AUTHORESS: Amaya~Ikari


TITLE: Control


I came across her abruptly, I had to stop so sharply I nearly slid past it, and Naruto did.


I hadn't meant to scream, but my anxious voice echoed harshly off the walls surrounding us. She jerked up, her lips parted slightly in surprise. I wasn't prepared for the unbelievable look of fear and pain that came across her features. I ripped the bars from the cell she was locked in, like a common pet. I slowed my movements -though I wanted to take her into my arms immediately- when she pressed against the wall, her eyes a piercing yellow.

She's afraid…of me?

I knelt before her, eyes meeting hers, feeling a harsh pang go through me when she turned away, looking so broken. It hit me, something was wrong with her eyes… They were, clouded. She wouldn't focus on me…

"I'm sorry…"

It wasn't her voice. It was too quiet, she wasn't quiet. My heart broke when her words hit home. She was sorry? Sorry that I had let her be taken and hurt?


She flinched when I said her name, I swallowed the questions that came forth. I suddenly looked down, mouth opening in the slightest, eyes gazing back to her face.

She was bleeding, so much… Dried blood and, another man's filth lay between her legs. I snarled in inconceivable rage.

She jolted in terror, and I instantly regretted it. I slowly reached out, brushing her hair from where it was stuck to her face, she refused to meet my eyes. I glanced at Naruto, his hand was over his mouth in disgust.

"Amaya please, this wasn't your fault, I'm so sorry I let him hurt you-"

Her entire body convulsed and she started shaking her head so hard I was afraid she'd hurt herself.

"I couldn't stop him and I let him defile me, I've been unfaithful and I told you I loved you!"

She looked up at that moment. Her eyes a shattered mirror of pain, fear, sorrow, anger, and… Insanity. She wasn't in control of anything. I shook my head slowly, forgetting her heritage.

She didn't date, she didn't marry as simply as others could. She mated. She felt like she'd cheated on me, and she was raped.

I swallowed the bile that rose in my throat, shutting my eyes for a moment. I shed my jacket and put it around her, pulling her close to me. She whimpered as I moved her into my arms, lifting her up. I bit my lip.

Her pain was my pain.

"We have to go."

I hissed, Naruto nodded, going in front of me so he could fight off anyone we crossed.

"Ssh, you're fine, Amaya, I promise."

I tried to calm the trembling creature in my arms as we quickly moved above ground, I stopped in my tracks, my heart stopping in temporary shock. Amaya turned her face towards me, pressing it against my chest.

"I don't recall giving you permission to take my pet."

His sick, hissing voice met my ears like a dagger.

"Fuck off before I rip your heart out of your throat you serpent."

I snarled, feeling more animal than being.

"Oh, let's be civilized."

He hummed, stepping towards us. Naruto moved in front of me, it would be like trying to get through a brick wall. He narrowed his slanted eyes.


It burned to hear my name slip from his lips.

"We both know she was under my control before. Your ownership is a mere cover, she's still a slave, and she's still mine."

A lascivious smile spread across his face.

"I've already made her so."

I don't know who moved first, me or him, but I know Naruto reached him first. His fist smashed into his face so hard something cracked.


He growled. I tensed, eyes widening when spirals of red started to rise from his skin.



He roared. I sighed as I raced from the room, trying to ignore his screams.

Something happened between there and home, but I don't know what. I just don't remember getting there. I remember screaming for help when I crashed through the door.

"Sasuke, let her go."

My mother.

She eased Amaya from my grasp, taking her away.


I shook hard, anger and regret filling my mind. I didn't register Itachi until he knelt beside me, arms enveloping me. Like I was a child, like when I was young and was frightened. I didn't need to be treated like a scared kid.

I clung to him, unable to let go.


I felt dead. It was too hard to breathe anymore. My vision had returned to me, but it was so blurry and disoriented.

"Get up."

A voice demanded. Smug.

"Hello, lapdog."

I said soundlessly. His foot met my back in an explosion of pain. I coughed, looking to meet the man I'd grown up with. His glasses glinted off the light he'd flicked on. He held a needle.

"Are you going to kill me?"

No, it wasn't so easy.

"Quit trying to be dramatic, you've had nothing yet."

He told me, jabbing the pointed tool into my neck.

"Quit sucking up to the snake."

I hissed. He backhanded me, and I shut my eyes in pain.

When I opened them again, the entire world was black once more, like before.

"What the hell have you done?!"

I panicked, my eyes, they… I couldn't see.

