Notes: Disclaimer, don't own Merlin or any of its characters just the crazy situations I put them in. Sorry for taking longer than I had promised to post this. I finally managed to set some time aside to write it, hadn't intended it to be so long but inspiration wouldn't let me write any less. Story takes place after season 4, (Arthur didn't marry Gwen unable to forgive her) and 6 months after "Potion of Love." If you haven't read it I highly recommend it since this is the sequel to that story, but it isn't necessary. Warning: Slash and a bit of Angst, a tiny bit I swear! Onwards my lovely readers…

Unraveled Destiny

Chapter One: Truly Yours

Merlin stared into space as his fingers wrapped around the pillow sheet, puffing it up to ensure it regained its original shape. His high cheeks were a nice rosy color and his lips were glistering wet, Arthur's taste still lingering on them. Arthur cleared his throat from the middle of the room wearing only his black trousers, his blonde hair ruffled in all directions.

"Merlin, seeing you standing there blushing from a single kiss is great and all, but I do have a knighting coronation to attend to." The young King said as he raised his arms to show that he was still missing some of his clothes. Merlin set the pillow down and retrieved the rest of Arthur's attire from his dresser, pausing in front of the bare chest that threatened to make his heart beat out of his own chest.

"Dammit Merlin," Arthur cursed as he shoved Merlin against one of his bed posts and slammed his lips against his manservant. Their kiss was deep and full of desire as their hands wandered to every bare flesh they could find, Arthur's clothes resting quietly near their feet. Merlin thrust his tongue into Arthur's mouth, tasting the sweet mixture of fruits and cheeses there; he could feel the hardness pressed against his own heat expanding quickly from between his legs.

Arthur pushed his hands under Merlin's red shirt, his fingers trailing across the pale and soft skin with great need. He rubbed against his manservant, prying his legs apart to get better access of the hardness there. "I want you so bad right now." Arthur gasped between kisses, the pressure between his trousers becoming unbearable.

Merlin tightened his grip on Arthur's waist as he moved his hips upwards to bring them even closer together. He licked his lips, anticipating what was to follow and his eyes darkened with desire. Arthur kissed him one last time before he pried himself from the arms of his manservant and rested a hand on the pole sustaining Merlin.

"I need to get going… they're waiting for me," Arthur said in between breaths as he tried to calm himself, the sad look on Merlin not helping any. "We can continue this later." He assured his lover as he picked up his clothes from the floor and moved behind the screen to change, the thought that maybe Merlin wasn't the best person to wake him running through his mind.

Merlin moved back to the bed and finished fixing it, looking back to the screen every so often with sad but understanding eyes. Arthur stepped out of the screen fully dressed and moved to the bed to put his boots on. He paused and looked around trying to see where his other boot was when Merlin handed it to him. Catching the still sad expression on his manservant, Arthur tugged at his arm and brought him down on his lap.

He nibbled on Merlin's ear and down his neck when his manservant moved his head sideways allowing him full view of his delicate skin under the blue handkerchief. Arthur's lips grazed the thin golden chain; the smooth cold metal had him biting the area with new found possessiveness. Merlin's soft moans making him press their bodies closer as he licked the bruised area. He moved his firm fingers across Merlin's shirt and rested on the ring hidden behind the red fabric, his heart skipped a beat as he traced the proof of their unity.

An idea nudged at the back of Arthur's mind and he looked into Merlin's deep blue eyes, almost loosing himself again in the lust reflecting on them. "I need the ring back Merlin." The young King declared as he tried to calm his beating heart. Merlin stiffed and then jumped off him, almost falling to the floor in the process, his hand over his ring protectively.

"What, you want it back?" Merlin asked in disbelief, his voice somewhat rattling in the process. They had been together for six months, six wonderful blissful months, and now Arthur wanted to put an end to it. Had he done something wrong? His mind filled with questions and dread at the thought that Arthur was tossing him aside.

"Don't look at me like that; I just need it for a moment." Arthur tried to reason as he rose from the bed and ran a hand through his blonde hair. He looked at Merlin and extended his hand. "Come on hand it over."

"Why do you want it?" Merlin tried again, still not able to grasp the reason why Arthur even needed the ring back. His fingers trembled slightly as they gripped the ring under his clothes and his knees threatened to give in.

Arthur moved towards Merlin and held him up as if sensing the misinterpreted state of his manservant. He wrapped one arm around the thin frame of his manservant and the other gently caressed the golden chain, bringing it up and off. Closing his fingers around it, Arthur kissed Merlin's cheek and left, not wanting to let him see the sheepish grin he had plastered on his face threatening to expose his hidden intention.

