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Let me start off with a quote from my destined book!

"And just when I thought death could not be sweeter I come back once more…alive and complete" – Ethan Drake, 'The Heart Stealer'

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Naruto wasn't having a good day at ALL; the protagonist of our story froze with horror as he looked at the seal on his belly that was over his Double Tetragram seal. The seal was a pure white color and glowed within the darkness like a flashlight. That wasn't the problem with the seal, the seal had caused him to lose his magic. The blonde could not feel an ounce of ethernano flowing through his body, like it had been shoved inside a box, locked up and the key hidden away. The dragon slayer was beyond anger or fear, he was livid with a rage that held panic and frustration of his foolishness for no watching his surrounding, thus suffering for his consequences with facing a beast such as a Drake with his primary form of power gone for who knows how long.

"This is just fantastic…" he said in a low snarl, he pressed his hand on his stomach and narrowed his eyes. "What kind of miners use damn seals in the primary tunnel."

"Perhaps it wasn't the workers that once mined here before the Drake appeared; perhaps the beast knew how to use the arts of sealing in this world." Kurama said within the crevices of the blonde's mind.

'I doubt it, Drakes were smart, but from what I know they couldn't use magic nor had the ability like dragons could, especially sealing magic.' Naruto narrowed his eyes as he frowned, 'This had to be the work of something else. This not a normal seal; this is a holy crest seal, meant to suppress or immobilize living objects; however, the formation of the sealing has been alternated, perhaps by mistake due to the lack of the elongated point at the end of it.'

Kurama grunted. "Seems mages are almost like Shinobi in these arts, reminds me very much of your counterparts unique sealing arts and your ancient runes." The massive fox looked down at the blonde's ethereal form, looking at the ghostly white seal. "Is it possible for you to remove without the use of magic?"

'Unfortunately….no it would be unlikely that I couldn't without causing more harm than good; even so, this is a holy seal, very few possess such magical arts and I don't come across these kinds of seals to know a way to counter or remove them; I would need someone with such an ability to remove it without any sort of physical strain for me.' Naruto gripped his fist tightly and mentally sighed, 'This fight would have been simple if this mistake had not occurred; I should have seen this coming, I am keener than this and I feel like the court Jester awaiting to die for not appeasing his 'king'.' Naruto thought out with venom in his voice

"This was not your fault kit; you had no control over this, every being makes a mistake; this is just one of those times for you." Kurama stated as he smirked, "Though do not feel like you are player for a fool with a bad hand; you have more than just magic in your arsenal. At least you have you chakra do you not, this could be the perfect time to use it properly don't you agree?"

Naruto raised his eyebrow for a moment before it went down, he closed his eyes as he inhaled before slowly channeling his internal energy. While the seal did affect his magic, it did not take his chakra away, nor had it affect his sensor ability to sense energies around him from a radius. 'I do' Naruto said opening his eyes and looking towards the shadows of the tunnel; the dark creeping further in as evening slowly covered the land. 'However tt doesn't make a difference though, I am limited with only control, enhancing myself physically, and a damn spinning ball; I won't be able to do much at my caliber with it. I'm facing a hybrid of two powerful creatures, I do not know what kind of affect chakra will have.'

Kurama narrowed his eyes. "You know that you can use my chakra if necessary. Normal chakra may not be the means, but chakra such as my own can do lethal damage."

Naruto was silent for a moment and scoffed as he turned his head away, "I do not wish to rely on the power of someone else, this is the one thing I cannot agree on what my counterpart had said about me using your chakra; I shall not go so far as using it to the point I always need to rely upon it." he turned his body, hiding the frown upon his face, "…Besides I do not like using your chakra, the last time I had used it beyond the basic state I lost myself... the rage of your power is something that not even my father could comprehend; the rage of a godly creature such as yourself that had killed thousands of souls upon the years. That is a power that even I fear to use while I feel the rage. Such power should be respected and used with proper care if even I was even to grasp it."

