Earth that stood silent now quaked with an undying fury as a man of dragon like features erupted from the ground below….He screamed out to the world these words….

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Chapter 16: The Lonely Mountain


1 hour ago

Fairy Tail –Makarov's office

"So tell me, what did you find in Bosco?" Makarov asked.

Minato looked at the aged guild master. "There was nothing that was wrong in the city, but there have been rumors." The former kage said.

Makarov raised his eyebrows, "Rumors? I thought we were the kind that weren't foolish enough to fall for rumors…aside from Natsu of course." He said as he sipped his tea, "So what was this rumor in the first place?"

"True, but as they say, most rumors come from some form of truth." Minato furrowed his brows and looked at the man, "We have heard small rumors about wildlife being empty, some of the meat butchers who purchase meat from hunters who bring back animals from their hunt are getting no large meat supplies; only things they get are quail, rabbit, or some of the domesticated animals that farmers bring. It was nothing at first, but then we heard that the farmers were losing cattle and their other larger domesticated animals. Kushina got curious and asked around. What the farmers told us was that their animals were disappearing at night time, a third of the farmers lost their entire herd of cattle overnight."

Makarov narrowed his eyes as he clasped his hands together and placed his elbows on his desk. Cattle being lost overnight and wildlife becoming empty, it made no sense, there were monsters of course, but if the monsters in the forest were also missing then what could be tacking them all down?

"After we contacted you about staying in Bosco for a while longer we went and talked around the hunters in town, we found out that half the hunters that resided in town had gone missing, but the ones who knew what happened to them told us the same thing: 'The ghost had come down from the cold mountain.'"

"The Ghost of the Cold Mountain…hmmm..." Makarov lowered his eyes and thought, "Perhaps they are referring to wyverns. They are a sub-species of dragons, nowhere near as powerful, but they have the tendency to attack and kill humans, as well as go and attack farmland for easy meals."

"We thought so too, there has been a large account for wyvern sightings in Bosco the previous weeks, but other reasons suggest otherwise." Minato calmly offered his counterargument. "If a wyvern did come and take the farm animals they would have done it during the day in sheer numbers, even some of the hunters were A-class mages, capable of handling a B-class wyvern such as ice wyvern or grass wyvern. We had investigated around the outskirts of town and around the mountain areas. What we found after looking over what we got and what we witnessed...we were very much concerned that the rumors that were spreading around were actually true."

Kushina stepped forward once she spoke. "We thought at first that it was a wyvern, however we estimated that the talons were from forelimbs rather than from talons from the hind legs of the draconian species. From what we gathered from the hunters at first was believed to be a wyvern, but in truth the hunters were picturing something slimmer, serpentine like rather than the bulky nature of wyvern physique; it has sharp claws, fast, intelligent, and has an aggressive temper." The red head frowned "Though we do know for certain that it falls under the same lines of draconian species. Do you think that it could possibly be a dragon?"

"Possibly, no one has seen living dragons in the past several decades, centuries aside from our fellow dragonslayers in our guild. Though I do have speculation that it couldn't be a dragon. A normal dragon at least. Have there been recent sighting. Do any of the hunters or anyone in general have a better description of what this creature looks like and where they had last seen it?"

Minato shook his head, "No…but about the 'Ghost of the Misty Mountain', there is a story behind it or a poem at least." He said as he narrowed his eyes.

"It came from the north with scales blood seeping red

Serpentine in nature, with eyes so keen and wondrous

Its flames consumed souls, its roar brought life dread

Now stand before thy eyes, Smaug the stupendous

His fiery eyes seeking death and blood, ruin and decay

Yet as his desolation comes upon him from within the smoking mountains

The beast's ghost shall forever remain."

Makarov paused as he listened to the poem, he sighed as he stood up from his chain and walked toward the window and stared at the northern trail. "I've heard of the poem, I just didn't think that what the hunter said could be about that of all things." His eyes narrowed, "I brought trouble to someone and I'm either grateful that I chose him or I may regret it later on."

The former Hokage looked at the short blonde and frowned, "Is there something we should know, Master?"

Makarov paused. Wrinkles marred his face as he furrowed his brows and frowned deeply. "Long ago there was a war between man and dragon before peace rose. Dragons had not been seen since, that is until 200 years ago as said to be believed."

"So it was a dragon that the hunters saw." Stated Kushina.

"No." Makarov immediately shot down Kushina's statement. "As much as it may be considered as a dragon, it is not. It does not stand under the equivalent power of a dragon; however it is vicious, bloodthirsty, intelligent, and highly powerful. I wouldn't recommend any of my children outside the fields of S-class to face something of such malevolence." Makarov looked at the duo, "The creature that the hunters are referring to is a Drake."


