The building reeked of the outside world. I couldn't stand to be in there. The scent of all the immigrants waiting to become fellow citizens made me sick. Maybe it was because they wanted to become fellow citizens in the first place that made me want to retch. To want to live in this boring city of Romdeau confused me. This so called paradise that we are made to live in is a joke let alone a sanctuary; but that wasn't why I was here. As I walked down the grey corridor, I approached the doorway to the lunch hall of the F-G Temporary District Autoreiv Disposal Building only to find a female Autoreiv and a man in a red jumpsuit. I stayed quiet for a few seconds, watching their conversation unfold.

"Ah!" Milk spilt all over the floor as he clumsily went to pour it into his cereal bowl. What an idiot. He just stood there, staring at his bowl with a dumbfounded look, not moving from that position. Perhaps tuning out the rest of the world and keeping only to his thoughts, whatever they may be.

"However," his Entourage started, "you must meet with the person from the Intelligence Bureau when she comes in today regarding the case."

"Yes." Just another agreeable moron, as most immigrants are. They would do anything you tell them. They're so desperate to be accepted by the fellow citizens. So desperate to become a clone.

His Autoreiv continued to drabble on about new infection cases, but I was more intently focused on the expression of the man in the jumpsuit. He looked down silence. His face became slightly distorted. He looked worried or pained in some way as he gazed into his bowl of soggy cereal. I chose this as my moment to speak up.

"Stop relying so heavily on your Entourage. Entourages will always be Autoreivs and nothing more. To become a fellow citizen you need to work harder on your human relationships." He looked up and turned to face me. I felt a mixture of intrigue and repulsion as I wondered to myself what lied hidden beneath his eyelids. Could he be stronger than he's putting on? Or maybe he's exactly what he looks like. Pathetic. I pushed my idiosyncrasies to the back of my head and continued the conversation.

"Inspector Re-L." His voice sounded hesitant as he said my name. Did I look like I was going to bite his head off? Perhaps I give off that air.

"We met at the interview, right?" I couldn't remember his name. That'd probably crush him by the look of affection he was giving me. I looked to Iggy to help me, who gave me the name Vincent Law. "Vincent."

Suddenly I heard my least favorite title, "His Excellency's grand-daughter!" I turned and saw another man with a small mustache head up to me, but continued to watch Vincent in my peripheral vision. He continued to slouch like a ragdoll but kept his focus on me. At least I think he did; I couldn't tell with his eyes closed like that. But his face was expressionless; like he was lost in his own thoughts again. There was more time to observe him when we look over the infected Autoreiv, anyway.

Iggy and I stood in the hallway as I looked over my notes. He began to poke fun at Vincent's apparent obsession with me. I then heard the Chief of the Disposal Unit talking. "Vincent, sorry, I know you've been up all night, but you have to make up for your mistake." He stood there with that repressed, submissive look on his face. He was a perfect fellow citizen. Boring, conforming, and just so...dull.

People! What is wrong with you! More EP fanfics, I demand it! I just finished watching the series for, like, the fifth time and decided to get check up on some fanservice and was severely disappointed at only 84 stories. 6 years after it came out and there's only 84? Really? And there's, like, 500,000 for freakin' Naruto. Honestly, it's a disgrace to the series. I decided to try to put some new life into it. Anyway, this story was conjured up because Re-L has forever been a mystery to me. She never necessarily conveyed her thoughts in a lot of the scenes, especially in the first three episodes (which are my absolute favs), so I decided to make some up of my own.