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"Penny." Sheldon breathed her name, but it wasn't in the usual manner men said her name after she kissed them. She blinked up at him as he held her by the shoulders. Why was he so calm about this? "You have to understand that as my first, I hold you in very high regards. That is, I don't expect to relive that night. Especially if it's just your way of making amends with your conscious."

"Sheldon, you're gonna have to break down what you're saying, my minds kinda foggy right now."

And with a huff, her neurotic neighbor was back. "I held onto a fascination of you because you were - perhaps still are - something special to me. I don't want to engage in coitus with you just as an attempt to right what was wronged."

"Oh…" It was the first time Penny had ever been rejected, and it was Sheldon Cooper of all people that had rejected her. "I see…"

"I have an aversion to physical contact, as you well know, but I wouldn't be opposed to a preliminary shift in our relationship paradigm, if that's what you desire."

It took Penny a moment to dissect what Sheldon was saying… "Sheldon did you just ask me out?"

"Really Penny, I don't know how I could have made it any clearer." He folded his arms over his chest and gave her the condescending look she had come to know so well. Penny might have slept with Sheldon years ago, but that was not the man that stood in front of her. Like her, he had changed. "Of course this would be a beta test of sorts, to gauge our compatibility on a more intimate level. It will take a while for me to become comfortable with regular physical contact, and it is very likely I never will."

"I get it Sheldon." Penny nodded with a sigh. God, was she really considering going out with Sheldon Whack-a-doodle Cooper? "We should probably just keep this - uh- beta test between us. It's going to be weird enough without the guys poking fun at us." She meant him, but didn't want him to feel targeted.

"But Penny, I can't lie."

"Don't lie then. If any of the guys specifically asks 'are you in a secret relationship with Penny?' feel free to answer truthfully.

"Very well." Sheldon agreed after a moment. "I'll start on the first draft of the relationship agreement." With that, he turned and went to his room, leaving a confused Penny behind. What had she gotten herself into?

"Sheldon… give me your hand." Penny huffed and held out her hand for his. She had signed his crazy contract days ago, and was currently working on his germaphobia (section D, paragraph five). Sheldon had agreed to trying to be more open to physical contact - even mild - if Penny agreed to keep her apartment clean. So here they sat, in the middle of Penny's clean apartment, Sheldon pouting like a toddler.

"But Penny! You didn't wash your hands!"

"I'm not going to wash my hands every time I want to touch you Sheldon." She rolled her eyes and forcefully grabbed his hand. "See, not so bad huh?"

Sheldon sat ramrod straight and looked at their joined hands. "I suppose not…"

"Good, now do you want to watch Doctor Who?"

"Yes, please!"