The old man grunted. "In an old language it means 'dragon' or 'serpent'. You could say they are a hybrid between both dragons and wyvern, as it is closely related to both species. However, Drakes, like wyverns are not said to be impervious to magic like dragons. A Drake is said to have a resistance for certain types, but not all, as well as to either only breath fire, ice, and poisonous gas." The Titan magic user frowned, "It's surprising to hear that a Drake is still around after all these years."

"You sound surprised, you make sound as if they were not meant to be alive or not common to be seen." Kushina said.

"That's because they aren't. They were said to be killed by several knights and mages, as well as more dominate beings such as their rival Titans and Giants or even Dragons. The last one was supposed to be dead over two hundred years ago and that was Smaug the Stupendous, or as I would call the devil drake. There is much history with that beast: burned down towns, plagued small cities, many mages in those times fell to the power of the last and most powerful drake that was from the far north of Earthland." The small man pressed one hand against the wall and rested his face on his other and sighed.

"About 200 or so years ago there was another kingdom near Fiore before being integrated into out lands and the bordering country beyond, it was small, but its kingdom, Erebor, was proud and the king was kind and loving to all his people. The land was integrated with both humans and dwarves and all was said to be peaceful. It wasn't until the coming end of summer was when Smaug attacked the kingdom of the Lonely Mountain, killing many of the land's warriors, burning down the innocent, and killing the last lines to the throne in all for the sake of the land's rich gold. It wasn't until fifty years later that Smaug had been killed, its heart pierced through by a magical arrow of light. From what origin in which it came no one knew, but its power was enough to pierce Smaug's magical and durable hide and flesh."

Makarov looked at the duo and paused, "Smaug was feared for many years, for it to be killed had brought many rejoice in its death. Despite the horrendous tales of the beast, the last Drake, Smaug the Stupdenous was the greatest of his age. I don't doubt that Smaug was killed, but perhaps there has been something that was left behind."

"Are you suggesting that Smaug left something that could bring him back; I thought dragons were the honorary types in not trying to commit using dark magic?" Minato said

"Presumably they are, but as I said before, Smaug is a Drake, and a vicious bloodthirsty one at that, he could have possibly used some dark magic in order to restore him to life, but magic like that is only produced by the likes of Zeref." The elder stated. "No, I believe that if he did not leave some sort of magical enchantment behind, then he may possibly have left an egg. It may sound ridiculous, but like dragon eggs, wyvern eggs can hatch between months or even years at a time. What's to say that Smaug had an egg with another Drake before said extinction?"

"It wouldn't be impossible nor ridiculous; I faced a man who was supposed to be dead over a hundred years old before we came here, but he was alive and kicking and caused the Kyuubi to roam around and destroy the village I led. There were men known as Jashinists who held some form of immortality and could live with getting their bodies destroyed, heads severed, heart pierced; we killed them off using special poisons that attacked their chakra system as well as their nervous system, causing the vital organs and chakra pathways to break down on a cellular level. There shouldn't be a surprise about a extinct race to come back."

"Yes, I suppose you are right." Makarov said before sitting back down to his chair. "If Smaug did leave a hatchling behind, then no doubt the Drake would be as dangerous or even more violent than his or her dead parent. Though it leaves many answers to be explained, hopefully Naruto will be back to explain them."

A sudden chill ran down the room, both men looked at Kushina as her violet eyes ran cold. "What..?"

Makarov smirked, "There has been some recent activity going on in Shirotsume town…like what has happened in the outskirts of Bosco, but on a larger scale. It was an S-class mission and I wanted Naruto to go check it out and see if there was anything he could find."

"That's not the point, you let MY son go into the lion's den to end up coming out like a scrap of meat!"

"Kushina…" Makarov sighed, "No matter how harsh it is I do not think Naruto wants anything to do with you, at least until he finds himself, who knows. He has not spoken to you or Minato for the last two years no matter how much you pressured him to join you in missions and how much you wished for him to bond with you. Perhaps if you gave him time to collect and find himself through the mess he has been through with his dragon parent, then perhaps he will come to you than you forcing him."

"Yet you are always putting him in risk, you are the only one who knows who his dragon parent is and is not willing to tell us anything!" She countered, "If we knew what had happened to him, then maybe we can understand, but you won't give us the chance to allow us to understand!" Tears slowly welled up in her eyes. "I know what it is like to be a Jinchuriki...maybe not on a greater level of those who have felt the influence of the pain and struggle to hold such a power inside you for the rest of your living days, but I understand. Though I want to know so much of what and who caused my son to be the way he was!"

Makarov was silent before he spoke, "I do this for not just for the guild or him, but for you two to see him, at least to see him for who I think he is and could be." The old man smirked, "I will not tell you of his dragon parent, because I feel it is his obligation to tell whoever he desires if he trusts them enough with such knowledge. I figure that is why he holds me with such respect aside from my fortitude, skill or even status. His life was like Natsu's or Gajeel's...raised by a dragon. But...his parent was different from how Natsu describes Igneel, much different and that is something that should be brought with caution."

