Name: BP1013

Gender of creation: Female Robot

Age: 2 Years, 3 weeks, 5 days

Height: (A foot shorter then Deckerd, and I don't know how tall he is…)

Weight: Not available (Like a woman would tell how much she weighs)

Personality (Supposedly to be): She might be shy upon waking, uneasy with the world around her, but with the battle programming she will also serious and ready for what is to come.

Specialties (Supposedly to be): Hopefully, she will be an excellent sniper, prefect at hand-to-hand combat, expert with a sword, a great protector and defender, and willing to help when needed.

Faults: Unknown

Creators: As far as we know, their identities are kept a secret till further notice.

The woman sighed as she read the papers just handed to her. This was a new Brave Police robot; she is supposedly to be the last of the others that failed… The last of three….

She was a split image of her sisters, but more controlled compared to the others.

'Please don't let her fail us now…'

The female robot was a new trial, the assumption was that an all male team will fight more then a team with a "level headed female" on the team.

The director wanted to test this theory…

She smirked as she finished her report and saved it, 'Juuzo just wants to see the team interact with a female that is like them.' She giggled.

All that was left was to give him the file, and pray that the poor female robot can handle what is to come.

"How are her systems today?" A female scientist asked the male looking at her system readings.

"Better now that she hears you… But she still refuses to wake up." He chuckled as he turned to his friend. He points out the spike in the femme bot's mental readings.

"She still won't huh? How did they get Deckerd to wake up?" She questions as she climbs to look at the female bots face. Her glass eyes were dark, and her face was peaceful in her 'sleep'.

"He had a friend… She does not at the moment, but we have faith in her. Let's hope she knows that."

The woman pulled out a small can of paint to finish the detailing of the robot's armor.

She pulled out a little brush and dipped it in the light rose pink paint.

Finally she lightly painted her creation's bottom lip to complete the painting process.

She stopped to look over her whole new body as the paint dried before adding the gloss paint.

The female robot was based off a female police officer; much like Deckerd was based off of a male officer.

But her colors were different by ten fold.

She is scarlet red, and her red armor reached her shoulders, and stopped at her pelvis turning then to gray short like design, her legs were white, but at her knees they changed to black to resemble black knee high boots, they were low heeled for easy running.

Her arms were white, but her hands were black up to her fingers, which were silver.

Finally her helmet was like Deckerd's, only red with no Brave Police symbol. Her whole frame was slimed down to give her the look of a female and to add a feminine touch, Ami just finished her lip coloring.

She sighed as she started to paint on the gloss like paint to make her pink lip shine.

"You are almost ready to meet your new team, but you seem scared to leave us…" She whispered to the female robot.

The robot did not respond due to her comatose state.

"She's still downloading everything she need before she's ready, that might be the reason she hasn't awaken." The male scientist suggested.

"Perhaps…" The female said stepping down off the metal slab her creation stayed on.

"Let's call it a night… Maybe tomorrow she will decide whether she will wake up for us by then…" He sighs at the sad look on his friends face.

They've worked hard on this for months but sadly her sisters were not as successful…

They hopped she, at the most would be able to pull through for them.

"Agreed." She gathered her stuff and shut off the lights in the room before following her friend out of the room and leaving her creation for the night.

At midnight, her eyes on-lined.

She looked around in the dark room; she shivered in fear and leaned up.

"Sha-Sha?" She called out.

A sudden meow caught her attention, and she relaxed her stiff body.

Two yellow eyes, welcomed her. A Black furred creature swiftly made her way to the robot in the dark. She purred as the robot quickly lifted her up into her hold and she softly and slowly petted her.

"Sha-Sha… They might be losing their faith in me… But I don't want to be sent away… I don't want them to fail either… What do I do, little friend?" She spoke softly, her voice was like a child's, soft and if you didn't listen closely her soft voice would be lost in the wind.

The fat black cat continued to purr as the red robot petted her gently, she knew not to expect her to answer her. The cat was always a listener more then a responder.

She only sighed as she turned to the window and looked at her reflection. She touched her painted lip. Her eyes glittered in wonder; it wasn't too long ago when she was just a work in progress. Now… She was almost a full grown woman robot, ready to face the world all on her own.

But in all honesty, the world frightened, she wanted to stay with her creators and yet she wanted out of the ever shrinking room she was in. Sha-Sha continued to purr as she lay on her friend's leg, resting her acing body with her soon to be born twins.

She was well aware of her furry friend's condition, at first she was in awe as the little ones grew in the little creature, she wasn't sure how it happened but didn't care, soon she'd have more friends.

She then thought back to the people who created her. 'I can't let them down…'

She spent a few hours using all her new strength testing her limbs, once every movement was figured out, she took a deep breath and moved her legs over the side of the medical brenth.

She took a breath and pushed herself to her feet. She stumbled and fell face first. "Ahh!" BAM!