As the door closed, Merlin found himself falling back to the bed, feeling the emptiness the ring left on his chest and above his heart. He stared at the closed door and felt a sense of warning graze his heart, encircling it before wrapping itself around it tightly.


Arthur finished with the knighting coronation and was fortunate to bump into Elyan as he directed a patrol around the castle grounds. "Elyan, just the man I was looking for." The King called out, a smile spreading across his face as he moved towards the black haired knight and dismissed the guards. "I was wondering if you could do me a favor, it would require the use of your father's shop."

"Of course sire, what did you have in mind?" The knight asked as he let his King lead him down the road in the direction of the forge.

A smile spread even wider across Arthur's lips as he whispered to Elyan and dropped the item in question into his palm, closing the knight's fingers around it with his gloved hand. "I trust your abilities Elyan and that you're aware of the importance of its secrecy." He said before nodding his goodbye and moving to leave.

Elyan watched the retreating figure of his King and then slowly opened his hand, a thin golden chain with a silver ring decorated by thin golden trims on either edge, rested against his dark skin. He picked the ring up and inspected it, his eyes recognizing it as the very same one his sister Gwen had worn before being banished from Camelot. A sad look crossed his eyes before he pushed the thought of the past aside, if the King had found someone to bring him happiness then he would support it. With one final glance at the direction Arthur had gone, Elyan hurried to his workshop to complete the request that had been asked of him.


Merlin was trying to muck out the stables, the strong smell of the dirtied hay making him cover his mouth with his sleeve. He moved the hay in one direction to only move it right back, unable to concentrate he set the rake near the entrance, picked up his jacket resting on a stack of clean hay, and left, Arthur and the ring on his mind. The sun was high above the sky, its heat slightly more intense then the day before and the clouds seemed to stretch their white fingers towards it as if wanting to reach what was out of their grasp. Merlin frowned at them, was he like those clouds wanting to have what he truly could not?

A hard smack on his back made Merlin stumble forward and forget about the clouds, a small cry escaping his lips at the harsh but friendly impact. "What you doing out here all alone? I thought her Highness would have had you tied to the bed with the doors locked." Gwaine teased as he wrapped an arm around his friend and pushed them towards the tavern. Merlin's eyes filled with embarrassment as they fell on Gwaine and his cheeks turned red at what he was implying.

"Or are you all having problems already?" The friendly knight whispered into Merlin's ear, pushing them past the door and setting his friend on a bench. "Two tankers of meat," He hollered at a passing server, taking a seat across from him before turning his attention to Merlin, his grin spreading even wider. The gleeful look on his eyes was replaced with sincere concern for his friend when he caught Merlin's quite expression.

"Well you know what they say, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach and we know Arthur can eat his fair share." Gwaine winked as he gulped his drink down and set it loudly against the wooden table, hinting at the last banquet they had. "Just make sure you include a little desert afterwards."

Merlin blushed even redder at the suggestion and moved his own mug to his lips, Gwaine really knew how to make him blush but he was happy he knew about their secret relationship. He hesitated and handed it to Gwaine instead. "I should be getting back, thanks for the drink Gwaine." The young warlock said giving him a gentle reassuring smile that he was ok, before rising to his feet and heading back to Arthur's chambers, he still had some armor to polish. Gwaine sighed and shrugged his worry aside, turning the mug over and drinking its contents as rapidly as the first.


Merlin was gathering Arthur's armor from atop of his desk when the door opened and the King entered. Arthur looked at the slender figure of his manservant, still too busy trying to gather the heavy armor, and a grin spread through his face as he moved towards Merlin. He wrapped one arm around his waist and kissed the area right under Merlin's ear. "Hello there, are you by chance a fair princess that has found her way into my chambers?" Arthur murmured as he trailed kisses down Merlin's neck. "Or are you a rare beautiful creature that drives men crazy with desire and lust?"

"Arthur…" Merlin chuckled against the tingles on his neck where Arthur's lips still lingered. He moved his head further to the side to allow his King more access to the skin there and brought a hand to rest on Arthur's arm.

"Aw it's just my manservant and here I was thinking I had found something wonderful." Arthur teased moving back and barely sidestepping a piece of his armor Merlin had tossed at him. His grin grew wider as he moved to avoid yet another piece of his armor. "Merlin you know what I said about throwing things at me. I am the King and there should be some joys only I can enjoy." Merlin reached for something else to throw at his clod pole of a King.

