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It was a hot day in the small, seriously jipped* town of Santa Martina. Me, Marissa, Holly, Dot, Casey, and Billy were sitting on the roof of the mall, pretending that we were giant aliens attacking the city.

"This is so dumb," groaned Marissa, "Sammy, we are going to get in trouble. Do you hear me? T-R-O-U-B-L-E!"

"Relax, Marissa," I said, sitting down next to her with a Double Dynamo in my hand, "Did we get in trouble when we had a screaming, poopy baby up here? No. And in case you hadn't noticed, none of us are poopy or screaming. We'll be fine."

"And he takes a chunk out of the middle school! School is out…FOREVER!" yelled Billy, "The famous chicken hat crashes down on Main Street! Innocent civilians run in terror as they gaze up at the monster that is-"

"BILLY!" shouts Casey, laughing, "Dude, that came straight out of the comic books!"

"GRR. I will DESTROY YOU!" replied Billy. He struck a pose of an overly-dramatic actress from black and white monster movies. "Who will save us from this terror? Who will end this madness?"

"The amazing Casey!" Billy made the noise of a cheesy super hero theme. They laughed.

"As fun as this was, I have to go baby-sit," sighed Dot, "Who knows what trouble Anneke and Beppie will get into?"

We talked and laughed, but eventually it was only Marissa and I sitting up there with really sticky faces.

"Grams wanted me to come home early," I frowned, "She sounded like she wanted to talk."

"Is it Lana?" Marissa looked alarmed.

"Probably not," Sammy replied, "She's living the good life in Hollywood, remember?" Even though I said this, pretty much all day I was wondering: What else could she do to ruin our lives?

Marissa rolled her eyes. "How could I ever forget?" she snorted, "Yolanda still talks about that. Like I could have talked you out of it."

We smiled. Our lives may have been changing around us, but for all these years we had been best friends. Nothing, no one could change that. Not even Lana.

We walked to the block before the Highrise and waved goodbye. I crept up the stairs and tiptoed into the apartment.

"Hi Grams." Instead of the usual hug and smile, Grams sighed and walked over to me as though she were walking on eggshells. "What's wrong, Grams?' I worried, frowning.

"Samantha, I have some bad news. It's—it's regarding…Lana." She spoke carefully, as though she were afraid she might break something.

I knew it. No matter where she was, she managed to totally ruin our lives. Why couldn't she be a normal mother? Why did she have to be famous?

"What? What did she do? Is it about Warren or something?"

"No…she's not in Hollywood anymore."

My heart skipped a beat and some little part of me that had never grown up leaped like a puppy that had finally been rescued from the pound. She was coming home! My mom was coming home! Before she could say anything, though, her Grams spoke.

"She was offered a part on a TV show in…in New York. She moved to New York. W-with…Warren," Grams said gravely, and I faltered disbelievingly.

She was never, ever coming home. Nothing, no one, could ever change that.

"No. She couldn't have!" I raged as quietly as I could, "How could she do this to us again? This is getting crazy. I can't stand it anymore!" I collapsed on the couch, crying.

"Samantha. Sweetheart, we don't need this. Work past it, okay? Samantha?"

I looked up at her. Work past it…I can do that, I thought. I wiped my eyes on my sleeve and nodded. "I think I'm going to bed now, okay?"

Grams watched for a moment, worried, but she eventually smiled sadly and went into her room.

Inside my head, I was already cooking up a plan.

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*Jipped means jacked up.