This place, was huge. I mean, I know a palace should be big, but no one needs this much space. This could house dozens of homeless beings. I digress, I was only here to be given my license and certificate to be allowed to live in the Night Kingdom. I was annoyed we had to come here to get it, and even more annoyed Kiara and I needed licenses to become actual citizens. It wasn't the fact we were kidnapped and spent the past few months as slaves, it was that we literally never were listed as citizens of the country, since we were orphaned young and pretty much illegally crossed the border. That means we'd spent our entire lives as criminals on illegal territory. My bad, right?

I took interesting note of how different Itachi and Sasuke actually were. Itachi was calm and polite throughout this, his arm loosely around Kiara's shoulders to keep her near him but allow her to move as she wished. Sasuke acted suspicious and angry, his eyes darted around at everyone; and his arm was tightly around my waist like someone would just pull me away from him.

"Uchiha?" A light female voice asked. I looked up with Sasuke as Itachi stepped forward –yes bringing Kiara with him- and followed the young woman past two double doors. I didn't know how this worked, supposedly they asked you questions, took blood and fingerprints and pictures and all that lovely stuff. My sister hated needles, I didn't blame her. No one really liked them though, I guess.

"Are you okay?" I looked up at Sasuke, blinking quickly out of my daze. "Yes I'm fine, why?" He seemed to ask that often. "I've known you for seven months and I don't think once you've been as quiet as you are now." He smirked. I used to be nervous of that smirk, but now I found it attractive. His smirk widened; had I said that out loud?

He kissed me then, causing me to blush. I returned the kiss for a moment before I pulled back. "We're in a public place!" I chastised, slapping his chest playfully. I jumped when Kiara came back to us, a bandage on her arm and a very unhappy look on her face. "What happened?" Sasuke asked, brow raised. I'd noticed we'd all been trying to talk to each other more, we were stuck together after all since Itachi and Sasuke were brothers. So Sasuke and Kiara had been trying to talk more and Itachi and I tried to talk to each other. Frankly with him you could have a comfortable silence, which was what usually happened.

She plopped beside us, head tilting back. "They jabbed a huge needle in my arm and took like five hundred tubes of blood and they took pictures and weight and height and eye and skin and hair color and species and they stuck a cotton swab in my mouth and the WHOLE TIME they were asking questions like where I was from and about our parents and a bunch of other bullshit." She spat the curse, speaking ninety miles an hour. He smirked, ruffling her hair and very nearly losing his hand.

Itachi came back a moment later, I suppose they were going to be asked questions as well since they were the ones vouching for us to get licensed and not sent back to some pound or orphanage. The woman came back after about fifteen minutes, telling Sasuke and I to follow her. I stood and walked after her as she led us into a sterile, white room. I chewed on my lower lip as I sat on a table, rolling my eyes as Sasuke scrutinized everything with a cold eye.

A blonde haired doctor came in, a no-nonsense look on her face. She rubbed my arm with a cold liquid, and wrapped what look like a broken rubber band around it. She started poking and squeezing my arms, muttering under her breath about my veins being hard to find. She eventually found one I guess, because she picked up a needle.

Sasuke suddenly took my chin and made me look towards him, I narrowed my eyes at him when he pressed my face against his shoulder. I felt a small prick and winced, realizing why he'd done that. I impatiently waited for her to get done, trying to stay still. Eventually she pulled the needle out with a sharp twinge and pressed cotton to the wound, bandaging over it. Sasuke let me go then, and I glared down at the three tubes of blood. Seemed like a lot…

She then began leading me around the room to take my weight and height and check my eyes, all the while asking me questions. Some were normal, I get asking if I was allergic to anything or how long I had lived in the Dark. But others were stupid, like had I ever killed someone or were my eyes some sort of contact.

I blushed when she asked if I was sexually active, muttering a yes under my breath. She asked if I was on some sort of birth control and with a jolt I realized I wasn't. How on earth could I just forget fucking birth control!

"I'll arrange something for you after I'm done with the tests." She gave me a small smile then. Like one of those "been where you're at; done what you're doing" type of knowing smile. After nearly an hour and a half of irritating questions and tests –they lay you on this bed thing and send you under this loud machine that tells when to breathe and the room is cold and you have to be alone- and it all sucked. After they were done with everything I was flat glued to Sasuke, glaring at every doctor to pass us by.

"Miss, you can go back to the waiting room now." Oh, Sasuke's turn to be questioned? Wonder what they asked. I left with a glare back to the waiting room, where a woman and her young child were now waiting. I sat on the other side of Itachi, ignoring Kiara's questioning look. The child, a little girl, came up to me with a smile. "Your eyes is pretty!" She giggled. They must be changing color.