Arthur pressed a hand on Merlin's hand and pushed the goblet back down to the desk. He was standing so close to the young warlock that Merlin could feel his breath on his face. His body tensed as Arthur brought Merlin's hand up and away from the goblet, pushing something still fairly warm against his palm. Merlin looked down at his hand and his heart skipped a beat, it was the ring, its intricate design and hint of gold shined more beautiful than before.

The young warlock's eyes widened as he turned the ring in his fingers and an engraving inside it caught his attention. He ran his finger across the name half hidden by the darkening room, elegant letters formed to read Arthur Pendragon. "This way I will always be close to you when my duties don't allow it." Arthur said slowly, his voice full of love and tenderness.

"Arthur I don't know what to say." Merlin managed to say through his dry throat, his eyes scanning his lover's features for an answer. Arthur grabbed the chain and tied it around Merlin's neck before kissing him vigorously, the promise he had made earlier fresh in his mind. Their kiss deepened and soon they were out of breath, pulling apart for air.

Arthur moved in for another kiss, but was stopped by Merlin's hand on his chest. "Wait! Meet me in the courtyard in two hours." Merlin said before moving away from him and towards the door. He turned around and faced the King with a sheepish smile on his face, "Two hours…" and bolted out the door leaving a dumbstruck and very horny King behind.


Arthur leaned on his desk, his feet scrapping the floor for over an hour and his fingers tapped the wooden construction. He couldn't wait another second and quickly marched his way to the courtyard with wide strides. As he took the stairs two at a time his eyes fell on his horse and Merlin standing beside it tying the harness on the saddle.

"Merlin what are you doing? I don't have any plans to ride today." Arthur asked as his eyebrows shot up once he noticed Merlin's horse already fully saddled standing impatiently beside his. Merlin finished securing the saddle and turned to face his King, his sheepish smile still on his face.

"I know, trust me and just follow me." Merlin said as he mounted his horse and was soon galloping towards the gates leading out of the castle. Arthur smirked and quickly mounted his horse to follow, easily catching up with the raven haired servant. Their horses moved in union at a much slower pace as Merlin lead them further into the woods and towards a large clearing. Arthur could see most of the castle from the clearing, its red banners flapping in the wind as if waving at them.

Merlin dismounted and tied his horse on a tree at the edge of the clearing before moving to the other side of it, his shoulders swaying merrily to match his walk. Arthur did the same, looking around and spotting a strange array of pots and pans near an unlit fire, a thin blanket spread neatly near the base of it.

"Merlin did you make a picnic for me?" The young King stated, his eyes still on the small cauldron hovering a few inches above the pile of wood.

"Yes and no, I had to sneak some of it from the kitchens all the while hiding from Gaius. You have no idea how hard that was since I only had two hours to prepare this. But I did make the stew." Merlin replied as he started the fire and stirred the contents in the cauldron, cautious not to spill it.

"Are you trying to woe me?" Arthur teased as he moved to sit next to Merlin and wrapped his arm around him pulling him to his lap. He turned Merlin's face towards him and stared into his eyes. "Though I am enjoying this side of you Merlin, immensely, you should know I am already completely fascinated by you." And to prove his point further, he kissed his manservant passionately on the lips.

"I just wanted to make something special for you." Merlin replied shyly once their kiss ended. Arthur stared at his manservant and his loving expression, finding himself falling in love with him all over again. He gently bit on Merlin's bottom lip, giving it a gentle tug before letting go.

"Alright so where's my food, you don't expect me to actually wait around for it." Arthur said, poking Merlin on his lower back with a stick lying near his feet. Merlin rolled his eyes and stirred the stew some more, his smile hidden from Arthur as he kept his back to him.

The food was soon ready and they managed to eat between more of Arthur's teasing and mocking. Time quickly passed as the day became night and the only thing offering them light was the moon and the still burning fire. Merlin stirred the flames and set the empty bowls near the fire, his heart beating rapidly as he remembered Gwaine's mention of desert.

"It's getting quite late; we should probably start heading back." Merlin said as he sat back down next to Arthur, his cheeks turning red.

Arthur didn't speak; he turned Merlin towards him and pressed himself back on the blanket, bringing Merlin on top of him. He ran his hand across Merlin's cheek, while his other hand ran down towards Merlin's belt and unfastened it. "I want you to take me." Arthur told his manservant, rubbing their hips together and biting hard on Merlin's tender neck, drawing a loud moan from his lover's lips. He tugged Merlin's brown jacket off and pulled his red shirt over his head, tossing it to the side before returning his attention to the fully exposed chest.

