This is probably going to die at some point. XD

Anyway, I'm just going to make a story of self inserting myself into Second Life... But I'm going to be messing with the actual story, which is something I haven't seen people do.

So, anyway. Italics are thoughts. Bold is PM, or this stuff up here.

Summary: A girl gets dragged into Second Life by her friends. She doesn't really like MMORPGs and the fact that you actually feel pain is just not fun to her. Plus there's the fact that she really doesn't have any life problems to work out. But then she meets these two really cute guys. And decides she wants to join their team...

Disclaimer: I do not own 1/2 Prince. I own my character and the nameless GM in the beginning here.

I sighed. Why had I even bought this game? 99% realism? So what? I was much happier playing my Pokemon than this...

My name is Kashikoi Ai and I am horrible with pain. Why do I say this? That's the whole reason I don't want to play this game.

I've always been pigheaded, too, and didn't like change, but that isn't the biggest problem in the world, right?

Whatever. May as well check it out.

The most stupid part of these games? You play them while asleep. What am I supposed to waste my free time in real life doing? That's the whole POINT of video games...

I'm really old fashioned, aren't I? It must come from my mother, she was and so was her mom.

I'm a university student right now, at XXX University.

Stupidest name ever, right? Anyway, it was summer right now, and I'm living with my friends in an apartment. They're apparently on the 'Western Continent' of this Second Life game, so I'll make sure to pick something else - not that I don't love my friends, I'm just upset that they dragged me into this is all.

I put on the gaming helmet and found myself drifting away. These things work pretty well, sort of like hypnosis...

I found myself in a dark room. There was a lady in a floating chair staring at me. "Welcome to Second Life! Please wait while we perform the infrared and voice scan, so you can create your character." She said.

They can do that while I'm asleep and in my house? I wonder if I should be offended or feel creeped... I shuddered.

There was a ping, and she said, "Scan complete! Now, first pick your race."

A plethora of creatures appeared before me, from cats to flowers to elves.

"Each race has certain benefits and classes it is more suited for. There are Humans, Elves, Elementals (which are split by what type of spirit they are), Beastmen (Which can be divided into all the animals), celestials, which are like angels, and demons. Which class are you hoping to be?"

Hm. I hadn't really thought of that myself... "Are there any that can tame monsters...?" I asked.

"No, any player can have pets."

Huh... I guess I'll just pick something... Fun! "Can I see myself as a cat girl, an elf, and a celestial?" I asked.

"Certainly," the woman waved a hand and three versions of me appeared.

One was a cat, lean and slim, with tribal-looking clothing and jewelry, her tail long and her ears large. Her fur was the same chestnut brown as my current hair, and her hair had a similar style.

The second had pointed ears, and slanted eyes. The eyes were a much more stunning hazel than mine, though her hair was the same as mine. Her clothes were rather simple.

The third was an angel. She had brown wings that looked like those of an eagle, and big, bright versions of my eyes, and my chestnut hair in pigtails. She wore a robe you would expect an angel to wear.

"Wow..." I said, "That's difficult..."

"Well, personally, I think your celestial form looks cutest. You'll get much more help with a cuter face, right?"

"What?" I cocked my head.

"Female characters level up faster, plus there are almost always get help from guys."

I deadpanned. Granted, I liked the fact that I could level faster to avoid taking too much pain, but I didn't want a bunch of boys fawning over me, really...
Actually, that would be kind of cool... At the same time it wouldn't.

"Nah, I'll pick the cat girl." She smiled at me, and the other two disappeared.

"Alright," The Mod continued, "Would you like to beautify or uglier yourself by 30%?"

Woah, you can do stuff like that? I didn't really care, though. Never had. "Neither," I said.

"Alright, would you like to change the the height or hair color?"

"Actually, I'm okay with her the way she is now," I said, smiling awkwardly.

"Are you sure? You can only create one character."

"Yeah, that's fine."

"Alright. If you die, you will be returned to the respawn point, and you will lose a level. What would you like your Username to be?"

I wonder how painful that would be... I shuddered. As for the Username, someone simple would work fine... "Can I be Aishiteru?"

"I love you?" She actually blushed a bit. "Isn't that a bit, um..."

"I don't care much for conservatism. I'm old-fashioned, but 'I love you' is something that everyone says in America."

"They say daisuki, not Aishiteru, though, right?"

