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-Chapter one-

You Have To See It To Believe It

It was a bright and happy day in Konoha well it would have been if someone had arrived on time.

I don't see why I have to go get him The dark haired boy thought walking towards the broken down apartment building, that idiot better be dieing he growled stomping up the stairs making sure not to fall through like last time. ( A/N xD I couldn't help myself)

Dobe open your door! he yelled, after a few more minutes hearing nothing he checked the door to find it unlocked so he slowly opened it and went inside.

Where the hell is he? he thought walking into the surprisingly clean room, the only things out of place were a few scrolls and books scattered on a table in front of the couch.

The male had never been in the apartment before so he almost walked back out to make sure he was in the right place. (A/N Naruto normally answers or his door is locked, even ninja cant get in!)

Did I get the right room? he asked to no one walking into the living room/kitchen area. There were plants in almost every corner and bookshelves were covering most of the walls filled with many different books and scrolls with a few pictures placed here and there.

He kept walking looking around at different things in the room when one of the pictures caught his attention, it was a picture of the 4th Hokage and a beautiful red haired woman who was looking very pregnant (A/N about 8-9 months) both smiling at their soon to be child. He was still looking at the photo when he heard a Loud bang from down the hall.

What the hell was that? he thought rushing to the door the loud noise had come from opening it just enough to peer inside with a kunai in his hand.

Inside the room was a messy bed with no one in it, he kept looking around until he heard a groan from a pile of blankets on the floor. He opened the door and walked into the room, that idiot must have fallen out of bed he thought, still being silent he got closer to the bundled person when it started moving and thrashing around, a foot had come out of it and was kicking randomly trying to break free from its captor.

When the person finally gave up and his foot stopped kicking, the Dark haired male started pulling at the blankets until he found a head of golden blonde hair.

Naruto what are you doing? the boy asked looking at the now identified blonde,

Oh hi Sasuke, Naruto chuckled looking at his clock before trying to sink back into the blankets,

guess I'm late why else would they send the Teme here He thought when his eyes shot open because he just realize that Sasuke was in his house.

Sasuke how did you get into my house? he asked with an underlining tone of anger, the only people he had let set foot into his apartment were the Hokage and then Kakashi who had let himself in when he was a genin.

Not noticing the blondes anger Sasuke sat on the bed and looked around the boys room seeing more scrolls and books on the side table, he finally let his eyes land back on Naruto who was now standing showing his irritation. I asked you a question and I would like an answer now, The blonde said glaring at Sasuke who looked curious.

Well I called and knocked but got no response he said standing and walking to the hallway, plus your door was unlocked he smirked leaving the blonde in the room still irradiated .

Hey Kyuu?he asked the demon inside of him,didn't I lock my door when I got in last night?,

You also locked all the windows was the firm response he got making him look at the closed and locked window.

Naruto had grown quite close to the so called demon living in him and they were almost like brothers now. Around the time Naruto was 9 he and the fox were only on speaking terms if it could even be called that, until he was attacked by villagers and fell into a coma for a few months where the two had nothing to do but spend time together.

Besides the threats every ten or so minutes that the fox didn't care about dieing, if the boy did not sit down and shut the fuck up he was going to kill him slowly, heal him, and then eat him. (A/N can anyone else picture him saying this xD).

Naruto just had a certain charm with people, that even if he does nothing but annoy the crap out of you nonstop you still want to protect him and make him smile.

(sorry for small ramble thingy-ma-whats-it back to grumpy Naruto)

Wow it is surprisingly clean in here Sasuke said knowing the grumpy blonde was walking into the room, I was expecting a dump or something but this he whistled for added effect.

Yeah yeah yeah now why are you here again Naruto asked flopping onto his couch getting comfortable, he had stayed up all night working on his new jutsu's and seal's to help with their missions.

Well you were supposed to be at the bridge for a small party don't you remember? Everyone is going to be in the village for once and because you were the one who planned the whole thing! he all but screamed which was very un-Uchiha like but Naruto did that to him, making him open up more and have those things that normal people have you now emotions. (A/N brotherly not oh my, my pants seem tighter kind of emotions)

Naruto scratched the back of his head how could he forget something so important, he was just talking about it the other day with Kakashi making sure to give him a earlier time knowing otherwise he would be late.

Oh sorry about that I was up late last night working on some stuff Naruto said getting up and making his way to the kitchen,

What could you be working on that would make you actually think and stay up so late? Sasuke asked smirking waiting for a crude replay but all he got was a few mumbles about stupid Teme and doesn't know anything, without their normal argument there was an unusual silence between the boys, and it wasn't all that uncomfortable it was surprisingly inviting.

Not caring for much of what was in his fridge Naruto grabbed some eggs and went into his small pull out pantry that he had made from his broom closet, he pulled out a bag of bread and threw two slices into the toaster then turned on his stove to cook up some fried eggs.

All throughout this Sasuke was looking on in interest from the normal meal, and while Naruto was going around the kitchen he hadn't even seen one cup of Ramen anywhere.

The loudmouth Naruto that he knew didn't seem to be with him right now this Naruto was different he was quiet... well quieter and unlike his normal self that didn't shut up about Ramen he was now QUIETLY eating a plate of fried eggs and toast with butter.

The boys house was spotless it looked almost unused but what surprised him the most was the lack of the bright orange jumpsuit on the blonde boy, instead he was wearing black skinny jeans and a light blue button up shirt unbuttoned showing his white wife beater. (A/N well someone is sexy:3)

It made him wonder about the person he knew, and if maybe there were things that he didn't actually know about the boy in front of him.

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