Makarov's fingers then pressed onto a form that held an updated status on mages. "I put Naruto on risky missions for two reasons. One is because he has shown that he is on a level that is equivalent to yours, mine, and Gildarts's level, hell even rivaling Minato. Naruto has shown no skill beyond from what I have seen and that is perhaps he is holding back for someone that is worth his time. He fought and killed Jose, a Wizard Saint below me and came back with only a few scrapes and bruises. That tells you something if he could beat him with ease. Makes me wonder if he could face you now toe-to-toe, eh Minato?"

"That is something that I hope to find out one day without him trying to actually kill me." Minato said.

"Well we'll find out one of these days." Makarov said chuckling before he looked at Kushina once more, her temper calming down, but her eyes remained narrowed.

"What is the second reason?" She growled through gritted teeth.

"The second reason is simple...I believe in him." That got both shinobi in the room to raise an eyebrow. "I believe in his inner nature, his goal, his strength and drive. You see him as someone who is enraged and while that is somewhat true, you are not seeing things deeper. You are not seeing in his eyes the pain that he holds, the rage, but there is also innocence, confidence, and passion. His mind probably started off with wrath and hatred, killing people who are affiliated with the same field of work of people who made him feel pain, which is why he went after dark mages. Though I think this was his own way of making peace, destroying the roots of the base of evil that is in the world so people don't have to suffer like he did. His dragon parent made him into a cold-hearted, cunning, instinctual, but extremely adaptive hunter that can adapt to all forms of environment when necessary, however, someone had developed him to feel compassion and care about people who are close to him. Despite his apathetic exterior he may care, maybe not trust you or like you, but as biological parents there has to be some lingering emotion of affection towards you if he didn't want to kill you two."

Minato looked at Makarov and narrowed his eyes to the ground before closing them. Makarov had spoken with reason and logic, something that both he and Kushina had not been using when they looked for Naruto.

What he would feel, how he would react, what kind of life he had without them and what kind of relationship he would have with them.

They were thinking so desperately for themselves and how they wanted their son to come back to them. Minato viewed his son in the likes of what no mage could ever understand today in Earthland. His son, despite using magic and his limited skill of chakra, was a shinobi in all rights. Yet despite that he could find that his son held a moral ambition and goal to do what he was set out to do before all other things, as if it was a mission, but without orders from a commanding leader to tell him how to do it. Naruto's goal to stop tyranny made Minato feel like he was a child destined for greatness.

Despite living in the dark, the young blonde was pushing for somewhere for the light by cutting the stems of the tree.

"Our son..." Minato said grabbing his wife's hand firmly, his eyes, as Kushina looked at him, shined with confidence and truth. "...despite what pain and distrust we brought upon him, is still our son; whatever choices he made, I am proud of him. The path he takes in life will be the path that I hope one day will be the best one he can take, but even so, I will be proud to be the father of Naruto, the dragon slayer who will bring peace."

Kushina's eyes widened by Minato's revelation upon their child. Could she boast upon the possibility that their son could be such, that he could be something that can overcome darkness and hatred of mankind? She worried about that the most. She could only see the anger that her son held from the beginning when they were first reunited with him, but he seemed more docile. Even though hostilities still commenced between him and others, there was something that Makarov was right about...Naruto was changing.

But was he changing for the better?

"Minato..." Kushina spoke out as softly as she could before her voice raised enough for him to hear, "What if it is not enough? What if he ends up as someone who will destroy everything in sight rather than be someone who brings peace? We have seen how he is now, even though his is changing does that mean he will be better?" Kushina questioned. "He could get so much worse."

Minato looked at Kushina and paused before he spoke, "We should not be ignorant about what he is now; his actions will be his own and if he does not wish to be a protector of life then let him be the destroyer, but I doubt that will ever happen. Something in life has pushed him away from that path and like Makarov said, whoever the person who influenced him was had altered the possibilities of him doing so. If he is neither, then he will be the balance of all things." He smiled and placed a hand upon his wife's shoulder, "Have faith in him. When he comes back, try and talk to him without trying to push anything out of him. I think he'll open up with a neutral point and not a hostile point."

Kushina looked upon Minato's blue eyes. She was at a loss for a moment. Had Minato given thought about this, about living with his transgression and the burden he laid upon their son? There was something, no, many things that rolled around in her mind...but she let them go. Minato was right, she NEEDED to have faith in her son in hopes of ever connecting with him or hoping to hold some sort of bond.

The red headed Kunoichi gave a slight nod with a small smile "you're right. Thank you so much Minato, for having faith in our son." Kushina looked to the elder and smiled "and thank you Makarov-jiji, for believing in our son when we did not; I'm sorry for doubting him."

The third guild master waved his hand nonchalantly and smiled, "don't worry my dear, all is said and done." He told her, "I think Naruto will enjoy this mission; it will give him time to think. Who knows, perhaps the boy will thank me and reward me with gratitude!" he said as he barked out loudly as he laughed.