"But Aishiteru sounds better..." I pouted.

She sighed and glared at me.

"Fine! If it's such a big deal, I'll be... Yoru Hana?"

"Actually, that's taken. Doesn't suit you anyway."

My turn to glare. "Fine, then how about..."

This actually took us an hour. Finally we were able to decide...

"Alright, last thing; where would you like to be born? There are five continents, North, South, West, East, and Central."

West is where the others are... I'll pass on that one, then. Central seems like a good choice, right smack in the middle... "Central continent."

"Alright, enjoy Second Life!"

The world began to fade, and I started to fall.

I woke to a gentle breeze. There was no pain, which was odd... But maybe my fall didn't really count? Since I wasn't the character or something?

Ugh, my head was starting to hurt. I really need to stop overthinking things...

"Hey, are you okay?" I heard. I opened my eyes lazily. Three people were standing over me. Two of them looked like they really didn't give a shit, so I reasoned the third, a pink cat girl with amber eyes, was the one who spoke. She had slightly better clothes/armor then I had, as did the other two, so I supposed they must have been a higher level, as well. The cat girl's hair was long, with two sidebangs that covered her ears and shorter bangs that covered her forehead.

"Er, yeah, I'm fine. I'm just new." I said, getting up and dusting myself off for no reason.

"Ah! Thought so." The girl smiled. "I'm Alieneko, and this is Void and New Moon."

Void was the male of the group. He was a human, it seemed, and his class was a warrior, from the katana at his hip. His eyes and hair were black, and his hair was long, and ragged, maybe even almost... poofy?

The third member, New Moon, was female... At least, I assumed. It was hard to tell, but my otaku instincts decided on female. Her hair was auburn, and her bangs were messy and in her face, though the rest of her hair fell smoothly down her back. I had the urge to touch it, actually, because of how pristine it looked. Her eyes, however, deterred me. They stared at the world with a dead, uncaring look, and they had bags under then. She was pale, too. She was of the demon class, as well. She looked kind of evil. And yet, really pretty, too. It was really weird. I couldn't tell what class she was, or Alieneko's.

"We're team Orphan," Alieneko said, "Or we will be once we get a few more people. We're still pretty new to the game ourselves, and we only met up because we know eachother from real life."

"Oh, really? That's cool." I said. I did kind of wonder how someone like Alieneko knew these two people, though, or why she would be on a team named 'Orphan'.

"What's your name?" Alieneko asked.

"Oh, it's-"

"Let's go." Void interupted in a monotone. Aparrently he couln't care less, and didn't even know why they had stopped in the first place. Or something.

"We should go..." New Moon said in even more of a monotone. It sounded almost like a crypt. It was really creepy.

"Hmph!" Alieneko huffed. "Fine. Maybe we'll see you around, okay?" She said to me. They walked off.

I wandered around the village, lost for something to do. I supposed the best thing to do would be fight monsters, but really I didn't feel like it at all. I just sort of wanted to walk around. It was too quiet, though. I wished I had my music. I did pretty much everything to music.

For a minute I wondered if I fell asleep with it on I might have it, but I shook that away. It was unlikely.

I decided that my best interest would be killing things. I hoped there wasn't too much blood or guts or anything, since I'm REALLY not good with that stuff...

I didn't have any pockets that I could feel, so I sort of wondered how I could access my inventory, until a voice whispered in my ear, "Just say 'system'".

I was a little confused, but I did as it said. A menu popped up in front of me.

~Level: 1 | Race: Beastwoman | Class: None | Reputation: 0 | Health: 60 | Mana: 40 | Unspent skill points: 0 | EXP: 0/25 to Level 2 | Strength: 5 | Physique: 4 | Agility: 8 | Intelligence: 9 | Willpower: 9 | Wisdom: 6 | Charisma: 5 | Luck: Unknown | Abilities: None~

Are you serious? I get that I'm a wimp and I have no endurance, but what is with that? High agility but lousy physique, what good is that going to do me?

And why is my Intelligence level so high? I'm not that smart!

I am hard headed, though. I will accept the high Willpower rating.

Wow I'm bad with people.

This should be fun.

I checked my inventory. I was flat broke and I had a knife.


Let's see what we can do.

No, I'm not witholding her name from you...

I'll tell you now that this actually took me a while to write, and I had to rethink her name a few times, lol. XD

... I don't have a lot to say here, lol. :3