Kurama looked at the small human below his gaze, the inquisitive look he gave the blonde as he searched into the blonde's eyes as he sought for truth; his eyes only lowered neutrally as he saw the honesty in blonde's eyes. He had known the blonde for years, he was there when he was born after all; Kurama had seen him grow from a curious child, arrogant, then loving and kind, to becoming transitioning after many years of wrath hungry and painfully driven years of training he became cold, calculative, and hungry. It was just within these last several month that he had slowly changed internally, something that the blonde was fighting against, something that Naruto really did not allow himself to open upon privately to others, to even him: his true self. It was in those brief moments of Naruto's words that he had heard the real Naruto.

The blonde had no desire for power; power was something he was not going get what he had lost back, but it was power that allowed him to stay driven to his goals and to appease his dragon parent that Kurama respected, but hold no love for. However the fox for all of his hatred could not hate the blonde, he could not hate the son of his former jinchurriki and for the fact he was human; Kurama respected Naruto, trusted him to the point that the fox revered him as a friend.

'You really are a lot like the old man…but deep down you're more similar to his brat' Kurama smirked as he grunted at the blonde and closed his eyes. "Fine gaki, my chakra is worth more than your life anyway, just put in a fight with all you have, all the tools that are available to you, but I expect to have some form of entertainment on your end, I will be bored if you were to be beaten around by a giant lizard."

Naruto scoffed as the right side of his face twitched and turned into a slight grin, "As if some beast in the right mind would believe they have the right to do so; they would be fools to underestimate me."

The blonde took a few steps into the dark crevice of the cavern before he felt a sharp, heavy brush of air that blew right towards him. The air was hot like it came from something alive, but the temperature of the heat that it had produced dropped instantly as it became cold as death, prickling up the hair on the blonde's skin and releasing warning bells to his internal instincts. The blonde did not move, he waited as his eyes focused directly into the darkness, his ears listening in into the vibrations of sound in the air, searching, feeling for the cause of the draft. Silence was all he was given from the several minutes, never leaving his spot in which he stand, his instincts telling him not to move forward, and that danger was ahead of him. His instincts were always right; no once had it failed him and it became something one the lines as his secondary alarm clock when in battle. Not once had he doubted his own instinctual behavior, but now he was concerned with the warnings.

He was right to be concerned…


A powerful bellow had shaken the area around him like thunder touching the earth, shaking not only the ceiling above him, but the ground and halls. Naruto covered his face as the heavy bleast of air erupted past him pushing him back slightly as he leaned his upper body forward. The roar had died down in less than a minute or so, Naruto not once removed his hand away from his face until it died down, the looks in his eyes giving off discomfort as well as interest. A roar of such magnitude had only represented something of such a great magnitude, especially if the power had been felt within just the roar itself. This was something not like Baragon, the former dragon king of earth; nor was it like Morpheus, but it certainly held power to closely rival him; however that was not what bothered Naruto, what bother him was that he could feel the power growing, it bothered him that something such as a drake could hold that much strength despite being so young. It intrigued him though that it did, he was curious to find how much of a true difference there was between a dragon, and a drake; the power, the mass, the intelligence. He had only heard of stories, but this would be his only chance.

'Time to make me a new scaled vest' the blonde thought as he gave a serious look upon his face.

The dragon slayer travel along the dark path seeing almost near pitch darkness, eyes focused in and his ears enhanced with chakra in order to hear the vibration of sound through the tunnel, by chucking small rocks within the area. The cavern was going downward, almost as if it was a spiraling staircase for miles on end before it stopped and the cavern led to another tunnel in which veered away from the end of the spiraling walkway. This place before it was mined by humans was probably the secondary source in which dwarves of long ago had mined through, the path was sure enough not naturally forged in such a way that anyone would freely travel. It made Naruto wondered what kind of history remained in this old mine. It didn't matter though, he was halfway down and whatever he was about to find would possibly be at the base of the mountain, the place in which he would find the drake.

Low breathing erupted around him outside his own, quickly he turned around and looked and listened through the darkness, what he had heard to him died the moment he looked back. His teeth clenched in irritation as his eyes narrowed. 'This is ridiculous, I'm the dragon slayer that holds the title of the apocalypse, holder of darkness magic, yet I the shadows of this forsaken tunnel are causing hallucinations around me!'

"Don't think that this is that dead dragon's work, because it isn't," Kurama narrowed his eyes as he looked, "no, whatever you are feeling is real…that much is for certain."

