He left for a while. The mind he currently had was too clouded and needed to be

cleared. A class reunion brought him back to where he had been. Maturity had taken

over and the love he used to have was all but extinguished.

She let him leave because to get his love he had to be done with the old. The love she had for him was that strong. Through words she had inspired him to move on from the old love. Those locked up feelings returned with him.

Again he left her behind. This time she really did cry and locked up her feelings again. They may never return but that did not matter to her.

Now years later a motorbike returns a man to his beginnings. The dream he had sought for was conquered and he had become famous off of his stories. One of the most famous of those stories was based off of their interactions with each other. In each volume he left the message 'Thank You, E.S'.

Now years later she looks out the window in the room that she still sleeps in. Here in wonderment all she can think about is where could he be. Next to her lies the newest volume of her favorite story by her favorite K.H. The story was about a delinquent who falls in love with a rich girl much like how she wanted her life to be.

Now he stands in front of the front door of a mansion. In his mind the scenarios of finally thanking her in a more honest way were played. That thanks through his time away had grown into admiration and finally love. The woman who was his least favorite had become the most important one because she kept popping up in his mind. Memories still vivid were running through his head as he rang the doorbell.

Now she stands in her house thinking of the memories they had when they were back in high school. Once upon a time she hated him, but through certain events she fell for him. The doorbell rang shaking her out of her trance.

The door opened and there he was smiling like if they had just seen each other yesterday. She could only stare for a moment and then spoke.

"Welcome back Whiskers" she said using that name that she gave him so long ago.

It's good to be back Rich Girl." he replied smiling at her. Then the most surprising thing happened.

She had waited for this day for a long time. Today was the day Kenji Harima would sweep Eri Sawachika off her feet.