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"Roar" :Normal Speech

'Roar' : Thought Speech

Roar: Demon/Dragon speech

'roar': demon/dragon thought

"No Jutsu": Jutsu/magic

Alright so lets begin

Chapter One: Jinchurriki of the Apocalypse

It was dark night of Konoha in which chaos spurred through the area, destruction upon the village came through as the nightmare began in which was known well as October 10th, the night in which Kyuubi, the nine tailed demon foxhad been released upon the shinobi village of Konohagakure no Sato. A swing from one of it's swaying nine tails could cause massive land tsunami's and could send hundreds of shinobi to their own deaths.

Only on man took forth the challenge of the released beast, He was about five - eleven to a near six feet in height, with spiky blonde hair, and sea blue eyes. He wore a shinobi flack vest under a white trench coat with red flames at the tips of the coat with writing on the back and possessed a blue headband with the symbol of a leaf on his head. He was Minato Namikaze, Kiroii Senko, and Yondaime Hokage of Konohagakure.

Minato stood in front the Kyuubi now, coming in between the beast and a woman with crimson red hair. The woman look frail, taking holding on to life as much as she could, the show of her life slowly coming to an end was showing on her exhausted face. She was able to suppress the power of her unique chakra chains, though how long that would last even she couldn't tell.

Minato stared back at the devilish eyes of the fox now, his stare seemed to be more serious than ever. He looked down to the ground real quick seeing a newborn child, bundled in a cloth under a seal. It's round face possessing six whisker marks on his face. Though almost looked identical to the older man without a guess in the world. A clutching feeling of despair came into Minato's chest. He had only one option and that was to seal this beast, inside his own son. While his wife Kushina, stubborn as the redhead was wouldn't accept it, there was no other choice for them to agree on this. It was a hard choice, doing this would bring his son into a world of darkness and isolation. However, he knew the boy would get by, he is his and Kushina's son after all.

'Forgive me Naruto' Minato thought as he began to form hand seals quickly and efficiently as he then stopped within a mere seconds.

"Shiki Fujin no Jutsu" He said as a spiritual entity came into place as a ghostly demon, it's pale black eyes and menacing features make any man believe that were staring at death itself.

A pale hand went through Minato's body as it launched itself at the massive beast grabbing it's Yin chakra and slowly pulling it toward Minato. Once close slowly went inside Minato's body and was sealed, showing the engraved marking of Minato's stomach. Minato slumped slightly as he felt the pressure of the chakra and winced. 'Such heavy Chakra' He looked up and noticed the size of the Kyuubi now was half it's original size,. He had to act fast.

Minato Quickly made hand signs once more and summoned what looked like a ceremonial bed and quickly placed his son down on the soft cushioning. He could hear the coughing and the heavy wheezing from Kushina and looked back for a quick second. "Kushina!"

It was a short amount of time before Minato realized that the chakra chains binging the Kyuubi were loosening. He and Kushina looked at to see the massive claw aiming towards his and Kushina's beloved child. Both rushed in front of the beast hand and as quick they were pierced from behind, holding the claw to slow it's momentum, thanking Kami that it barely reaches Naruto.

"Damned Humans!" cursed the Kyuubi as he snarled once the chains tightened around him once more.

Kushina looked at her husband and slowly gave a nod as she coughed a little, "You win..I guess… your really serious about this." She said quietly.

Minato nodded as he smiled "thank you, Kushina-chan." He looked up at the shinigami and looked back at Kushina. "I'm about to perfrom the Hakke Fujin and store what chakra we have left…So it's best to say what you have to say now" he said smiling at his beloved wife.

Kushina looked at the young child and smiled "Sochi, eat healthy and grow up to a big boy. Make sure you make friends, friend you can depend on, learn your ninjutsu and listen to your teachers, I was never good with either, hopefully you will. " She said softly as she grinned, "And make sure you meet a girl whose like me okay…your going to go through so experience much difficulties as a child, but never forget who you are."

Minato smiled as he looked at his son, "Sochi, Make sure you listen to your godfather, even though he's a pervert he will be there for you. Listen to Kakashi too, hopefully he'll be there for you as well." he said performing the sealing rights.

"We love you Naruto" The both said, leading to one blinding light "Hakke Fuin!" The light had embraced the Kyuubi, the demon he roared one last time before being sealed within Naruto leaving only a child wailing on the ceremonial bed.

It was only a few seconds before the group of shinobi forces came into the scene, the beside the child was both a Sandaime Hokage and a young Kakashi. The bodies of the Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki were gone.

"Sensei…" Kakashi said knelt down to pick up his teacher's son, his living legacy.

Hiruzen Sarutobi looked at Kakashi holding Naruto and sighed as he shook his head with guilt. If only her had gotten there sooner, he would have been the one to take Minato's place. They had lost at hero of Konohagakure, in his place of him and his wife they had their legacy and a new Jinchurriki.

"Kakashi, take Minato's son away for a few days to a nearby shelter, I don't want the civilians finding out about this yet. Not until there is some stability in peoples minds about the event has occurred." he told the young Jonin before sending out his shinobi to go look for further investigation of how the beast got loose and ordered the remaining members around to make sure the people are safe and uninjured.

"Hai Hiruzen-Sama" Said Kakashi, he leaped into the trees of the night, heading north towards the outskirts of Hi no Kuni.


Kakashi traveled a steady pace as he carefully held Naruto in his arms. The young shinobi looked at the sleeping baby, the young child could be seen with more traits of his father, but had his mothers facial features. How his sensei would use his own child to be the new host of the Kyuubi he would never know. Though Kakashi knew that this boy was a hero keeping an untamed beast at bay.