Naruto paused for a second as he narrowed his eyes 'Kurama…..what do you see?'

The giant fox arched his back up as he looked upon the vision of naruto's eyes and frowned, "Shadows…moving shadows…"

Naruto's eyes raised a brow, 'what the hell do-'

His train of thought had been interrupted by blunt force hitting him directly in the sternum; said blow had sent him flying back into the large opening, passed the ledge of the end of the spiral, causing him to fall with speeds down to the base of the mountain. It was seconds that he landed on his back, though not hitting the had floor, but landing upon metal, gold and silver coins in which splashed around and drizzled around the stack and most pouring into the hole he was in.

"…..ouch…" he rasped out within the pile, his eyes opened up to the dark, he could feel the coins around him, but he could not see a single ounce of light refraction from the smooth metals. He moved out of the pile, sliding down off it as his feet touched the flat ground. He looked around in the dark and frown. He slowly unhooked the bow from the strap on his back and held it upon its base, pulling on the string lightly as an ethereal arrow made of light emanated out and glowed in the shadows. "Where are you…"

A low rumbling sound of a bestial growl emanated within the dark, it was all around him, like it was the shadows itself that was alive, haunting him, watching, and stalking him like he was prey. He could hear by the growl that he could sense great disgust coming off of it like wave. He knew well enough it wasn't the fact he was here, it was the fact that he was using a bow that had killed Drakes. It wouldn't be much of surprise to the blonde, but it would be nice to see the look on the beasts face so he could have gotten a knock off on it.

'Well, I guess I don't need to find out if it's here or not now..'

Whispers surrounded the premises, the sound of a thousand whispers echoed around the base of the room as the all drew silent. Then within the silence grew laughter, soft and dim, but it echoed through the large room. The laughter sounding like a mixture of sorts; a child, a woman, a man, but outside of this you could hear the eerie, but alluring sound a twisted, bestial voice in the background if it. Soft laughter remained an echo as the source stopped and soon the morphed voice caved into the area, warm, mischievous, and dark.

"I have been waiting for you…son of the beast of apocalypse, son of Acnologia." The voice spoke in a sensual, pleased tone once speaking the name that Naruto was oh so familiar with. It briefly could see the slight shock of the blonde's face within the darkness and gave off a low chuckle. "I have been waiting so long to meet you and now you are here."

Naruto's shock soon turned as his brow twitched and furrowed into a glare, this beast knew of him, had it been watching him? No, it is something more than that, as if it heard of him through another source. "Have you now, sadly I cannot say the same for myself; I had no idea that I would find myself in the company of a Drake, let alone the child of Smaug himself."

The voice giggled through the darkness, giddy like a child. "So my reputation is known; I would have thought the name of my father would have been nothing of other than a tall tale to those humans outside." The sound of a swirling notion of something moving in the room caught the ears of the blonde as he shifted his to the side, "Or perhaps it was my presence alone here has brought life to the tales long ago from the town in which believed held this mountain."

"I wouldn't doubt human arrogance for believe such a thing as Smaug the Tyrannical being nothing other than a myth, something as powerful as him does not come across the lands, even after the dragon war. Hell, many believed that dragons did not exist to this day; however, it is my job that I force you out of these mountains."

"Why would you force me out of my home, this place has been my domain for more than two centuries; I was born here, I grew here before the world could learn of my presence. I have just brought forth my new reign upon this land, so much wealth, a large spread of prey for me to feast on. Yes… this was my perfect homestead."

"A home that is near a human town, you must have known the risks of being town if you were ever going to terrorize it. I found it a little bit foolish that you attacked them at all."

"I would not have attacked if they did not take what did not belong to them! I had not had a human come to my domain for the time that I lived within this cave; I was killed far from the lands and did not cause no means of endangering them." The voice though drew into a loud snarl as it hissed with distaste the next moment "Then I leave one day for a short time and return to find that my gems, my gold, and my treasures are all being ransacked by hairless rats that are no bigger than one of my claws. I pillaged their village asunder; killed their men, their soldiers that had resided there, and their livelihood so that the remainder of those monkeys could live in fear and shame!"

The voice grew with distaste and small anger. "Yet they are so arrogant to believe that dragon slayers that barely came out of their nest could kill me! Truly foolish to even bring hatchlings to face me in battle, in order to appease themselves in thinking that they could slay me with mere children."