"The first one didn't work, your vision came back. This time around I made sure it was permanent, why? Do you want to look your lover in the eyes?"

"Why don't you get back on your knees for him, you whore."

I spat in retaliation. He snarled, I was blindly yanked from the floor and slammed back into the cell, the wall meeting my shoulder in a collision that shook the ground.

"No, that's your job."

I could hear the sneer in his voice.

I focused so hard, so agonizingly hard to see something. Anything. Light, shapes, anything!

I can't live without my sight, I relied on it, I relied on myself. I couldn't be handicapped, I would be shot- Oh, I was trapped here anyway… Now it was a relief. I would never have to look him in the eyes again. Not have to see myself waste aw-

He's here.

I jolted when a familiar scent crashed into me.




Please, no!

I looked up at the nothingness, my breathing picking up in pace. A shrieking sound hit my ears, he'd torn the bars off. He stepped towards me, and I pressed back against the wall. He couldn't see me, he would hurt me, he would be so angry I'd been unfaithful…

He knelt close to me.

"I'm sorry…"

God how useless those words were. How meek my voice was.


I flinched when his deep, rich voice spoke to me, spoke my dishonored name. I couldn't see him, but I felt him, smelled him, wanted so bad to touch and confirm he was real. No. It wasn't a reward deserved.

He suddenly snarled, I jolted in absolute terror; tensing for his strike. He knows. He saw. I was done…

His hand brushed my hair back.

He touched me.

Oh my god, just that one touch, I instantly shattered inside.

"Amaya please, this wasn't your fault, I'm so sorry I let him hurt you-"


I convulsed with the protest inside of me, shaking my head violently in disbelief, trying to tell him he was wrong.

"I couldn't stop him and I let him defile me, I've been unfaithful and I told you I loved you!"

I looked up from the ground, despite not seeing anything, it felt right to get my point across.

How dare he think this was his fault. It wasn't his job to protect his pet. It was his job to worry about… About important things. His royal position, family, work.

Something was wrapped around me- a jacket maybe. His arms wrapped around me, I desperately buried my face against him, inhaling deeply. I needed him, so bad it hurt.

"We have to go."

He spoke tensely- I sensed another I hadn't paid any attention to before. Naruto. He took off before Sasuke did. I focused hard on his heartbeat.

"Ssh, you're fine Amaya, I promise."

His voice was soft. I liked it.

I shivered when we exited the dank underground- instantly coming upon the devil.

"I don't recall giving you permission to take my pet."

Orochimaru's voice was like pouring acid into my ears. I pressed tightly against Sasuke, pathetically asking for protection from the man I had allowed to touch me.

"Fuck off before I rip your heart out of your throat you serpent."

I tensed at the dark snarl that left Sasuke's mouth.

"Oh, let's be civilized."

The snake hummed, stepping towards us.


The snake whispered the name.

"We both know she was under my control before. Your ownership is a mere cover, she's still a slave, and she's still mine."

I felt my heart sink in horror.

"I've already made her so."

I died right then.

A part of me, anyway. It hurt so bad to hear that.


Naruto snarled. I winced when harsh forms of energy rolled from him.



He roared. Sasuke sighed, taking flight from the room, the wind whipping my hair. My breathing turned shallow, and my eyes felt heavy.

Time faded in and out, it hurt, every move hurt. I counted every second until the running jolted to a stop.

"Sasuke, let her go."

I jolted when a woman spoke, soft hands forced me away from Sasuke. I cringed, the empty darkness that was my vision was almost dizzying, it was so complete. No light, no shapes, no shadows. I tried to envision Sasuke, Kiara, any memory I had, but it was as though I had never seen before in my entire life.

I hissed in a vague warning when she slipped the jacket off, my nude body trembling in the chill and fear this person would harm me further.

"Ssh, child. You're going to be okay."

It was their mother… The kind woman. I whined softly in protest of her invasive hands as she slid them softly across my abused flesh.

"No breaks, but you've taken quite a beating, and… Oh my lord."

Her voice softened, I winced when she parted my thighs, the blood and… Other things having made them sticky. I cried out as the touch forced back memories I wished had stayed hidden.

"Stop, please!"

His twisted laughter echoed around my ears as he dug his fingers into my hips.

It hurt, it felt like he was tearing me apart with a knife. Completely dry. Completely careless.