Oh how wrong he was…how wrong he was indeed.



Shirotsume Town

"I'm going to kill that old fool when I get back." Naruto said as he narrowed his eyes.

"Don't be mad just because this place is empty." Kurama stated receiving a glare at his jailor. "Perhaps something happened to this place to make it look like this."

'No shit, we were here months ago and it looked nothing like this.' Naruto said to the King of Bijuu. 'I swear on Makarov's name that I will torture him till he dies. The first thing I'm going to do is burn his precious stash of his filthy smut!'

Naruto, one could say, was not having the best of days. He would have had a good day of course, if it wasn't for Makarov. Makarov had to simply jinx him today of all days. First he was transported to another dimension, facing his counterpart and then teaming up with said doppelganger to kill a dragon of old. Oh he was going to give Makarov the beating of a life time: now he was dealing with an empty ghost town. Houses were demolished and in ruin, the animal life of domesticated animals was nonexistent, and there was barely anyone in this forsaken town.

Shirotsume Town was near the far northern area of Fiore and right alongside the mountains in which was high Wyvern territory, even the townsfolk had their trouble with the beasts, including other monsters which resulted with the local mages or mages from prosperous guilds such as Fairy Tail to come down, kick the monster's ass, and finally leave.

However, something different had happened to the town and, despite his slight tantrum, it didn't go unnoticed to Naruto. He could smell the small traces of wyvern meat and blood from the butcher shop nearby, as well as smelling dried up blood and the faint smell of burnt wood. What brought his interest amongst this town was that his senses picked up a foreign smell unlike anything he had ever smelt during his time.

There was a close relation to the smell of dragon as he could never forget that smell, but this scent was off by great deal; the burnt smoke, dried up blood, and the destruction that was held around this town was caused by something large, something that could only be what he thought was a dragon. The blonde's draconian instincts picked another scent, the scent of two people that were close as well. His eyes narrowed as he looked around, he couldn't deny that smell anywhere...that was the scent of a dragon slayer.

'Death, fire, blood, and ruin all trace around this place: I can't say this is the work of a dragon, but it is relatively close and for two dragon slayers to be here it just means that my hunch would possibly be correct.' Naruto narrowed his eyes he bent down to one knee and grabbed a pile of ash and dirt and smelt it closely.'

Naruto tapped his chin, 'Though it does not make sense...why would a dragon be around this place when it is supposed to follow under the laws of Ryuuousei? Either this is the work of an aberrant dragon like Morpheus, or this is something that is not categorized as a dragon. However, the smell of the smoke hold traces of embers from dragon fire.'

Kurama smirked as he shook his head. "There is not much I can truly say about the species of dragons for I only know as much as you do to an extent. The age in which dragons had existed in the shinobi world died off long before the existence of Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha and before the First Shinobi Contact War. Yet these dragons hold superiority to them in power and intelligence. If this beast is a dragon and is like either one don't expect much of a surprise by its savagery."

Naruto stood upright once more and then began his march around the desolated town, "Be it as it may, I need witness reports so that I may provide a better outlook of what happened here."

Naruto walked into the center of town where he had seen most of the destruction laid upon the vicinity. The east side of town was burnt to cinders as the northeast had crumbled buildings and the scent of days old blood that trailed as far as Naruto's scent could carry. There was indeed not that many people here, the numbers were minimal, more than 50, but less than 200. Whatever houses that were stable enough or retained near perfect condition from whatever event occurred within town had held families of the remaining merchants, common folk, or the family the lead the town. The rich townsmen or the people that salvaged enough valuables had left weeks ago or said one of the few people who would briefly speak to Naruto about what happened.

Sadly no one spoke of what they saw or what was witnessed, only in the aftermath of the days in which the people's shock had been reduced so that sanity may once again return to their minds. None wished to remember the day that brought fear to the children and the hearts of men. Naruto would not be able to get his answers at this rate, dusk was looming in and even the old dry scent of blood could fade off even to the nose of a dragon and dragon slayer from possible pouring of rain and cold wind that is said to hold the spring weather in the region.

Dusk was looming in as the variety of dark colors entered the sky, the clouds in which were now a dark shade of black or gray and the sky looming a red and purple feature. The blonde had no leads, no answers to his desired questions and it left him alone near a merchant shop that remained. Said blonde walked inside the merchant house and gazed upon weapons and books which were held in the spread around room: axes, swords, staffs, even bows had been included into the mix of the armed forge. Naruto looked over to the book shelf and grabbed what was a black book, its texture old and rough yet the seams held strong. The teenager opened the book as he read engraved writing, older than the language that was of today, but he could make it out as Elvish, but how much its writing was so well designed and fluent. Catalina had taught him Elven language, however it was limited after her death. It brought some curiosity as to why this store had held an Elven book or more.