The poor bot whimpered as she pushed herself up. "Oww…"

The black cat meowed sadly as she watched her large friend try and move herself to where she can stand on her own. She managed to stand, 'First step! Stand! Now… To take my first step…'

She sighed and slowly lifted her foot and quickly slammed it on the ground in front of her. She wobbled and forced herself to take another step.

'I'm getting it!' she smiled happily as she walked awkwardly to the wall on the other side of the room.

When her fingers touched the wall, she was overjoyed!

"Sha-Sha! I did it! I can walk!" She cried to her little furry friend.

The cat just meowed and licked her paw to clean her face. The young bot happily kept practicing as she walked all around the room.

She spent so long perfecting her walking, she lost track of the time. She was making her way back to her brenth when she heard a small gasp.

"Oh, My…" It was her female creator!

She, herself, gasped and lost her balance. She stumbled right into the floor and landed face first into the floor… Again…

After the ground gave a shake, the human scientist ran to her creation. "A-Are you alright? Are you damaged?" She asked worriedly.

The young bot looked to her human creator, with a blink of her optics she pushed herself up to where she was sitting on her rear, rubbing her head. "I'm okay…" She muttered.

She looked to her female creator, she looked around 35, long brown hair, forest green eyes, and an average of 5"7 feet tall.

She looked at her and tilted her head, "Are you my… C-Creator?" She asked shyly.

"Creator? You mean like a mother?"

The young femme ponders for a second, but nods. This woman brought her to life, made her, and even cared for her, so she would be her mother… Right?

"Well! I suppose, I mean I did make you… So…" She sighs, "Yes, in a way I am like your mother."

The femme smiles warmly. "What would you prefer me to call you? 'Creator' or 'Mother'?"

The woman blushed at the thought of actually being called a mother. "H-How about you call me Ami? Okay?"

"A-Ami? Ami-Smapi?" The femme says testing the sound of her name on her glossa. "Okay, Ami-Sampi, b-but what about me? What do I call myself?"

Ami looked at the femme. She was like a child, like someone she knew long ago…

"Firearm…" she whispered. The femme perked at the sound of her whisper.

"Firearm can be your name." Ami said a little louder for her to hear. The femme was quite at first.

Ami feared she didn't like the name, but she really wished she did. Finally the femme looked to her and smiled lightly, "I like my name, thank you Ami-Sampi."

The woman smiled and sighed relived that the young bot liked the name she had suggested.

"Come on my dear, can you stand?" Ami asked the young bot to stand up.

Firearm slowly stood up and followed the human to a larger room, there were hundreds of computers. She felt shy as she watched humans look up at her and whisper among themselves. Firearm sat on an open brenth and waited as Ami hooked her up to other computers to check her vitals, and other programs.

She waited patiently as they analyzed her systems; she watched as Ami talked to other scientist and she watched closely as she typed on a computer and made a call to someone call 'Yuuta'.

'Who is Yuuta? What's going on? Why did Ami-Sampi bring me here? I don't understand.' She thought to herself.

Ami looked at the young bots face, she looked utterly lost. She gently touched the femme's leg and offered her comfort.

Firearm looked down at her and sighed calming her racing mind. She forced a small smile and slowly petted her small black cat.

Ami chuckled as the black cat sitting contently on her lap. Suddenly the alarm went off. Firearm looked around at the red, blinking lights, and the loud sirens going off around the lab.

Ami cursed and started locking the whole building down, in hopes of slowing the person or people breaking in lab.

Firearm stood up, ripping off the wires that were connected to her systems.

Her inner systems powered up, the protocols that were installed during her resting time instantly powered up by 10X's the normal rate of the original Brave Police.

Firearm's face hardens at the threat, and her hand shifted to her thigh where a gun holster sat.

Before anyone could act, the wall of the lab exploded! Everyone panicked and scattered around trying to escape the burning lab.

Ami was the only one that stayed in place next to Firearm as she pulled out her pistol and held it up at the source of the explosion.

A giant robot-like tentacle shot out and wrapped itself around Ami's waist. She screamed as she was pulled toward the hole in the wall.

"Ami!" Firearm tried to grab the metal arm.

However before she could grasp it, another arm like it smacked her away. She hit the wall and gasped in pain as she dropped her pistol.

"So… You're the new bot…" A cruel voice said making the femme look up with anger in her eyes.

"Let her go!" She shouted.

"I can't do that sadly… Miss Ami is needed for a little… Experiment of mine… I do apologize, but time is running short, I must leave for now. However my dear… I do hope to see you again… If you live…" The cruel voice said as something was suddenly tossed in the room with her.

She looked at small contraptions. "Grenades!" She gasped as she shot up and covered her face. They exploded.

She was knocked back against the wall but this time, the wall gave out and landed on her as she was knocked out.

Sha-Sha came out of her hiding spot; she looked around the ruined lab. No humans remained, all were captured. Her friend was covered in bricks and she noticed the way her leg sparked and leaked black liquid. She walked up to her friend and started meowing loudly, hoping some one would hear her and help her injured friend.

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