I realized I was sobbing into Mikoto's shoulder, her arm pressed against the back of my head and the other around my shoulders. I didn't feel embarrassed, I felt like she was my mother, like she cared that I was hurt. She was hushing me soothingly, letting me cry until the only thing I could do was gasp softly for air, my tears having dried out.

She laid me back, I didn't know where I was; but whatever was underneath me was cold.

A hushed sound reached my heightened sense of hearing, lukewarm water flowed around me quickly. My breath was coming in shallow bursts as something soft, probably a washcloth, slowly but painfully firmly scrubbed off the blood coating my wounds.

"I know it hurts, sweetheart, I promise I'll take care of it in a minute."

Why was her voice so soft and calm?

I relaxed my tense muscles, only to find myself taut as a stretched rubber band a moment later, and I would have to relax again until the process became a cycle. I clenched my eyes shut tight when she washed my pelvic area, a frenzy of burning and stinging pain flowing up my spine.

She sighed deeply.

"Deep breath."

I inhaled shakily, only to lose it in a scream as a fire erupted inside me. I jerked away, but she placed a hand on my stomach, not allowing me to get far. I was no match for a Vampire, even when I wasn't weakened.

I didn't stop screaming until she pulled away from me, I curled into a tight ball, shuddering harshly.

"Does it still hurt?"

She asked in a firm voice; a doctors- no, a mother's voice. I started to nod, my body did still hurt, but I realized that my torn entrance wasn't burning anymore. I shifted my legs, it caused no ache.


I whispered. I still felt the unbearable weight of betrayal and disgust.

She coaxed me to uncoil from my ball, forcing me lie eagle so she would make sure not to miss anything. I sullenly noted tears were falling down my face again, though as she continued to carefully heal what was broken, the more I felt relaxed.

It was a lost cause. I didn't feel like living, and I sure didn't want to face Sasuke…

"There, you should feel a minor numbness, but no pain."

She helped me stand, but I stood still, afraid to step anywhere in case I tripped.


I looked up, but didn't know where she was. I felt wind in front of my face.

"Oh no-"

She wrapped something around me and lifted me back up- I was getting tired of being carried everywhere, I was getting tired of being taken care of.

I wanted to deal with it. Not anyone else, it wasn't their problem.


She called, placing me down onto something soft, but far up from the ground. A bed? It wasn't Sasuke's, the room didn't smell familiar.

I growled when the eldest Uchiha son came close to me, he slowed but didn't stop, to my displeasure. His hands were placed onto my head, turning it.

"Her eyes are clouded and her pupils aren't dilating. Amaya, can you see me?"


I replied, my own voice didn't even sound like… Well, my own voice.

"Damn it. Sasuke!"

He whispered a curse, startling me when he yelled out his name, I attempted to break from his grasp. I planned to run, however pathetic the notion seemed, it would be impossible anyhow.

"What's wr-"

He was cut off, by what I wasn't sure. A moment later I was being pushed down, the hand wasn't gentle like Mikoto's, nor was it Sasuke's, it had to be Itachi. The suddenness of a male I really didn't know nor trusted began to frighten me, and I jerked harshly away from him, slamming my eyes shut.

"Ssh, you're alright, we're going to help you."

"Is she blind?"

Sasuke asked. Both his voice and the horror that statement brought nearly squeezed more tears from my burning eyes.

"I can't tell until he gets here, it's a poison of some sorts; see how the areas around her eyes are dark? Restricted blood flow, the poison gets in and clogs the veins, I don't know if it's permanent or not."

Who was "he" and what would he do to me?

I heard a faint sobbing, it sounded far away. I couldn't tell who it was.

Someone knocked on the door, the overpowering scent and aura of a new being entering the room caused me to tighten into a ball again. I despised this, it was sickening to be so open and vulnerable to so many.

"Sasori, thank you for arriving so quickly."

Mikoto spoke to the new man. He didn't reply, maybe he nodded or something. Cold hands suddenly and not very gently forced my face up.

"What's your name, girl?"


I answered the bored, no-nonsense voice.

"Amaya can you tell me when the last dose of this medicine was given to you?"

I rattled my brain for an answer, his impatient huff of air only irritating me. With a jolt I recalled Kabuto having given me a shot earlier today… Not so long ago.

"Only a few hours…"

"Mm. I need an hour to prepare an antidote, and a sample of her blood-"

I was jabbed in the arm, I yelped more in surprise than pain.

"It's had time to set in but I think I can work it out of her system. Open your mouth."

He spoke to me that time, I warily opened my mouth, cringing as a sour liquid splashed into it.