'The children…the dragon slayers, have already come in this place.' Naruto steadied his grip on his bow as he stared into the darkness. It did aggravate him that the people of the town below allowed mere children to account for this mission, this would have been considered an S-class mission right on the spot if it were to be classified from someone from a guild, even the council for that matter. Either the townsfolk could not supply the amount of money needed or they were ignorant enough to believe that the beast itself was no more a threat to two measly runts.

"And do tell what happened to those children?"

The morphed voiced gave a low hum that shook the room. "Hiding like the vermin they are; licking their wounds as they once they approached me. Scared to face me once knowing that the powers they possess that are nothing short of abysmal against me." A heavy giggle of what any person would believe to be insanity broke out before it spoke once more, "I would like to see how the children last before they starve to death, go insane, crave each other's flesh, or perhaps willingly come me so that I may feast upon their tiny forms."

Naruto smirked, the arrow glimmering brightly as it hummed, light amount of electricity shooting from the tip. "Sorry, but I'm going to have to bring those two back alive after I am done with you."

"Oh, now why would you care for some simple humans, they are nothing more than trash compared to being raised by the perfect predator that made you who you are." The darkness shimmered for one second before it became pitch black once more. "What happened to the killing machine that had been produced to go beyond the imagination of the mind of all humanity, the killer that Acnologia believed to have perfected...after the person you held most died in front of your own eyes?"

Naruto's eyes widened in shock, a chill went upon his spine as he felt the words echo upon his being, the words brought the reminiscing of memories within his mental state and pulled his emotional strings a bit with pain, but above all rage. His eyes glared a cold azure blue, his face void of all emotion. How could it have gotten this much information about himself, he had not told anyone about this, not even his own father. "How do you know this Drake; such knowledge has not been leaked out to my knowledge; I have not even told this to Acnologia."

"Ah…true, you are correct on that one young dragon child…however," the voice drew close like a whisper, the words softly hitting near Naruto's ears, "what if Acnologia already knew such knowledge?"

Naruto's eyes widened as he moved away from the voice, the dragon like creature was close within the shadows, but he could not depict its presence within the area still, it drove his nerves to become somewhat anxious. Though what drove him mad was that his father knew; Acnologia knew about his mother, he knew about Catalina. Naruto's breathe was slightly labored with the feeling of anxiety in his chest, the feeling causing his body temperature to waver and cold sweat creasing his forehead. He had not felt anything like this before, fear had felt when he was a child, but this was beyond fear: this was panic.

"You lie!" he growled out as he looked around wildly. "I never told Acnologia a damn thing when it came to me and my mother, nor has he even met or seen her; he had not once even leave the den, I would have sensed it!"

The alluring laughter of the beast with shadow erupted from the chilled air. "Oh, but it is very much true little one; he has been watching your time with the elf from above the mountains and beyond the sight of which mortal man and beast could see." The laughter was stifled as it gazed upon Naruto in the shadow. "He found it so…disgusting that you have not taking your training seriously. You were meant to do his bidding the moment his claws grasped you, he gave you the proper care that you needed, the basic knowledge that humans had and so much more. For ten years he trained you and he wasted ten years of his life to raise you to hold one goal: to kill the dark lord. You owe this to him as a life debt for keeping you alive after all these years."

Naruto took a few steps back as he lowered his eyes, processing the information. He didn't doubt the Acnologia could have known, he shouldn't doubt it at all; the dragon was meant to be the dragon king, he was one of the primordial dragons and a former member of the dragon council; however, he had that small amount of hope that this Drake was spewing out lies from the tempting voice in which it spoke from. The blonde held his head high and frowned. "I am grateful for his guidance, I am honored to have him as my teacher and my father, and as such I intend to kill Zeref for him once I find him; I know well enough that the man is not dead, it's all about finding him now."

Naruto gripped his first and pumped it in front of him with anger. "Unfortunately, that does not mean I cannot have some sort of normality in which a child needed; I doubt that Father had known all of my times with my Mother, and I doubt that he would have seen."

