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"Custody? That's ridiculous!" Zoe said after Sam told her what had happened the other day. Sam sighed and sat on Zoe's couch.

"This is going to suck." Sam said.

"Do you have to go to court?"


"Are you nervous?" Sam shrugged, but she was worried inside. What if Pam got custody? She lived an hour away, she wouldn't ever be able to see Danny or Zoe, and Jeremey wouldn't have time to visit. "There's no way Pam can win. She'd used to beat you, they're not going to give you to a women who used to degrade you in her care."

"Anything can happen Zoe." Sam sighed. This wouldn't have happened of she just listened to everyone and stayed away from her mother. This could end in ruins all because of one mistake.

"Do you want me to come to court with you?" Sam nodded. "Is Danny going to be there?" She scoffed.

"Are you kidding? Me, Danny, and my dad all have to take the stand." She felt so guilty that she had to drag everyone through this. Especially Jaycee. He's a kid, he should be playing and spending time with his friends instead of worrying about all this. Zoe checked the time.

"Isn't Danny supposed to be coming?"

"Yeah, let me call him."

It was nine at night and there were barley any cars on the road. But Pam was looking for something, well, someone. She didn't know where, but she didn't drive all the way to Amity Park for nothing. She'd search all night if she had to. But as she drove, she thought about giving up, until something caught her eye.

It was him.

He landed in a nearby alley, and she parked the car and followed him. He still looked the same as the first time she saw him, white hair, green eyes, black and white attire, until a ring appeared and split into two, moving up and and down his body, his jumpsuit changing into a long sleeve T-shirt and regular jeans, and his hair turning black and his eyes turning blue. He seemed to be on the phone talking.

"No, I'm still coming… I know I'm late but I had to take care of something… I'm sorry Sam… Yeah, I'm coming now." He transformed again, this time into the ghost like figure. Pam knew he looked familiar. You'd think this would come as a shock, but this was just what she needed. She approached him as it looked like he got ready to leave.

"Hi." She said. She could tell she caught him off guard, it looked like he didn't know whether to leave or fly away. "Don't look so shocked Danny, it's only me,"

"…What?" He finally said.

"No need to play dumb, I saw everything." Danny thought for a minute. How could he avoid this? The thing was, he couldn't. Flying away wouldn't make this go away, nothing would. He finally sighed.


"So, how does something like you happen?"

"I'm not about to stand here and spill my guts to you."

"Well, I am. Here's the deal," She stepped up to him, "you're going to convince Sam to allow herself and Jaycee to live with me."

"No way! There's no way I'm letting Sam and Jaycee live with you."

"Or I can tell her what you really are," Danny pretended like it didn't phase him, but Pam knew it did.

"…So what?" He retorted.

"You really think Sam's going to want to be with a freak like you?"

"Sam loves me."

"What, you actually think you have a future with her once she finds out about you? Do you really think she wants to have kids that'll just turn out to be a freak like you?" Danny didn't know what to say, because the truth was, he didn't know what Sam would think. He hoped for the best, but what if the best wasn't the outcome?

"…So that's my deal? Lose her to you or lose her anyway?" She shrugged as she started to walk away. She stopped at the end of the alley.

"Right now, the secrets between us… or it could be out… your choice."

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