"This should slow your heart rate, slowing the circulation of the toxin."

His quick footsteps left, two more following. Someone was still here, and I really wish he wasn't. He sat onto the bed beside me.

"Amaya I'm so sorry…"

Oh my god…

His voice sounded forced, like he was trying not to cry. I shook with the effort of withholding the emotions that wanted to wage war, turning to the side.

"You didn't do anything…"

I whispered, confused that he was trying to apologize for something that hadn't involved him. Everyone knows damn well you can't outrun your past. I flinched when he gently brought me into his lap, his face pressed into my neck. It physically hurt, how badly I wanted to pull away from him, and how badly I wanted to press so close to him he could never let go. I felt so safe, like nothing could ever happen again.

"Amaya you're hurt. I left you alone and he got to you, when I knew he was around and he hurt you."

He hugged me tightly to his chest. I trembled as I inhaled his scent, tears falling from my eyes. He felt sorry for something that should have never even involved him, for someone he never should have had walk into his life. I had been ruined by another male, he deserved better. Someone who wouldn't betray him.

"Aren't you disgusted?"

I couldn't seem to bring my voice above a whisper. He moved us so I was facing his chest, his forehead pressed against mine, my eyes still felt wet with tears.

"Of what? Of you?"

He gave a breathless, small laugh, like he couldn't believe what I'd said.

"No, I feel nothing but love towards you."

I broke right then. Sobs wracked my body hard enough to hurt, he pressed my face into his shoulder, his strong arms wrapped around me.

"Sasuke I betrayed you with another man-"

"Hush, he took from you, you didn't give. He attacked you, Amaya! How could you ever take responsibility or guilt for that?"

He said softly, brushing through my damp and knotted hair until he was satisfied it was soft and untangled. My breath was shuddering and I was shivering hard against him. I couldn't find an answer for him, but he was wrong.

"Hold her still."

I jolted in shock when an unfamiliar voice… Sasori? Spoke from the door. Sasuke tightened his hold, and a hand brushed my hair from my forehead.

"Relax and don't tense or this will hurt and decrease the antidotes effects."

Before I could question, a needle was pressed into my right temple. I whimpered as a burning pain leaked from the sharp pinpoint where the antidote now was slowly spreading. I hissed, pressing tightly against Sasuke as the man backed away.

"Open your eyes."

Sasori ordered. I hadn't realized they were shut. I blinked them open slowly, the light momentarily blurring my vis-


"I can see!"

I yelped in joy as I focused on the man before us. He had red hair and a very bored expression, his hazel eyes had a sense of accomplishment though.

"Perfect, he's a strong medic but he's no match for me."

Sasori muttered, tossing the syringe into the trash near us. I hastily looked up at Sasuke, regretting and adoring it instantly. He had soft features, but sharp jet-black eyes that were focused on me. I swallowed hard, tense with anxiety. He was the personification of all that was wrong and right with me currently.

He smiled softly, a rare and heart aching sight to me. He stood, placing one hand behind my knees. I bit my lip, having forgotten the speed-of-light that Vampire's traveled at. His room held the aura that just told me it was home.

He sat on the bed with me, rearranging our position so we could sit comfortably.

"Are you alright?"

I shook my head.

"I'm sorry."

He growled deep within his chest, tilting my face towards him.

"Would you stop? You had no control over this, no control over a twisted man or his insane actions. I can never take back what he did, but I can swear that until I take my last breath, I will always protect you."

He sounded desperate.


I sounded so confused, so deadened. His eyes narrowed, and he kissed me. It was rough, hard, it was the best feeling in the world.

"Because I love you, because you're my mate."

I didn't break then, it wasn't a simple crack to hide or cover up- his words shattered me. My heart nearly exploded, and my mind shut down completely.

"Do I need to prove to you how much I love you?"

He pushed us backwards so I was on my back and he was above me.

"How much I love all of you?"

He kissed my forehead.

"How you're mine?"

He kissed both my cheeks.

"How you were never his and he never marked you?"

He kissed my nose.

"How deeply I care about you, and will protect and heal you with everything I've got?"

He met my eyes, I searched in vain for his lie, for the lies Orochimaru had promised were true. None of them were there.

I fiercely pressed my lips to his, ignoring my racing heart. His hands slid the jacket off my shoulders, revealing me to his eyes. I shuddered, unbelievable hunger for the one I'd identified as my mate coursing through me.

"Fine, I'll show you how much I love you."



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