I shouldn't even post this since I didn't even finish writing the story yet... but I don't really want to post this later when school starts because I'll be busy, so I'd rather start posting it now.

Yes, this is in fact the sequel. What? Didn't think it'd come so quick? Well, neither did I. If you're reading this without reading the first story first (Reach) then you are going to be very confused.

All of you who wanted Danny Phantom in the last story are going to pleased with this one...

Work wasn't the same anymore. Ever since Pam got promoted, she's been working with new people she didn't know. And she barely had time to talk to her old friends to the point where they are only acquaintances now. It was weird how when one thing changes, everything changes. Ever since the divorce, she only got more bitter, and that was a year ago. She was still boiling with anger, but she hid it well.

Right now, she had to focus on her work. She opened her desk and shuffled the papers around to find a stapler when a picture popped up. It was the photo of Jeremey, Sam and Jaycee she kept on her desk, but shoved it in her desk after the divorce. She stared at Jeremey, he was probably living in a house with Sam and Jaycee living in a nice neighborhood, and here she was, living in the house alone and suffering through a job with no friends to keep her sanity. She had almost lost the house without Jeremey's income. It wasn't fair that Jeremey was happy and she was the one walking down this miserable road. But she knew what made him happy, the kids. And if that was the source of his happiness, she'll just have to take them away.

It was going to be tough living with Sam again though. She was her main problem. But yet again, if she was able to talk to her and get her on her side, it would make this a lot easier, and most importantly, hit Jeremey where it hurts.

If Jeremey was happier than her, then she'd just have to destroy that.

Very short, but only because it's the prologue. There's not much to review on, but I want to hear what you guys think. But no flames, because I'll end up depressed, which will lead to slothfulness, which will end up to no appetite, which will end up to anorexia, which will end up to death... I always come up with new ways to show why I don't want flames XP

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