Just as Kakashi was only a few minutes to the shelte he found something that caught his eye in the sky. A dim glowing light that was covered by cloud. He stopped for a minute to get a close look as he got into view of the light. It was foreign, but something supernatural came into play from it. He could feel energy coming out of it, something similar to chakra. It didn't cross his mind though that it would be such a threat. Until it hit him that is.

A sudden pressure hit him, causing him to be pulled up towards the light. He grunted as he moved around, trying to reach out for a branch with a single arm, but his hands were too out of reach. He could feel Naruto moving around a bit, stirring as he began to slightly wail. Kakashi and Naruto were sucked up into the benevolent light. Kakashi was spinning around as he tired his best to hold Naruto in his grasp. Though one shift of speed tugged his forward and allowed him to loosen his grip on Naruto. Allowing them both to be separated.

'NO!' He thought as he tried to reach for the cloth only for Naruto to drift further away from him. His view of seeing Naruto faded as Naruto vanished into the light leaving him to be blinded within the light as well.

"Naruto!" he yelled as he disappeared out of existence.

Outskirts of Magnolia year 769

Porlyusica sighed as she sat on her chair, this night was already troublesome as it was. She looked at two beds the held two people on each one, a blonde haired man in his early twenties and a long red haired woman her age in the same area of age.. Both were critically wounded on the ground when she found them near her home, a few minutes longer and both would have been dead if she hadn't healed their wounds.

Both seemed to have had a massive strain on their bodies and must have had been in a tough fight. Though something was off about their magic power, it was a lot more concentrated per say, more heavier. Whoever these people were, they had power and that she could tell.

Before she was about to check on their wounds once more and heal them she saw a bright light come from the sky and paused lightly. 'Anima?' she thought to herself as she headed out of her house.

She headed out towards the woods and found what was a young man with gray hair and foreign type of armor on him. His unconscious body was lifeless as he groaned from the rush he had inside the anima.

"Great, another damn human " she muttered narrowing her eyes as she huffed

She picked him up and slung his arm around her shoulder as she walked him to her house. He heard him mutter something, but could hear quite well. Curiosity got the best of her as she drew her ear close and decided to listen in.


'Fishcake? Who the hell thinks of Fishcakes? She thought as she brought the teen into her house.

She didn't know what she was going to do with these three, maybe get their story first, probably tell Makarov about them and allow them to join their guild. Not like she needed them around here to bother her anyway, all three have become a hassle anyway letting her do work at two in the morning.

Elsewhere in Earthland

At the edge of a mountain top the sounds of a crying Naruto were heard as the sound echoed through the mountain ridge. The sounds of him wailing also brought him trouble as a wyvern flew down and landed just a few feet of him. The Grey skinned creature hissed lowly as it's lower jaw drooled with hunger as it craved for the baby's flesh. It hadn't eaten in days and a small morsel such as Naruto could keep his energy up for sometime. Though the danger that was brought upon Naruto was not the wyvern. It was something much worse.

A loud cry hit the skies of the mountain as it echoed loudly enough to startle the wyvern, sending it flapping its wings in such hurry to escaped whatever was coming. A massive looming shadow loomed above Naruto. It was a dragon, near the size of Kyuubi, it's black and blue scales dimmed in the moonlight as it landed on the peak of a small mountain, causing rubble to topple to the bottom floor. It gave a low growl as it's pale eyes stared down upon the small infant.

The dragon was Acnologia, the dragon of the apocalypse. He folded his feathery leathered wings as it slowly crept down to the child starting down upon the newborn with it's two massive set eyes. Humans as a whole to him were simply to put words, inferior. He had no need to socialize or befriend them at all. He was not bound by such things to make peace with them unlike those of his other dragon kin. He was the most feared dragon in history, He was bound by none of the other dragons laws made by the dragon king and he had no interest aside destroying those insect like humans, especially Zeref. The dark mage.

The while he was annoyed by the child's wailing cries which made him want to throw the baby. He had a curious interest about this boy. The boys magic potency was strong in mass, more denser than mages much older than him, the only person he would compare this child to was bloody Zeref. Though he could smell it off the child. A power that could rival his own. If this child were to live he would be dangerous to live. His talon slowly came down until he stopped for a moment. An idea came across his mind as it bore a toothy grin.

He would use this child against Zeref, if the child could no defeat the dark mage, he could at least hope to hurt him bad enough to make sure that even he, the dragon that could make an era come to an end kill Zeref. He decided to make this boy the perfect weapon, the perfect dragon slayer.

"This shall be interesting…don't you agree ningen." He spoke to young Naruto as he grabbed him carefully into his massive hand and flew off into the night.


AU: Well I hope you like the start of this chapter, I kind of did it in my style of how this could have went. Though if I made any miscalculations please notify me I'll see what can do. I figure I'm probably call Acnolagia's dragon slaying magic type either chaos dragon (Kontonryuu) slaying or dark dragon slaying (Meiryuu). Both are kind of close to Acnologia since they are a type of non elemental magic so in a sense they both can absorb the magic energy from magic attacks, even from other dragon slayers attacks.

Yes if you figured it out, both Kushina and Minato are alive, both in critical condition at the moment. Why I kept them alive is because they will be a key role in Naruto's shinobi life, like how Acnologia will be in Naruto's Magic life, only they will also adept to the magic world just like Kakashi will as well

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