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The next morning, Sam had to force herself to get up. It was the day she never wanted to happen, the day she could have avoided, the day that was going to change everything. But she had to stay strong, for Jaycee. She had to stay calm, she didn't want to worry him by freaking out. Besides, he didn't know what going back to live with Pam meant; fighting, abuse, drinking, arguing, basically everything they used to go through before the divorce. The only difference was Jeremey wasn't going to be there to help them.

As she finished packing, she zipped up her suitcase then stepped back to stare at it. This all felt oddly familiar; the packing, the uncertainty, the fear. She hated it.

"Packing?" She heard from the doorway. She turned around to see Danny there before looking back at the suitcase.

"Well, I'm done now."

"I just finished helping Jaycee pack."

"How is he taking all this?"

"Well…" They stepped outside Sam's room and into the kitchen where Jaycee was wrapped around Jeremey's foot. Sam rolled her eyes.

"Jaycee, being wrapped around Dad's foot isn't going to do anything." She said.

"Yes it will." He said.

"Well, they can always cut his leg off." Jaycee got up and sat at the kitchen table. Seven year olds were so gullible. There was a knock at the door and Sam mentally cursed. None other then Pam was there, and they all exchanged glares.

"Ready to go?" She asked.

"Unfortunately." Sam muttered. She turned and hugged Jeremey.

"Bye, I love you." He said.

"I love you too," He did the same with Jaycee, even though they didn't want to say goodbye. Pam basically had to drag them out of the room. Danny carried both suitcases down to Pam's car and put them in the trunk. Jaycee got in the backseat of the car as Sam stayed beside the car with Danny. She hugged him, long and hard, not wanting to let go if it weren't for the honk Pam sent them.

"Bye." She said.

"Bye." They finally broke apart and Sam got in the backseat next to Jaycee. Pam wasted no time speeding off. All Sam could do was look out the window, mentally saying goodbye to Amity Park. Pam looked in the rear view mirror at Sam, already starting to test her nerves.

"Too bad you won't be seeing Danny again," She said as innocently as she could, although Sam knew it was meant to get to her.

"We didn't break up or anything," She said bluntly as she stared out the window.

"How are you supposed to have a relationship when you're not going to see him? And by the way, just having sex isn't a relationship." She finally snapped. Pam didn't know anything about her and Danny's relationship, she shouldn't say word about it. If anything, she was the one to ruin it. Sam kicked the driver's seat in front of her hard.

"Piss off!" Pam ignored her, her outburst just proved that she was successful in pushing her buttons.

"Keep that talk up and see where it gets you."

"Hopefully into foster care." She muttered. It was a long drive, but they arrived at the house. They got out of the car and stared as Pam went over to the front door. It was strange being back here, it was familiar but odd at the same time. Sam and Jaycee looked at each other before proceeding inside. They climbed the stairs to their rooms, and Sam stopped in her doorway. Her room was exactly the way she left it the last time she was here. She was surprised her mother didn't torch it. She set her suitcase down in the corner of the room and closed the door.

Everything was coming back to her like a tidal wave. All the memories she tried to forget flooding back. The life she had before was now her new life again. She had the same house, same room, same school. She knew what was coming next. Sam arguments, same treatments, same abuse, same problems.

Everything she thought she escaped.

The sequel to this is Come Home, but I don't think I'm going to post it for the lack of attention on this one... I don't know, maybe.