"I hope that you do not mind putting that book away."

The voice came out of the behind Naruto which caught him by surprise, he turned to look back to find a woman there. Said woman was standing at 5'7, her garb consisting of green and black garments. She had auburn red hair with small amounts gray that were barely noticeable to Naruto, but her pointy ears and the ornaments on that were in her hair had brought interest to him. Her skin was a pale cream color and her eyes were black as the color of charcoal.

"It's an old book, something that I hope that is not mistreated by any means." Said the woman with a calm voice.

Naruto looked down at the book before he slowly placed it back on the shelf out of some respect for the woman. She may have not looked like much, but her tone held a form of strength to it, something that Naruto admired out of strong women he knew.

"My apologies, I had no means to cause harm to your possessions." The blonde said neutrally.

The woman looked up to him before she turned her body away and walked toward a book shelf at the desk. "Apologies are not necessary, I was not aware I would be having customers during these times."

"I am not a customer. I'm a mage that was hired to check out on what happened in this town." Naruto stated. "I figure that you know something about this mess?"

"I do, but I do not feel it necessary that I share about what has happened." The woman said, putting a book away and moving towards the storage room. "Perhaps you should find another to help you search for your answers."

Naruto's blue narrowed at the woman's retreating back. He cleared his throat lightly before speaking.

"Mankoi naa n'quessir coirëa vi sen ostar iire ron auta neledranda yéni yá?"

The woman froze in her movements. Her body seemed to mechanically turn around, her gray eyes wide with surprise. She gazed into the blonde's sapphire orbs and she opened her mouth. "Why is an elf residing in this town when they disappeared three hundred years ago?" That is what the boy before her had said and with the use of a language long forgotten to boot. A few soft sounds came out before she finally found her voice.

" you know that tongue?"

She received a blank look for her troubles. She stomped towards the blonde, looking up at the taller figure, her gaze hardening. "Why do you know the Elven language if Elves have not been seen in over three hundred years?"

"I had lot of practice." Naruto said nonchalantly.

The woman smirked, "I would believe you, but it would take a human a hundred years to learn a lost language." She made a 180 degree turn as she looked at the dragon slayer. "Your Elven is decent, it's a little rough and needs work on the phrasing and pronunciation of also speak through your nose when talking in our language."

"Thanks for the critique, next time I visit I'll bring you a trophy." Naruto said with sarcasm before he narrowed his eyes. "I need information, I know well enough that Elves have precise memory and can withstand more trauma than humans do, so you must have witnessed everything that happened within the time frame from two weeks ago."

The female Elf paused before she took a step closer toward Naruto until she was two feet away from him, her eyes staring into his blue cat-like ones. She moved passed him towards the shelf from behind and then grabbed what was a medium sized velvet colored book. "I can see that you desire to know what this beast is, unfortunately I do know what it is, but I never imagined it to be so."

Naruto walked toward her. "It is a dragon isn't it? I smelt dragon fire, but it felt off."

"It has the blood of a dragon, but it is not a dragon." The elf said as she opened the book and turned it to the middle of the book. "It is a Drake, at least from what I could see with my own eyes."

"A Drake..." Naruto said before he was given the book and looked down upon the page of the book which showed a dark red dragon-like, Naruto made sure to keep that adjective prominent, creature flying around a town and burning it down in flames. "An extinct species coming into existence once more, why should I not be surprised?"

"I was quite surprised. I never thought I would have thought to see something as fierce as a Drake once more in my lifetime once again." The woman looked at him, "The last drake died about two hundred and fifty years ago and it was the largest in record as well as the most prestigious. It came down from these mountains nearby after destroying the once powerful dwarf country and caused terror and panic in this town before it was killed."

"I've heard of the story of Smaug the Stupendous, otherwise known as the King Under the Mountain, whose lust for gold had even surpassed that of a thousand dwarves and ten thousand men, whose fire is that of death." Naruto said. "He is Fire...He is Death. Those were said to be his most fearsome words."

"Indeed. He was as smart as he was powerful. This place was a large city long ago before Smaug destroyed two thirds of it and killed more than half the people. I was one of few who had experience with facing Drakes and Dragons and his sheer enormity and power had caused me to fail even with elven magic and blades at hand. He killed people I cherished and people that served honorably who had families." The elf lowered her eyes in sadness. "After five years of torment and sacrifice he was killed by a fellow elf, piercing his hide with her weapon."

Naruto looked at the book and looked up, "So this drake, it must be the child of Smaug..." Naruto frowned, "It could be possible that Smaug must have mated with an alpha wyvern in order to retain the existence of Drake species. Being that it is a sub-species of a Dragon, the egg alone probably did not have to hatch until a hundred years; it just turned into an adult within ten or so years ago to it is near its prime of power."

"That is what I was fearful of. It is larger than its father. Stronger. Faster. It is even more powerful than I have anticipated. No one in this town was ready for this attack."