The Drake sighed with a bored tone and its hidden form whirled around, "For such an intelligent and powerful dragon slayer you sure are foolish to think that Acnologia would not know. His eyes could see your joy, just as much as you conversion in becoming a cold natured beastly little creature." The voice stated with some sort of pride coming out for the dark dragon. "Just because he is massive does not mean he isn't silent, that his eyes could gaze upon the world beyond his den, his smell imperfect: he is absolute, he is a god that will take his throne back from those foolish dragons in the council!"

Naruto's eyes for a moment grew cold; aggravation hit him like a ton of bricks. The blonde delved into Kurama's chakra and took a small portion as his eyes flashed from cold azure blue to deep blood crimson as they faded back to blue, still retaining his cat like eyes. "Such arrogance coming from your mouth foolish creature; I will make sure your death is slow once I am done with you."

The beast gave a low chuckle in which had erupted from within her throat as it echoed from within the pitch black caverns. Within the darkness eyes of bronze gold had appeared from the shroud as they disappeared into the darkness once more. "It is not arrogance boy, it is the truth that will come to fruition, Acnologia will become king boy and the world will rise to the age of the dragons once more as the age of man will fall!"

Kurama, sensing the enraged emotions from his host, felt the pull of his chakra, the crimson essence leaking from the cage as it followed towards the exit. The titan sized fox stood up as he narrowed his eyes."Naruto, your tapping into my reserves, pull back now!"

'I would like to more than anything, but I cannot afford that right now, this beast is foolish, its foul words are reek of a foul stench so strong that I want to cleave down where it stands within the shadows.'Whiskers became more profound as they thickened in depth, the dragon slayer's eyelids darkened, and soon violent blue eyes turned into wild crimson. The chakra radiated off his body like an aura the blonde dragon slayer gave a low growl, 'I will not go as far as this….but I will give her something else to fear outside of the true darkness.'

Kurama looked up at the ceiling as he paused, why was his acting like this; something like this the blonde would have boasted about, but now he was getting angry at hearing this? The tailed beast had paused at the blonde as he narrowed his eyes, 'I see now…' he thought before he closed his eyes.

"Naruto…this is not the time to be angry, she is boasting, merely taunting you. All you need to do is calm down and handle her." Kurama opened his eyes once more, "You have handled wyvern on your own without the use of your powers; she is merely a drake, stronger than a wyvern, but still considerably weaker than a dragon still: something like this should not be a problem for you, and something like her should not be bothering you with something so superficial as boasting about an age that has already died out." He said.

Naruto paused for a moment before he smirked, the fox was right, but deep down he couldn't help be feel on edge. Something about what she said was bugging him; something about this situation was giving the distinct feeling that this was a trap. Most of all, something was off about the drake herself; her nature was arrogant, but absolutely calm about the situation, even with him holding a weapon that was well known for killing drakes, especially when the said last one which was her father. She was also well knowledgeable about him, as well as the fact she seemed so familiar with him. It left him with a certain theory about her, something that had made him feel like if he was right it would have bad consequences for him in the end.

Naruto closed his eyes, relaxing himself as he looked at the darkness itself. "You have been talking to Acnologia, it's obvious by how you are getting this information about me. While it is a nice attempt to try and drag me by surprise, but something like taunting my personal life is something that you will find pointless; not to mention the fact that I do not understand why Acnologia would try and communicate with you; I know him well enough that he is a being with little words, he finds everyone insignificant to him and would rather kill them than talk to him, so either you must be bluffing with you talking about your relationship with him, or you are an interest to him and he finds you significantly useful for something that may be in his favor in the coming or near future."

Naruto lowered the bow, which the arrow of light that it emitted powered down as he kept the bow to his side. "I will have to say that I am going for the latter choice of him being interested in you; you must have done something to make him favor you, and it must have been something big for him to talk about me to you." He said analytically.

The drake gave a low hum as it brought for the sound of clicking nails had echoed from the cavern. "Very perceptive of you to figure that out, your have a mind that only Acnologia could gift." She said with a low humming purr.

"A mind that I have gotten long before he trained me, something I guess I have to thank that idiot Minato for." He said as rubbed his hair back as he sighed, "In the end it doesn't matter who it came from, what matters to me now is what you did that made him so interested in you."