Merlin kissed Arthur greedily, the heat in his groin threatening to consume him up. His King's words still lingering heavily in his mind, the young warlock pulled and tugged viciously at Arthur's clothes. Once they were fully naked, Merlin ran his hands across the firm and breathtaking body of his forbidden lover, the sensations it brought drove him to the edge of his control. "Are you sure Arthur?" his shaken voice escaped his reddened lips in an attempt to clear the chance that he had imagined Arthur's demand.

Arthur answered by spreading his legs just enough to allow Merlin's slender frame to rest in between them and pulling him closer for a much deeper kiss, his hands running through the dark hair wildly. He pressed his hips and hard throbbing shaft against the other's equally hardened cock, sweet sounds escaping the back of his throat. His grip became more demanding as he tugged at Merlin's hair and managed to push his tongue into his lover's mouth.

Merlin couldn't hold back anymore and he nervously pushed inside Arthur, the tightness making him wince slightly as he thrust deeper. He could feel Arthur's body tense at the intrusion as he began to stretch him with increased thrusts. Merlin's eyes met his King's painful ones and he brought his movements to a brief halt, his breath coming out at an erratic pace.

"Dammit Merlin," Arthur cursed as he tightened his hold on Merlin's neck, cutting into him merciless as his nails dug into the pale skin there. "Was the pain this bad for you?" He asked through clenched teeth as he rested his head against Merlin's heaving chest trying to push the intense pain aside, his question and ignorance making Merlin blush and nod quietly.

"Want me to stop?" Merlin asked after a few seconds, his breathing calming back down to a much normal pace. The heat between his legs was still as strong, if not even hotter, and he was scared that he might not be able to stop if Arthur did decide to have him pull out, so he held his breath and waited.

"No, I can take it." The young King finally managed to reply, gripping the ring hanging gently above his own naked chest as he moved his hips upwards and winced as more pain ran through his lower body. "Don't stop." He ordered as he kissed his manservant in an attempt to distract himself from the pain and urged his lover forward, tugging at the chain around his neck. Merlin moved his hips once more, slow at first and then faster and harder as the warmth there threatened to unravel him. Arthur decided to concentrate on the movement of his hips, matching Merlin's every thrust and causing the young warlock to tighten his hold on him.

Merlin willed his body to slow down again, he wanted Arthur to be able to enjoy it or at least make the pain more bearable. He raised Arthur's hips higher, making the blonde King arch his back further as he pulled out and then thrust slow and deeper, hitting the sensitive spot that had his partner moaning out loud. Merlin increased his thrusts, ensuring that the tip of his cock rubbed against Arthur's spot driving him closer to his own climax. He squeezed Arthur's buttocks as he thrust even faster, unable to hold back anymore and rested his face in between the blonde's protective neck, nicking at the collarbone below it.

Arthur's ears rang with Merlin's moans of pleasure, he brought his legs even tighter against the slim figure above him, the sweat making his grip slip with every hard thrust and echoing a sticky sound as their bodies slammed against each other. "Merlin," He called out, his voice thick with sexual pleasure as one final thrust had him spilling his seed against Merlin's flat belly, and the warm seed inside him making him toss his head back against the night sky. He brought his face back towards Merlin's to stare into those beautiful deep blue eyes, flustered face, and found himself blushing as well.

Merlin moved away from Arthur, catching the embarrassment on his face and started to gather his clothes. "Wait, come here." Arthur called out, slowly sitting up and wincing, his waist and bottom ached from their love making. The young warlock was too shy to face his King so he decided to lay more wood into the dying fire. "You don't have to feel bad about it Merlin, I wanted this." The King whispered into Merlin's ear as he wrapped his arms around his waist and brought him back towards his chest.

"Did I hurt you?" Merlin asked tensing as Arthur winced again, keeping his eyes on the fire which was burning wildly once more. He felt his heart start beating fast as Arthur laid soft kisses on his shoulders and gently turned his face towards him.

"I'm fine Merlin, nothing a warm bath and a soft bed won't fix." The young King replied kissing Merlin on the lips, their kiss growing as the heat in their groins had them fully hard and ready again. "If you want to make it up to me, all you have to do is moan my name." Arthur teased as he pushed Merlin down and spread his legs with his knee, resting his hot body between them.

Merlin licked his lips and forced the butterflies in his stomach to stand still, he didn't think he would ever get used to the way Arthur managed to make him feel when they made love and otherwise. These past few months had barely scratched the desire and passion they had for each other, Merlin always found himself craving Arthur's touch even more than the last time. He reached for his King and brought him against his cold chest, kissing him again. The young warlock arched his back as Arthur entered him, bringing the warmth and thickness between his buttocks deeper inside him.