"Could you have done something? Elves have exceptionally well forged weapons and powerful magic that can even hurt Dragons." Naruto looked at the elf expectantly.

The woman seemingly shook her head. "I, sadly, could not truly do anything about this. After my husband and children died at the hands of Smaug I vowed to never fight again. If I fought this beast, I would have been 250 years out of my prime. I would have only delayed the inevitable or allowed him to cause more damage."

The dragon slayer narrowed his eyes as he looked at the woman. "Delaying is better than doing nothing in my opinion. I smell the blood of innocent and foul intertwined with one another, something that should never happen. This beast has caused me to have a great distaste for it anyway." He closed the book and handed it back to the elf. "Why did it attack here though, that is a question that is the most interesting. Is it because its father was slain here or something else?"

"The mountains hold rich gems of high quantity and quality with moderate silver mines that are connected with the gem stockpile. It would be a paradise for a Drake, only needing the possession of gems and fine metals to be around its new territory."

The blonde grunted in agreement to that idea as he looked at her, "Thank you very much Mistress Elf, your information was more valuable than that of those who have given me any this day." Naruto stated with a head bow of courtesy.

"My name is Tauriel" The elf stated. "Be it as it may, information from all things is important, it is best to give thanks to those who give you it, no matter how small the amount."

'Tauriel, where have I heard her name from?'

"Even so thank you" Naruto said as he prepared to walk out before his arm was grabbed by one of Tauriel's hands. Naruto turned to see the white of her eyes instantly go black, her grip on his arm tightening. Her eyelids blinked rapidly before the black dissolved out of existence and the original ivory of her sclera returned and her grip loosened from his arm. The dragon slayer narrowed his eyes before he frowned. "What did you do?"

"I looked through your memories, or should I better say your emotions that are connected with your memories. My people call this ability empathic telepathy. It is a rare ability that allows you to read the memories of people through emotions. Emotions can be a broad pathway to memory as all creatures alike retain some form of emotion from a subject, object, or even another person or people." Tauriel stated, "It was something of curiosity that I allowed myself to do this...I wanted to find something out and I did."

"That something can easily make you lose your life at this moment, pray that it does not give me any reason to." Naruto said calmly.

"I believe you won't, I suspected that someone of my kind was the one who taught you how to speak our language. My assumptions were correct feeling through your life link, finding out that I was an elf ignited some old memories." The red headed woman looked at the young blonde. "It has been a long time since I've seen a dragon slayer as strong as you. You hold your power with the highest regard. On the other hand you hold great care and compassion about life and nature, that is something that my fellow elf-kin has taught you well, you do not claim the life of an innocent despite it being human unless it challenges you head on. You are as dangerous as you are compassionate; you are a good balance for someone who is so young."

"However, I sense great amounts of negative emotions within you: Hatred, Pain, and Sorrow all intertwined and which have caused you to stagnate around the events in your life after the loss of someone precious to you." Tauriel said softly. "This has led you to have a single thought process that humanity is your greatest enemy, despite being confused with the bonds you subconsciously made."

Naruto gave a low animalistic snarl and jerked his hand away. "You should understand my anger then in the case of reading my life, none cannot comprehend my pain and few can withstand my anger."

"Your life was full of hardships, but that is not the fault of humans. I felt the disgust being one of the few things that you have shown to me during our conversation; your voice held such disdain." Tauriel stares into his blue eyes with her dark ones. "Unfortunately, you should think about your words dragon slayer. You are strong, I can sense that draconian pride in you for your strength, however your rage blinds you from things that are truly around you and how you perceive the world. You have lost someone you love dearly, it can kill you inside and change you to be something better or worse, however, you are not the only one who has lost someone. People lose their families and loved ones, we were just the ones who had lost our loved ones in the most tragic of ways and it had changed us."

Naruto looked at her, his mind ceased functioning for a brief moment before narrowing his eyes. "And that allows you to tell me how to live my life. I lay waste to each disgusting dark mage in these lands, like cutting the branches of a tree. I will find the roots and I will kill the core. You dare question my morals of destroying something as evil as humanity?"

"You can think that you are destroying humanity, but you are only destroying the evil that has corrupted these lands." The elf smiled as she placed a hand on his shoulder. "You yourself forget that you are human. Despite being raised by a dragon you make mistakes, you are not the perfect being out there, because no one is perfect. All living things become better after they live up to their mistakes."

Naruto frowned "You're basically telling me that the death of the woman who was like a mother to me, someone who was killed by the hand of a dark mage was a mistake?" Naruto felt his anger crack through the layer of suppression like a wrecking ball breaking a building down. "I should forgive them for killing her out of the kindness of my heart?"

"Nothing of the sort, I am just telling you to not fall under the lines of avenger. Find something on the lines of justice when it comes to the adversary that killed your friend. Justice so that her death had meaning and that no one else will suffer at that person's hand." Tauriel said. "Deep down you are rejecting yourself, the person that the loved one you lost wanted you to be, someone you still can be."