Silence came, Naruto paused as his sense were on full alert, the deathly silence came with pressure, the pressure of the shadows began to pressure on him as he felt a overwhelming power come on top of him. If he was to have his magical power he could possibly be unfazed by it, but he didn't have it, which in the end caused him to fall on one knee as sweat dropped. 'what?' his thoughts were silenced as the pressure increased, the sound of the earth shaking below him and the cavern's ceiling can be heard crumbling the darkness.

Naruto grunted as he slowly got up to his feet once more, channeling his charka around his body to push off against the pressure. 'I can't tell the power level of the mana levels she is erupting, but I sure as hell can say that it is not something that I was hoping for.'

"Not something I was expecting either, she is a threat that you cannot face in the situation that you are in."

Naruto paused as he stared at the scene, "Kurama…I am in the dark here…I want you to be honest with me and by honest I mean with your honest opinion; what are my chances against her from the output of power she is laying out." He said as he whispered softly aloud.

"The power if we were to estimate it would have to be around the level of the five tails chakra wise…about the same level as the dragon of phantasm that you had not faced not long ago." Kurama narrowed his eyes. "Kit, I know you said you didn't want to use my chakra, but even with the chakra training you've had got from me and the strongest Rasengan you can lash out you won't be able to defeat her; you will need to use my chakra if you want to have a chance at her."

Naruto gritted his teeth as he clenched his fist in anger "I…I can't..."

Kurama growled as he punched his cage, "Dammit Naruto, this is no time to let your pride get to you! This is a life or death situation and I will not have either of us die, because your pride!"

'This isn't about my god damn pride!' Naruto roared out in anger.

"Then what is it about!"

"That is your power, not mine, and I will not use you as some sort of battery, I will not misuse you to benefit myself!" Naruto roared from the confounds of his mind, which had brought silence to the fox as the lupine creature stared in shock.

Outside the darkness began to shift once more are they slowly began to pull back, chuckling soon turned to laughter as the drakes golden eyes appeared once more. "You wanted to know why he caught an interest me, and then let me give you a little hint." She said as the lines of her massive form started to appear from within the shadows. "A few years ago I came across A dragon…and I killed him…and ate his heart."

Naruto's eyes widened when he had heard the revelation. 'A dragon…but which…' it didn't take him long to realize which one by the moment of the shadows as the cavern soon was becoming lighter as the shadows were slowly dissipating from the room. 'The shadow dragon….Skyadrum…'

The shadows of the cavern were slowly receding to toward what seemed like the end of the large space. Shadow was gone from each section and replacing it was obelisks with bright clear gems covering the base. At the top of the massive columns were dark purple flames that gave off an unwelcoming scene as they showed the true scenery of the room. Gems and gold scattered around the dome in mountainous sizes, mounds that could bring riches to possibly an entire continent for several lifetimes. Sadly that was not all that was there; of thousands of dead carrion scattered across the room not fully eaten, skeletons of men with bones broken and shattered from force with small amounts of flesh hanging off of them.

This now did not faze Naruto, not in the slightest, the smell and view of death was not foreign to his conscience; however, what he saw brought a bead of sweat down his forehead, a feeling of tightness constricting his abdomen. This was something he had not felt in a long time, anxiousness, this was only a few things that had occurred with him; his training with Acnologia, his near death experience as a child, and the loss of his adoptive mother. He was feeling this because what he saw in front of him was not a drake, but a creature he would have dared not face without his magic or without proper time planning.

What he saw before him towered in massive size as it stood on all fours; scales coal black, an underbelly a dark grey, eyes piercing gold as it gleamed in the dim light of the room, along with whiskers that had whisked out the same purple flame in which were at the top of the obelisks. It had two short tusks that protruded from its upper jaw, and a crest that resembled two long horns. A low rumble of the creatures growl within its throat had shook the entire cavern with a small tremor as its thick scaled wings ruffled around its sides.

No, the blonde dragon slayer was not facing a drake, he was facing a being of a higher caliber, a creature that cannot be defeated by the means aside from unique weapons or the lost magic of slaying magic. This creature before him was power incarnate, a dragon.

Naruto looked at the enemy before him as he furrowed brows as he pulled on the bow once more. He only had to say one thing about this situation.

"God dammit Makarov…"


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