I smiled down at her, tilting her chin. "So are yours, princess." I said. She gasped and clapped her hands like I'd given her some sort of prize. She hugged me and ran off to her mother, exclaiming about the compliment and how I'd talked to her. "You're good with children." Itachi spoke from beside me. I shrugged. "They're complex but they're innocent." I replied, looking up as Sasuke came to stand in front of us. "To finalize their freedom and citizenship we need to see him, he's going to call us in a few moments while they file the work." He said, looking mildly annoyed. I didn't know why.

"Do you want children?" Itachi suddenly continued our conversation. Sasuke gave him an odd look since he hadn't been here. I swallowed. Of course I did, I always had. I felt like there was a part of me that needed to take care of something. "Maybe one or two." I replied, leaning back and smirking up at Sasuke's surprised look. Kiara chuckled, taking Itachi's hand and walking over to an open window where a yellow songbird was singing.

My little friend came back then, I saw her mother look over in exasperation, guessing the little girl had come over without permission. I waved my hand with a smile, letting her know the girl was fine.

"Is he your boyfriend?" She giggled. I smiled. "Yes, this is Sasuke and my name is Amaya. What's yours, little princess?" I asked. She bounced in place as she smiled up at Sasuke; she got a smile in return, thankfully. I was afraid the moody Uchiha wouldn't acknowledge her. "Lyra." She said, eyes sparkling. "What a pretty name, Lyra." I said, brushing her light copper hair from her eyes. "My mommy says you're the prince and that you're going to be the princess!"

I blushed, opening my mouth to reply, but Sasuke knelt to her level and beat me to it. "She is, I'm marrying her and making her the princess. Don't you think she'd be a good choice?" She leaned forward and whispered something in his ear, pulling back with something similar to a toddler look of mischief. He smirked. "Yes, I agree with you." With that she actually hugged him and then threw her arms around my waist to hug me before racing off to her mom.

"What'd she say?" I asked curiously as he sat beside me. He looked up and replied with an airy tone. "Nothing, it's a secret." I rolled my eyes. "You're sharing a secret with a four year old?" He looked down at me. He almost had a split personality, sometimes he was playful and arrogant, and others he was aloof and impassive.

"They called us, let's go." Kiara said as she strode past us. I stood, following after her. I wonder who it was we had to s-


A lady opened the door for us and we now stood before the king of the Light Kingdom. I bowed instantly, as did Kiara. I mean he's been under rule since before our time, some level of respect was needed. He looked serious, but a cheerful look was in his eyes. Someone stood beside him…

"Naruto?" I mouthed to myself. He smiled, raising his head; we both stood straight, Sasuke and Itachi came to stand behind us. "You guys must've traveled a week to get here." Naruto chuckled. Excuse me for not having vampiric speed. He walked down to us, I had a minute to wonder why he was here before I took one look between him and the king.

"Is he your father?" I asked quietly as he stood before me. Naruto shot him a look, nodding curtly. Not on good terms, I see. "Are you their mates?" He asked, suddenly sounding serious. Sasuke and Itachi nodded and Naruto turned to Kiara and I. "Do you wish to become citizens of the Night and accept their rule?"

"Yes." We said simultaneously. He held out his hand. "Let me see your hand." He told me. I placed my hand in his, he took a knife and slit down my palm -fucking ouch- and took a small jar from his pocket. He poured a dark blue serum over the wound, my entire body throbbed as it mixed with my blood. I flinched as the wound closed and he let my hand go, I jerked it back to my chest. "You're marked as a being of the night, you hold no ties to the Light Kingdom." He said. I nodded, blinking down at my hand as he repeated the ritual with Kiara.

"Uchiha Itachi and Uchiha Sasuke. These girls are bound to you, if you don't desire this speak now." Wouldn't that mean we had no one to vouch for us and we'd be enslaved to the kingdom… Why would you even ask that? Neither man spoke, and I was pulled tightly against Sasuke. Naruto smiled. "Then they are both free citizens of the Night Kingdom and no one holds ownership over either of them." He said cheerfully. I bit my lip hard as I felt tears prick my eyes. I'd only dreamed about being free, of being somebody and not that dirty homeless girl in the streets.

I turned to Sasuke with bright eyes, he had a soft, rare smile on his face. I kissed him, not caring who else was there. We were free. We were with the ones we loved.

People who tell you fairytales aren't real? They're lying. Because ours just ended. Even when things get so horrible, I promise something good will happen, something happy will cheer you up. Look for your prince, and never let the bad guy even think he can win.

Because now, we've got the control.


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