His rage had soon, but slowly, subsided. The blonde dragon slayer's eyes lowered his head as his eyes shifted around the area vividly before shaking his head and huffing out a hefty breath of air. Naruto heard her footsteps grow distant as she walked away and then, moments later, return. He looked up to see her walking toward her desk once more, holding a few items in a bag and two items covered with a pure silk cloth. One object was larger than the other as the other was longer in length. She placed the items carefully down beside each other before looking at the blonde and then taking the items out; three books, two medium sized ones and a small one, both very thin and held Elven designs. Then she pulled out two bottles filled with red liquid with different insignias on top of the caps and lastly a white stone of beauty in which held radiant colors of orange and blue inside.

"Allow me to give you parting gifts during your mission." She said as she placed her hand on the book; the smaller book was of Elven runes, not much different, yet more advanced than the runes that people use today. "It will be possible that you may find Elven runes within the area that may greatly affect you in some way. This book will possibly help you along your mission. The other two are but a story book and one of advanced Elven language. I would have figured you would desire to continue to learn the Elven language."

Her hands moved to the vials of liquid and then opened the top to show a small tip on one of the vials with a tiny hole. "The liquid in these vials are a type of elixir. One of them has healing powers made from the ashes of a phoenix, three drops can cure anyone, aside from losing an arm of course. The other is an energy supplement to retain energy; you can go on without food for a month or so with this alone." She said, putting the items back inside the medium sized bag.

"What about the stone?" The blonde asked.

Tauriel looked at the blonde and smirked before she spoke, "That stone is from ancient times, long before my time. Any record of that stone has been long gone. Many of my people believed that the stone itself was a wishing stone, a stone that came from the heavens itself...but that stone was only said to be a folk tale, though this stone may find its purpose with you."

Naruto looked upon the items covered in silk. His hand reached out upon the covered items and pulled the silk away from the objects. Uncovered were a bow and a black rod. The bow was made of fine black oak, lamented and designed with silver lining that intricately designed itself upon the wood. Along the side of the boy was Elven language that was faded out, but the texture and shape of the words could still be felt along the side of the bow. The rod however was unique in design. It was a mere meter in length, carrying a design of green lines that carried itself like vines from rose bushes that reached from the end to the tip of the rod. The tip of the rod was more curved under the lines of a spear tip, looking more like a short spear than what it was meant to be.

"The bow was something that once belonged to a dear friend of mine. She called it Epirus, naming after her father before her who was among the greatest of Elven warriors in the times in which magic was only available to few men. But this-" She held out the rod in her hand " a daurthdeart, an Elven spear. This one is shorter that most because it was used for a woman rather than a male foot soldier or a rider, but it is magically reinforced and prepared to even kill the fiercest of creatures if you get at the right distance."

Naruto looked at the weapons before he looked at her. "You are just giving me these weapons?"

"No, I'm letting you choose between one of these weapons. Both of these hold great value to myself and are worth more than what a mage can probably get from over fifty S-class missions. I'm allowing you to take one of them, because I find that you may need it in the far future." Tauriel said.

Naruto looked over to the weapons and paused as he raised his hand. The thought of having and Elven weapon did interest him. He was trained to be efficient with many weapons, but he always preferred the sword as a priority to any other, but his second was always the bow. It was an efficient weapon when facing enemies; graceful, efficient, deadly, and precise if someone knew how to shoot from a bow like he could. He grabbed Epirus and lifted from the table; it was light in weight. Naruto checked the durability and strength of the bow to find that it was durable enough to take heavy blows from close contact enemies.

"Will I need arrows for this?"

Tauriel smirked "Epirus does not need arrows, you will find out why."

Naruto grunted then looked at Tauriel, "Why give me these items for free?" The blonde frowned as he lowered the bow to his waist. "Surely there is a price for giving me such items, a return policy, a trade of some sort?"

Tauriel waved her hand dismissively. "None of those. I have only two requests that I ask of you in return for keeping these items that I have given you."

Naruto looked at her, "Then may I ask what these requests are?"

"The first one is a simple task I would like you to accomplish." She said as she pulled out a photo. "I log all my customers who come here. There are two boys who came here a week ago to kill the beast, last I heard about them was that they were on their way up the mountain. No one has heard from them since. I would like you to retrieve them and rescue them if they have not been killed by the hands of the Drake."

Naruto took the photo and stared at the boys faces and looked at Tauriel with a questioning look. "Why these boys?" He questioned before handing her the photo back. "They look like any normal child despite being a mage, in fact I would have called them idiots for even trying to do this mission."

"Trust me, I did call them out for being so foolish about this situation at hand, but the boy with the dark hair was just so driven to hunt the Drake down, so I gave up on them and allowed them to go as they wished." Tauriel said. "As for why...I believe that it is courtesy for a dragon slayer to help out his sibling whenever they are in trouble, at least that is what any older sibling should do."

