fine." "Good. Now, get cleaned up and change into the clothes I have laid out for you. Then, when you are ready, meet me by the river. We have work to do."

She got changed into the silk black balloon pants and a deep aquamarine tube top he had out for her. She wondered where Noran had got all these nice things. She phased and flew out to the river. "Part it." He said. She started to move the water, but she stopped when she heard the sounds of humans marching and unloading weapons. Noran flew out to the site of the noise. Kai saw Johnny immediately. He was walking with his teammates into the forest.

Noran told her, "They will try to separate me from my board. You fight some humans and I will try to destroy the weapons." Kai nodded in agreement and flew off in the direction of the noises.

The humans were easy to take out. They only screamed and shot up in the air. Kai took out a missile with a wave of water. Then, she gently swept the humans deeper into the forest.

She looked over her shoulder and saw Noran destroying the metals in the guns and mussels they had.

Kai flew deeper into the forest and she could feel him looking at her. She turned and found him sitting on a rock. "Johnny, she gasped as she wrapped her arms around his neck. He grabbed her tightly and she kissed his neck. She was happy in his arms. She smiled as she smelled the ash on Johnny's uniform. She looked up at him, and falling slowly down his flushed face were warm tears. Kai blinked and made them evaporate. He grinned brightly and she tiptoed up to kiss him. As they deepened the embrace, she winced as he touched her back. "Where I got hit." He touched it lightly, and she still flinched, but she held on to his hands.

"I love you." She murmured into his ear. "I love you." He whispered back. She heard the sound of the board coming closer. "I have to go." She surprised him and kissed him deeply. She realeased her arms from around his neck and laid her hands on his chest. She felt how muscular he really was. She released and whispered, "I love you."

By the time she got to Noran, he was waiting for her. She flew on, and they went deeper into the forest. They flew deeper into the forest. They flew towards a woman with blonde hair, Susan. She put up a field and he phased right through it. She put it down "Why are you trying to destroy our planet?" "I am not the destroyer." "Then who is?" Apperanyly, the humans had MORE missiles and shot them at the pair. Noran flew up and absorbed the missiles with his board. Kai held on for dear life.

The next thing she knew, they were falling again. Noran fell onto the floor and Kai slammed into the tree. She saw black spots and Johnny in a coconut bra and a grass skirt dancing to "I'm Sexy and I Know It." She blacked out.

Johnny POV

Kai was hanging unconscious in a tree, and the surfer was strewn across the floor. Johnny phased and flew into the tree. He was careful to not set ablaze his hands so that he could hold Kai. She felt fragile in his arms he phased back and kissed her forehead. Her eyelids began to flutter and her beautiful, blue eyes glowed faintly. She smiled. "Hi Johnny, missed me?" Johnny laughed and said, "You know it." She closed her eyes as he placed his hands on her face. "Ouch!" She cried as The General grabbed her from Johnny.

"Apprehend the criminals." Kai cried out in pain as she was passed from soldier to a rough soldier who grabbed her by the stomach. "JOHNNY!" Kai screamed as they shoved her into a truck.

Kai banged her fists against the cool, grey steel of the truck as Johnny wrestled with soldiers that were pushing him further and further away from the truck.

It drove off with Kai still inside.

Finally, finished.