"Arthur," He gasped as his lover thrust mercilessly into him, making him crave every thrust that followed. Biting his lips, Arthur moved faster and deeper into Merlin, his bottom aching even more at the intrusion he had received moments ago. He clasped Merlin's hands above his head with one hand while the other clung selfishly on the slender hips below him.

"Again Merlin, say my name again!" Arthur demanded as he licked one nipple, nibbling it gently between his teeth before moving to the other and stopping for a moment to kiss the area where the ring rested. Every time he saw the ring shine against Merlin's pale and soft skin it drove his desire of possession further to the surface. Merlin was his, had been for six long memorable months and he would make sure his body was unable to respond to anyone's touch but his. He thrust even harder, slamming Merlin's hips into the ground with great force as Merlin moaned his name over and over, louder every time.

Merlin could feel his climax coming nearer and nearer at every thrust, every caress, every stroke Arthur made on his shaft, he closed his eyes to fight it and felt something he hadn't before. His magic surged through his body, tingling first just under his lower belly and moving further up. He arched his back even higher as it surged through his spine and slightly parted his eyes as Arthur sucked hard on his neck, bruising his ivory skin a dark red color.

The King was distracted by the soft skin under his lips that he didn't see his manservant's eyes turn a golden hue, the gold color refusing to fade back to their normal blue. The fire grew wilder and its flames danced higher before threatening to flicker out, the grass waved in all directions against the calm winds imitating the branches on the trees around them. Merlin could feel his hold on his magic slipping as Arthur pulled out and thrust back in, picking up the pace as the muscles in his buttocks contracted and strained.

"I can't hold on anymore Merlin," Arthur called out as he brought their lips together for one last kiss, forcing Merlin to close his eyes in an attempt to keep their golden glow a secret. A few more hard thrusts and they came together, their chests rocking hard against each other as their bodies shook with their release. Merlin kept his eyes closed, afraid to open them just yet and tried to calm himself back down, Arthur's hard breathing warming his skin.

Just as Arthur pulled out, his hot seed spilling from Merlin's entrance, the fire wavered then flickered out surrounding them in total darkness, the air turning calm once more. It took a few moments for their eyes to adjust to the moonlight and slowly they gathered their belongings, knowing very well the dangers that lurked in the woods in the late hours of the night. Fully dressed and cooled down by the cold night air, Merlin managed to force his magic under control and the golden hue finally faded from his eyes. He quickly turned towards Arthur and moved to pack up their belongings.

"I could use a little help Arthur." Merlin called out to his King who was standing a few feet to his left, his eyes glued to his every move. "I'm the King of Camelot; you can't expect me to help you carry pots and pans back to the castle." Arthur teased as he removed his hand on the hilt of his sword and crossed his arms to prove his point.

He chuckled and moved towards his clumsy servant who had managed to spill all the pans back to the ground, taking two pots from Merlin's arms he pointed a finger at his manservant. "If anyone finds out about this I will throw you in the stocks for an entire week Merlin." Merlin smiled sheepishly, balanced all the items on his arms again, and followed his King back to their horses taking care not to trip on anything, the darkness hiding their retreating figures but not their laughter.

Author's Note:

So we see the ring playing a much more important role in ensuring that the bad people believe Merlin completely, I already have a great scene in mind where the ring plays its very first part in that. It has to do with someone seeing the ring as if falls from under Merlin's shirt and reads the engraving. Also on Arthur and Merlin's relationship, for those of you who love Arthur as the top no worries, he might give in once or twice in this story but Merlin will still remain the bottom. Just wanted to show how much he loves Merlin and is willing to give up for him, thus the title of the chapter. Hope you enjoyed the beginning of the sequel to "Potion of Love" and a peek at the troubles these two will face, Merlin starting to lose his grip on his magic and Arthur's desire to show his love through the ring putting Merlin in danger. Quick note, Merlin isn't losing his control on his magic in a bad way, it will be revealed its caused for a sweet and silly reason (if you haven't guessed it yet) so don't let that discourage you in reading more. And did you all catch the unknowing indirect kiss between Merlin and Gwaine? I love Gwaine/Merlin but not as much as Arthur/Merlin, so there will be no Gwaine/Merlin here, that might happen in another story down the road. That don't mean I can't enjoy throwing in little moments like those and tormenting Gwaine with it. More chapters of this story will be posted after August 1st, see you all then and remember reviews flare the fire that motivates my writing muse.