"So they are dragon slayers….they are just mere hatchlings." He said as he sighed. "It doesn't work like that with dragon slayers, especially with me. I've got enough shit to death with a hot headed pink haired idiot and a piercing freak. Why the hell would I need a bunch of pint sized squirts in the band wagon?"

"I do not know, perhaps it could be out of the kindness of your heart?" The elf received narrowed eyes, "Or because you can simply follow my request and be done with it. It is your choice on what you wish to do with them after you finish your mission."

"Easier said than done; what about the other request?" He asked.

Tauriel looked at the blonde, growing a smile as she looked at him, "I want you to find yourself in that mountain. If you finally come to terms with everything, the things that have influenced you, the bad and the good, and you fully accept yourself...come back to this place and there will be something for you here that I will be holding onto for you." She said, she grabbed a map from one of the desk drawers and opened halfway, scanning it with her finger and slowly placing her finger onto one area of the map.

"This is where the boys were dropped off with their guide before he left, which is also around the area where the Drake was last spotted around the gem mines. Look around the mining facility and you may find your beast in that place, or hopefully the children." Taurial said softly.

Naruto nodded before he grabbed the small bag and gave Tauriel a nod of acknowledgement before he left her shop. The blonde was not sure he was going to find himself in the mountain. He was himself, but if she desired to find something else with him then she would be disappointed. Once Naruto left, ethereal dragon like wings had sprouted upon his back as he launched himself into the air toward the lonely mountain.

Tauriel looked out her window from the direction Naruto flew off and smiled ever so softly. 'Deep down you haven't changed a bit Naruto...' She thought as her hair was turning to a lighter color. 'Still the hot-head as always, I truly wonder after all of these how much you have grown.'

Those were the last thoughts that Tauriel left before the light of the room diminished, leaving only darkness.


The mountain terrain was steep and rough, the air was cold, and leaving a dry taste in Naruto's mouth as the air itself lacked moisture. Dusk played itself out upon the mountains in the outskirts of Shirotsume Town and there was no sign of life that could be heard or seen from the sky or rock below. Naruto had believed well enough that this beast was probably something that even brought fear to many predators here, something that allowed monsters to run away from as it demanded attention and territory. This thing was nothing more than a hungry animal. Yet Naruto had his doubts about that, there was something off from what was on the mission file and even what information he was given from Tauriel. He still was cautious about this creature. He never encountered a Drake and Acnologia had only told stories of Drakes and Dragon's fighting for territory. The Apocalypse Dragon had even stated that if dragons did not hold large supplies of magical power or unique abilities, then Drakes would be just as feared as Dragon's during the time in which Dragons reigned supreme.

A Drake would be deadly. There was no background on the strength of a Drake, but if it was a hybrid of a wyvern then it simply meant that despite the strength and it's enormity it was still part wyvern and was still weak.

Naruto landed on the ground lightly as he stood in front of the mining entrance. He had strapped Epirus behind him and put the rune book and the Elixirs inside one of his side pouches before he sealed the remainder of his items. His eyes had a glow of azure as he set off into the darkness of the mines.

"This reminds me of the time when you went into the wyvern nest." Kurama said as he smirked lightly. "It wasn't much of a challenge for you back then, it will end up the same way for you in the end."

'I don't want to take it like that. My doppelganger...he was right about my attitude, that and my battle with Minato years ago have led me to not be cocky against my opponents. Despite this thing possibly being part wyvern, I have to be wary by the fact that it is also part Drake, something I have not encountered before.' Naruto narrowed his eyes. 'I also sense rigged traps in this place. Old human traps and I do not wish to trigger one.'

"Be that as it may, I don't doubt your strength in overcoming this." Kurama said.

Naruto faltered for a moment before he shook himself a bit and kept walking once more 'When did you get so cool with me?' When Naruto got no answer his eyes narrowed and he spoke with his tenant once more. 'Oi, Kurama answer me!'

"Kit!" Kurama exclaimed suddenly. "Don't move there's a trap in front of you!"

Naruto stopped his left foot before he looked down and noticed the dim light that was glowing below him. It had quickly grown brighter by the second and Naruto narrowed his eyes and cursed as the light had shot out around the room. Naruto had covered his face from the light, yet it was gone as fast as it came. Naruto didn't move for a moment, his eyes opened and looked around the room before paused and his brow furrowed.

"What was...?" He stopped his sentence before his eyes widened with shock.

Kurama paused for a second within the confines of his imprisonment and narrowed his eyes about Naruto's distress. "Naruto, is something wrong?"

"My magic..."

"What about it?"

"I can't feel it!"

Kurama widened his eyes at the words, this was not what he expected and he knew as that Naruto never expected this either. There was one thing that Kurama could say at this very moment.


Chapter End

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